Sebastian The Male Escort – Part 56

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Saturday morning dawned and I realised that since starting my job at Mike’s Bar, I had not been back to the gym and I truly felt that I needed a workout: so I decided that I would go over there this morning and see what I could arrange with Jonathan. I had more or less resigned myself into becoming a paying client at the gym where I had been working until just a few days previously. I had just packed my things together to leave, when the ‘phone rang and it was Mark, my bartender buddy from Mike’s. “Sebastian, I completely forgot to tell you in the rush yesterday, but I am having a party at my place tonight to which you are invited. It will be quite a hot evening- if you get my meaning – all the guys from Mike’s will be there and a few others whom you do not yet know, but as a newcomer to New York it will help you fit into the community. Not to mince words, we are all of us gay and I thought that you could meet some other guys socially and have a relaxed evening. Bring a bottle, and come around nine o’clock.” Mark left me his address and ‘phone number and I saw that he lived not far from where I had had my place on the upper West Side. So, I had Saturday evening fixed up. For all my rapid progress into the New York sex scene and I have to say that I had never been to a gay party before. Prior to my arrival in New York, my sex life had been exclusively with Charlie and since then, apart from my newly acquired clients, it had been limited to Craig , a one-time stand with Mike and the totally unexpected liaison with Gandolfi. So I was curious to see what a young gay party would be like: would it be my scene or not and would I meet anyone with whom I thought I might have some sort of an affinity? Well it was a sort of suck it and see occasion, about which I had not the slightest preconception. Saturday morning was a quiet time at the gym, and Jonathan greeted me like a long lost buddy. “Go ahead he said, feel free to work out.” And with that, he left me to it. I had the place almost to myself until, about thirty minutes later, Jonathan suddenly reappeared, stripped off his T shirt and started to exercise next to me. I could see that his eyes were fixed on me, especially on my crotch, where my cock was making a tantalising bulge in my thong. Jonathan had a superbly proportioned body, not that over- muscled look of the dedicated body builder, but that of a guy who liked to look good and took the necessary exercise to maintain what he had got. As for his cock, I could but speculate, as I had never seen the guy naked, but to judge from the bulge in his training shorts, there was nothing lacking in that department either. All in all, Jonathan had the perfect figure to be running a gym and moreover, looked like a very exciting sex prospect.. Towards noon I stopped and went off to get a shower, only to be followed a few minutes later by Jonathan, who took the shower next to mine. I could now take in the full physical profile of this stud and I have to say what I saw made my cock start to stir. Jonathan had a superb body, but as for his cock, which I was seeing for the first time, well this was also perfection. It was not as long as my own weapon, but it was perfectly proportioned. Beautifully cut it culminated in a superb knob with a very well defined rim, a feature I had always liked and the whole thing was pulled together by the fact that he was wearing a triple cock ring. This ring, which is to my mind the best type of cock ring on the market, made one united whole of his cock and large balls. It was absolutely stunning and I can tell you that I was already beside myself with desire. Just looking at him gave me a real release of adrenalin and I guess that the effect showed. Jonathan looked at me and said, “Well, Sebastian, what a magnificent guy you are. I have been watching you for some time now, along with all of my customers who happen to be working out at the same time as you, You do realise don’t you, that you have a magnetic effect on everyone who sees you, gay or straight and even for most of the guys who have never actually seen your cock other than in your training thong, just one look at you makes their cocks start to rise. You know, a man’s cock is piece of uncontrollable flesh. Well one look at you proves the point, for your cock had already started on its upward journey which tells me something,” Jonathan, who concluded his comments with a laugh, was but repeating what Craig had already told me several times: that I was something special with a magnetism which just drew other guys towards me. I was beginning to realise that they might be right. I knew I looked good, but what made me so different from other guys? I clearly had some sort of personal magnetism, but I could not for istanbul escort the life in me figure out what it was. I was a good looking guy with a big cock, but there were lots of others like me – or were there? What was it that made me different and attract other men’s attention so easily? I really had no answer, but anyway, I could see where we were heading with this our first encounter. I said to Jonathan, “Well Jonathan, you are quite a piece of work yourself, you know. I really like what I am looking at right now; I have to say it’s all very attractive to my eye.” And, having, with that, concluded out mutual admiration remarks, we both left the shower room to get dressed. I wondered what was going to happen next, as I had realised that we were not going to stop with the exchange of compliments we had just made. It was quite evident to both of us, though as yet left unsaid, that we both wanted to fuck and how! We dressed and Jonathan suggested that as it was now about 12.30 we go and get some lunch together, which we did. There was a small lunch place just near his gym, which typically, for a Saturday lunch time, was almost deserted. We sat at a table eating and I wondered what was going to happen next. Jonathan, like most New Yorkers I had met in the brief period I had been in the city, came very quickly, brutally and frankly to the point. “Sebastian” he said, “you have probably realised that I have not been able to take my eyes off you all morning. I think that you are just about the most sexually attractive hunk I have seen in ages and after finally seeing your equipment in the shower just now, I am in a state of excitement that I have not experienced for a long time. Frankly, I truly have the hots for you and you had better believe it.” Now, as I have said earlier, I found Jonathan equally attractive and I could feel my cock stirring as I looked at him, even more so than previously, now that he had laid his cards on the table. “Jonathan,” I said, “I have to tell you that the feeling is totally mutual. You must also realise that you too have a very attractive package, which I would not be averse to ‘sampling.’ was the way I put it. “Well,” said Jonathan, “as we seem to both be of the same mind, if you are free this afternoon, how about our going back to the gym and having a bit of action together?” “No time like the present” I said and with that off we went. Again, I was surprised at the speed the guys in New York came to the point. Jonathan was much like Craig and Mike and clearly wanted to get down to business as soon as possible. I had never been other than in the public parts of the gym, but Jonathan took me upstairs into his office and living space, for it transpired that he lived on the premises. He told me that he was thirty years old and had inherited enough cash from his father, a successful lawyer who had died relatively young and left his entire fortune to his only child, Jonathan, which had enabled him to open and run the gym free of any financial worries and lead the unattached bachelor life which he clearly liked. Like me, was totally gay and also, like me, unattached to any one person. He had gay friends with whom he had sex quite frequently, but he had never found the right guy with whom he felt he truly clicked. Much like Craig, Jonathan, who had had a good education, turned out to be a very considerate guy. We discussed together what we both liked to do and we both had the same ethos about gay sex, that it was a mutual affair and that both parties had to achieve satisfaction from the coupling. Like me, Jonathan was not interested in raping a guy just because he found him attractive. “If I had been that way inclined,” he said, “I would have taken you in the showers just now, which is what my cock was telling me it wanted, but I can no more act like that than fly to the moon.” And so we discussed what each of us would like to do to the other, before we stripped of and got down to an afternoon of copulation. We began by my letting Jonathan fuck me in my favourite lying down flat on my back on a table. As I took up my position, he spread my legs and looked at his target and whistled appreciatively. “Nice tight fuck-hole you have, Sebastian – just what I like.” He went to a drawer and pulled out a packet of condoms one of which he rolled on to his huge hard cock which was now at least ten inches long as it stood to attention ready for action. I had to believe that the triple cock-ring gave it added stature as the cock and ball combination was now a formidable weapon. He applied some lube and came across to me and made as if to start. “One minute,” I told him, how about some internal lubing before you start drilling me.” istanbul escort bayan “I have never heard of internal lubing,” he said, “How do I do it?” I motioned to my satchel and had him extract one of Craig’s lube injector kits, which I told him to push up my arse and squeeze the lubricant into my rectum. “You will see, once you get started, that you will have one of the best and most comfortable fucks ever,” I told him. Jonathan was much like Craig in his approach to my hole. He started by very gently pushing the knob of his cock against my sphincter and when he felt it yielding to his pressure he firmly, in one smooth continuous thrust, gave me the full length of his shaft. If anybody had told me on a couple of months ago that I would allow a guy to shaft my arse with his ten inch cock, in the way I was now doing, I would have said they were mad. But here I was, actually enjoying being fucked by a guy I hardly knew, but with whom I had already established a certain spiritual rapport. My style is all of my own,” said Jonathan. “ I always start by very gently fucking my partner’s arse and gradually build up the amplitude and force of my strokes until I can withdraw my cock completely and then re-enter with great force. I have found that this gives both me and my partner the greatest orgasm and I want to be sure that you too arrive at a great climax, which is something lots of guys having an occasional fuck forget. I always try to remember that my partner of the moment is just as important as I am myself.” What a pounder Jonathan turned out to be once he got into his rhythm. He was a true master of anal fucking and I absolutely enjoyed ever moment of it. I held my own cock out of his way and when we finally climaxed simultaneously I had a huge orgasm and shot forth an unbelievably quantity of thick creamy cum. It was a very exhilarating experience. Even though it was Jonathan who had expended all the force to get us to where we were, we both were utterly exhausted at the end and needed a rest before going any further. “That was really a great fuck, Sebastian.” he said, as we relaxed together in a sort of post- coital daze, “ What do you fancy next? I would truly like to have you do the same to me as I am simply dying to have your cock inside me, but do you feel up to it?” “Give me ten minutes and I am your man,” I laughed, “Do I look like a weakling? What do you take me for? Come on, Jonathan, of course I am up to it, as I will now prove to you!” And so we reversed roles and I gave Jonathan what he wanted, except that he decided that he would like me to take him from behind, holding on to his buttocks as I serviced him. It was just as successful and was a memorable ending to what had been an afternoon of utter pleasure for both of us. “Listen,” said Jonathan as we showered together after our ‘labours’, “I am truly taken by you and judging from this, our first encounter, we make a very complementary fucking duo as we both like it all, which is to say to fuck and to be fucked. Do you think that we could make a regular arrangement? I need sex regularly as I think do you and it would be great to have a regular partner whom one knows is reliable and who has good equipment. I don’t know anything about you, other than that you were a good gym trainer whom all the clients liked, but I thought that perhaps if we could get together a on Saturdays, when things a re a bit quieter and perhaps a perhaps one evening a week. And, additionally, I would let you use the gym for free. So, how about it?” Well, what should I have said? What would anyone have said to such a great offer? Sex in New York seemed to be there for the taking and what with Craig’s kindness in providing me with free accommodation (and what accommodation!”) and getting partially tied up with Jonathan on Saturday’s whilst Craig was away to see his girl friend , I truly found myself on a high roll. And, as a plus, I had free access to a gym, which was a facility I desperately needed. And so, of course, as anyone in his right mind would have said, I said okay. A little later, back at Craig’s place I thought to myself, that in the space of one week, I had found three terrific sex partners, all of whom I liked and I did not need to go looking around dingy gay bars for casual recreational sex, which is what I called it. I had Craig and now Jonathan and, I felt pretty sure, Mike would be a repeat partner now that I was working at his bar full time. I was certain that he would want more – and I was right, of course, as you will learn shortly. What an extraordinary week I had had so far and it was not yet over, as tonight I was invited to Mark’s party, which would be a first for me, for as I Escort istanbul said earlier, I had never been to a gay party. In fact, looking back on my school career, I have not really been to many parties of any kind. What, I wondered, was it going to be like. Would it, in fact, be what is commonly called a fuckfest? Well I would soon know. I just hoped that I would be physically up to it after my afternoon’s activities. Chapter 19 It was about nine thirty by the time I got round to Mark’s place and I could hear loud music through the door as I rang the bell. It was opened after a short pause by Mark himself, who stood there stark naked, his cock fully erect and clad in a condom glistening with lubricant. “Glad you could make it,’” he said. “Come on in and make yourself at home. I’ll be with you in a few minutes as I am just in the middle of something right now.” Well, what Mark was in the middle of, ,was butt fucking his buddy, Dave, from the bar. The whole room was full of naked studs all engaged in some form of sexual activity. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought to myself and went into the nearby room to strip off, for I could see that was where all the other guys had dumped their clothes. As I emerged naked into the main room, I got one loud wolf whistle from some guy I did not know and within seconds was seized upon by Jason and Dmitri who told me that the four of them from Mike’s bar had planned a special welcome for me, which they would execute as soon as Dave and Mark had finished fucking each other. Meanwhile, Jason dropped on his knees in front of me, took my cock in his mouth and started sucking. I then felt Dmitri push his hard fuck stick up, my arse from behind me. And so it was that this pair gave me a foretaste of what was to come. I guess it is what you would call an evening of free-style fucking. The fun really began when Mark and David joined us, for what these four studs had conjured up as their welcome gesture to me was a five man line up in which we all fucked each other simultaneously. So, Dave, in lead position, took Jason’s cock up his arse, Dmitri shafted Jason and I shafted Dmitri, whilst Mark then shafted me. We all then pumped in unison as a chain of five studs joined together by our cocks. Other guys stopped what they had been doing to applaud us. When we all came, more or less together, Dave then went to the back of the line, thrust his tool up Mark’s arse and we then repeated the whole procedure. And so it went on until we had come back to our original configuration. As we continued the applause became louder and louder as the other guys, who had adopted the role of the audience to watch, cheered us on, in what was a marathon fuck session. I have to say, it was really quite an innovative idea and it certainly made a terrific party piece and when it was over, I realised that I had, in fact, quite enjoyed it. What happened after that at this marathon multi-fuck, I have no clear idea. I imagine that I was fucked by several of the other guys who were there, but I have no recollection at all of who did what to whom or for that matter what I myself did; I was just in sort of a haze. Looking back on the party a little later, I realised that this type of promiscuous fucking session with guys I did not know and whom I would probably never ever see again, was just not part of my scene. My workmate buddies from Mike’s bar had really done their best to make me feel welcome, but their scene was just not mine. I just wanted to be careful not to offend any of them as they were all nice guys and had acted with the best of intention; but never ever again I told myself later. I thought to myself that I was just a snob, which was probably true; but there it was – that is the way I am, so just accept it, I told myself; you cannot be all things to all people! Chapter 20 I do not know by what means or at what time I got back to Craig’s place, but I was awakened by the insistent ringing of my ’phone, sometime on Sunday morning. “Who the hell can this be?” I thought, at this time in the morning. “Who in fact, has my ‘phone number as I do not yet know many people?” Well the mystery caller turned out to be Mike, my boss and, to date, my one-stand sex partner. “Hi Sebastian, good morning,” Mike began, “If you are a loose end today, I wondered if you would like to come down here to the bar and have lunch with me. The bar is closed, of course, but I thought that I could cook lunch for us and perhaps later we could enjoy (just get this as a come-on) ‘some quality time’ together.” So there I had it: an invitation to go down to Mike’s place and spend the afternoon fucking with him. My god, how quickly things took off in this city. Anyway, I decided that I would string Mike along a bit, and said to him, rather archly, “What exactly do you mean by ‘quality time’ Mike?” A slight pause whilst he collected his thoughts. “Oh you know, I thought we might commune together,” came the reply. “Commune together, what on earth does that mean Mike? I know it’s Sunday, but there are limits.

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