Secret Lives: Chapter 1

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She always was a naughty little tease and subtlety was a concept completely alien to her. The way she’s reclining right now is a perfect case in point. I can honestly say that I have never laid a hand – or any other body part, for that matter – on her in an inappropriate way. God knows I had in my dreams though. She is very fond of teasing, and I mean anyone; if she was in the mood to tease, she would. Men, women, young or old; nobody was off limits. She really gets off on it. I get to witness a lot of this teasing, as Sarah is my brother’s girlfriend and we all like to hang about together; unfortunately this means I walk around with a semi half the time I’m with them. I’m sure she’s noticed on several occasions but all she ever does is smile. My brother, Neil, is a great guy, but at times I really wonder about him. He never gets jealous of her teasing and he seems to be immune to it himself. I often wonder how they ended up together. Apart from the obvious story of how they met, I mean. They just seem to be such different people. Perhaps she likes the challenge. She is leaning back against the bag of towels, which in turn is leaning against the trunk of the willow tree we are sitting under. It’s like a scene from an erotic dream. She has her head back and her eyes closed beneath her sunglasses. She’s wearing her bikini, as she has already been for a swim. It’s still damp and there is a very light sheen of moisture on her skin. Not that I’m looking mind you. Well, trying not to be obvious about it anyway, and no doubt failing terribly to be honest. I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt; I haven’t been for a swim. Unlike my brother I’m not a big fan of swimming. I will if it’s hot enough but it’s got to be bloody hot. My brother, on the other hand, is like a fish. He loves to swim. He always was a fitness nut but swimming is his favourite form of exercise. In summer he’s always at a beach or a river somewhere. In winter he’s at the local indoor istanbul travesti pool attached to the gym that he goes to religiously. Sarah likes to go along in the summer but I think it’s mostly because she just loves teasing everyone there. She never wants to sit in the secluded spots; she loves to have an audience. So that was how we came to be sitting here, just the two of us under the willow tree. He was off swimming the length of the lake and Sarah had had enough of the water. Apart from the other couples scattered around it was just the two of us. Me, lying there trying not to be a complete pervert and her lying there in a damp bikini that left very little to the imagination. “Do you want a cold drink?” she asked as she rolled onto her side and reached into the cooler. I can’t answer though, as my brain has just snapped as I am mesmerized by the sight. She rolled her leg over as she rolled onto her side for balance. This caused the leg of her bikini to slide, in what seemed like slow motion, deep into her ass crack, exposing one perfect globe of flesh. I’m face to face with her delicious ass and it’s no easy task to not bend over and plant my lips right on it. Obviously because I hadn’t answered she looked back over her shoulder at me. Seeing that I am somewhat distracted she clears her throat. I have been caught, big time, and I can feel my face heating up in embarrassment. Trying to compose myself, I manage to stammer, “Th-th… that would be great.” She gives me a wicked grin and says, “You have no idea how great it can be.” Great, now I’m putting beetroot to shame. “I meant the drink.” “Mmm-hhmm, of course you did.” “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be a pervert and I know you’re Neil’s girl.” She hands me the drink and settles back into her reclining position – without adjusting her pants, I notice. She sighs then rolls toward me. I can’t help but wonder if her bikini pants are completely in her ass crack now, istanbul travestileri but then I guess asking to look might be a bit much. Besides, now I’m noticing the way her breasts are pushed together when she’s on her side and ooh her nipples seem to be really pushing on the smooth material now. Damn, I want to feel how smooth that material is. “Let me tell you a couple of things. First, you can look all you like, honey. In case you hadn’t noticed, I like people to look. Second, Neil isn’t all that interested in me. The showing off swimming, the workouts at the gym and the muscle shirts; none of that is for my benefit.” I was shocked. Was Neil seeing someone else on the side? Why would he when he has this goddess at home? I couldn’t believe it. “He wouldn’t cheat on you, surely.” “I love sex, right, no secret there; I mean, I really love it. I love sex with men and women. I love the taste of cum as much as I love the taste of pussy. I love having a cock pound into me and fill me with cum. I love it in my pussy, I love it in my mouth and I love it in my ass.” I’m shocked by this outburst. I keep looking around to see if anyone else has heard. To be honest, though, I was more than a little turned on. I’m trying to process all this and why she is telling me when she reaches over and none too gently grabs me by the hardening cock. She winks at me and says, “I see you like hearing about it too.” By now I’m even more paranoid. One of the couples under another tree is looking straight at us, and I’m freaking that Neil might be back and see Sarah’s hand on my cock. She sits up again and draws her knees up to her chest. I look down for the briefest of glimpses to see her bikini pants are all scrunched up over her mound. They are barely covering a thing, and there are a few hairs poking out around the edges. I look back around and notice the couple staring in our direction still. They certainly have the best seats in the travesti istanbul house, with a view straight between Sarah’s legs. She continued to talk as she wriggled her perfect ass, driving the thin wedge of material even deeper. “I also like it in different places; day or night, kinky or straight. I’m telling you this because I believe you get it – that and seeing your cock harden right now turns me on so much.” “I don’t think I’m the only one you are turning on right now.” “I know, I see them. Look the thing is, you get it, and you understand what I’m saying without judging me for it. Sure, it’s turning you on, but you don’t think I’m a bad person because of it.” “Of course I don’t. Why would I judge someone negatively for being turned on by the same things that turn me on? Well, except for the cock part.” We both started laughing and that broke some of the tension, but I couldn’t help notice a look of curiosity in her eye. “I don’t suppose you will mind, will you…” she says, more to herself than me, and then reaches up and slips her bikini straps down her arms. The tops of her breasts are now on display and the tops of her bikini have rolled down to the point where they are just covering her nipples. Fuck, can my cock get any harder? I sneak a glimpse over to the other couple and they are both talking excitedly and looking over at us. Sarah continues to talk as though she can’t see the other couple, even though I know she’s watching them through her sunglasses. “Neil is very odd when it comes to sex, very shy almost. He won’t let me suck his cock unless it’s dark. He prefers to fuck my ass rather than my pussy. I don’t really mind, but I would like a bit of both you know. It’s almost always in the dark but if it isn’t he wants me to wear one of his sweat shirts, preferably a dirty one. I have to be quiet because if I moan or make a lot of noise it puts him off. Now what does that tell you about your brother?” Oh shit. I hadn’t considered that angle. “No… You think Neil is gay?” “He’s not the feminine type, more the aggressive masculine type, but oh yeah.” The couple under the other tree have moved and are now in similar positions to us, her leaning against the tree and him lying on his side.

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