Saving Maddie

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Saving MaddieRescuing a damsel in distress pays off in pussy and head like you cannot imagine!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I walked out of the crowded club and debated just going home. It was hot, the place was packed and after two hours of striking out and consuming more alcohol than I should have I figured it was time to walk the three blocks in the shopping district to the apartment that I had leased after I made senior partner at the prestigious accounting firm that I work for.I turned to walk down the main doors when they suddenly flew open and this petite fireball flew out dressed in a blue dress that showed more flesh than it covered! She looked the other way first then looked right at me and said loudly “There you are!” and then she stepped up to me and grabbed my arm and kissed me on the cheek. Before I could respond she whispered in my ear, “Help me!”Two big guys stepped through the doors before they could close and one of them said, “Where ya going you little whore?”I looked down into her pleading brown eyes and I said, “I told you I had some business to take care of out here and to just sit tight. What the hell did you do?” The two guys stopped. They were both drunk and even though I was old enough to be the father of all three, my 25 years of martial arts training and three years of obstacle course competitions left me with no doubt that I could handle the situation. I took her by the arm and she nearly fell off of her 5 inch heels as I pulled her behind me. “Whatever trouble she got into in there, I will deal with once she and I get home. Thank you for sending her out to me.”The one closest to me said, “Old man, get out of the way. Our girls left when she started things with us and now she is going to finish them. Then you can take her home and you can have sloppy seconds.”He took a step to get around me and I kicked just below and inside his knee. He howled and dropped to the ground. With my weight moving forward I rammed a thumb into the side of other man’s Adam’s apple and he immediately stumbled back, grabbing his neck and gasping for air. I turned and took the arm of the young red-head and said, “Let’s go, now.” And taking her arm I quickly walked her around the corner of the club saying, “Don’t look back.” We could hear people coming out and asking what happened, but the two guys were in too much pain to implicate us.Once around the corner of the building I stopped and pushed her up against the wall. I took off my jacket, and then as she turned to look around the corner I put it around her shoulders. It covered more of her body than her dress, which was what I was hoping for. “Unless you have a death or a better plan, you need to come with me now. Those two will be going to the hospital and there will be cops here soon looking for a woman in a woman with red hair in a blue dress.” She whipped around and looked at me and said, “Get me out of here. Get me out of here and I will do anything you want!”I put my arm around her and walked her through a couple alleys. The Funny Bone was just finishing a set and there were several people coming out of that establishment and so we mingled with them and made our way to the discrete entrance to my apartment. I had already found out that she had ridden a bus to the club, was supposed to illegal bahis meet friends there, but never found them. She had admitted to letting the two thugs buy her some drinks, but she was adamant that she had not done anything else. I asked if she wanted me to call her a cab and that was when she realized that someplace along the line she had lost her clutch with all of her money in it. I swore, buzzed myself into the apartment and led her upstairs.When we got inside, I took my jacket from her, hung it up in the coat closet. When I turned around I got my first real look at the red-headed imp that had caused me so much trouble. She was average in height but extraordinary in every other way. As she stood to the side of the window looking out into the street below, her long thin, perfectly tapered legs rose perfectly into the sexy swell of hips and ass that would be the envy of Instagram heathens everywhere! She had a tiny little waist and then a nice taper up to shoulders that were square and feminine. Her dark red hair fell in waves down to about her shoulder blades. Her skin was naturally pale, but had more color than most gingers he had met. More color and less freckles, though there were enough to give her a young girl appeal.“So is there someone I can call to get you a ride home?” I asked and she turned and I could see a the trail of tears that had been running down her face. “No, I just…. If I could stay here a little bit. I can probably call one of my friends to come pick me up once everything outside settles down a little more.”“Well, if you are going to be a guest in my apartment, I guess I need to know at least one thing.” She looked at me as she sniffled as if dreading what I was going to require. “Will you at least tell me your name?”She laughed and wiping her nose with the back of her hand, she walked over to me extending her hand and said, “I’m sorry. My name is Maddie. Maddie O’Roarke and yes, I am Irish all the way through with both sets of grandparents coming to America in 1946. So be warned, forewarned I have a temper!”I laughed and shook her hand and then motioned for her to sit down as I turned to a couple of bottles I had on the kitchen bar. “I will be certain to remember that Maddie! I am Bryan and I am also thirsty, would you care to have a nightcap before you call your friends?”I made our drinks and sat down in the chair across from where she had sat down on the couch. It is a low couch. It is not a couch designed for women in five inch heels. Her knees were higher than her hips and as she sat back and relaxed with her drink I found myself looking at where legs became hips, torso and a shadowed place where I became increasingly curious about.She asked me what I did to have such a great space and why no woman had collared me. So I told her what I did and that the woman who had stolen my heart tried to steal my wallet as well in a divorce, but that had been finalized nine months earlier and the courts had sided less with her and her new lover than with me, so I was wasting that money on me! She told me she had been a college student but after three semesters she still had no idea what she wanted to do, so she had dropped out and was working a couple of sales jobs for now. She also said she had worked in youwin a strip club for a while, but when the owner tried to become her pimp; she had walked and never looked back.“Thinking about it, I bet that was why those guys thought they could just take me out back into the alley and have me blow them! They must remember me from the Silver Sliver!” she said almost to herself. She leaned forward to put her glass on the table and in so doing I saw that the shadow was black panties… black lacey panties.She looked at me suddenly and realized she was showing much more than she intended and closed her legs quickly and sat back with a look of surprise on her face. I cleared my throat, felt the blood rush to my face and thought how stupid I must look, eyeing a girl 20 years my junior. Picking up my empty glass, I stood up and walked over to the bar and debated another drink, when she said, “For an older man, you have a nice bulge.”I damn near dropped the bottle of whiskey. I turned and looked at her and as I did, she smiled and let her legs relax and then slowly open revealing openly the black lacy fabric I had only glimpsed before. “If she liked the bulge before, she is going to love it now>” I thought. I sipped the whiskey as I smiled at her. She then put a finger to her lips and dipped her chin like she was an embarrassed little girl and then she said, in a false innocent voice, “I’m sorry, did I do that to you? It looks so big it must be uncomfortable in those pants!”I about choked on my whiskey as I tried to find a witty response. Instead, my mind became even more overloaded as she then hooked her thumbs into the outer top of her strapless dress and pushing down and in managed to pop her two lovely, just more than mouthful sized breasts out into the open “Oops!” she giggled. I set my glass down and walked over to her.She grabbed hold of my cock through my pants and squeezed it hard, making my cock thicken even more. She bit her lower lip and looked up at me. She looked so damn hot like that! “I haven’t really thanked you properly for what you did for me back there. I guess it is about time I did!” And with that she unzipped, and undid my pants almost as quickly as I could have done it myself. Then, all the while looking up at me, she licked her lips and then fed my rock hard rod between her lips!She twirled her head around the head of my cock as she sucked on my head and it felt so good, I could swear she was actually sucking my balls up and into my cock itself! The girl was good, and it had been so long since I had felt a mouth making love to me. She took her left hand and wrapped her thumb and fingers around my cock and stroked me hard as her mouth gave my shiny helmet the most glorious polishing any proud soldier has ever received!I heard something squishy and I looked down and saw that her other hand was down between her thighs and she was furiously frigging her pussy with two fingers going in and out as her thumb rubbed on a beautiful little clit there at the top of her slit. I was hypnotized by the sights and sounds of the wet little whore. She was working hard on my knob and I found both of my hands in her hair and without even thinking about it, I was beginning to skull fuck my little Irish Maddie.I then pulled her youwin giriş off of my cock because I knew if I did not stop her, I was going to blow my nuts down her throat. She looked up at me confused and I bent down and picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and ran my hands up over the backs of her thighs as I carried her like a sack of dirty laundry into my bedroom where I then flopped her down on the bed. She scooted back up the bed and I immediately climbed between her thighs and put my mouth on her clit and began to immediately suck, lick and nibble at a clit that almost instantaneously she was shuddering, grabbing me by the hair and bucking my face with everything she had. I jammed two fingers into her slit and found my pinky fingering her sphincter. She was cursing like a sailor but showed no sign of wanting me to stop and I continued making her cum over and over again.After what I gauged to be about 10 minutes (who was watching a fucking clock?!?!) I finally decided my cock had become desensitized to the point where it was time. I sat back on my knees and she lay there panting like a freight train praying or at least calling out to God over and over again. Her reprieve lasted only a moment as I lifted one leg around me, grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her belly before lifting her ass up. I was between her thighs a few seconds later, and then I rammed my cock deep into her pulsating pussy and her back arced like she had touched a live electrical wire!It was simply divine!! Her pussy rippled and damn near vibrated with the tremors of orgasmic pleasure waves crashing through her body. With every stroke of my cock, her body seemed determined to pull every bit of me deeper and further up into her, even if it meant pulling my manhood off of my body.She was telling me to fuck her hard, make her sore and I was doing my best. I looked down and realized my right thumb was buried up to the first knuckle in her ass and she was slamming herself back into me nearly as hard as I was slamming into her! Then she screamed and I felt all sorts of female cum being pistoned out of her juicy tight cunt as I slammed into her. It was beyond words as the warm juice sluiced out of her and down our thighs! Buried balls deep, I felt my cock dancing deep inside her and then unleashing its own flood of sex juice deep into her womb!!!I nearly passed out, it felt so good! And then I collapsed over the top of her before rolling off to the side. She giggled a little, rolled over and kissed me before saying “Is that the bathroom behind you?” I only half understood what she said, but nodded and she giggled, kissed me again, scooted to the end of the bed and waddled quickly into the bath where I heard her empty both her bladder and her vagina of all of the mixture of male and female juices that mixed inside her.I felt her climb back into bed and we cuddled. The next morning, I kissed her before heading to the shower. When I got out, she had left with 50 dollars of my cash and an I.O.U. with her name, number and email on it.I smiled and hoped that some day I would get to collect on that marker!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As I told someone the other day, I write because I enjoy developing my style, but I also do it because I like knowing that my thoughts do “it” for other people!!!If you enjoyed this story, please either vote or tell me! It is based upon a fantasy I had the other night at a bar when I saw a sexy as hell little Irish gal. So, if you like the way my mind works, please show me some love!

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