Seduced By My Hot Mother-in-law

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My wife and I started going out during her first year of physiotherapy training at the main hospital of a city in South West England, when I was a second-year student at the university. We had met just over a year earlier at a party for new students at the church where she and her parents were members. She was then still at school, and although we sort of became friends, there was no hint of a romantic relationship at the time. I had a number of girlfriends during my first year at university; most of these relationships were quite fleeting, but one lasted for nearly two terms, only petering out during the long summer vacation. When Susie became a student we started going to the same parties, and as I was foot-loose and fancy-free, one thing just led to another. Our first proper date, however, was at the beginning of the spring term around the time of her nineteenth birthday, when I took her to a concert in town, followed by dinner at a local Italian restaurant.Over the next few weeks our relationship blossomed, and by the end of the summer term things had reached the point where we decided we would like to get engaged. By then I was a regular at her parents’ house at weekends, and would occasionally stay over on the Saturday night – in the spare room I hasten to add, because, despite the fact this was the Swinging Sixties, most of the swinging in the class we both came from was mostly in the mind, rather than in actual fact. The furthest we had gone up to that point was long sessions of snogging, and what was then known as heavy petting. Susie had a very nice pair of breasts – she still has over forty years later – and I had got as far as undoing her bra underneath her jumper to have a good feel, but that was about as far as things went.Although Susie and I were certain, I still had to face her father, a prospect which terrified me. In those days it was still customary to ask one’s future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage, and as Susie was under twenty-one years old, it was still not permissible to marry without parental permission. We had told Susie’s mother and that was bad enough, but she had immediately given us her full blessing. So one Sunday afternoon after lunch, the two women found an excuse to make themselves scarce, leaving me on my own with Susie’s father. I somehow stumbled through my prepared speech, and he patiently listened to what I had to say, but when I had finished he declined to give his consent. Susie was still very young, he said and suggested that I might ask him again once I had completed my studies and had found a job.As you might expect, we were devastated. We were very much in love, and the thought of having to wait another year or more before we could even get engaged, let alone get married, was almost unbearable. The end of term came with no resolution of our situation, and I went back home with a heavy heart. On my way back from a week’s holiday in Cornwall, I stopped off at Susie’s home for the weekend. She was very excited and suggested that if I would like to speak to her father again, I might get a different answer, and to my surprise and relief, this time he said yes. It turned out that Susie’s mother had argued our case, and in the end, he had relented, mainly for the sake of peace and quiet I suspect.When, years later, Susie told me that she and her father had been having regular sex for nearly nine months, right up to the time of his first heart attack, and the beginning of her studies, I saw his initial refusal in a different light. I wondered whether he might have been jealous that another man was going to take from him what he thought to be his right, or perhaps it was just proper parental concern. Sadly, about six years after we were married, my father-in-law, of whom I was very fond, had a second heart attack and died, and that is the point at which this story really begins.A year before my father-in-law’s death I had been moved by my employer to a city Girne Escort in the North of England. About six months after his funeral I was invited to attend a week-long symposium back in Susie’s home town, and rather stay in a hotel I stayed with Mum. Susie could not join me as she could not get the time off work, and was also five months pregnant with our first child.My mother-in-law was approaching her sixtieth birthday, but despite her white hair, she was still a very attractive woman, and took great care over her appearance. When she was younger she had been a professional singer, and had played the principal role in a great many amateur productions of light opera where she had honed her considerable acting skills. She still had a very good figure, not quite the 23-inch waist of her youth, but still very trim, although her breasts were rather small, unlike Susie who was by that stage a 34DD. I had never seen her nude, although I had often wondered what she might look like without her clothes on.I arrived at teatime on Sunday after a fairly uneventful trip down the motorway, which was not always the case. I let myself into the house with my latchkey, and crossed the hall to go downstairs – the house was sort of upside down with the entrance hall and bedrooms on the ground floor and the living rooms in the basement. My mother-in-law stood at the bottom of the stairs and greeted me with a hug and a chaste kiss on the lips, before ushering me into the sitting room, whilst she went back into the kitchen. She reappeared a moment or two later with a cup of tea and a piece of fruitcake – always the best way to relieve the stress of a long drive.”I thought we would go out into the village for a meal tonight, there is a nice new bistro which I have wanted to try, but there has been no one to share it with until tonight.””I need to phone Susie,” I replied, “just to let her know I have arrived safely, and I need to freshen up a little, so shall we say seven-thirty? That will give you time to get your glad rags on and your make up freshened up. I want to be the envy of the restaurant tonight.”When we got back to the house later that evening, after a very nice meal and a bottle of wine, Maria – that is my mother-in-law’s name – offered me a glass of whisky and a mug of hot chocolate, whilst we sat to watch the late-night arts programme on television. It had been a very pleasant evening in the company of an attractive woman, and I didn’t want it to end. However, I was feeling rather drowsy by then, so I announced that it was time for me to go to bed, and standing up I bent down to kiss her goodnight. This kiss was rather less chaste than earlier, as she parted her lips slightly, and her tongue started to explore a little.I fell asleep quickly, fancies flitting across my mind – wickedly delicious thoughts of what that kiss had meant, and pictures of what my mother-in-law might look like in just her undies, or even naked.I woke up at about six in the morning needing to go to the loo, so I got out of bed and walked across the hall to the bathroom. I didn’t bother with a dressing gown, as it was quite mild, and I was only going to be a few minutes, so I was naked, which is how I slept in those days. On my way back, I noticed that the door to my mother-in-law’s bedroom was half open, and I could hear moaning sounds coming from inside. I moved closer to the door, to be met by the sight of my mother-in-law reflected in a large mirror at the foot of her bed. She was stark naked, straddling a chair, and riding a large lifelike dildo, whilst vigorously playing with her nipples and clitoris.I was about to turn and go back to my room to masturbate, when she looked up, saw me and beckoned me into the room, lasciviously licking her lips as she did so. By now I had the beginnings of an erection, and as I walked into the room, she rather pointedly looked at my groin and smiled.”Come and sit down Magosa Escort on that other chair, William,” she said. “You can sit there and watch me enjoy my climax. Stroke your nice young cock for me, but don’t cum yet, I want you to ejaculate all over my breasts. I do so like the feel of hot spunk on my breasts.””Yyy-yes, mother,” I stuttered, utterly transfixed by the sight of her naked body, and her pussy impaled on the dildo, which was slick and shiny with her juices.I was fascinated by her inner pussy lips which were large and pendulous, and which clung to the dildo as she rose up and down. Her clitoris was also quite large and fully engorged, the tip poking out of its hood like a little penis.”Call me Maria,” she said. “Mother is so formal, and this week I am sure we are going to get to know each other very much more intimately, so Maria is much better. I haven’t had a man since some time before your father-in-law died because of his illness, and I know that your love life has tailed off a bit these last couple of months. Now enjoy.”She started to ride the dildo faster and faster, squeezing and stroking her clitoris as she went. She started to moan again as her excitement mounted, her mouth open and her head thrown back. Soon she started to quiver and then shake as her orgasm mounted within her, until with a scream of pleasure she went rigid, her body fully impaled on her artificial penis.My penis was by now throbbing in my hands, and I desperately wanted to cum, but remembering what she had said, I held off until she opened her eyes and looking at me said softly, “Come over here and jerk off all over my breasts. I want to massage your lovely hot spunk into my skin, and then I will smell of you all day. It will keep me aroused and waiting for this evening when I intend to get to know your cock much much better.”That did it for me, I stood astride her and after only a couple more strokes of my penis my balls contracted and I pumped jet after jet of hot white cum all over her breasts and face. It felt wonderful. I was in ecstasy, as exquisitely sweet sensations swept through my body, my legs shaking with the force of my orgasm.”My, that was good, wasn’t it,” Maria purred, and licking my cum off her lips. “I haven’t seen that much spunk in a long time, it was very exciting, and I will think about it all day. I will really be hot for you when you get back from the university, and I am going to plan a very naughty evening for us, and by the end, you will be totally drained. I need to feel alive again, and there is nothing better than a good fuck with a beautiful young cock.”With that she bent forward and took my cock into her mouth, gently sucking it, and running her tongue around the head, while she cupped my balls in her hand, gently squeezing them, before running her fingernails down the insides of my thighs. She laughed in her musical way, then pulled away from me.”That’s enough for now. You just think of me all day, and be ready for a very naughty session after dinner tonight. I will be wearing crotchless knickers all day – I love to feel the air around my pussy lips, and if you are a very good boy, I will let you have a feel when you get in. I am sure you have never seen or felt pussy lips like mine, and I know that you are going to enjoy kissing and licking them. I am looking forward to it already, and I am getting very wet, but I won’t touch myself during the day so that I will be really horny when you get back. But off you go now. Breakfast will be in half an hour, so don’t be late.”The day seemed to drag by, and I found it very hard to concentrate during some of the less interesting presentations. It was easier during the breaks when I met up with professional colleagues and friends working in the same field as me. However, my cock seemed to have developed a mind of its own and kept on threatening to embarrass me, particularly when I was talking to attractive Kıbrıs Escort female coworkers. Eventually, six o’clock came, and I was able to get away, make up all sorts of excuses why I couldn’t go out for a drink and a meal that evening. I promised myself that I would have to take at least one night off from my mother in law, otherwise, they would start to become suspicious.I let myself in again, and just like the day before Maria was standing at the foot of the stairs. She was wearing a housecoat, as she always did when she was cooking, with just enough buttons undone at the top for me to see that she only had her underwear on underneath. As I reached her she put her hands behind my head and pulled me to her for a kiss – a very erotic and drawn out kiss! She was a fantastic kisser. At times her long tongue would snake out to touch my mouth and trace around my lips, at other times only the tips of our tongues were touching as they flicked and danced with each other. When our mouths came together it was heavenly, our tongues deep in each others’ mouths. We breathed in and out in synchrony, our breaths mingling, as we sought to share the very essence of each other.I slid one hand down to caress her bottom, the other behind her back pulling her close into me, whilst she slid one hand down between our bodies to stroke my cock, which was by now very hard and standing to attention. Pulling away from me after what seemed like hours, but was really only minutes,Maria laughed and said, “My my, somebody’s pleased to see me.” Which may be the oldest cliché in the book, but sounded sexy, even sultry, the way she said it.She then went into the kitchen, calling out as she went, “Go and sit down in the sitting room, and I will bring you a cup of tea and a toasted teacake. You’ll need all for what I have planned for you this evening and tonight. By the way, you’ll find some interesting photographs on the side table.”I sat down in an easy chair and leaned across to pick up a pile of about twenty-five high quality 12 by 15-inch black and white photographic prints, all properly mounted on stiff card. My father-in-law had been a keen amateur photographer, and also an early cine enthusiast, experimenting with early super-eight colour film back in the 1950s. I knew that there were a large number of cans of film in the cupboard under the stairs, most of them of family holidays. He had installed a fully equipped darkroom, with a 1960s state of the art enlarger, in a small room above the bathroom. It was clear from the topmost picture in the pile I was about to examine, that his interest had not only been in family and landscape photography, but also in amateur pornography. Seeing the pictures I wondered whether there might also be some interesting cine film hidden away somewhere.As I started to study the pictures, Maria came into the room with a mug of tea and a toasted teacake for each of us and sat down in her usual chair opposite to me. She had taken off her housecoat and was clad only in her lingerie, which was a bit distracting. As she had promised, she was wearing crotchless French knickers, and when she opened her legs as she sat down, I had a clear view of her large inner pussy lips hanging down between her legs. When she was comfortable, she crossed her legs, temporarily hiding the glories of her pussy, but the site of the pale flesh of her upper thighs, between her stocking tops and the legs of her knickers, was enough to keep me in a state of excitement.”I hope you enjoy the pictures,” she said. “Your father-in-law certainly enjoyed taking them, and it goes without saying that I did. I had so many wonderful orgasms. Unfortunately for the last year of his life, Kenneth was far too ill for sex, and I haven’t had a cock in well over eighteen months. A dildo is just not the same.”I started to leaf through the pictures, which to begin with were of my mother and father-in-law making love. They had clearly read the Kama Sutra because they had experimented with a wide variety of sexual positions. The sharpness of the pictures was breathtaking; the lighting was perfect, and every detail of my father-in-law’s cock and balls and my mother-in-law’s pussy was displayed in crystal clear detail — no soft focus or blurred images…

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