Scarlett Begonias

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Deborah licked her dry lips, digging into her purse for some gloss. The taxi driver watched her slide the tube quite provocatively over her now kiss-swollen lips. Her hair was flattened and mussed in the back, an obvious indication of what she’d been doing. She straightened her hair out and put the bright red flowers she was holding behind her ear half-jokingly. It made her feel more lively. The cabbie winked at her several times in the rear-view, and it was all she could do to keep her tongue in check.

He dropped her off reluctantly at the first bar she saw. Giving the cabbie a withering look to go along with the cash, she noticed his fly was down and he’d been stroking himself to her image in the mirror. Ugh. She turned and walked straight into the bar to avoid further embarrassment and sat down at the crowded bar.

It turned out to be flooded with mostly underage frat boys from some local college. Junior college, she assumed from the looks of them. Half a dozen of them had noticed her entrance, so she granted them with a quick view of her tight round ass as she bent to hop on a barstool. Almost immediately one of the boys got up from his table, and walked over to her, after getting a round of high-fives from his pubescent frat brothers. Deborah watched him out of the corner of her eye.

He was of average height and build, had spiked blond hair, a tan, and perfect white teeth. Deborah silently hated California for boys like him.

“Hey, how’s it going? Never seen you here before.” His deep voice made her ribcage vibrate as he sat down dangerously close to her.

“Yeah, I’m from Santa Rosa. I just came down this way Uşak Escort for a date.” The minute it escaped her lips she winced. Mystery Boy took the bait.

“Hey, me too! Seems like we’re in luck.” He looked like an excited puppy, drool and all. But he was darling in a very innocent way.

“Wait, have a drink first.” She encouraged him. His hand brushed her bare knee as he reached for his wallet. “My name is Deborah, in case anyone asks.”

“Oh, sorry. I’m Justin. I like the flowers, by the way.” His hand was moist and warm as he took hers and shook it. “I go to Sonoma State; it’s right down the street.”

“Oh, cool. I went to Santa Rosa Junior College for a couple years, now I’m just working.” She felt a little less haughty toward him because she realized they were probably the same age. Sometimes she just felt older.

Justin bought drink after drink for the two of them, and after a while, Deborah actually started to enjoy herself. It was time to make things interesting.

They had finally made it to a booth, as far away from the crowd as the tiny bar would allow. She slid over to him and began stroking his leg with her toe.

“You know, I’m not wearing underwear.” That was all he needed to hear. Instantly a bulge appeared in his loose jeans that would rival Tom Jones’. Her eyes widened when she moved her hand up his thigh to his crotch and felt the bulge tighten and grow even more. She shivered a little as he returned the favor and found she was indeed “going commando.”

“Take me home.” Deborah used her best gruff, do-me voice on him. Justin took the initiative and welcomed her into his tiny Uşak Escort Bayan Honda. As he got on the freeway, she took off her shirt. Justin almost lost hold of the wheel.

“What are you doing?” He exclaimed. She wedged her tiny body sideways in the seat to face him.

“Nothing you won’t enjoy.” She said, and unzipped his fly. His huge cock leapt out at her and she sucked the tip into her mouth. She used her tongue underneath the sensitive tip with finely honed skill, forcing Justin to moan uncontrollably. He fought to drive straight.

She kept him just on the brink of coming using her mouth, hand, leg, and whatever else she could fit under the steering wheel all the way to her empty house.

“My parents are gone for the weekend. ” She told the question in his eye. He grinned wolfishly and scooped her into his arms. He set her down on the porch to let her unlock the door, then he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder as they giggled. He searched the house for a place to set her, finally reaching her parents big bed. Justin tossed her on it and proceeded to undress. Finally revealing what Deborah had been waiting for all night, his beautiful young body gleamed in the moonlight like in a scene from some Greek epic. Deborah smiled at her luck. With surprising strength for her size she grabbed him and threw him on the bed. She made him watch her remove the remainder of her clothes and kneel on the bed, her legs spread wide. She began to stroke her closely cut pubic hair. Justins’ cock swayed as he watched. With two fingers she spread her pussy lips open, licked her other hand, and began stroking Escort Uşak her wet clit very slowly and deliberately.

Justin couldn’t take much more. Deborah saw him reach for his swollen cock in frustration. She quickly pulled his hand away and straddled him, rubbing her slick pussy up and down his member. She reached down and teased her clit with the tip, and Justin almost came right then. Finally she inserted the tip into her warm, wet cunt and in one motion let all her weight down on him, thrusting him deep within her. He gasped.

Justin put his hands on her hips and watched her ride him with wild abandon, watching the way her fine breasts bounced in the moonlight. He watched the play of emotions on her delicate features as she drove him deeper inside her tight pussy, loving the way she looked and made him feel.

After a while, Justin threw Deborah on her back, wanting to take control. He poised his cock above her mouth.

“Please suck it.” He growled. Deborah held back a smile and went for his cock voraciously, tasting her sweet pussy juices on him. He pulled back and thrust in into her waiting pussy. Justin pounded her hard and she took it all, loving it, crying out in passion over and over again until, with a silent breath, he exploded, filling her with his warm cum. She’d been coming for five minutes by the time he finally shot his load, and she was impressed by his ability to hold out so long.

They both laid back on the bed breathless. After a few moments rest, Justin picked Deborah up and cradled her loosely in his arms. Silently they met each others’ eyes. This time they were not filled with lust, but something else. Deborah felt a twinge in her stomach. No, she told herself, don’t give in…it can’t be love. Justin picked up the bright red flowers that had been strewn on the bed and handed them to her with a kiss. She sighed. Oh, shit.kiss. She sighed. Oh, shit.

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