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Life in The Village, through the eyes of Tom Grant, the only teacher at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)
(re-written from my 2013 version)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 36

After a huge sigh of relief, Will says, “Our turn,” then starts, “Marty, that smell from your bedroom…” He looks to me.

I continue, “I”ve smelled it before. Firstly, in your SUV and, next, the day in the Acropolis Caf� when that handsome young guy and curvaceous young woman, both about my age, walked past me together after talking to you. My question is, who did you have in your bedroom while we were away, assuming that it was for a bit of `mucking around” as you so delicately described things a moment ago. Was it her or him?”

Marty looks at me, then at Will, swallows hard, and answers, “Both of them.”



Chapter 37 – Our Secret is Out; Marty”s too

I wasn”t sure what answer Marty would give, him or her, but this has taken me totally by surprise. Both?

I was mostly prepared for him to say `him” which would have made sense and would have been consistent with the couple of times of fun that we have shared together. I recall the day that he showed me the `Men”s Room” with its sandpapered holes, his enjoyment of them with me joining him and of our touching of each other. I remember the night that I put him to bed while he feigned drunkenness and what he had allowed me to do with him; and, also when we swapped roles the next day. That”s probably when he had me `worked out”, I guess. And I think back fondly to our naked, oily wrestling match.

Both? Hmm.

Even though these were times of very happy release for me (yet without the affection that I have for Will) I thought that `him” would be his obvious answer, perhaps with his needs being satisfied each time that he visited Big Town to do his shopping. His `female-free” haven fits that scenario perfectly, as does his disposition towards nakedness when his brothers and nephews stay over.

But both? I certainly didn”t see that coming! A female in Marty”s haven? In Marty”s bedroom?

And yet, I could also imagine this hot-blooded country stud being disposed to sharing his bed with a female. His comment in the Men”s Room that `a hole is a hole” certainly hinted that he was no virgin when it came to poking his cock into something or someone, which, at that very early stage of knowing him, I had just assumed, rightly or wrongly, to be a woman, especially when he made a curious comment about me potentially keeping a couple of girlfriends `pretty busy”.

Both? Well, the open page in the sex mag in the Men”s Room makes more sense now! The best of both worlds, eh?

There is so much that I want to ask him about his threesome, but dare not, just as I would not want him to explore, too deeply, my relationship with his hormone-rampant young cousin.

I am relieved that Will and Marty never did anything together. Marty had assured me that they didn”t. And, yet, I wonder why not? If Marty is bi, and with Will being gay, how did that not happen? I guess there is still a lot about sexuality that I don”t yet understand.

At least, I think, Will and I can now be more open about our show of affection for one another. House rule!

I have questions for Will too. Not about his truthfulness, but of his perceptions of Marty. What Will saw, and heard and thought of his bachelor uncle growing up. That conversation will take place in private.

“Tom? Tom!” I hear from both Marty and Will. I realise that I”ve drifted off once again.

“It scares me when you `disappear” like that,” Will confides, giving me a hug.

Marty joins our clinch. “Is everything OK, guys?” he asks, seemingly concerned that all of the revelations might alter our relationships with one another. “Are you all right, Tom? You look strange.”

I find it hard to answer, to find the right words, so that I don”t appear to be shocked or upset. I try with, “Yeah, Marty. I”m fine. I must say that you took me by surprise, though. I didn”t see that coming! Thank you for telling us. No more questions at the moment though, eh?”

“Why? You look worried, Tom,” he tells me.

“Yeah, Tom,” Will adds. “What”s wrong? We were honest with Marty and he”s being honest with us. Don”t you feel good that he knows about us? And that we don”t have to hide it from him anymore?”

Marty maintains our man-hugging and asks, “When you say `about us” and that you `don”t have to hide it any more”, is there something else that I should know about you two `mucking around” and how long have you been `hiding” it?”

“Shit!” Will mutters, realising that he has innocently let more out of the bag than we had intended at this point. He looks at me in a way that confirms to Marty that there is, indeed, more to tell than what has been revealed.

“So, how far…?” Marty starts, hesitantly.

“Hey!” I interrupt him. “If you ask any more questions, you”ll have to answer some yourself. One for one. Remember? And I think that you have already asked one too many. That means we have one up our sleeve. I”ll consult with my partner as to what we”re going put to you next.”

“Partner, now, is it?” Marty replies, raising his eyebrows.

“So, that”s now two questions we can ask you,” I say looking from Marty to Will, drawing back the sides of my mouth in a somewhat ineffective expression of apology for my own slip of the tongue. But, at this rate of inadvertent disclosures, by sunset Mary will even know how often we change our socks and underwear!

“OK. Two questions; go for it!” Marty says confidently.

Will jumps straight in, “So to throw your question back at you, how far did you go with him and with her?” sounding as though he is using up wishes from a magic lamp.

“And you can count that as both of our two questions,” I add, smiling at Marty.

“All the way,” Marty replies without hesitating, and then adds, “with both of them.” He scans our faces to gauge our reactions, then adds with a smirk, “You wanted honesty and I”ve given it to you. House rule, remember?”

“Is that another question?” Will flashes back, with his boyish giggle.

“Don”t push your luck, tubby!” Marty admonishes, with a light cuff to the back of Will”s head.

Time for a change of focus! “Coffee?” I ask, then add, “and that doesn”t count as a question either!”

“OK. Time out! Truce!” Marty says, breaking apart from us. “No more questions about mucking around.”

“Good!” Will responds.

“Because, I reckon you”ll end up spilling a lot more information, without me even asking the questions. Eh, tubby?” Marty taunts him (absolutely inappropriately) while filling the jug.

That earns Marty a one-finger salute from Will, and he”s lucky to escape a (probably well-deserved) FOM!

I prepare the coffee cups. Marty busies himself by `tidying” things, not that anything looks out of place to me. Will comes over to me and drapes his arms around my shoulders from behind and leans his body against mine.

Marty looks at us from across the room. “So, there”s a bit more to this `partnership” than just jacking off together, like you and Jake do, eh, Willie? I”ve never seen you hold onto Jake like that!”

At first, I feel Will tense up but then he quickly relaxes and draws me right back onto him.

“Questions are not necessary,” Marty tells him, “just like I said.”

Will replies, “House rule, remember?” Then he nuzzles his cheek against mine. He adds, “You probably wouldn”t understand, Marty. Tom”s my brother – the brother that I never had growing up. You had Sean and Chad. I only had a drunken mother.”

“But…” Marty attempts to interrupt.

But Will is not finished.

“Think about it, Marty. When I was a little kid of about 7, you and Chad were around 15 and 17. I used to see you horsing around and having so much fun together. Sometimes I was so jealous that I wanted to throw rocks at you. Sometimes I was angry. Most often I was just plain lonely, just the pesky `Little Willie” who wanted a brother.”

“But Chad and I used to play with you – like cricket and stuff,” Marty says, appearing stunned and almost apologetic.

“Yeah.” Will shoots back. “I used to fetch the tennis ball that you and Chad and Sean used to slog all over the place. And when it was my turn to bat, how long did I last? What was my highest score, ever? 5?”

“But we used to have fun with you in the weir too!” Marty seems to be scratching for genuine evidence of having included Will in their fun.

“Yeah, that”s right! That”s how I learned to hold my breath, while you and Chad took turns of sitting on me and holding me under the water. That was real fun! For you, maybe!”

“And what about…” Marty starts.

“Marty!” Will says emphatically. “You guys had each other. You used to go hunting rabbits and foxes and you used to chase each other, and then wrestle when you got caught. And,” he adds with feeling, “the three of you used to sleep in the one double bed. You had somebody to cuddle up to and feel safe and warm with. And I”ll bet that they taught you lots of `guy fun” too. Who taught me guy stuff? Nobody.”

Will”s humour has evaporated. I can feel the tension in his body. I gently change places with him, wrap my ordu escort arms around him and hold him to me as lovingly and as supportively as I can.

However, he continues, “Do you know what I had at night, Marty, while you guys were snuggled up together in bed? I”ll tell you, in case you don”t know. A cold bed, freezing in winter, sometimes hungry because my mother had no money for food after she had spent it all at the pub. And when she was drunk, she would yell and scream at me for no reason, blaming me for everything that she could think of – even how filthy the house was with her empty cans and cigarette butts. I tried so hard, Marty, to clean up her mess and keep everything tidy. I tried, Marty, I really did, but it was never good enough for her and then it would get just as bad the next day.”

I feel tears drop onto my arms. My heart is aching for him and my own eyes begin to well up with tears. Marty looks at him, at us, stunned.

Will hasn”t finished. There”s more to get off his chest that he has bottled up all these years. “And if I cried, she would hit me, either on my back or head; sometimes she would punch me in the face and sometimes she would kick me in the balls then laugh when I rolled on the ground in pain.”

“And,” he adds, “it was worse when she had men come over to have sex with her. I couldn”t stand the animal noises that they made while they were doing it. Even covering my head with a pillow in my bed didn”t block it out, and I had to get out. When I was older, she started grabbing my cock and playing with me when there were no men. She said it was OK and that I would learn to enjoy it. That”s when I started coming down to your mum”s house and she would give me something to eat and let me sleep under a warm blanket on her lounge. Did you know all that Marty? I could sometimes hear you guys all giggling and making other noises in bed and I wished that I could have crawled in with you. I wanted a brother. I needed a brother then, more than ever.”

“And when Chad and Sean moved to Big Town, and you came over here, this was the only place where I felt comfortable. You would feed me and let me sleep in my own room and I am so thankful, Marty. But, I never was able to hold on to someone at night and talk to him, and tell him how I felt and ask him about my body and tell him how I hated my mother and that I never wanted to be alone with her or any other female.”

Marty comes to us, gingerly, and wraps his arms around both of us, enfolding Will between him and me. “I”m so sorry, Will. I had no idea! I knew about your mother, Aunt Lilly, but not about how she treated you and how you felt. I feel so bad that you needed somebody, and I was so close. You could have told me!”

“I couldn”t tell you, Marty. I couldn”t tell anyone. She would have killed me if I told anyone about what she used to do. She said that she would kill me. Tom is the first person that I have been able to say anything to, and it just sort of slipped out one day. And he was so understanding and good to me then. He listened to me and helped me and hugged me and I immediately felt something wonderful and strange that I”d never felt before. A connection. He”s my brother, and he”s not a pretend-one! He”s really my brother, and…” he sobs before continuing, “…and I love him.”

“I understand Will,” Marty tells him gently, backing off just a little.

“Do you Marty? Could you possibly know and understand why I want to snuggle up to Tom at night, and hold him, and whisper things to him and share myself with him… totally. Do you realise what I”m telling you, Marty?” Will”s voice is subdued yet trembling and breaking with emotion.

I think that Will is opening up more than he may have intended, more than we had planned. But, hey, the timing seems right, so why not? I give him an extra tight squeeze in case he might need to `snap out of it” and restrain his tongue.

However, he goes further. I think that I know what is coming and it will be more than `interesting” to see Marty”s reaction. “You know that I”ve mucked around with Jake, don”t you? You even caught us in the middle of it one day.” It”s a redundant question that Will asks. Marty hums his acknowledgment and chuckles. Will adds, “Well, even though it”s a lot of fun with Jake and I enjoy doing stuff with him, being with Tom is totally different.” I think that this conversation could go either way – well or badly!

“What exactly are you trying to say, cousin?” Marty asks, looking from Will”s face to mine.

Will squirms so that he can see my face. “Can I tell him?” he asks me.

“May I tell him?” I correct him, ever the school teacher. He knows that it is not I who wants to tell him. It causes him to beam with that beautiful, loving smile. His eyelids close, then open, and his blue eyes sparkle.

“Tom, may I tell Marty?” he almost pleads into my eyes.

“House rule?” I put to Marty.

“Of course!” he replies.

“Will leans back onto me again and I place my arms around him and across his chest. He relaxes. I feel the tension drain from his body as I absorb the weight of his body and his anxiety. He pauses and takes a deep breath. “Marty, I really want to cuddle and `muck around” with Tom at night, but a single bed just isn”t big enough,” Will tells him. “Do you understand now?”

“So, you”re saying that you two want to sleep together,” Marty states as a question without any upward inflexion. His glance bounces back and forth between my eyes and Will”s.

“Yes. And naked,” Will adds. “Do you get it now?”

“I told you so!” Marty smirks.

“What?” Will asks with a puzzled tone in his voice.

“I didn”t even have to ask the question, did I? Go on! You may as well get it all off your chest!” he tells Will. Marty looks directly into my eyes, knowingly. “I can tell that there”s more.”

I experience a mild pang of apprehension at what Marty”s reaction might be when he actually hears the words that I think he expects, or suspects. But, then, he, himself, is being honest about his relationship with the sexy young couple and, I anticipate that there is much remaining to be told there, too.

I let Will continue without prompting or interrupting. He”s being very brave about coming out to his cousin, something which he has been unable to do previously because there had been no security if Marty were to react negatively. Will”s life could then have been hell for him. But, now, he seems to have Marty `on side”, he has me to hold and to love, and I have him to love and to protect.

Marty waits patiently, allowing Will time to think and breathe before talking.

“Marty,” Will starts, “from the very first moment that Tom and I met, I felt an attraction to him. I didn”t know what it was. Maybe it was because he looked like me or perhaps it was the caring way that he looked at me.” (He”s probably referring to me checking out his bulge on that first day.) “Maybe it was because we are brothers and there is a real connection.” He furtively slips a hand behind him and makes another connection, cupping my package away from Marty”s view. Cheeky bugger! Sexy sod! Little brother! I tighten my arms around him and he desists.

“Well I”m glad that you told me, Cuz,” Marty says matter-of-factly, “because, if I”d known that Tom is that way inclined, I might have made a play for him myself.” I”m shocked, and Will”s muscles tense noticeably.

“What!” Will says. “Well, you can”t have him. Besides, I saw him first!”

“No, you didn”t!” Marty replies, determined that his cousin will not get the better of him. “Tom had already settled in here the day you came down and I introduced you to him.”

“Yeah, well, I”d already met him before that… up at the weir and in the school room, when he first came to town – even before you laid eyes on him,” he quips in a reprise of his game of one-upmanship.

This is funny. It sounds like two adolescent school girls bitching over some high school footballer!

Marty focuses his gaze on me. “You told me that you hadn”t met him!” He seems a little miffed at his cousin”s triumph over him – yet again.

“Sorry, Marty,” I reply. “No, I didn”t, actually. You simply told me that I would like `Little Willie” when I met him. I just didn”t let on that I already had.”

“Same as lying, don”t you think?” Marty counters, but without any spite in his voice.

“Hey!” Will raises his voice. “Are you going to let me continue or not?”

“What was it you were rabbiting on about again?” Marty taunts.

Will clenches his teeth in frustration. “You know what? You can fuck off, Marty!” Will spits out at Marty”s feigned nonchalance and disinterest. I”m sure that Marty thought he had actually scored a point. In any case, he”s exposed a raw nerve. “Anyway,” Will continues, “I”ve told you enough. You work it out!”

Marty looks genuinely shocked at Will”s outburst, probably thinking that the two of them were still just playing mind games with each other.

Seeing no immediate way to address this response that he has evoked, Marty turns to me. “Anything you want to add?” he asks in a very conciliatory tone and smirking!

I reply, without wanting to demean what Will has shared, “He”s told you enough for you to put the pieces of the puzzle together, Marty. Just let me say that Will and I have become very close in the past couple of weeks.” He looks inquiringly at me and I add, “And you can interpret `very close” any way you like… and you will probably be right.”

Marty”s smirk becomes a broad grin and spreads across his face. He moves in close, again, and hugs us both tightly. “I think I get osmaniye escort it,” he tells us, then he surprises me by asking, “Would you two like to have my double bed tonight? I can take one of yours.”

“Are you serious?” Will asks his cousin, perking up in a stunning about-face from his mini temper tantrum.

“For you, little Cuz, anything. And because it”s with Tom, I”m doubly happy to let you have it. Really, I”ll do whatever I can for you both.”

Will throws his arms around Marty and gushes out a series of `Thank You”s.

“But…” Marty adds, sounding a little more serious. “Even though the House Rule protects you here, don”t let on about the two of you to anyone else. Some around here won”t be as sympathetic as I am – especially Uncle Reg and my sister, Anna, to mention just two. And, be very careful what you say and do around people like Jake and Jane. They are likely to mention it to their dad, even quite innocently. Trust me!”

Despite Marty”s warning, I think that his Mum, Acacia, has already worked the pair of us out, just going by her encouragement at lunchtime.

Will turns from Marty to me, grabs me in a bear hug, lifts me off the ground and then, as he puts me down, kisses me, right in front of Marty. Then he whoops and capers down to our room, calling, “I”ll get my pyjamas and… um, stuff, … um, and, … whatever!”

Marty and I both know that Will doesn”t wear pyjamas!

After stopping by Marty”s room, he runs outside and I can hear him talking animatedly to the dogs. I suppose that he just needs to tell somebody!

Marty steps forward and crushes me in an embracing hug. “I knew that there was something going on,” he whispers to me. “I told you that I could read it on his face. He has been so happy around you, always standing close to you and touching you on the back, or the arm, and laughing. I don”t remember him being this happy in his whole life! We all used to worry so much about him. And, he”s been absolutely glowing since you”ve both been back. Thank you, Tom.”

“You”re not mad?” I ask.

“Why would I be mad?” he replies with a very telling smirk.

“Well, you know… when I first came here, I virtually accused you of molesting both him and Jake and now here I am, Will”s school teacher, basically guilty of the very same thing.”

“It”s very different. He”s 17,” Marty replies. “He”s old enough to know what he wants.”

My mind suddenly and guiltily conjures up a vision of the cherub, Kurt. He”s only 13. Could he possibly know what he wants? Is he old enough? And what about Sam”s little brother, Mikey, twelve and eleven-twelfths”, at the motel. And young Andy?

Marty continues, “Will deserves to be happy and you obviously make him happy. End of story as far as I”m concerned!”

“Just the beginning of the story, actually, I hope,” I tell him. “I”m the big brother that he never had and he”s the little brother that I always wanted.”

There is a pause. “Come on! You”re still having us all on, aren”t you…” Marty replies. “…about you two having the same father, your Uncle Bill?”

“Just let me say, Marty, that I hope you like a good horse-shit pie!” I tell him, smirking and raising my eyebrows.

His face suddenly reveals his remembrance of his bet or pledge, and I detect a hint of realisation that absolutely everything that we”ve told him could actually be the truth.

With just the three of us present, the primary focus of conversation over dinner is the source of that aroma in Marty”s room. The antiperspirant is sufficiently androgynous for both of them, `him” and `her”, to use it, which, apparently, they do.

Marty relates how, following his appointment as the local police officer, Chad moved into Big Town; and Sean, who had done paramedic training, took on a role with the Ambulance Station. They both lived together for a while until `circumstances” demanded that they have their own space. Marty doesn”t elaborate.

He tells us that he used to visit town every weekend, staying with one or the other of his older brothers and that it was during one of those Saturday coffees at the Acropolis that he met `him” and `her”.

Marty relates, “One Saturday, I was waiting for Sean to come off duty and was sitting right at the back of the caf� so that I could see everyone. `He” and `she” came in looking for a couple of seats. Being a busy morning, they walked right to back looking for any vacant spaces. As it was, the seats opposite me in the booth were empty and they politely asked if I”d mind them sitting there.”

“I was happy to have somebody to chat to and to help me pass the time, but it wasn”t just that which made me happy to have them join me. She was gorgeous! Slim; `well-stacked”; long, neatly-brushed hair, draped to one side over her shoulder and fully down her chest; great smile; very curvy! The weird thing was, he was just as good looking – slim; muscly; dark, curly hair and an equally brilliant set of `pearly-whites”. His narrow hips accentuated his well-padded, tight backside and also highlighted a prominent but nondescript bulge at the front. What a pair!

As a horny 18-year old, I immediately imagined them naked, wrestling each other and doing stuff that I had only dreamed of – frequently.”

He smirks, knowingly, at Will, who giggles back at him.

“My conversation with them quickly established that, despite looking much younger and more like school kids, they were actually the same age as me, and that they at been `an item” for about two years. They were living together (`shacked up”) in a house by the river just out of town, on a section of a much larger property managed by his older brother.”

“They ordered coffee and I had another one with them.”

“She excused herself to `visit the ladies” and, while she was away, I commented to him that I thought she had a great body. He caught me totally by surprise with, `and she”s fantastic in bed too”. I somehow let slip that I”d never had that pleasure yet. He continued, `I can”t imagine why a handsome guy like you has never been laid” and I amazed myself by confessing that the only love-making I”d done was to my right hand. We were still joking about that as she returned.”

“He stood up to let her slide into the seat and I thought that the bump in the front of his pants appeared a bit chunkier than it was earlier.”

“I pleaded `a full bladder after two large coffees” and said that I needed to use the gents. As I got up, I followed the line of his gaze and could tell that he was checking out my own semi-stretched pants.”

“The gents” toilet had no urinal, just a single toilet screened from the outer door by only a partition which, because it ran parallel to the door, formed an open stall. I stepped behind it and had only just started relieving myself when the door opened and then closed. I heard the bolt slide across (which I had forgotten to do). A voice, his voice, asked, `I”m busting. Would you mind if we shared?””

“I moved to one side, squeezing off the flow from my fat `little man” to avoid splashing anywhere. He stood virtually opposite me, pulled his out and let fly into the bowl immediately. He needed to hold it down as I could tell that it seemed to have its own idea about rising up. I released the pressure on mine, but kept it pointing downwards because it was experiencing similar elevatory aspirations to his.”

“Then he commented, staring at it, `Nice piece of equipment, mate.” His was thinner but longer. I was equally complimentary about him and we laughed. He asked, `Ever made love to anyone else”s right hand?” picking up on my earlier expression.”

“`No,” I answered. `An older brother teaching me stuff doesn”t count!” Then I added, even shocking myself, `but that”s not to say that I wouldn”t do it if I had the chance”.”

“He immediately extended his free hand to my, by now, spent but fully erect cock and grasped it gently. `That could be arranged, if you like,” he said with a smile. He firstly looked down at his own exposed erection and then stared directly into my eyes. It was an obvious invitation that I couldn”t, and didn”t, refuse.”

“After a couple of friendly jiggles of each other he said, `Not now. How about next week?” Then he added, `You”d better go back to the booth first.””

“I stowed my rampant cock into my pants with difficulty, leaving it to stick straight up, hoping that my belt and untucked shirt would hide it, and that its excited pulsing would not result in an embarrassing wet spot or, even worse, a mess. I left. He stayed. A few minutes later, he returned and commented to her, `It”s pretty crook when you”ve got to queue to take a pee!” while glancing at me for any reaction to his lie.”

“She replied, `Well, now you know how women feel. One ladies” toilet in a busy place like this is not enough.” He expressed his agreement.”

“We chatted for a while longer, introducing ourselves properly, and I commented that I”d never noticed the pair of them before. `Well, we”ve seen you a couple of times,” she said.”

“He added, `We don”t come into town every Saturday, and not always together. But she”s right; we”ve noticed you around town.””

“As they prepared to leave, she said, `maybe we”ll see some more of you”.”

“”That would be nice,” I replied, looking more towards him.”

“”I think you can count on it, Marty,” he replied, shaking my hand before intertwining his fingers with hers and walking towards the front door.”

Will is spell-bound, listening to his cousin”s tale of his first (supposedly) sexual experiences with another person – a guy what”s more!

“I would ostim escort never have guessed, Marty,” Will expresses, all agog and adjusting the front of his pants for the umpteenth time. “And you were about the same age as I am.”

I am amazed, and not really sure of why Marty is opening up to us. Perhaps this is a whole new level of mutual trust and appreciation between him and Will. I need to jiggle myself to a less restraining position, too, as I contemplate the continuation of his tale.

Marty replies to Will, “That”s why I know exactly how you feel about Tom. Similar age to what I was. It must be an O”Brien thing!” That comment produces a few chuckles.

With a little prompting from Will and me, plus a fresh cup of coffee, Marty continues.

“The following 7 days were hell. I couldn”t wait for the next Saturday to come around, imagining what we might do, making love to each other”s hands, dreaming of perhaps more, and wondering where. That was when I discovered that the holes that somebody had made in the old dunny wall had a better use than just peeping through. And they got a fair bit of use during that week.” He smirks and adds, `One day I did it four times”.”

Will giggles.

Then I think that, maybe, stamina is an O”Brien thing too.

“On the Saturday morning, I woke up really early with the tightest morning glory of my life. It was so stiff that it hurt. It was all I could do to restrain myself from jacking off. I didn”t want to `empty the tank”, as it were, thinking that I wanted him to do that for me. I had to keep myself busy doing work around the place all morning.”

“When I got to the Acropolis he was already there. Same booth as last week. Alone. I looked around for her and concluded that she must have been in the toilet. Women seem to do that a lot. Seeing my searching expression, he laughed, `She doesn”t always come into town with me. Today she”s visiting her mother and helping out with some of the cooking and other chores.””

Marty continues, “Anxiously, I nodded towards the men”s toilet and said, quietly, `So, do you want to…, um…, you know?””

“”Plenty of time,” he replied. `Have your coffee and something to eat. Then we can go to my place, if you like. It”s only ten minutes from here and she won”t be there. It will be just you and me and a couple of horny right hands. Much more private than a single toilet in a busy caf�.””

“I made short work of my cake and coffee. All the while my cock was stiff with anticipation.”

“I followed his Land Rover for a few minutes and turned off the road onto a well-used track. The house was simple and clean. We entered the small living room and he, pointing to the hard pole stretched down the leg of my jeans, opened with, `Excited, huh? Me too. Well, we”d better set them free! Yours looks awfully uncomfortable in those tight jeans.” I nodded and reached for my zipper. He interrupted with, `Would you like me to do that?””

“I couldn”t say anything. I was stunned by his forwardness and his desire for me. I just moved my hands out of the way and pushed my hips forward for him. He had a good feel of my stiffness, running his hands up and down and back and forth. He grasped it and gave it a squeeze. I could feel myself throb.”

“”Oh, no!” I thought. `Not now! Not yet!” I took in a sudden gasp of breath.”

“Sensing my tension, he removed his hands and slowly undid my belt, removing it fully. `Take your boots off,” he said. I did. Then he reached for my zipper, lowered it quickly and eased my jeans down and off, leaving my boxer shorts looking like a tent, pitched on the side of a cliff. And my tent pole was displaying a large, wet patch of anticipated excitement. We both took in the picture and chuckled about it.”

“Kicking off his boots, he said, `You can take my jeans off too if you like.” This was the first time that I had undressed another guy.”

“I posed the question that had been running around my head all week and demanding to be voiced. “Umm… what about your girlfriend? How can you have sex with her and still want to do this with me?””

“He replied, `Is that a problem for you? It”s not for me. Nor for her.””

“I was shocked. `What! She knows that you like to do this?””

“”Yes. And she knows that you will be here with me this morning. We talked about it. It”s all good.””

“I was confused. `She has that gorgeous body, and you want guys too? And she knows that I”m here, doing this with you?””

“He replied, `Yes. Don”t be embarrassed about it. She has a fantastic body, and she”s the one who taught me how to have sex with her. I think that we were both about 14 at the time. We still do it practically every day now. But I love doing this too. It”s different and special, and it doesn”t worry her so long as she gets what she wants.””

“Tingling with expectation, I had one hand on his belt buckle and the other on his bulge. When he said, `She said that she”s happy to teach you too, if you want her to,” my tent pole jerked upwards and I knew what was about to happen. The excitement of the situation with him and the real prospect of having sex with a girl, especially her, was too much for me.”

“”Shit, I think I”m gonna cum,” I blurted.”

“He instantly dropped to one knee, grasped and tugged at the waistband of my shorts, allowing my cock to spring free. Then he immediately pulled it to his face. I tried to hold back as I savoured his hot, wet mouth. But one suck was all it took and I exploded!”

“I thought he would drown. I thought I would collapse. He grabbed my butt and held me to him while he swallowed. I grabbed the sides of his head and held him to me while I regained my balance.”

Will and I are hanging off Marty”s every word as he recounts the hour of his introduction to sexual activity with another guy, the handsome young farmer, a jock strap wearer.

At the point where Marty starts to describe giving his first blow job, I am rock hard and I can tell that Will is as well. However, Will is getting very antsy and suddenly jumps up from the table, holding his hard-to-disguise firmness. “Sorry. Gotta go somewhere!” is all he says, dashing for the bathroom.

I call after him, “You”d better brush your teeth too, while you”re in there.” He and I both know that it”s our code for prepare yourself to be fucked tonight.

“He”s excitable, isn”t he?” Marty asks, smirking.

“Frequently!” is all that I reply. Marty takes it in, and we both laugh.

We agree that we will each need to swap a couple of personal items to the other bedroom. Marty wants his own pillow and I grab our pillows, towels and deodorant.

“No pyjamas?” Marty jests, eyeing my small clutch of items as we pass each other.

“Not tonight, Marty,” I wink at him. Then I add, “And I don”t even know if Will has a pair. I”ve never seen him wear them if he has any.” And Marty laughs.

We all turn in early, for a Thursday night.

It feels different, cuddling up to Will naked, without the fear of Marty discovering us together. The freedom is exciting. So much so, that Will and I agree to leave Marty”s bedroom door open. This adds to the sexcitement, with the real possibility of him hearing us enjoying each other”s body.

After strategically placing the two towels, Will and I snuggle, wrestle, kiss, grapple, massage, suck and frot with each other in various positions. He says, “Come on! I didn”t `brush my teeth” for nothing! I want you in me. You must be bursting for it, too.”

I use all of my willpower and experience to delay the inevitable, relishing the intense and prolonged foreplay. His hole opens readily to my fingers. He”s absolutely ready!

He is on his back and, as I move closer to him, he lifts his legs to my shoulders. In the dim starlight through the window I switch between watching my cock slide and disappear into him and looking at the expression of ecstasy on his youthful face. I want to thrust like a steam engine but I take it slowly, enjoying every delayed moment, observing my train as I make it continually enter and re-emerge from his hot and slippery tunnel.

“I”m close,” he tells me. “Do you want me on my knees?” He knows what I like! I”m close too. He changes position and I re-enter him.

Gripping his hips, I gradually build up speed, feeling the intensity build inside me. My balls start to tingle. Just as I am about to come, I sense something. Someone. I glance sideways to the hallway and can only just make out a shadow, a male figure, jacking off furiously. Then when I look again a mere moment later, he is gone.

I cling to Will”s body, beginning to fill him fully. He relaxes flat onto the towel and I feel both of our bodies spasming. They seem to continue for ages.

“Stay inside me,” Will almost pleads and we both manoeuvre onto our sides with him facing the window and with my back to the door. We pull the sheet over us. I hug him tightly and snuggle with him in our post-orgasmic euphoria.

Some many minutes later, I sense movement. Then I feel another body slide into the bed behind me. He lays a hand on my shoulder and I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he pushes his large semi-soft rod against my cheeks. He says nothing. Neither do I. He spoons up close and tight, and I feel him relax.

Before I drop off to sleep, I think to myself, `Hmmm. It must be an O”Brien thing.”


(to be continued)


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