Seducing Alfred

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Alexis Brill

Seducing AlfredA true story…I’ve been working at a restaurant, part of a large chain. There are quite a few very hot young men and women to flirt with and keep the days and nights interesting.And then I saw him…Deep ebony skin and two diamond stud earrings to accentuate this blackness. I walked up and looked in his eyes and introduced myself. His name is Alfred and he is 24 years old. I am 38 and I could tell he was surprised and instantly aroused. I wondered if he had ever had a white woman or a sexy little milf.And the slow dance began…During the next week during our shifts we would brush against each other and one night I reached down and stroked his cock while he was standing behind me at the register. Oh my god, it was soft and huge in his loose fitting pants. I wondered what I would have when it was hard…And yes, I decided I would have him…One night I noticed Alf was sitting at the bar having a drink. I had about an hour left and he kept looking over and making me aroused with those big beautiful eyes. Twice I walked into a pole and almost dropped my service. I was standing at the register and he came up close and whispered in my ear if I would give him a ride home. I tried to look nonchalant and said ”Of course.”After my shift I walked out to my car, which I park a distance away from the restaurant and I saw Alfred walking out and waved him over. I was sitting in the driver’s seat and he opened the door and sat down.“Thank you for driving me home,” he said looking at me with those damn big eyes.“It’s my pleasure,” I said, taking his hand. God bahis siteleri I was already wet. I tried to concentrate as we made small talk on the ride. He asked me about my k**s and if I was dating anyone. I tried to tell him about Jammer and how I was a collared submissive to him. He seemed somewhat taken aback when I told him I could have sex with anyone I wanted as long as there was no sneaking around.“But you’re his property right?”“Yes, but he guides me. I obey any request he gives me without question. He never tries to control me,” I explained. “Jammer has my complete devotion. I yearn to serve and make him happy. He loves and protects me and helps me grow.”I pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building, my hands shaking on the wheel. I picked a dark spot along the edge of the building.“Do you have roommates?” I asked softly.“I live with my mom for now while I am in school,” he saidI looked into his eyes and leaned over. Our lips met as he leaned over to meet me. The electricity was intense and then he slid his tongue over my lips and into my mouth. I returned the kiss passionately and put my hands around his neck as he devoured my mouth. I climbed over and straddled him grinding down on his hardness as our kissing became even more intense.I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands over his smooth skin. The bulge in his pants was enormous. I wanted to take out his cock and at the same time was afraid of what I would find. We started kissing again and I reached down to open his pants but he had already freed his cock. “Sweet Jesus,” I gasped, canlı bahis as I tried to get my hand around it. He was rock hard but from his position in the seat his cock wasn’t fully exposed. It was as thick as the base of a soda bottle. I had both hands around it and only maybe half was available. It was pulsing in my hands.“Take me to your room. I want you to fuck me!” I hissed.“My mom is asleep, she will hear us,” he said with a worried voice.He was right. I knew with that with that cock inside me I would be a screaming demoness.“Take off your pants and get in the back seat,” I commanded. I was totally lost in lust at this point.It seemed like a foggy dream as I removed my pants and climbed into the back seat of my car. His cock was sticking straight up and it was easily 12 to 13 inches long. It was as big as my arm. I leaned over and started bathing it with my mouth, running my lips over it and trying to take the head into my throat. There was no way. I just started sucking hum hard and he began to writhe and moan in pleasure. A sweet stream of pre-cum seeped out and that put me over the edge.My pussy was sopping wet. I climbed on top of him and started rubbing that plum-sized cock head over my clit and swollen pussy lips. Slowly I placed the head at my hungry pussy’s opening and started to slide down.HOLY FUCK that’s a big cock. I got the head in and about four inches and started to ride him. There was no way that was going in all at once. His hands were on my hips and I looked into his huge brown eyes.“Do you want my tight white pussy baby?”“Oh fuck güvenilir bahis yes,” he moaned “You are so beautiful.”I was drenched in sweat. My blond hair was in my face as I held his neck and shoulders and started working down on that monster cock. All at once he held my hips hard and shoved me down.“OH FUCK I’m CUMMING!!!”His cock went in and the head pressed right against my cervix. The orgasm just exploded. I started grinding down and the pressure was intense and then my cervix dilated and his cock went into my uterus.I started a long continuous orgasm and he worked into me in a way I never felt before. I was in subspace. I know I was gushing over his cock. I don’t know if I got it all inside me. I couldn’t even see. My vision was a red film.My face was buried in his neck.“Fuck me, fuck my white pussy, right there, right there I’m CUUMMMMMING! Breed me, I want it! Breed my white pussy. AGHHHHHHH.I felt him tense and then huge floods of hot thick cum started filling my uterus and his cock was pulsing. I was still in a continuous orgasm and I blacked out.“Cat, Cat, are you alright,” I heard through a fog.Alfred was stroking me and I sat up.“Yes, oh my God. I have never felt anything like that in my life.”“You passed out for over an hour, I was getting scared,” he said softly.I looked at my watch in horror. It was 3am. “I have to go honey, my k**s will be up for school and I have to get some sleep.”“Can I see you again?” He said shyly.I leaned over and kissed him deeply. “Oh yes,” you can have me as much as you desire.I rearranged myself as much as possible and then watched him walk to his apartment. The back seat was soaked in our sex and the car smelled heavenly. I love the smell of sex. Thank goodness the k**s take the bus.I drove the 45 minutes home in a dream.

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