Seduced by New Neighbor

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Seduced by New NeighborIt all started a few weeks ago. I was walking home from school when I noticed a moving truck in the driveway of my neighbors house. I didn’t really pay much attention to it since I didn’t really know the previous neighbors all that well. I was more so curious to see if a cute girl might be moving in. To my disappointment it appeared to be a middle aged couple. A little about myself. I’m an 18 year old senior in high school. I was held back in the first grade so I was older than most high school students. Growing up I was a shy awkward k** and consequently never really fit in with the “cool clique”. As a result my sexual experiences with girls were limited at best. Growing up I had been scrawny and lanky. During a routine medical check-up it was discovered I had a rare bone marrow deficiency. It required amongst other things, testosterone injections and consuming testosterone capsules. At the time the doctor had informed me I might notice some side effects including increased facial and body hair and “other things” as he put it. I immediately noticed the body hair, which I began shaving thinking it was embarrassing. I was on the school swim team and thought it would be weird to be the “hairy guy”. As the therapy continued I noticed I was beginning to put on more muscle mass than I ever had. By my senior year I had filled out quite nicely. I didn’t have a 6 pack or anything, but I had a pretty nice physique overall. There was one other side effect I noticed as a result of the therapy. Being a normal horny teenager, masturbation was naturally part of my routine. For whatever reason, the increased testosterone allowed me to shoot massive loads of cum. I had seen pornos on the internet and I always seemed to be able to shoot bigger loads than the actors. It was normal for me to fire off 10-12 ropes of cum when ejaculating. I ended up developing a bit of a cum fetish as a result. As the therapy went on and my cumshots got larger and larger and orgasms got more and more powerful, eventually one day I hit myself in the face with my own cum. Out of curiosity I tasted it once and thought it was actually pretty good. I loved in the porn movies when a woman would get a face full of cum.One day after school I was getting ready for swim practice when my best friend Robby told me that the coach was sick and practice was cancelled. The swim team kept me busy on most days, which worked out well for my parents since they both worked full time and thus didn’t have to babysit me much. On days like this though, it worked in my favor, as I could masturbate alone in my room without having to worry about mom or dad walking in. I got home and headed up for my room. I stripped off my clothes and sat down naked at my computer desk. I always enjoyed masturbating in the nude. It felt more like actual sex to me that way. I went on some video chat sites looking for someone to chat with. I wasn’t very popular at school so this was usually the closest thing to actual sex I could get. I started chatting with a “girl”. You could never tell on these sites if the people were real, or if it was just some old horny dude with a fake video but I never really cared too much. For me it was a means of getting off. My cock was already rock hard, standing at full attention. I have a decent cock, about 8 inches and fairly thick. The “girl” on the video chat was rubbing her pussy and I in turn was stroking my dick. After a little while I could feel my orgasm coming on so I typed to the girl “wanna see me shoot a huge load?”. She smiled and replied “sure”. That was all the encouragement I needed. I pushed my chair back from the desk and pumped my cock until I began erupting. Jet after jet of my jizz flew out of my cock and landed all over my body. She had a look of astonishment on her face at the amount of cum I shot. Just to tease her a little I wiped a small bit of cum from my chest and licked it off my fingers. I then closed the browser and got up to find a towel. I happened to glance out the window and nearly had a heart attack. I hadn’t bothered to close my blinds while I was beating off, figuring that no adults were home at this hour. But standing in the window in the next door house was my new neighbor! He had a smile on his face and he drank in the site of my cum covered body. He winked at me, and I quickly bolted out of the room into the bathroom down the hall. My heart was racing. My new neighbor had just watched me blow my load and apparently liked it! I wasn’t sure if I found that idea exciting or terrifying. I jumped in the shower not sure what to think about it. With all the thoughts running through my mind I didn’t really notice that my cock had stayed hard the entire time. I was sure that my neighbor was going to tell my parents, or come over to my house or confront me somehow, but nothing happened. After a while I kind of shrugged off the situation. I figured that I had jacked off on webcam in front of strangers that very well could have been men pretending to be girls, so why was this all that different? After all I didn’t know my neighbor. He was just some stranger that had seen my dick. Everything was returning to normal when one day my dad surprised my mom for her birthday with a romantic weekend getaway. Being 18 they told me that I didn’t need a babysitter but I was under strict orders that I could not have any parties. Little good holding a party would do for me anyhow as there wouldn’t be anyone to invite except for Robby. Robby and I had met on the swim team a few years back, and both being the “loner” types had quickly bonded and become best friends. With my parents gone for the weekend I got out my phone and texted Robby “Parents gone for weekend. Beers and video games @ my place tonight”. Naturally I wasn’t old enough to buy beer, but I knew where my dad’s stash was and he didn’t mind if on occasion I snuck a few. I decided to go relax out in our backyard pool for a while before Robby came over. I got into my trunks and headed outside. I swam a few laps before hopping out onto a lawn chair to catch some sun. I closed my eyes and must have drifted off for a while. I woke to the sound of the backyard fence opening. I sat up and saw my new neighbor looking back at me. I could instantly feel a lump at my throat and my heart began pounding. What could he want?”Ahoy there!” he called out. I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure what to say. “I’m Jim”, he said as he began to walk over towards me. Jim appeared to be about mid 40’s, handsome enough, and in good shape. I was paralyzed at being confronted by the man who’d seen me cum, especially with nobody around. All I could make out was a nervous “uhh hi”.”I’m your new neighbor”, bahis siteleri canlı he continued. “Thought I’d come over and introduce myself. Are your parents around?”I should have lied and said yes, especially since, for all I knew he was a serial killer. Instead, stupidly, I said “No, they’re away for the weekend”. “Aww that’s too bad”, Jim said, extending his hand for a hand shake. “I’ll guess I’ll just meet you then”. He smiled holding out his hand. It was the same smile he had when he had just finished watching me cover myself in jizz. I didn’t know what to do, so instinctively I held out my hand. He firmly shook my hand, in a moment that lingered a bit too long for my liking. “Nice to meet you…I didn’t catch your name”, Jim remarked as he finally broke the hand shake. “Uhh, Jeremy. I’m Jeremy” I replied nervously. “Jeremy. Nice day isn’t it Jeremy?”, he exclaimed. Before I could even respond he continued, “Mind if I take a little dip in your pool Jeremy?”I should have made up an excuse. But I wasn’t thinking right, and was a fairly shy guy to begin with so I just replied, “uhh yeah, sure”. I think I was expecting him to run home and grab some swim trunks, which would have given me an excuse to leave. Instead he just smiled that same devilish smile and said “great!” and began peeling off his clothes. At the time I thought it was just my imagination, but he seemed to strip off his clothes almost seductively. When he took his shirt off he paused right before pulling it over his head, almost to show off his body. I don’t know why I was looking in the first place. Next he undid his pants and I thought for sure he’d have trunks on underneath or at the very least boxer shorts. To my surprise he was bare naked underneath, and as he slid down his pants his cock sprang out. Even more shocking it was fully hard! It was admittedly a nice cock, circumsized, about the same size as mine. He stood there beside the pool for a moment, fully nude with his erect cock sticking out. It was pretty obvious he wanted me to notice. But then he jumped into the pool and swam around for a while. I’m not sure if I was excited or scared but my cock began to twitch regardless. I had never seen a fully nude man before up close, well at least not one with an erection. “The water is awesome!”, Jim yelled out. “Jeremy why don’t you join me?”I was too frozen to move even if I would have wanted to, but also I was embarrassed that I was getting a hard on myself. So I just shook my head no. “Ahh come on”, Jim called out. Seeing that I wasn’t budging he hopped out of the pool, his cock still visibly hard, and walked over to my lawn chair. “Come on, swimming solo is no fun” he said. With that he grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet. I didn’t have a chance to protest and once standing it was obvious I had a hard on as well. A tent was formed in the front of my swim trunks. Jim was close enough to my that his cock was nearly touching mine, albeit mine was still concealed. “Oh I see”, Jim said with that smile again. “Nothing to be ashamed about, happens to everyone. I’ve got one right now. See?”I glanced down at his prick and noticed he made it twitch when I looked. My mind was like putty. I had never considered fooling around with a guy before, but on the other hand I was a horny teenager with limited sexual experience so my cock was begging for attention. “You’ve got a nice cock”, Jim commented staring at the bulge in my swim trunks. “I couldn’t help but notice it the other day when I saw you wanking. Do you like wanking Jeremy?” Almost involuntarily I nodded. “Me too”, Jim said giving his hard on a couple of tugs. “You ever jacked off with a buddy?””N-n-no”, I managed to stammer.”It’s so much better. Would you like to try?”I-…I umm”. I couldn’t even form a coherent sentence. “Sure you do” Jim replied. “Your cock is nice and hard, it needs some attention.” With that he reached out and pulled my swin trunks down. I took a defensive step backwards but my cock had sprung out all the same. “It’s ok”, he said calmly. “I’ll just touch it and if you don’t like it no big deal”. He reached out and grabbed my cock in almost a firm of grip as his previous hand shake. I wanted to protest, but it felt so good that my cock was betraying my mind. He started giving it a few tugs, and I let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure. “Does that feel good?” Jim asked. All I could do was nod. “Mmm good, you have such a nice cock Jeremy”. “Than-thank you”, I said almost panting. It was hard to get out words with another person stroking my cock. Then suddenly he let go. He bent down and scooped up his clothes. I thought maybe he was leaving. “I think I need a towel to dry off”, he said. “Lets go inside and you can get me one ok?””O-ok” I replied, and we both started for the house. We were both nude with raging hard-ons bouncing up and down with each step. I really had no previous desires to be with another man but I was so horny I wasn’t thinking straight. I opened up the back door and we headed inside. I was so nervous it was hard taking each step. When we got to the living room he stopped and plopped down on the sofa.”Hey Jeremy come over here”, he said. His prick was still hard as a rock and pointing straight up. I swallowed hard and walked over to him. “Yeah that’s it”, he cooed, “let me get a better look at that beautiful cock of yours”. My cock was inches from his face and so hard it was literally throbbing. He reached out and grabbed it for the second time. Even though it was wrong it felt so good having someone else’s hand on my member. He jerked it with firm strokes that felt amazing. A little bit of pre-cum oozed out the tip of my cock. “Mmm yeah you like that Jeremy?” “Ye-yes sir” I replied timidly. “Good, then you’re gonna love this”. I didn’t know what he meant, but it didn’t take long to figure out as he leaned forward and put my throbbing dick inside his mouth. I thought for a second I might shoot my load right there just out of shock. I had never gotten a blow job before and my goodness did it ever feel great!A moan escaped my lips and I watched my neighbor slurping on my prick. I had heard blow jobs were better than jacking off but couldn’t have imagined how much so. His tongue was swirling around the head of my cock and licking my slit. Meanwhile he had begun stroking my balls which felt incredible. In the emptiness of the house all I could hear was the sucking noises Jim was making on my prick and the groans of pleasure escaping my mouth. Jim popped my cock out of his mouth and started licking his way down my shaft towards my nuts. My cock was covered in a mixture of his saliva and my pre-cum.Jim began pumping my slippery cock while licking and sucking canlı casino siteleri on my balls. I was in heaven! My knees felt so week and I had goosebumps all over. His tongue was expertly exploring my nuts which I never knew could feel so pleasurable. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.Even though I later remembered that Jim had seen me blow my load before I felt almost embarrassed to cum in front of another man. So before he could put me over the edge I stepped back. Jim just looked up at me and smiled.”Wanna try on me?” he asked with that sultry smile of his. To be fair I had never previously had any real interest in sucking another man’s cock, but I thought it would give me a chance to cool off a bit, so I said “ok”. Jim stood up and I noticed that his cock was still rock hard. He pushed me gently down on the sofa and stood in front of me. His hard on was only inches from my face. “Just put your lips on it”, he instructed. I took a deep breath and bent my head forward. Jim slowly slid his cock into my young mouth. It felt warm and meaty in my mouth, but overall not too bad. I really wasn’t sure what to do, but I had seen porn movies and knew the basics.I began to bob up and down on his dick, slowly at first, but as I got used to the size of it, was able to pick up a little bit of speed. Jim let out a moan, which let me know I was doing a good job. “Oh fuck yes Jeremy”, he groaned. “That’s it, suck my cock. Fuck yeah that feels great!”It was really arousing for some reason to hear him talking dirty to me, especially since I had his hard on in my mouth and my blow job was the source of his pleasure. I tried sucking on his dick like it was a popsicle, slurping away on it with my lips and tongue. “Jesus, you’re a fucking natural!”, he cooed. “Play with my nuts Jeremy.”I reached up and grabbed his balls gently which caused him to let out another groan of delight. I remembered how good it felt when Jim sucked my balls so I stopped sucking his dick and started tonguing his nuts. “Oh shit that’s it!”, he yelled. “I’ve fucking wanted you ever since I saw you blow that massive load a few weeks back. This is so much hotter than I imagined.”It was weird, I felt odd sucking a man’s dick, yet the fact I was giving him so much pleasure made me super horny. I really don’t know how long I’d fallen asleep outside before Jim had come over, and to be honest while we were busy gobbling each other’s cocks, nothing else had really crossed my mind. Which is why I was in for yet another surprise. The phone rang, which startled me a little, but apparently startled Robby even more! Yes my best friend Robby, upon hearing the phone rang jumped startled and bumped his elbow into the wall yelling out in pain. Jim and I both froze, which to be honest must have been quite the sight; my tongue swirling over his nuts which his big cock slapped across my face. At some point Robby must have shown up for video game night. Even more shocking, apparently he liked what he saw as his cock was poking out through the fly of his shorts. It was fully hard and evidently he had been stroking off to the erotic scene he came upon. When the phone rang it startled him and he had banged his funny bone on the wall, giving away his voyeurism. He was crying out in pain as Jim stormed over to him. “And who are you?” Jim demanded and he pushed Robby aggressively up against the wall. “I-I’m Jeremy’s friend”, he managed to stammer out. “I didn’t see anything”. “Oh really?, Jim rebuffed. “You didn’t see Jeremy sucking on my cock?””No sir””And you didn’t see me tongue Jeremy’s balls then I suppose neither?””No sir””Right. Which is why I suppose you have a hard on”, Jim said reaching down grasping Robby’s cock. Robby flinched but Jim had him pinned up against the wall. “You like what you saw boy?””No sir””No huh? Didn’t like seeing your friend get his cock sucked?”, Jim was pumping away with his free hand on Robby’s cock. “No sirrrr”, Robby said but it came out as a moan. “Yeah that’s what I thought. What’s your name boy?”Ro-Robby sir””Robby take those fucking clothes off now!”, Jim yelled. Robby gulped hard but did as he was told and quickly stripped off his clothes. He stood fully nude with his muscular physique on display as well as his nice cock pointing straight out. I had never thought of Robby in that way, but I had to admit he had a nice body and a hot cock. “Now get over to the sofa”, Jim instructed. Robby did as he was told and walked over to where I was sitting. Our naked bodies were mere feet from each other. Robby seemed to be glancing at my package although to be fair it was hard not to look at his as well. Jim walked over and got on his knees in front of Robby.”You liked watching so much lets see if you like he real thing”, Jim said as he plunged his mouth over Robby’s member. It was a surreal scene watching my best friend getting blown by my neighbor. Robby let out a moan of pure lust. I can only imagine what was going on through his mind. He’d come over for video games to stumble upon his best friend slurping on a strangers cock. The taboo and shock of it had clearly gotten him super horny. “Ho-holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit!” Robby groaned. Even though I was guessing this was Robby’s first blow job as well, he kept looking at my cock, instead of the scene unfolding at his groin. Jim was sucking noisily away on Robby’s cock, while I watched with my own cock throbbing. As if sensing that, Jim looked over and said “stand up Jeremy”. I did, and he momentarily switched to start sucking my cock, whilst still jerking Robby. Before that day I’d never even really considered being with a guy and here I was getting blown by a stranger with my best friend. And we were both loving it. Robby especially.”Fuck yeah”, he moaned as he watched Jim bob up and down on my dick. Robby’s balls were bouncing up and down with each of Jim’s strokes. Jim then switched and sucked again on Robby’s prick while jerking me. I don’t think either of us had ever expected to see each other nude, let alone getting a shared blow job by a man. Jim then pulled me in closer to Robby and did something even more crazy; he put both our cocks in his mouth at the same time. I had never touched cock’s with another guy, but it was hot watching Jim stuff both our dicks into his wet mouth. We were stretching his mouth open with our big cocks. Finally after a couple of minutes he pulled away. “Geez, I gotta give my jaw a rest”, Jim proclaimed. “Jeremy why don’t you show Robby what you learned earlier”. “Huh?” I replied confused. Jim pushed me down on the sofa. “C’mon, be a good buddy and suck Robby’s dick”. Without hesitation Robby stepped forward and placed his cock in front of casino oyna my face. Clearly he wanted me to. I was so horny at this point I thought what the hell. I reached out and grabbed hold of my best friend’s dick and put it in my mouth. “Oh fuck”, Robby groaned as I began slurping away on his nice cock. Just like with Jim I reached up and played with his nuts. They were big and droopy. Much bigger than Jim’s. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes! Jeremy, oh shit!”, Robby moaned lost in pure lust. He had begun thrusting his hips to face fuck me. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat. Robby was holding onto the top of the sofa so his knees wouldn’t buckle. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jim taking in the scene whilst jacking his dick. “Oh Jesus, you’re gonna make me cum Jeremy”, Robby sobbed. “Not yet!” Jim yelled out. I popped Robby’s cock out of my mouth a little confused. “First”, he said, “you gotta repay the favor”. I stood up and Robby without even the slightest hesitation dropped down and wrapped his lips around my hard on. Prior to that day I had never had a blow job before and now I had to guys suck my dick in one day!Robby was sucking on my cock with reckless abandon. It was as if he was starving and my cock were the last meal on Earth. I never in a million years thought I’d be getting sucked off by my best friend. His blow job was so wet and sloppy that saliva leaked out of his mouth down my shaft and dripped off my balls. “Mmm ya that’s it Robby, suck your buddy’s dick!” Jim encouraged. I was so lost in pure horniness I was moaning loudly. I never moan when jacking off but this was a million times better. Robby wasn’t pacing himself neither, he was sucking so furiously on my cock I knew I wouldn’t last long. “Ohhh fuck Robby, I’m gonna bust pretty soon”, I said in a voice that was almost a whimper. “Not yet!”, Jim yelled again. “I wanna finish both you studs off”. Robby stood up and our saliva soaked cocks touched each other, throbbing in unison. “But fist I’m gonna shoot!”, Jim groaned and without warning started cumming all over himself. Robby and I both stood wide-eyed as Jim blew a nice big load all over his chest and stomach. “FUCCCKK YESSS!”, Jim roared as the last jet of sticky jizz emptied from his balls. I hadn’t even really noticed, but while Jim was cumming Robby had been slapping his hard cock against mine lightly. Jim stood up with cum dripping off his body and walked over to us. “Your turn guys”, he said with that smile of his. “I wanna see that huge load of yours Jeremy”. “Oh shit yes”, Robby agreed softly. Jim cleared off the coffee table and stood in between us. He grabbed our cocks with each hand and started jacking us off. It wasn’t going to take long. Neither of us had much experience sexually and had participated in a crazy hot threeway of sucking and jacking. Robby had his eyes glued to my cock, almost as if he wanted me to shoot first. The notion that he wanted to see me cum was too much. I couldn’t delay my orgasm any longer. I started to moan/whimper and grabbed a hold of Jim’s shoulder to keep from falling. “Oohhhhhhhhhhh shiiitttttt” I groaned as the first jet of cum flew half way across the room. Like I said, I usually shot big loads, but this was beyond anything ever before. My first jet of cum probably flew 10 or 12 feet. “Wow” Jim said as my second spurt of spunk rocketed out of my cock like a powerful volcano. Both of my first two jets of cum easily cleared the coffee table. The sight of me cumming apparently was too much was Robby.”OH SHIT JEREMY SHIT!”, he yelled despite the fact it was Jim jacking him off. Robby started shooting his own nice load. It was erotic being mid-cumshot while my best friend was shooting his jizz as well. We were both having our orgasm at the same time and cum was flying everywhere. It was so hot watching cum erupt from Robby’s dick as my own cock was rocketing out blast after blast of jizz. “Holy shit” Jim exclaimed in shock at the amount of cum he was milking out of our teenage cocks. By the time we stopped shooting the coffee table was covered in cum. It looked like somebody had spilled a shampoo bottle. Exhausted, I fell back onto the sofa. Jim gave me that wicked smile one more time, before gathering up his clothes from the floor. “Well boys, that was fun, but I gotta run before the wife gets home”, Jim said and he began to dress. In the craziness of what had just happened I had totally forgot that I saw his wife the day he moved in. He finished dressing and left out the back door. Robby had begun dressing too as Jim was leaving. I was in a state of shock and pleasure so I hadn’t moved from the sofa. Neither of us said anything. Robby pulled his shirt over his head and was pulling up his shorts when he glanced over and noticed I was still rock hard. It looked like for a minute he was having a moral mental dilemma. He slowly zipped up the fly to his shorts while still occupied on my cock. He took a step towards the door, but stopped and turned back around.”Fuck it”, he said out loud and walked back over to the sofa and dropped onto his knees in front of me. Without a further word he grabbed my cock and started sucking it. Usually it took me a while to get hard again, but what had happened earlier was so erotic my cock had stayed rock hard. And now Robby was hungrily sucking on it for the second time that day!”Fuck yes, suck that dick”, I moaned in a voice dirtier than anything I’d ever said before. Robby was slurping loudly on my dick and squeezing my nuts. He began sucking and jacking my dick in unison which felt amazing. I still couldn’t believe my best friend was blowing my prick. He was sucking it so hard and so fast that within a couple of minutes of pure delight I could feel my orgasm building again. “Oh fuck Robby I can’t hold off any longer”, I moaned. Robby only took his mouth off my dick long enough to say, “Give me that giant fucking load Jeremy!”.Even though that was such a taboo and bizarre comment to hear, it’s tough to explain how sexy it sounds when a wet mouth is attacking your cock. I couldn’t hold off any longer and with a moan so loud I was sure it would wake the neighborhood I started shooting my second big load. “OHHH FUCCKKKKK I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!” I squealed as I started blasting hot sticky cum down Robby’s throat. He gulped it down as best he could but I shot so much jizz some of it leaked out down his chin. I thought I was gonna pass out from pleasure. I had never had a blow job before that day let alone had someone swallow my load. When I finally finished, Robby got up and hurried out of the house. I just sat on the sofa for probably and hour trying to gain my wits. Finally I went and had a shower and jacked off and came again. Robby came over the next day to finally have those beers and play video games. He admitted he’d thought about doing it with me before that day. Needless to say after a few beers our clothes were on the floor and our dicks were hard!

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