Seduced by Control

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Seduced by ControlI went to college far from home just to get away from it all. My highschool gf and I broke up at graduation because we knew we would grow apart.Plus, if I’m honest, I wanted new opportunities if you know what I mean.I’m not the most social person though, so I didn’t manage to make manyfriends, and even with a part-time job I had a lot of free time. Andfree-time for a 18-year old means looking for sex, or masturbating. Iprobably jacked off too much. I didn’t exactly get bad grades, butsometimes I though I could have done better had I spent less time jackingit.I didn’t make a lot of friends, but I did go on a few dates. I even managedto hook up with a few college chicks, but it took a lot of time and effort.I’m really not a college girl’s dream man. I’m about 5’8″, and scrawny. Iweigh 120 right out of the shower (and after a big breakfast). So, withouta girlfriend, that brought me back to jerking off. Or looking for otheroptions.I’d always heard that gay guys had no standards. They all got laid all thetime. Plus everyone says that gay guys give the best head. Eventuallycuriosity got the better of me and I signed up for one of those hook upsites. I posted a profile and some pics. I was surprisingly popular. Itseemed to be mostly older guys, but that was ok by me. Hipsters in theirmid to late 20s, and even some muscled business types started hitting meup. I didn’t find them unattractive. The guys with hairy chests, such acontrast to my own smooth body, actually turned me on a little. And theydid give great head.So I had found a solution to my problem. A few times a month I could justlog in, and have some guy giving me a blowjob maybe an hour later. I neverfucked a guy, or got fucked, or kissed, though I will admit that once ortwice I returned the favor sucked the other guy off too.One day, while browsing for a bj, I came across a profile that got myattention. The guy’s pic was kind of attractive. He was older, (38 itsaid, so I assumed 42). He looked like an old surfer dude. Very broadshoulders and a well-toned torso. The chest was lightly fuzzy, with athicker happy trail that made me want to follow it on down.The picture of him was not what caught my eye though. His main picture wasof a different man locked in stocks. But in addition to his head andhands, there was a separate section locked around his junk! And his facehad an expression of longing, desperation, and ecstasy that really turnedme on. His other pictures were similar, guys retrained in other verycreative ways. All of the guys were rock hard, and with the same facialexpression.His profile simply read, ‘Looking for boys who know that the true path topleasure is Control and Moderation’.I jacked off to those pics, satisfied for the next few hours. But I keptcoming back to his profile and those images every day or two as jerk offfodder.About two weeks after I discovered his profile, I logged in to find amessage from him. ‘I see you’ve been visiting my profile a lot. You looklike you could use some control. See anything you want to try? I havesome more pictures you will like. Give me your email address.’Shit! I forgot that you could see who was looking at your profile. I wasembarrassed. I was never into cheesy bondage stuff, but they were hotpictures. I was getting a little tired of the same 4 though. What thehell, I thought, I’ll send him my email and get some new material.’Hah, sorry about that. Would love to see some more pics if you have some.My email is’.A few hours later, I got an email, ‘Let’s chat next time I see you online.’Attached was a handful of new pics. I jerked off twice that night lookingat them.The next day I was online, actually doing some homework for a change, whenI got an IM from him.’How did you enjoy those pictures?”Very much, thank you.”How many times did you enjoy them?”Hah. Twice last night, one this morning.”So I was right about you jerking off too much.”I guess you were 😛 But it’s just some fun. Doesn’t hurt anyone”I think it hurts you. What’s your name?’That statement struck me as odd, but surely I could convince this guy togive me still more pics. So I ignored it.’I’m Mark”I will call you Markboy”… ok. So, how does jacking off hurt me?”The penis is a social organ, designed to be shared, designed to bringpeople together, and encourage people to depend on each other. If youabuse your penis, it cuts you off from other people, it leads to isolationand loneliness.’It sounded weird, but he had a point. I had been feeling lonely andisolated.’That’s a good point, I guess.”That is enough of that for now, we can talk about it more later. I showedyou the pictures you wanted, what are you going to show me?”Lol, I don’t have any more pics right now, sorry.”But you have a webcam.”I guess that’s true, but I haven’t jerked off on cam before”Markboy, I gave you several orgasms. This is what I am asking for inreturn. Is it unfair to ask for this?”I guess not. I do owe you. Give me just a minute”Good boy. Be in your underwear before you turn on the cam.’Things were moving quickly, and I wasn’t entirely sure I was comfortablewith all of this. But when he said I was a good boy, my dick pulsed.I was in a tiny dorm room. A single thank-god, but tiny, no room foranything but a bed and a dresser really. I moved my books off of the bed,and got undressed. ‘Am I really doing this?’ I thought. I turned on thecam. His face appeared.’Hello Markboy, I’m glad to see you are in your underwear as instructed.”Thank you.”I can’t see you well, back up a little and get on your knees Markboy.’I did. ‘Does this work . . . I don’t know your name’.’My name is Tim, but if you like what we’re doing, and I can see that youdo Markboy, call me Sir.’He was right, I had a huge boner bulging under my grey boxer briefs. Iblushed and went to cover myself.’Get those hands away. Put them behind your head Markboy.’I did so, a little awkwardly. I felt exposed, and horny. ‘Yes . . . sir”Good boy’ My dick pulsed again.’Can I see more of you sir?’ I asked hopeful that the ‘sir’ would help mycase.’No Markboy, not right now. Slide off that underwear.’I took off the undies and immediately starting rubbing my dick.’Hands!’ It was soft bot forceful. My hands shot back up behind my headwithout thinking.’Very nice cock Markboy’. Not to brag, but I got that a lot. As I said,I’m pretty small and scrawny, so people are always surprised when I have anice sized cock on me. It’s 7.5″ and uncut, another novelty for mostpeople.’It could look nicer though. Have you ever trimmed or shaved your pubesMarkboy?”No sir.’ It was a bit bushy, I’ll admit. But it was my only real bodyhair aside from a little in my pits and on my legs. As a late bloomer, ithad felt hard earned. I was attached to my pubes. My old girlfriendhadn’t complained exactly, but she did give me pained glances while pickinga hair out of her mouth once or twice.’I’ve thought about it, but never tried.”Why not Markboy?”I like my hair I guess sir?”It grows back. I see scissors on the drawers there. Trim it back alittle for me. It will look better and feel better Markboy. Trust me.’I did trust him. I don’t know why, but I did. I reached for the scissorsin disbelief. I grabbed a tuft and started trimming cautiously. I cut itdown by about half. Even with my light brown pubes, you could still seethem. I don’t know it if looked any better, just different. But it didfeel different. I was much more aware of sensation around my cock thanever before.’How does that feel Markboy?”Pretty fantastic, I have to admit sir.”Good boy. Now turn around so I can see the rest of you.’I turned around. ‘Now bend over’I did, but hesitantly. ‘I’ve never had anything up there sir, I don’t thinkI’m ok with that kind of stuff.”Calm down Markboy. I’m just looking. I will never do anything to youthat you don’t want me to. Those things are called limits, and I respectthem absolutely.’That did make me feel better, safer. But the strange thing was that beingcalled ‘Markboy’ was probably the part that calmed me most.’Thank you sir’.’Looks very sexy Markboy. Turn back around for me.’I did, and I put my hands behind my head again. My dick was stickingstraight up, hard as a rock.”Show me how you jerk off Markboy’.My hands were on my cock in an instant.’How often do you jerk off?’A few times a day sir”Give me a number Markboy”4 to 6 I guess sir”And has it ever felt this good before Markboy?”No sir’. It hadn’t. Part of it was the trim, but that wasn’t the onlyreason. I actually enjoyed jacking in front of this fully clothed guy. Ienjoyed him giving me instructions, showing off for him.’Do you know why Markboy?”No sir’ I lied.’Because you are using your penis to make a connection with someone. Thedeeper and more controlled the connection, the better it feels.Eventually, I think you’ll want to stop jacking off all together. Butthat’s too much for now, no one would expect you to go cold turkey. Slowdown your stroking for a minute Markboy.’Stop jerking off? That sounded far-fetched.’I’ve got an appointment, I need to go now, but I want you to do somethingfor me, ok Markboy?”What is it sir?”Every time you jack off, count how many times you squirt. Count thepulses for me and send me the number. Here is my cell. I’m going nowMarkboy, but I expect a text from you very soon’. And he signed off. Icouldn’t believe what had happened, or that it was over. I didn’t want itto be over.Two minutes later I sent him a text. ’12 sir’.—–‘9 sir”Good boy’Reporting all of my orgasms to Tim made me feel a little pathetic. I had aclear log of how often I were jerking off, and it was damningly frequent.But at the same time, showing him that record and knowing I’d pleased himjust a little made me horny. Sometimes, his ‘Good Boy’ reply was enough tomake me go for a round two right then. I really wanted to hear his voicesay that to me again. So I texted him ‘Can we cam again sir?’A few minutes later, his reply came in. ‘Camming doesn’t do much for meMarkboy.’I felt crushed. ‘But if you’re willing to make it worth my while, be oncam tonight at 8. Don’t cum until then.’I was a little nervous. I wasn’t sure what I’d just agreed to. How couldI make it worth his while? And then there was the other half of hisstatement. It was 10 am, and I had no plans for the day. It was a sadrealization, but I didn’t know how to pass that much time without jackingoff.I didn’t want to disappoint Tim though, so I started doing some chores, andcleaning up the dorm. The common area was starting to get a littledisgusting. I got groceries, some school supplies. It was only 1 pm. Itried to just browse the internet, but every 10 minutes or so, I’dabsent-mindedly open up some porn and reach down for my cock before Irealized what I was doing. I closed the computer and found other things todo.I ended up doing a little more cleaning, doing some studying, and going tothe gym for a good workout. It ended up being an insanely productive day.Finally it came up on 8 pm. I turned on my cam and invited Tim to watch.I made sure I was wearing nothing but some fresh underwear (this time someback briefs), and kneel being sure not to touch myself.’Good boy.”Thank you sir”So, what did you get up to today Markboy?’I ran him through the list of things I had accomplished.’Wow, you got a lot done. Do you see how much you can do when you showsome restraint?”Yes sir. This was my entire todolist for the weekend.”Do you think you could have shown as much self-control without someencouragement Markboy?’I thought about this for a second. ‘No, I don’t think I could have.”That’s right boy. It takes a bond between two people to achieve that.But this isn’t just about productivity. There is the pleasure as well.Strip.’I took off my underwear.’Don’t be rude, Markboy.’I hadn’t realized, but I’d started to play with myself. ‘Sorry sir.”It’s ok, we make mistakes, and it has been a long day for you, hasn’t it?”Yes sir. Sir, can I see more of you?”Yes boy. Check your email.”I opened up my email to see 4 pictures of Tim waiting for me. The firstwas his headshot, just like his profile. The other three were new. Thesecond picture was him at the beach. Not the best quality picture,probably taken on a cellphone. He was holding a surfboard and was wearinga wetsuit unzipped past his navel. You could just see where his treasuretrail started to become something more substantial. His arms and chestwere wet which made his muscles jump out even more. In the third picturehe was wearing nothing but some white briefs. He was semi-hard and thehead of his cock was just sticking out of his briefs. It was magnificent.His last picture was just a closeup of his cock. It didn’t look terriblylong, though it is hard to judge from pictures alone, but it was thick! Icouldn’t take my eyes away from it.’What do you think Markboy?”Thank you sir!”Good boy. Put those pics away now and kneel so I can see you again”Start jacking, but when you think you are about to cum, stop and put yourhands behind your head until you have permission, ok boy?”Yes sir’ I started stroking. It wasn’t going to take long for me to getthere. After maybe two minutes, I put my hands behind my head.’No Markboy, closer than that.”That . . . is as close as I can get sir.”No it is not Markboy. Start again, this time tell me how good it feelsfrom 1-10, where 10 is orgasm. But don’t stop until I tell you to. Do youunderstand?”Yes sir’I starting up again. I was already very horny, and it felt very good, so Istart off at 6.’7 . . . 8 . . . 9!’ I expected to be told to stop.’Keep going Markboy.”Sir?”Keep. Going’ he said icily.’9.2? 9.5?!’ I said between pants. I could feel my balls retracting andconvulsions starting to take up.”STOP!’I put my hands over behind my head instantly. My cock kept bouncing for agood 20 seconds, just pulsing and bobbing up and down, but I hadn’t cum.It was amazing and intense and I felt exhausted. More than anythingthough, I felt like I needed to cum.’Good boy”Thank you sir.’ I replied, still panting.’See how much closer you can get with someone else’s help? The closer thebond between people, the better than can help each other feel truepleasure. We can go further together if you want, Markboy.”I would like that sir.”Good kayseri escort boy. Here is what we are going to do now. You are going to jack offfor me. But when you get close, you are going to stop, put your handsbehind your head and count down from 10. When you hit 0, you will startjacking off again until you are close. You will stop again, but this timehold your hands behind your head for a count of 9. Then 8, then 7, and soon. When there is nothing left to count down from, you may cum. Do youunderstand, Markboy?'”I think I do sir.”Then start’I did. When I got as close, I pushed myself to last a little longer. Idon’t think I went as close as when Tim was guiding me, but it seemed toplease him, my cock did pulse and bob around for a second or two. Then Istarted up again.By 6, I _needed_ to cum. It wasn’t even about pleasure, it felt necessary.By 4, my cock didn’t even have time to stop pulsing by the time I had tostart up again. It only took me well under a minute until I had to stopagain for 3. The next rounds were even shorter.And then I came. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Iactually moaned out loud all the way though. When it was over, I noticedI’d splashed the monitor all over.’How was that Markboy?’ He asked, knowing the answer.’Amazing sir”Good boy. I’m going now, but two things first. One, from now on,whenever you cum, you will be looking at one of the pictures I sent you.You can look at whatever porn you want, but when you cum, be looking at mypics. Let me know which one you are looking at when you cum in your textto me.”Yes sir”Two, we will not be camming again. We can talk whenever you like, but ifyou want to move forward with this, we have to do it in person.’He hung up.Exhausted, I fell asleep.—-‘9 sir. Pic 4”Good boy’.It was embarrassing. It had been three weeks since I’d promised Tim Iwould look at his pics every time I came. And most of the time I came tohis last pic, the closeup of his cock.I still thought of myself as largely straight, just a littleopportunistically bi. Sure, guys can have some nice bodies, but I onlywanted to use them when I needed to get off. But I wasn’t looking at Tim’sbody, I was looking at his cock. For the last few days, I wasn’t evenlooking at other porn, just his pics. Worse, I found myself – wanting hiscock. I wanted to feel those soft pubes on my nose as I tasted his cock.I really wanted to talk to him again. I would have loved to have him guideme again. I had tried to do the stuff I had done with him on cam alone,but it didn’t work the same without him there. Still, I was just nervousabout meeting him in person. He had changed how I thought aboutmasturbation and sex, and I didn’t know what would come next.I tried to move past him. I even jacked off a few times without tellinghim. But I felt so guilty. Not looking at him body when I came feltawkward too. Masturbating without those things felt empty.I finally decided to text him.’What would happen if we met sir?”Are you saying you want to meet me, Markboy?”Maybe sir.”I will always keep you safe and respect your limits Markboy. Let me knowwhen you want to meet.”But what will happen sir?”I’ve given you enough jerk off fuel boy. If you’re serious, let me know.’I was shocked. I felt so selfish, learning all of these things from himwithout giving back. It took me a few days to work up my courage to ask.’I’m ready to meet you sir”Why do you want to meet me Markboy?’I didn’t really know what to say. ‘Because you are so hot :-P.”There are plenty of hot guys on campus for you, I’m sure. Why do youreally want to meet me Markboy?’He was right. ‘Because I want to know more about control sir.’Good boy. You live on campus?”Yes sir.”I’m down your way on Thursday. I will pick you up at the Starbucks justoff campus at 2 pm. Any objections?’I would be done with my Thursday classes by then. ‘I have a class onFriday sir.”You will be home by then Markboy. What are your limits boy? What thingsam I not allowed to do to you?’I thought about it. I trusted him not to do anything rough without warningme. ‘I don’t want to get fucked sir. And nothing gross I guess?”I respect that. You can cum one more time as long as you do it in thenext 5 minutes. After that, do not cum until we meet.’It was only Monday! ‘Three days sir? That’s the longest I’ve gone ever!”I thought you wanted to learn control Markboy.”. . . Yes sir. Nothing until Thursday.”Good boy. I will see you then’.—It was a long three days. I did everything I could to keep myselfdistracted, but nothing worked terribly well. I was horny and thinkingabout sex the entire day. I did play with myself a few times, but thatmade things worse, not better. By Wednesday night, I could hardly evensleep.When Thursday afternoon rolled around, I was ecstatic. I got to Starbucksa good 45 minutes early and just waited at one of the tables outside thefront door.Right on time, I saw Tim walk up. He looked bigger in person, a good 6″taller than me. He put one of his huge arms around my shoulder and said,’Hello, come inside with me.’We walked into the Starbucks and he ordered a coffee. He looked at me andasked if I wanted anything.’A tall hot chocolate? I don’t really drink caffeine’He let out a large, warm laugh and bought me one. He picked up our drinksand sat down at a nearby table, and starting talking to me.I was in a bit of a daze. He was here at last, and so handsome. His sizeand friendly manner just made me feel safe. He asked about me, where I wasfrom, my classes and just took an interest in me. I relaxed a little andopened up.Then there was a sudden shift topic.’That’s very cool. Now go to the bathroom and take off your underwear.Come back and hand it to me under the table.’I blinked a few times before understanding.’Did you hear me Markboy?’I shook myself out of it. ‘Yes sir.’ It felt very weird to say sir inpublic. I leaned in, ‘what if someone sees me?”No one will see you. Go now.’ He made it sound like a friendly fratdare, but there was an edge to his voice.I got up and went into the bathroom. Someone was peeing at the urinal. Igot into the only stall and waited for the guy outside to leave. When Iheard the sink turn on, I started taking my pants off, then my underwear.After I put my pants back on, I crumpled my boxer briefs into a tight ballin my hand and started my way back to Tim’s table.On my way in to the restroom, my biggest worry was someone spotting theundies. But now I had, ahem, bigger issues to worry about. Being orderedaround by Tim had excited me, and without the briefs to . . . containthings, I was noticeably tenting.I took a brisk pace back to the table and sat down as fast as I could.’Welcome back. Do you have something for me?’I passed them to him under the table.’I’m glad to see you’re compliant, and enjoying it. Good boy.’ He winked.I melted. ‘Let’s get going, we have a big night ahead of us.’He got up and grabbed both of our cups and my underwear, and threw them inthe trash.’Follow me.’I followed him closely, to try to help conceal my boner. Once we got inand sat down, he gave my hair a tossel and said ‘I’m glad you decided totrust me k**.’ Then started driving.As soon as we were on the freeway, he turned to me again. ‘Ok Markboy,it’s a nice day. Take those clothes off.”Here?!”Yes boy. No one can see you. Just trust me.’I carefully peeled off my shirt. The seatbelt felt very strange against mybare chest.’Pants too Markboy, fold them both up and put them in the gloveboxMarkboy.’I did as instructed. It was surreal. I was naked in some stranger’struck. I looked out and could see other people in their cars, they couldlook in and see me too. I just hoped they didn’t realize what was goingon.Tim’s hand on my thigh broke me out of that daze.’I’m glad to be able to finally get my hands on you boy.’His large hands explored my chest and tweaked my nipples. Then theytraveled on down. He tugged on my pubes gently.’See, I told you these would grow back Markboy.’ He let out a laugh. Ijoined in glad to relieve the tension.’We’ll be taking care of that when we get to my place.’It was not a question.’Just try to relax Markboy. We still have a bit of a drive ahead of us.”What will happen when we get to your place?”Keep calling me sir, Markboy’.’What will happen, sir?”You’ll find out when it happens boy. That’s the point of control. Once Ihave you tied up, I could do anything to you.’ I gulped. ‘Haha, don’tworry Markboy. This is about Trust and our bond. You want to learncontrol, you want to please me. I am going to help you with that. If youtrust me, that is enough. You do trust me, don’t you Markboy?”Yes sir.”Good boy. Hahaha, I can feel your dick bounce when I said that. I’m gladyou like that Markboy. Did you follow instructions and keep those ballsnice and full for me since Monday?”Yes sir’He squeezed my balls gently. Even ga gentle squeeze it hurt a little, theyhad been aching since Tuesday.’Good boy, nice and full.’He moved his hand up to my cock. He wrapped his hand around my cock andpulled back the foreskin. I let out a moan. It was going to be a longdrive.The drive went on like that, with him questioning and groping me until wepulled off the freeway. After a few more minutes, he pulled up in thedriveway of pretty impressive house.Tim parked and leaned over. ‘I’ve been dying to do this.’ He grabbed myhead between his hands and kissed me. I was not quite ready. I had neverkissed a dude before. But his lips were soft, and being taken like thatwas intoxicating. I could feel a little stubble from his chin rub againstmy face.’Ok, time to come on in now.’He left the car and started walking towards the side gate.This was a nice desert area, and his house clearly had a good acre or twoattached. It was pretty far between houses. But I could still see them.On the other hand, I couldn’t just sit naked in this guy’s truck. I gotout and followed him.Tim opened the gate and lead me around past the garage to a covered patio.There were a few things laid out. I didn’t quite recognize them all.’Kneel here Markboy’ Tim said pointing to a towel. I did. All the nerveshad deflated my dick mostly. I heard Tim arranging things behind me. ThenI felt his hand on my shoulder.’This is going to be your collar boy. He dangled a leather collar in frontof me. It even had a dogtag reading Markboy.’If you take this collar, it means that you are mine as long as you wearit. You will be mine and doing anything I say while you wear it. Is thatwhat you want Markboy?”Yes sir.”Good boy’.I felt him wrap the collar around my neck. ‘Too tight Markboy?”A little sir’ I winced.It loosened a bit. And then there was a click.’It’s locked on now, you’re mine for the night boy.’Locked?! My heart started racing.’Make a fist Markboy’. Tim presented me with some kind of leather bag. Imade a fist and put it in the bag. Tim quickly closed it around my wristand used a tiny padlock to close it up.I couldn’t unclench my fist. I shook my hand vaguely. It was definitelylocked on.’Other hand boy’ My left hand was locked up as well. I couldn’t use myhands at all, they were locked away. Not having fingers was a weirdfeeling.Next came a metal cock ring. It seemed to have some odd holes andprotrusions on the front, but otherwise be a normal metal cock ring. Timgrabbed my balls, rolling them around in his fingers for a moment beforeputting them through the ring and then pulling my semi through as well. Mycock started swelling back up again.’Last thing for now boy’Tim moved behind me and locked some cuffs on my ankles as well. Then heclipped my wrists to each other behind me back. I was helpless now, andscrewed if anything went wrong. Fear was pumping even more blood to mycock.’Don’t you look good now Markboy. Now it’s my turn.’Tim stood a few feet in front of me and started unbuttoning his shirt,revealing some kind of leather harness going around each shoulder andmeeting over his pecs. It really accentuated his muscles. Then he startedunbuttoning his pants.I thought I knew his cock pretty well by this point. I had been looking atit every time I came for almost a month at this point. But seeing it upclose was different, it was even more impressive.It wasn’t its length that took my breath away, it was only about 6 inchesin length. But the girth was intimidating. I hadn’t noticed his ballsbefore. They were large, much larger than mine and hung an inch or sobelow his cock. I hadn’t paid attended to testicles before. Were mineabnormally small?’The big rule today, and from now on Markboy, is that you don’t cum withoutpermission. I could say I will punish you if you shoot before I say so.And that isn’t a lie, there will be consequences. But we both know thereal reason to obey is because you want to please me. You want to pleaseand obey me because you trust me and I know how to reward you. So, nocumming without permission, do you understand?”Yes sir. But I will get to, right sir?”Do you want to know, or do you want to trust me instead?’I wanted to know, badly. But even more, I wanted to give the correctanswer. ‘I trust you sir’He gave a wide grin. ‘Good boy. I will give you permission to cum twicetoday.”Thank you sir!’ I said with relief.’Come here Markboy’I scooted my way over to him gently.’Let me teach you how to pleasure me. Lick my balls Markboy’I started to lick underneath his balls and take them into my mouth.’Look me in the face whenever you can Markboy. That way you can see whatis and isn’t working.’I looked up into his eyes, his balls in my mouth, he cock obscuring my viewslightly, and felt whatever resistance was in me soften. Of course Iwanted to please this man.’Put my dick in your mouth now Markboy’I immediately put my mouth around his cock and tried to take as much as Icould. I wasn’t able to go all the way, but I could feel his bush justtickle my nose.’Haha, I knew there was an eager slut in you Markboy. You’re such a goodboy, but watch your teeth’He spent the next half hour at least training me, telling me how to use mytongue, when to suck, how far to go down, and telling me I was a good boy.With no attention to my penis, it started to deflate, but every time hepraised me it got another boost.I could feel his cock getting even thicker in my mouth. ‘Ok Markboy, getready for escort kayseri your first load of the day’ Tim had been gently guiding my rhythmwith one hand on my head, but now he took it between both hands and rammedinto me hard, letting out some long deep grunts. I felt my mouth fill withcum. It didn’t taste horrible like I thought it was. It was mostlyneutral maybe a little musky and bitter. I didn’t think about swallowingor spitting. Some I swallowed, some dribbled out of the sides of my mouth.As Tim’s orgasm subsided he slowly removed himself from my mouth.’Good first time Markboy, but you missed some.’ He scooped up the cum thatwas dribbling down my face and held it in front of me. I can’t believe it,but I lapped up the pool of cum sitting in the palm of his hand. It wassomething I never imagined doing.—-‘Now let us focus on getting you cleaned up Markboy.’Tim hooked a finger through my collar and stood me up. He guided me overto a long pool lounge. There were eyehooks in the frame which he used toattach my hands and feet. ‘Not the most secure Markboy, I know, but itwill work for now. We’re just going to get rid of those pubes.”You mean trimming them sir?”No Markboy, I’m shaving you smooth.”Please sir, can we just trim them?”You agreed to be mine, and I keep my things tidy. This wasn’t mentionedas one of your limits, but you probably didn’t think about it. If you wantMarkboy, I can take you home instead.”No sir, I want to continue, it’s just . . . ”Do you remember how good things felt after you trimmed Markboy?”Yes sir”Shaving feels better.”Ok sir. I trust you”Good boy’It was a surreal experience. I don’t think I’d ever been naked outdoorsbefore today. And now I was naked and restrained, feeling a breeze on mybody and a man, someone I’d never met before today, run a razor over mycrotch.Tim alternated between teasingly my dick and manhandling it out of the wayto get a good angle. Once he has used an electric razor to get rid of mostof it, he lathered me up and made sure I was absolutely hairless. He wasright, it could feel his hands more intensely without hair. Even just theair was erotic. My balls especially were so sensitive that a mere brush ofTim’s hand sent shivers down my spine.’Almost done Markboy.’ He unhooked my ankles and brought them up to theeyehooks that held my wrists.’Sir!?”You’d look silly with no pubes but a fuzzy asshole Markboy. I’ve got tomake it even.’He had a point. And so my ass was lathered and shaved as well. I washairless from chin to knees. Well, let’s be honest, I could hardly growfacial hair any better than I could grow chest hair. So essentially I washairless below my eyebrows.’You look so fucking cute Markboy. I love this little asshole that wasburied under there.’It was a strange compliment, but he looked so happy and life was surginginto his cock again. I was pleased that I was making him happy.’Thank you sir.’Tim grabbed the base of my cock hard, and with his other hand he startedrubbing my hole with his thumb. I moaned. This was the most attention mycock had received all week. The thumb worried me though.’We agreed no fucking though sir?”Yes boy. I’m sure you realize your mistake later. But you have my wordyou will not be fucked today. I am going to introduce you to your prostatethough. You’ve never had it played with before have you Markboy?”No sir.’Tim grabbed some lube from somewhere and dumped it over my hole. It wasfreezing and I squirmed. I couldn’t move away, the restraints felt real tome for the first time.He saw the panic in my eyes. ‘I should have warmed that up, I’m sorry boy.Just relax.’He stroked my cock slowly. I closed my eyes and sank into the pleasure. Ifelt him paw gently but firmly at my ass. After a minute or two, Tim said’In about an inch now Markboy, you’re doing a good job’. I hadn’trealized! It had been slow and well, odd, but not unpleasant. Not exactlyoverwhelming pleasure either, but my cock was working overtime, catching upafter a few days of neglect. I relaxed even further.Suddenly, it hit me. Or rather Tim hit something inside of me. It wasn’texactly pleasure, but it was intense. He was leaning on it hard with histhumb. The very slow steady stroking that was keeping me feeling good, butunder control was suddenly plenty to get me over the edge.’Please sir, may I cum?!’ I asked urgently.’No boy, just relax and roll with it.”Please sir! I can’t . . . hold off”Markboy, I said no. Hold it.’My body started shaking as I tried to control myself. Tim removed his handfrom my dick and and ripped his thumb from my ass. Taking it out soquickly stung a little. It was too late though. I shook harder as I triedto clamp down. I looked Tim in the eyes.’I’m sorry siiiiiiir’ I moaned as I came, ankles to ears. Nothing touchingme for a good five or ten seconds. I shot a good 4 or 5 pulses right ontomy face, my newly hairless dick bobbing up and down like crazy. The worstpart was that it barely felt good. I still felt as horny as ever. No, theworst part was that I let down Tim. I look up at him with shame.Tim bent over and kissed me passionately. ‘You apologized during yourorgasm Markboy. That is impressive. I think you’ll be a keeper if we cantrain you to control yourself.”Thank you sir!’ I was thrilled he wasn’t angry with me.—-Tim unhooked my wrists and ankles and helped me up. Thanks to thecockring, I was still hard as ever. He led me to an outdoor shower andhooked my wrists up to a hook under the shower head. He turned the wateron and made sure it was warm before hosing me down, getting rid of all ofthe stray shaving creams and hairs, as well as my errant cum.’You are one cute fucking k**.’ Tim reached out and groped me, feeling upmy smooth body. He leaned over and shoved his tongue in my mouth kissingme hard. I moaned softly as I felt his cock rub up against my belly.’OK Markboy. We’re going to my playroom now. There are things in therethat you aren’t ready for just yet. Don’t worry about them.”I trust you sir”Good boy. But just to keep you relaxed, I’m going to have you wearthese.’He reached into an alcove behind me and pulled out a pair of swim goggles.These however had completely black eyepieces. He pulled them over my faceand pulled the strap tight. I couldn’t see anything but darkness.I felt Tim unclip my wrists and then lift me over his shoulder. Beingmoved around like this was disorienting, but very sexy.’I’m putting you down now Markboy, just kneel here.’I found my footing as he set me down, and moved into a kneeling position.Tim then took my collar and led me a few feet further.’Lean forward now.’ He guided my head down and my chest came to rest on. . . something. It was padded leather, but very small, like the arm of achair. It was maybe 12 inches or so long, a littler longer than mysternum. Something clicked by my ears. I tried to move my head, but itwas stuck.’Calm down boy, you aren’t going anywhere.’My ankles and wrists were secured to the floor so I was stuck on all fours.Next, Tim put some knee-pads on me and then pulled my legs apart andattached the knee-pads to the floor as well, so my ass was wide open anvulnerable.’I’m going to play with your ass now Markboy. Just relax and enjoy it. Itmay hurt a little at first, but go with it. Just let me know if it hurtstoo much, or if it burns.”Yes sir.’I felt something pressing up against me. It felt huge, far larger than athumb. I tried my best to relax as he eased it back and forth. I gaspedas it popped its way in faster than I had expected. Tim fucked my with itwith slow steady strokes, going slightly deeper each time. It startedfeeling very good. Tim noticed. ‘Your cock is leaking Markboy.’ Hegrabbed my cock and started stroking me. I let our a long groan.’Please can I cum sir?”Not even close Markboy. And don’t even think about cumming withoutpermission. Being cute only works once.’The stoking continued as I squirmed and tried my best to breathe slowly andcontrol myself.Just as I was about to lose control, Tim let go of my cock. ‘My turn now’.I could feel Tim move, and then I felt his cock at my mouth. He fucked mymouth slowly. It was a strange feeling, being completely unable to move myhead, but I still used my tongue like Tim taught me. The plug, or dildo,or whatever it was was still in my ass pressing against my prostate.’Mmmmm, good boy.’ Tim pulled away from my mouth. I felt a light slap onmy ass. I jumped a bit, startled more than hurt. ‘Back to your backsideMarkboy’. Suddenly I started to vibrate. Whatever was in my ass came witha motor. An amazing, blessed motor. I started moaning hard. ‘Oh yeah, youlike that don’t you”Yes sir.”Lets see how you like this’. Tim grabbed my cock and started tugging onit, like he was milking a cow. It felt humiliating being restrained andfelt up like this, but also amazing. I focused on enjoying the attention,but staying away from orgasm, but I could only hold out so long.’Please sir. Can I cum now sir?”No Markboy.”Please, oh god, I’m about to . . ”I said no boy’ Tim took his hands off of my and ripped the vibrator out.I felt so empty without it.’You need to focus on me more Markboy.’ I could feel Tim getting up,hopefully to facefuck me again. But I was hoping for something more.’Will – Will you fuck me sir?”What was that Markboy?”Please fuck me sir.”Hahaha, I like you Markboy. You’re such a huge slut. You’re coming alongnicely. But no. I made you a promise not to fuck you today. You’ll haveto come back another time for that.’Before I could beg more, he shut me up with his dick. I could tell that myoffer had turned him on though, he was fully engorged and thrusting into mymouth aggressively. I was ready as he exploded in my mouth. He let hiscock rest in my mouth as he breathed heavily.’Phew, good job Markboy’.Tim moved beside me again and turned the vibrator back on. He went back tomilking me. This time he moved the vibrator back and forth. It wasn’tlong until I was panting and moaning.’Hold it Markboy.’I clenched down and tried to control myself. I started to moanuncontrollably.’I said hold it boy!’ Tim’s hand didn’t stop though. The hand on my cocksped up even faster. The vibrator was fucking me relentlessly, and everytime it hit the sweet spot, I though I was going to explode. I tried tomove away from the sensations, that wasn’t possible.After what felt like an eternity of spending all of my concentrationresisting, I felt Tim lean over me and whisper in my ear, ‘Ok Markboy, cumfor me.’Not two seconds later, I did. I squirted and squirted, as pleasure rippedthrough me. It was the most intense and wonderful thing I had everexperienced. ‘Good boy, oh yeah, good boy’ Tim whispered in my ear as Ishot.But as my orgasm subsided, Tim’s actions did not. His stroking becameuncomforatable quickly.’Ah, oooh, I’m done sir!’.’No you aren’t boy. I said you would cum with permission twice today. Youhave permission. I’m going to keep stoking until you cum again.’His hands went from pleasurable to unbearably intense, the vibratorsuddenly felt invasive. I tried to struggle free of his grip, but all Icould manage was wiggling my ass a little. The intensity rose until itbecame white hot. I could feel myself tensing and cumming again. It waspainfully intense, but pleasurable again. After the last spasms subsided,i collapsed as much as the restraints allowed. Empty and exhausted. ‘Verygood boy’ Tim said as he unhooked me and carried me away.The blackout goggles came off. My eyes took a minute to adjust to thelight. Tim and I were on his bed, in his bedroom presumably. He washolding me. ‘You did such a good job today boy. How do you feel?”Tired. Sore.”Would you do it again?”Not for another few hours sir.’Tim let out a hearty laugh. ‘I like you Markboy.’I tried to touch my spent cock, but I still had my mitts on and couldn’tmanipulate it.Tim turned away and grabbed something from a bedside drawer. I took theopportunity to admire Tim’s ass.’This is a chastity device Markboy,’ he said as he squeezed my emphaticallysoft cock into some strange metal tube. ‘It makes sure that you can’t gethard, or even touch yourself without my permission.’This would have horrified me hours earlier. But now, having my cock underthis mans control seemed right and good. After all, I had experienced morepleasure in the last few hours than I had in a lifetime of masturbating.Tim unhooked the name tag on my collar and looped it around some strangepiece of plastic.’This lock works like a zip tie, he explained as he hooked it up to thecock cage. ‘Once it goes on, it doesn’t come off. But you can cut it off.That way, at any time, you can cut this off and free your dick. But it hasa serial number on it. If you keep it on, it means you belong to me. Ifyou take it off, it means you no longer want to spend time with me.While we’re together, you won’t ever cum by your own hands. Either yourcock or your hands will be restrained at all times.’Tim slid my cock into the metal tube. It was a very tight fit, but it slidon in with some work. The tube attacked to the cockring I had beenwearing. He locked it up with the plastic lock. The dogtag made a lightclink against the tube.’Thank you sir. I’ll wear it.”You say that Markboy, but we’ll see how you feel. I’m free in two weeks.Two weeks from Friday I’ll pick you up again. And this time you’ll spendthe whole weekend here.”I can’t wait sir.”You must be a tired pup. Let me take these mitts off and we’ll take anap.’As soon as he removed them, my hands rushed to feel his body.’Markboy’s frisky!’Tim and I made out and groped each other until I fell asleep on his chest.It had been a long week. I was hornier than I had ever been before in mylife. And the longest I had gone without cumming. Thinking about what Timhad done to me made me horny. I had truly enjoyed it and wanted to do itagain. But – did that make me gay? I always considered myself straight,even though I fooled around with guys. It was fun, it was never serious,and I stayed away from my ass. But just a few days earlier, I had beggedan older man I met over the internet to fuck me. I wasn’t quite sure whatto think about that. But with a week’s frustration build up inside thischastity device, thinking about anything was difficult.The first few days were the worst. The kayseri escort bayan cage took some getting used to. Icouldn’t sleep for more than a few hours before I got some morning wood,and woke up in agony. Luckily, Tim was right, my dick learned not to dothat pretty quickly. In some ways, the device actually helped myconcentration. Distracting myself left me with a lot of time to get thingsdone. But when lurid thoughts did enter my brain, they really took over.Tim was kind to me and helped talk me though it, being very responsive viatext, telling me how proud he was of me, and how he was glad I wanted thisso much. But I wasn’t quite so sure. I was tempted to cut off thatplastic lock a number of times.I was doing some studying one night, when I got an IM from Ben. Ben is abi guy who lives just a bike ride from campus. I had a threesome with himand his girlfriend once, and when they broke up Ben and I stayed in contactand hooked up from time to time. He was 26, one of those real tall andreal skinny types. He was pretty furry, with light brown hair on his chestand belly. He was one of the first guys I was with, and his fun casualattitude made him easy to talk to, and play with. He was pretty much theonly person I could talk to about that.What’s up Mark?Ben, I think I might be gay.Ugh, this again? We’ve beenover this. It doesn’t matter, just fuck who you want. Sucking a dickdoesn’t mean anything. If you come over tongith I’ll prove it :-PThis is alittle different though.How so? I told him about how I had seen Tim’sprofile and gotten interested. I skipped most of the details of ourmeeting, but I did tell him that I enjoyed it very much. And about thelock on my junk.Hahaha, are you serious? You can’t get off right now Mark? Yes. Pleasebe nice.Oh man, I can’t imagine you not jerking it constantly. This I haveto see.Ben turned on his cam. He was sitting next to his laptop shirtless.Possibly nude. Reluctantly, I turned on my cam as well.Well, show me the lock man!I unzipped my jeans and pulled out the device around my penis.That’s hilarious man. So, what happens when I do this?Ben stood up and posed. He was wearing a towel and nothing else. Helowered the towel with one hand so that I could see his pubes and the baseof his cock and licked his lips.My cock started throbbing. I guess Ben noticed that the device bulging andstraining away from my body.Oh man, look at you, trying to get hard. I get what this guy likes aboutkeeping you locked up. I’m going to jack off to this.He dropped his towel and started stroking. Ben was cut and had a modestpenis, about 6 or so inches. It was mouth sized and the first dick I’dever sucked, so it worked out well. Seeing it now, and being unable totouch it or my own though just added to my frustrations.So, what else did this guy do with you?Well, he did show me this one thingwe could try . . .Yeah?I told Ben about that game Tim had me play on cam with him, where he had meget close and count down from 10, then had me jerk until I got close againand count down from 9 and so on. Ben was always up for trying new things,and so he agreed.Ben definitely took to it faster than I had. His cock went bouncing whenhe let go for the first ten count. Maybe he had experience edging before?As he counted down and the jerk of sessions got shorter as the cool-offcounts became less and less effective, I remembered the pictures that drewme to Tim’s profile in the first place, the expressions of yearning on therestrained bodies. My cock was in pain, straining against it’s cage, but Iwas not going to stop watching.Ben finally came to an explosive finish. I watched jealously as ropes ofcum fell out of his twitching cock.Woah man, that was pretty hot. That was a neat trick. Well, I’d helpfinish you off in return, but it looks like that isn’t happening. Talk toyou later Mark. Let me know if he teaches you something else fun.And with that, Ben signed off. I was still so horny though. I couldn’t goback to studying. I tried to go to sleep, but my heart was still racing.I needed to cum so badly. I texted Tim.I can’t wait sir. I’m sorry to hear that Markboy. Goodbye.This was what he said every time I threatened him. If I complained, he wasnice and considerate, but if I threatened, he just walked away.NO! I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean that. I just don’t know. I want to holdout, but I can’t any more! What is the problem Markboy?I am too tempted tocut the plastic lock sir. I just don’t have the self-control sir. I wouldalmost prefer a real lock.Markboy, do you mean that?I thought a second. The worst part was knowing this could end any time Iwanted to and keeping myself from making that decision. If it weresomething I couldn’t escape, would that be better? I would still be horny,definitely, but there would be nothing to be done. The whole side of guiltand worrying that I would lose Tim would go away. I gulped. Was I reallygoing to ask to have my cock locked away where I couldn’t get to it? Was Icrazy asking Tim to get rid of my only out?Yes sir. I would prefer it if I couldn’t back out.Good boy Markboy. I’mso proud of you for realizing that giving up control helps you. Onceyou’re cock belongs to me, we can proceed so much more easily. I’m so gladI choose you Markboy.That meant a lot to me. Such sincerity and softness made me forget myfears . . . mostly.OK Markboy. If this is what you want, we can do it. I have a little timefree tonight, but not a lot, so I can’t shuttle you back and forth. Canyou come here?No sir.Then your place it is. You’re in the dorms?Yes sir,but I have roommates.Get rid of them. I’ll be there at 9.30. Buzz me in,and then leave the door to your room open. Be on your knees naked when Iget there. Yes sir.My mind raced, how would I arrange this? I live in the dorms. We’re setup with 4 small bedrooms connected to a shared kitchen and living space. 3room mates to get rid of. Luckily, it was a Friday night. One roommate,Jarome, went back home and stayed with his parents every weekend, so he wasgone already. Alex was heavy into partying and wasn’t back much on nightsor weekends. He had already left on a binge and probably wouldn’t be homeuntil tomorrow morning anyway. The last was Rob.Rob was a weird one, kind of a proto b*o-dude, but with a lot of issues.He was binging just as hard as Alex one weekend, then a bad hangover wouldhave him praying for forgiveness and prompting him to be born again laterin the weekend. He’d get hyper preachy and yell at us for our immoralityone minute, and then join in later. He was in one of his in-between moodsright now, pensive and unsure of what to do.And Markboy?Yes sir?Do you wish to be fucked tonight?Very much so sir.Good boy. 9:30it is.I ran out to talk to Rob.Rob! I need to have the place to my self tonight. Can you stay outtonight?What? Just go into your room, no one cares dude. Please Rob, youreally owe me. All the times you’ve gotten drunk and thrown up and I’vetaken care of you and cleaned up after you?Hey man, I’m not like that anymore. I’m reborn now.My eyes rolled involuntarily. The last time this happened two weeks ago.But Rob, isn’t it all about atonement?Whatever dude, this is your baggage,not mine.Please Rob!Ok, ok. Give me $40 and I’ll take Stacey out to amovie or something.That was a big chunk of money, but worth it. I paid him off and usheredhim out of the house. Finally alone, I looked at the time. Just enoughtime to shower and be ready.I was naked and sitting on the couch by 9:10. Adrenaline was coursingthrough me, and the clock was moving so slowly that I wasn’t convinced timehadn’t stopped altogether. I looked at myself. I’d kept my crotch smoothsince Tim had shaved me a week ago. He hadn’t asked me to, but I wanted tostay the way he liked me best. I couldn’t even really see my cock throughits cage. I had pushed soap up into and kept it as clean as I could. Itdidn’t smell or anything, so I hoped it would be ok. Was this how I reallywanted things to go? To not even see my cock any more? How often wouldTim release me to let me cum? How long would Tim and I keep doing this?The thoughts racing through my mind stopped when I heard the buzzer. Itwas Tim. I hit the unlock button to let him through, and I opened my doorjust a crack so he would be able to let himself in. Then I took upposition in front of the door. Knees apart, hands behind head, just likehe taught me.The door opened and Tim appeared. It was strange to see him dressed like abusinessman. Button down shirt and tie and everything. He certainlyfilled it out well. A backpack was slung across one shoulder. He smiledat me.Hello Markboy. I’m glad to see you. Lets get started.He moved behind me and I heard the bag unzip.I don’t have your mitts today boy, this will be a little different. Isthat sofa a pull-out Markboy?Yes sir.That will work nicely then.I felt him wrapping restraints around my wrists and ankles. Then I feltthe collar wrap firmly around my neck and close with a snap.Help me turn this sofa into a bed, boy.Are you going to unlock my cocknow?No Markboy. Your cock will never be free unless your hands arerestrained. We need to make sure you can’t touch yourself again. That’swhat you need, right? That is why you asked for a real lock?Yes sir.We unfolded the bed. It was not the most conformable bed. It had a oneinch thick ‘mattress’ held over a wire frame. I hated it, no one wouldever use it as a bed.Sit here Markboy.Tim patted the edge of the bed and I sat down. He took my wrist restraintsand attached them to the metal wiring that entered the bed frame. Mywrists were now restrained about six inches outside my thighs. He croucheddown in front of me and roughly grabbed the chastity device. My balls wereso full and sensitive that I squirmed a bit. He examined the device.You still have the same lock number, good boy Mark, I knew I could trustyou. Thank you sir.He reached into his pocket and grabbed some nail clippers which he used toremove the lock. As the cage was removed, he looked at my cock carefully,turning it this way and that.No unusual marks or discoloration. It smells clean too. I think you’retaken to this well Markboy.Tim stood up and started undressing in front of me. He took off his shoesand socks, removed his tie.Untucked and unbuttoned his shirt. As soon as his chest started showing, Ibegan to grow. He left his shirt on, but open and removed his pants (nounderwear!). By the time he was naked, I was harder than I had ever been.I’m glad you like the show, Markboy. He nodded towards my leaking cock.Yessir, so much. I have a feeling that today, no matter how good you want tobe, you’re not going to last very long. That’s ok boy, that is whattraining is for, and you’re taking a huge step with me, so just for today,you can cum whenver you want. Thank you so much sir. But we’re going towork on me for a while first. Of course sir.Tim stood real close to me, letting me look at him junk for a while beforeallowing me to start by licking his balls. I went at them ravenously, themusk making me lose control. It wasn’t long before he started me on hiscock. Sitting up with my arms restrained was odd, I had to do somethinglike a crunch to go back and forth, but when Tim moaned, I knew I was doinga good job and it was worth the burn.His cock left my mouth with a pop. I leaned forward to try to get at itagain, but Tim stood back.This is your last chance to change your mind Markboy. Do you still want meto fuck you?Yes please sir. But . . . could you be gentle?Hahaha, ofcourse boy. I don’t want to hurt you. Lay back now.He pushed me back. My butt was just over the edge of the bed, between myrestrained hands. Then he went into his backpack and got a short length ofchain, maybe 18 or 24 inches? He looped it through the ring on my collarand attached my ankle restraints to either end. My ass was now completelyexposed.Tim applied a generous amount of lube to my hold and started slowlyfingering me. He never touched my cock and I was growing worried that hewouldn’t. Tim’s gentle hands felt amazing and opened me up. I wasthrusting uselessly in the air, but Tim didn’t take the hint. But evenwithout anything touching my cock, I could feel my balls tightening.This is it Markboy.Tim positioned himself, and I could feel his fat cock pressing against myentrance. One hand kept him aimed at my hole, and the other hand wrappedaround my cock. He started pushing into me while stoking my cock slowly,all while staring straight into my eyes.It was overwhelming. My neglected cock was pulsing with pleasure. I thinkmy ass hurt a little at first, but it was part of this incredibleintensity, so it didn’t register as pain. Soon, he was pumping in and outof me slowly but rhythmically, his hand matching pace.This is what I call ‘steering’ Markboy. By playing with your cock liethis, I can make you clench up on mine, or loosed up. And by feeling yourspasms, I can sense when you are close and adapt, keeping us both inpleasure and in sync.He was right. I could feel him changing pace to keep me from finishing toosoon. I could tell he would play with the head of my cock when he wantedmy to clench. He was playing my body like an instrument. Knowing that Iwas pleasing him just the way he needed was amazing. It was a perfectmoment.I’m going to make us cum at the same time Markboy. Just relax and go withit. Yes sir.I could feel his pace picking up. The creaking of the bed as he thrusttimed perfectly with his hand on my cock. Tim started moaning, thengrunting. Seeing the pleasure on his face, his muscled abdomen press intome, the pounding on my prostate, and his grip on my dick set me over theedge. I could feel my spasms put Tim over the edge as well. My jizzsprayed straight into into my face, and I could feel Tim’s hips thrust deepas he shot his load inside me at the same time. When we both came to astop, he leaned over and kissed me hard, shoving his tongue deep inside mymouth.I see you enjoyed that Markboy.Yes sir, thank you sir.Tim release my legs and then grabbed a towel and cleaned me up, stillkeeping my wrists locked down. My cock had already softened up. Thatintensity was just too much for it, poor little guy. I knew what wascoming next.Tim placed the my cock into the tube and slid the device back togetheragain. Then, just like that, it was locked away with a click. But theclick didn’t sound ominous to me. It sounded reassuring.Are we still on for the whole weekend next week Markboy? Definitelysir.Good boy. No complaining about your chastity then. I’ll see you aweek from Friday. Yes sir.

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