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School And ToysMindy was a very good looking 18 year old in high school, she had 36c breasts she was slim and tanned with no tan lines, blond, blue eyes, and she loved sex. All the boys fantasized about her and she enjoyed teasing them all. She was however already with someone named Nick. Nick was a 19-year-old guy he was slim but muscular brown hair and green eyes.Mindy liked sex so much in fact that all she couldn’t think about all day was Nick who wasn’t in any of her classes. One day she couldn’t stand it anymore and talked him into skipping school with her and going to her place because her parents were out of town. Nick agreed not really knowing what was in store but that it would be fun.When they arrived at Mindy’s house she lead Nick right upstairs to her bedroom. And got out some of her favorite toys. A big 10” vibrator a 7” dildo and a 7” vibrator. She made her way over to the bed where Nick sat down beside her and put his hand on her thigh and moved it up the inside under her skirt to where her pussy was and started to feel her up through her silk thongs.“Ohh yes Nick rub me harder you know I love it when you do that. I know baby now how about sucking my cock for me.” Mindy pulled off her top, skirt, and bra revealing her prefect tits. She kneeled down in front of Nick and began to work on his thick shaft taking the whole 8” of it all the way in her mouth. “Oh yes baby just like that, just like that, Oh god your so good at sucking cock.”. Mindy started to move faster and faster taking the whole length of him into her mouth. She could sense he was nearing an orgasm and she knew what was next. He pulled himself from her mouth just as her started to cum and he came all over her face and tits. “Ohhhh god yes”. Moaned Mindy. She loved being covered in cum. bornova escort bayan She started to massage the fresh cum into her tits and started to play with herself. She climbed up on the bed and laid down getting one of vibrator toys and started to use it on her self. “Oh god Mindy your gonna make me cum again from just watching you. I know baby that’s the point I want you to cum all over me again. Please jerk yourself off for me”. Nick started working his prick slowly because it was still a little sensitive from the work out it just had.Mindy started to fuck herself with the 10”vibrator and Nick could her it humming it was up on full. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes that feels so good”. Moaned Mindy.Nick was by no working on his prick like mad pumping it hard. ”Are you close baby I want you to cum all over me again. You keep doing what your doing and I gonna cum all over you”. Mindy continued to work her self over only now she had one vibrator in her pussy and the other she was using to massage her clit. “You know what Nick. I was thinking about taking my little vibrator her and turning it on low and shoving it up my hole and then going to school. Would that turn you on baby? Oh hell yeah do you think you would cum? Of course I would more than once even. Yeah that would really turn me on.” Nick moved over to sit on Mindy’s legs so that she could still play with her pussy but so he could cum all over her. “Oh go her I go I’m gonna cum. Oh yes cum on me baby”. Nick started to shot his load all over Mindy again and again Mindy massaged it into her tits only this time some made it down farther and she rubbed it into her pussy lips. “Fuck me Nick Fuck me hard”. Cried Mindy. Nick couldn’t do anything but oblige this fine looking woman he rolled her over escort bornova and she got on her hands and knees he started to enter her and fuck her doggy style. “Ohhhhhhhhh yes Nick just like that fuck me hard”. Mindy was playing with her clit and didn’t notice Nick reach for the 7” dildo. He spit on it to lube it up a bit and then got some juices from her dripping pussy on his fingers and started to massage her ass hole. “What are you doing Nick. Just wait and see you’ll like it”. He put the tip of the dildo at the entrance to her ass hole and started to push it was hard though she had a really tight ass hole.” No nick it won’t work I’ve tried I’m to tight. Sure it will he took it back out and rubbed it around her dripping pussy and got it covered with her juices and then put it back a the opening to her ass hole and pushed again.”. Ow Nick that hurts stop. Not till it’s in your ass”. And with that he gave a good push and it popped in. “Owwwwwwwww shit that hurts.” But Nick didn’t stop and kept working his dick in and out of her pussy and ramming the dildo up her ass. Soon the moans of pain turned to ones of pleasure. Nick was ramming her hard and she was rubbing her clit hard.” God yes Nick I ‘m gonna cum.” She started to climax and Nick followed suite when she felt him firing his load deep inside her she came even harder and squirted her juices all over his dick. They both collapsed on the bed. Nick left sometime later and went home beacuse there was school the next day.~ The Next Day ~Mindy found Nick at his locker before classes and walked up to him. “Yesterday was amazing Nick your so good to me. What can I say I have a good partner”. Remember what I told you yesterday about the vibrator and school? Yeah kinda.” Mindy took Nicks hand and stepped bornova escort in front of him pressing her body to his but with his hand between her legs. He could feel the vibration from between her legs. “Shit Mindy I didn’t think you would actually do it. Well why not and besides my class is in the science lab with your today”. Mindy smiled seductively and walked away. Nick spent the rest of the day thinking about how Mindy was probably getting off in class. Then it came time for there one class together they sat across from each other in the lab and she told him about how all day she had came 4 times. He couldn’t believe it. “So what do you think would you like to see me cum right here in front of you when you can’t do anything about it. Would I. I would probably blow my load in my pants though. That’s ok I’ll make it up to you later”.[ Please support us visiting new 250k of Fucking Porn Videos! ]Mindy sat across from him for most of the rest of the class just doing her work. Nick had noticed that she seemed to start to squirm a little more towards the end of class. He was really turned on by knowing that his girlfriend had a vibrator up her pussy and was getting off right there in front of him. He leaned across the table and asked”. Are you close Mindy?” She didn’t do anything except nod her head. She was extremely turned on by just having him watch her get off. Then it happened she left out a little yelp and collapsed on to the desk she was twitching like crazy. Nick knew she was Cumming hard and he felts himself get close and then he came as well only he could hide it a bit better. Mindy looked up at him. “Oh my god that was amazing. I’ve never had such a powerful orgasm.” Nick just nodded and looked at his crotch it was soaking wet from all the cum he just released n his pants. “You know Nick I think I could get to really like this cuming in class thing. I’ll have to see about the 10” one tomorrow”. Nick couldn’t do anything but stare at her in amazement. This girl was a sex-a-holic and she was all his.

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