Schoolgirl Sissy Crossdresser and Her Black Daddy

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Female Ejaculation

Schoolgirl Sissy Crossdresser and Her Black DaddyWARNING: This fictional story contains graphic sexual/profane terms and scenes. This is a work of fiction, a fantasy, and is meant to be enjoyed by horny fucking perverts like myself.I can’t believe this is happening right now. Here I am, a 16 year old white boy dressed in the sluttiest schoolgirl costume and makeup I have ever seen, being barebacked by an older, married black man. How’d I get so lucky?! Let me start at the beginning…It was summer time. As always I spent my summers hanging out and occasionally mowing neighbors lawns for some extra cash. Although I wasn’t exactly the big high school jock who all the girls saw mowing the lawn shirtless and fawned over, I like to think I was attractive, and I would soon find out I was attracting attention from an unusual place. I am 5’6 123lbs, slim petite and smooth with long lean legs and a tight bubble ass that swayed back and forth like a woman’s. I was the picturesque sissy boy. Especially when I had alone time with my mother’s panties, stockings, and makeup. I love dressing up like a whore and watching big black cocks on the internet while fingering my ass. Wishing and fantasizing I was the horny little teen slut they were giving the dick to.Halfway through the summer the house next door which was for sale, was bought by a Black man, his wife, and teen daughter. I approached the man, Marcus was his name, to see if he needed his lawn mowed for the summer. He was a large man at least 6’2 250lbs and solid muscle with a shaved head. Very attractive. He agreed to pay me to service his lawn. It was a saturday afternoon when I arrived to mow. I was feeling somewhat horny this day and decided to wear my mom’s pink thong under my shorts. My parents were out of town and I had been busy playing with my sissy whore self like always. I finished the lawn and came inside to get a glass of water. I noticed Mr. Marcus, shirtless. MY mind raced thinking what I wouldn’t give to suck those hot dark nipples on his giant pecs. I sat down in the adjacent chair. “I haven’t seen your wife or daughter all day Mr. Marcus.” I said making some small talk. “Oh yeah they out of town for a week, going to visit her sister. I never liked her so I decided to stay home for some peace and quiet and alone time know what I’m sayin?”. kayseri escort I sipped and smiled “I know what you mean, my parents are out of town for awhile and I love having some alone time”. As we chatted Marcus got up to go get a beer, as he returned he tripped and spilled his beer on me. “Oh fuck sorry Mark dats my bad!”. My clothers were drenched and he handed me a towel. “oh its alright sir I’ll just go home I need a shower anyway”. Marcus looked at me with a smile “hey man why don’t you just go on upstairs and get a shower in my bathroom? Come on down we’ll hang just a couple of bachelors tonight ya feel me?”. The idea sounded kind of fun so I agreed and entered his shower. I exited the bathroom to his bedroom to put on my shorts and shirt and noticed they were gone….along with my panties..I panicked then saw the bed…Laid out on the bed was a pink and black plaid skirt, white thigh high stockings with lace trim, black lace thong, black bra with lace trim, 5in hot pink platform heels and a dirty blonde wig with ponytail holders next to it..I had no idea what was going on until I saw his note. “Mark, I watched you mow the lawn and saw you bend that tight little white ass over with them pink panties on. Get dressed in this shit and do ya makeup up real slutty then come downstairs for me baby. We gonna have some real fun tonight”. My heart began to race and my 5in cock began to swell. I put on the outfit and complimented it with slutty makeup from his wife’s makeup drawer. I put the hair into pigtails and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like an absolute passable whore. If it wasn’t for my raging hard cock poking out the skirt, I was completely passable. I walked down stairs and into the living room, my heels clacking on the hardwood floor. Speaking of hardwood…there he was..Marcus was sitting on the couch completely naked, watching porn on the tv. His black cock was easily the biggest I had seen. A good 10 inches or so and as thick as my forearm. My jaw dropped and he smiled. “Damn Girl! get over here and sit that white ass down next to me. I sashayed over and sat down. His hand found my ass and he pulled me in immediately shoving his tongue down my throat. “mmmmmmmmmmm you taste good babygirl. I didn’t know you were a sissy whore or I would’ve been your black daddy sooner.” I was in horny shock I didn’t know what to say. I stuttered “Mr. M-M-Marc” he cut me off. “Call me sir, black daddy, big black daddy, or big nigger daddy understand baby?” as he said this he bent me over his lap lifted my skirt and grabbed a handful of my white bubble ass. “Goddamn thats nice, best ass I think I eva seen hunny”. His thick finger rubbed my clenched hole. SMACK!! his hand came down with great force turning my white ass red with a hot spank. Pre-cum left the tip of my cock and leaked into my panties. “We can’t call you MArk anymore whore, Whats yo pussy name?” as his hand crashed down onto my butt again I shouted the first name that came to mind, the name of the hottest slut from my high school. “ALLISON! sir allison!”. “MMMMM Allison huh? sexy little whore name.” He pushed me to my knees in front of him, his cock lined up with my face. “You gonna mouthfuck this nigga cock babygirl?” Without hesitation I grabbed the meat, “Yes black daddy!” and my tongue slid all the way up the shaft to the head which I then popped into my mouth.My tongue swirled his cockhead and down to his balls as he moaned “goddamn! you sure you never sucked dick befo slut?”. I couldn’t even reply I was so horny sucking that fat cock. It was dripping wet when he pulled my mouth off his member. In one swift move he picked me up and took me to the extra bedroom around the corner and tossed me on the bed so I was on all fours. He flipped my skirt up ripped my panties off in one quick swoop and spread apart my cheeks. I gasped and looked back, arching my back of course, as he spit on my hole and said “MMMM I cant wait to taste this white asspussy.” With that he dove his face in tongue swirling my puckered opening. My cock had never been so hard as I felt this for the first time. I was his I was a whore and before long his tongue fucking of my ass was more than I could handle. I HAD to get fucked and bred by this daddy. His tongue invaded my tight virgin butthole as I moaned and begged for more. With one last big spit he was done eating me. “Yeah damn dats wet enough baby. You bout to get dat cherry popped now gurl.” He opened a bottle of lube and dropped a big dollop on his shaft rubbing it all over quickly. “Beg bitch!” he commanded with a loud spank of my right ass cheek. “Daddy I need that cock I need you to pop my butt cherry please stretch me out with that dark dick!” I yelled almost instinctively. I was a whore and It was about to be offical. His cockhead began to touch my pucker and pry its way in…With one slip the head popped in and stretched me. The pain was incredible but Mr. Marcus held back and slowly entered. Inch after inch of black cock was stretching me and slowly but surely he was all the way in. His giant cum filled balls were up against mine when he kissed me on the neck and slid his tongue in my mouth followed by saying “you mine now. this white ass is mine Allison. when I want it I get it understand?”. As I felt the incredible pain/pleasure of his rythmic movement in and out in and out I moaned “yes daddy im your white whore!”. His pace quickened and the pain let up, his giant member began to rub my prostate it was so fucking big and hard. I thought he was really fucking me now when I realized I was furiously backing my asspussy onto his cock while he remained still-I was fucking him!. he held onto my hips and said “Damn baby allison you ready for dis jizz?”. I screamed “Yes sir black daddy breed me please please I want you to fill my butt up please sir!”. Marcus pulled almost all the way out and rammed all the inches back in then grabbed my small hard cock with his strong hand. “YOu gonna scream dis fo me ok? I want you to scream ‘cum in my white buttpussy big nigger daddy!’ over and over and over until I cream you bitch.” I began my cum chant as he pounded away and stroked my hard as a rock cock. “CUM IN MY WHITE BUTTPUSSY BIG NIGGER DADDY!!” I screamed in my girliest voice over and over each time louder than the last as he furiously ravaged my asshole. Finally with a loud grunt I felt his black member flood my bowels in what had to be the biggest load ever. Almost simultaneously I became lightheaded and squirted my own sissy cum all over his hand, the bed, and my stockings-easily the biggest load I have ever squirted. He continued to slowly stroke me and fuck me as cum gushed out of my butt and onto his shaft, balls and the bed. He pulled out of me with a wet plop and I quickly spun around to clean his cock with my mouth. Daddy bent me over again and sucked his own cum out of my ass then fed it to me in the deepest most passionate kiss I’ve ever received. I was a sissy slut now. And even better, I had the week alone with my new black daddy ;).The End

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