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Lauren took her time getting ready that morning. She carefully chose her outfit, standing in front of her closet for what seemed like hours. She stood in her lacy underwear, fingering them lightly, glad she could still feel feminine under the amour of professionalism she would be forced to wear.

She finally chose a navy blue suit with matching pumps, deciding against wearing a shirt under her jacket. The neckline dipped a little with the promise of revealing a little too much. In spite of herself, she positioned it to prevent it from slipping and exposing her bra. It would be nice to show her softer side, but she couldn’t, not to a roomful of hormone-raging young boys.

She had just graduated from college and was eager to jump into the workforce head-on. She’d taken this job as a substitute teacher at an all boys prep school to get her feet wet. She eventually hoped to get her masters degree and work on the college level. But first things first, she had to get through her first day.

When she was finally dressed, she gave herself a last once-over, straightening her glasses and smoothing her hair back tighter into its bun. Satisfied, she headed out the door, briefcase in tow. She was very nervous as she drove in, wondering what she was in store for.

Once she got to the school, she checked in at the office and headed to her assigned room. She quickly read over the lesson plan, almost wishing there was more to do. She closed her eyes and relaxed, calming herself before the boys arrived. She wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting like that when she felt someone watching her.

Her eyes flew open and she sat up quickly, her eyes focusing on a boy sitting in the back of the room.

“Have a nice sleep?” he joked, flashing a brilliant set of teeth, dimples dotting his full cheeks. He was gorgeous! Even across the room she could see his hazel eyes and dark curly hair. His lips were full and pink. She was so drawn into him she forgot to respond.

“Uh, no, I wasn’t sleeping-“

“Sure. Just don’t do it during class. No telling what could happen.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” she murmured, wondering if she imagined the secret gleam in his eyes. She looked down quickly, trying to focus on the lesson plans. She reminded herself that though it had been a while, she couldn’t allow herself to get desperate enough to start fantasizing about teenaged boys. By the time she looked up again, more boys were filing in and the room was almost full.

When the bell rang she gave the boys their assignment, reading a book while they worked silently. She would look up momentarily from time to time to make sure they were working.

She looked once to find the boy in the back watching her. He sat with his pen in his mouth, staring at her wistfully. She watched him for a moment, about to ask if he needed something when she noticed his tongue flick out and hit the top of the pen, flicking it in and out quickly.

Lauren looked away, her face growing hot. She must have seen him incorrectly, though she hoped not. He really was fine, even if he was too young. She shook it off and went back to her book.

The next day, Lauren went back to the school, dressed again in a sensible suit. Once again the boy, whose name she’d found out was Charlie, once again sat in the back of the room. Today he sat openly watching her during most of the class period, periodically looking down long enough to jot something down on his notebook. Lauren shifted uncomfortably in her seat, getting turned on in spite of herself. She had to get herself under control! She couldn’t let this kid do this to her!

She looked up meeting his eyes squarely. He leaned back, smiling slightly and placing his pen in his mouth again, flicking the tip with his tongue again, only faster. She had to take control of the situation and fast.

She stood slowly, walking back to where the boy sat. She bent slowly, trying not to notice as his eyes slipped down her shirt, then back up to her eyes again.

“Is there anything you need help with?”


“I mean you seem to be having problems with your schoolwork.”

“I’m not having any problems with it. See for yourself,” he said, motioning to his paper. She leaned in closer to look at his paper, noticing his eyes slipping inside her shirt once again. She hadn’t taken the great pains to hide her bra today. She knew he could see it and not only did it not bother her, it excited her beyond belief. She glanced at his paper on which he’d written: “How about some after school detention?” She straightened herself up, trying to calm herself down enough to speak.

“Very funny Mr. Felder. Please just do your work. If you have any questions I’ll be up front. She reached her desk as steadily as she could, Yalova Escort the boy’s words rolling in her head. So he was interested! She sat at her desk, sneaking a look at the boy who had settled into his schoolwork. He looked up just in time to catch the secret smile she flashed him before disappearing behind a book on the phases of the moon. He smiled to himself before settling back into his work.

Lauren went back to the school the next day with a new resolve. She didn’t know what she was afraid of. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. He was younger than her, but not by that much. He was eighteen after all. She made sure to check his records that morning before coming to class. If she was going to do this, she at least wanted to make sure she wasn’t committing a crime. When she got to class she announced that it was her last day. She brushed off the obligatory responses, putting the boys right to work, avoiding Charlie who she could feel watching her. As the boys settled in to work, she snuck a look at him. He was watching her with his pen in his mouth again. He slowly smiled at her secretly, writing something down on his notepad and looking back up at her. She slowly licked her lips, trying not to appear too eager.

She focused on her book on how the moon affects behavior. She felt there must be a full moon coming out later that night because she could feel that she was about to do something completely outside her character.

She slowly waited a beat and finally pushed herself up out of her chair, slowly walking up and down each of the aisles, pretending to examine each of the boy’s papers. She didn’t really care whether or not they had done their work. There was only one paper she cared to see.

She finally made it to Charlie’s desk and paused, taking a deep breath when she saw the same message from the day before scrawled on his paper. “Mr. Felder, just because I’m not going to be here tomorrow doesn’t mean you can get away with work like this. You know better. Here I’ll get you started,” she said, noting a time of 3:30 next to his request.

“You’re right Ms. Means. Can’t get over on you.”

“Maybe you can get off on me,” she said, walking slowly back to her desk.

After school Lauren sat at her desk, contemplating leaving. She could probably be arrested for this. What would his mother say if she knew? What would her mother say? All of her questions died on her lips when he walked into the room.

His eyes sparkled as he took her in, his eyes sliding slowly up her legs which were exposed by her miniskirt. She slowly uncrossed them, flashing her panties momentarily before crossing them again. Her suit jacket hung on the chair behind her and her silk blouse was open to the area between her breasts, exposing a little of her bra. A pulse of heat rushed through him as he shifted his weight to allow room for her ever-expanding penis. Her hair, released from its tight bun, exploded in wild curls over her shoulders and landed over one eye.

She stood as he walked in, taking in his curly dark hair, those beautiful eyes, and his school uniform which looked a little rumpled. His coat was wrinkled and his top button on his shirt was unbuttoned, his tie loosened. He was adorable! She leaned against her desk as he walked up to her, stopping just before her.

“So I guess I’ve been a bad boy huh?”

“You sure have,” she said, eyeing him up and down, smiling at the bulge in his pants. “And now you’ll have to pay.”

“Oh no don’t punish me,” he joked, pulling her close and kissing her deeply, running his hands up and down her back, his lips quickly sliding down to her neck.

“Hey slow down!” she said, pushing him back. “Don’t be so eager,” she said, teasing him.

“But I can’t help it. You’re so hot-” he reached for her but she stepped out of his reach, smiling.

“Now who is the teacher here?”

“You are.”

“Good. Now that we’ve established who is in charge, we can begin. I want you to undress slowly until I tell you to stop.” Lauren sat on the edge of the desk, her legs spread slightly, her arms crossed.

He began to pull at his tie. “Uh-huh, slowly,” she said, delighted by the frustrated look on his face. She pulled him close by the tie, kissing him deeply. “It turns me on to see your naked flesh. It looks even better little by little,” she said huskily, kissed him again, slowly running her tongue over his lips when they finished. “Now continue,” she said, leaning against her desk again.

He slowly untied his tie, watching her intently. He let it slide to the floor, not taking his eyes off her. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, undoing the cuffs and slowly sliding it off. He reached for his belt when she stopped him. “Waiit! I want to see you feel yourself.”

“Excuse Yalova Escort Bayan me?”

“Your chest, feel your chest.” He looked skeptical. “Please?” she asked, widening her legs and reaching between them. “It would get me so hot!” He didn’t say anything. He slowly began to run his hands over his muscular arms, sliding them down to his stomach which was a rippling six pack. He looked uncomfortable so Lauren raised her skirt to her waist, raising one leg so her heel rested on the desk, exposing her satin panties and a peek of pubic hair. He breathed deep, getting into his self-massage when he saw how much she was enjoying it. He started breathing heavy, massaging his chest harder, even pinching the nipples, getting turned on by her moans.

“Okay, now the pants,” she nearly whispered, her voice hoarse with desire. He opened his eyes halfway, happy to see her caressing herself, hardly able to wait until he would be able to do that.

He slowly undid his belt, unbuttoning his pants. She gasped, digging her fingers deeper into her wet pussy, raising them to her mouth to lick them. He groaned, sliding down his zipper then stopping suddenly, watching as her eyes became glued on his crotch. He suddenly realized he had the power at that moment.

“What’s wrong? Keep going!” she said, her voice desperate with desire.

“Why don’t you finish for me?” he said.

“I want to watch you do it.”

“But I want you to.”

“Come on,” she nearly pleaded. “You’re making me lose it. I was almost there.”

“Oh well…”

“Okay,” she said finally, walking over to him and kissing him, sliding his pants down and grabbing his cock, rubbing it hard.

“See now was that so hard?” he said against her lips.

“Maybe not, but I can see you are,” she said, kissing him again and turning him around, pushing him against the desk. She kissed her way down his chest, kneeling in front of him and looking up to smile wickedly at his surprised expression.

She slowly pulled his boxer shorts down, fully exposing his rigid cock which stood fully at attention. She pulled his clothes off completely so that he stood naked in front of her, shaking with desire. She stood, eyeing him fully. He looked self-conscious, for once looking like the young boy he was. She walked over to the door and pulled down the shade. She was glad the shades on the window were already down. It was one less thing to keep her from devouring him as quickly as possible.

She walked back over to him, unbuttoning her shirt as she went. By the time she reached him she had it off and stood in front of him in her lace bra and skirt. Her full breasts nearly burst out of the bra and he buried his face in them when she got close enough. He moved her bra aside a little, nibbling at her breasts. She let him suck for a little while then pulled away, smiling at his bewildered expression. She was killing him! He just wished she would get down to it.

She stood watching him for a moment. Young boy flesh! She couldn’t wait to lick him from head to toe. She raised her hand to her mouth, licking it until it was moist. She then jammed her tongue into his mouth and took his penis in her hand, stroking it slowly. He moaned against her mouth, squirming against her hand which was working him over pretty good. Her lips slid down his body, slowly replacing her hand.

He drew in his breath sharply, letting it out in a shudder as her head moved back and forth on him slowly, turning him on beyond belief. He held her hair in one hand so he could watch her, getting even more turned on as he watched as most of his dick disappeared into her moist wet mouth.

He groaned loudly as she drew back, sliding her teeth lightly up his shaft. Her head descended again as her hands slid up to his stomach, caressing the muscles there as she sucked harder, finally coming up for air. Her eyes met his as she slowly stroked him with her hand. She smiled as she saw the look of helpless runaway desire on his face.

She took him in her mouth again, watching him as she sucked him like a pro. He threw his head back, shaking again with desire. Seeing he was close to coming, she stood, letting him suck her breasts for a moment. She then kissed him and pushed him back so that he lay on the desk, bending over him to take him in her mouth again. She lifted his dick to suck his balls, surprising and turning him on so much he suddenly shot a load all over himself.

“I’m , I’m sorry,” he said, his voice shaking as he stared down at himself in amazement.

“It’s okay baby, I’ll take care of it,” she said, reaching into her pocketbook and getting a wet nap. She gently cleaned him up, tossing the towel in the trash. “Sorry but I don’t swallow, but you’re still clean as ever now. All better, ” she cooed, Escort Yalova kissing his penis which had grown rock hard again as she cleaned it. Oh the joys of youth!

She slowly rose as he lay on the desk completely naked. She pulled up her skirt, pulling off her underwear and sliding down on him slowly. Heaven! He was so smooth! So young and smooth. She rode him slowly, grinding her snatch down on him as deeply as she could. He reached up and quickly unsnapped her bra, freeing her breasts and covering them quickly with his hands as she slowly continued to ride him.

He slowly slid up into a sitting position, sliding down to the edge of the desk, holding her ass in his hands and guiding her up and down on his pole, groaning as she rammed herself into him, wrapping her legs around his waist, wrapping her arms around his neck and throwing her head back, pushing her hips into him with all of her might, shuddering as an orgasm ripped through her. His lips clamped on her breasts, biting her nipples and driving her wild.

“Why don’t we move this into a more comfortable place?” he murmured, still moving against her.

“Okay,” she whispered, as he drove deep again. “Ummm…but maybe we should just finish here.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m far from done,” he said, holding her up as he walked with her legs still around his waist to the back of the room. It was a more private room the teachers sometimes used to give makeup tests. He closed the door behind them as they entered and carried her to the couch that lay just under the windows in the room. A table lay to the left of them, riddled with children’s magazines. She felt a pang of guilt at what they were doing in there. It quickly went away as he pumped her furiously, holding her hips mid-air off the couch as he buried himself deep within her.

He slowed down, moving his hips slowly in circles, his hands kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples. He leaned forward to kiss her, moaning against her lips as his hips bucked uncontrollably against her, quickly coming inside of her.

“Oh no! I shouldn’t have-you just felt so good-“

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m on the pill. Besides, you feel good inside me. Let’s just stay here for a minute.”

“Okay” he said, moving so that they both lay on their side with him still inside her. He lay quietly when she spoke up.

“Thought you were far from done,” she joked.

“Oh you think I am? I was trying to give you a rest.”

“Sure you were.”

“Okay then, we’ll see who’s done. Follow me.” He grabbed her hand and they snuck to the locker rooms, barely missing getting caught by a janitor who was walking by.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Here,” he said, leading her into the shower room. “Thought you’d like to get clean before we get dirty again.”

“Oh yeah. Good idea,” she said, following him to the shower. The showers hung in a row in a huge empty room. He went down the line, turning on each of the showers and turned back to her, walking under the water to meet her under the steaming hot water. They kissed deeply, the water falling into their mouths and drenching their smoldering bodies. He grabbed a piece of soap and ran it over her body, soaping her up, and rinsing her clean. He bent and kissed her breasts, sucking them gently and driving her crazy. He pushed her against the wall as the showers poured above them. He continued to suck her breasts, kissing his way lower. He knelt before her, pausing to look up at her as he parted her legs, gently kissing his way to the middle of them.

Lauren gasped, her knees buckling as he gently licked her clit, parting her lips to drive his tongue deep inside her, causing her to cry out. He ran his arms under her legs, grabbing her hips with his hands and pulling her down on his mouth, vibrating his tongue within her. She screamed at this, hoping the janitor would not hear, yet not caring at the same time. He lifted her against the wall, feverishly eating her, greedily swallowing her juices whole as she came explosively, grasping at his hair, pulling him closer as she pumped a few more times, growing limp when she was finished. He lowered her to the ground, rising to his feet.

“Ready for one more go-round?” He asked, his penis full and hard in his hand.

“Hell yeah,” she said, turning her back to him and spreading her legs. He quickly entered her, holding her by her hips and driving deep, nearly lifting her off the ground with the effort.

She grasped at the slippery wall, pushing her hips against him as he pounded away at her.

“God yes! Harder! Harder! Yes! You’re definitely on you way to becoming teacher’s pet!”

“I aim to please,” he said, pulling out to turn her around. He quickly slid into her again, holding her up against the wall and humping her for all he was worth.They finally came together, both of them collapsing on the wet shower floor, spent and happy. Lauren hugged him tightly as they lay there, wondering if there indeed would be a full moon out tonight.

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