Sara’s Awakening Part 7

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Sara’s Awakening Part 7Sara cracked her eyes open and found the sun blazing through her window, warming her naked skin the next morning. She did a long full body stretch, her arms over her head, legs pushing away from her body and her back arching up. Sara let her mind wander back to the events of the night before. Daddys mouth on her’s, kissing deeply and hungrily. Her taking his cock cock into her mouth and sucking him till he shook from his orgasm. Then his mouth and tongue licking her, tasting her. The building sensation that made her both want to laugh and cry with joy. Her plan had worked perfectly. She had gotten everything she had wanted and it had been even better than she had dared to dream. But now what? Would this whole wonderful experience end after last night? Not if she could help it. Sara rolled to her side and could smell her father’s scent on her pillow. She pulled the pillow close to her chest and held it for a second. She wondered where her dad could have taken off to. He didn’t have to work today so he should still be here. She glanced at the clock next to her bed and realized with sudden horror that she was late for school.Sara hopped out of bed and ran to the living room. She could smell bacon and toast cooking and knew her dad was attempting to make breakfast. From the slight burning smell she knew that his attempt was not going well. Her dad was great at so many things but cooking had never been his specialty.Sara walked hurriedly into the kitchen and saw him standing in front of the stove mumbling under his breath. Sounded like he said “always burning shit”. She giggled and walked over to him quietly. Somehow seeing him there cooking for both of them quieted the panic of being late.She snuck up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt him stiffen for a second but he soon relaxed and she let her fingers run up to his chest. She moved her face to the back of his neck and placed a few soft kisses there trying to gauge his reaction to her touch. Part of her had worried that he would regret the night before or would try to pretend it had never happened at all. She was delighted when he scooted closer to her body and moved his hands behind him to run up her hips.Sara watched as her father turned to face her and pulled her close to him.  He ran his hand up her back until it came to rest on the back of her head. She leaned forward with her eyes closed and felt his lips meet hers. It was a short kiss. The hunger from last night was gone but it was replaced with a new feeling. It was hard for her to explain but the best way she could describe it was right. kaçak iddaa Kissing him as she stood there in the kitchen while he made them breakfast just felt right.”Good morning sweetheart” he said when the kiss was over.”Good morning daddy. Did you sleep well”? She asked with a sly smile.He let out a little laugh at that “yeah. Best I’ve slept in years to be honest. How about you?””Good. Too good actually… I’m late for school””You’re not going to school today. I called you in sick for the day. I thought maybe you’d rather stay home with me today”.Sara felt the last of any lingering worries she had about last night slip away. She hadn’t even realized they were any more there but now it felt as if a giant weight had been lifted from her chest. Not only did he kiss her as soon as she came to him but he had also called her in sick so they could be together.”Obviously we need to talk about last night sweetie. But first we should have breakfast” he said.”I’m actually not all that hungry daddy. Besides I think the food might be a tad overdone.” Sara said nodding in the direction of the now smoking bacon.”Shit” he said turning off the burner and moving the pan to the back of the stove. “So much for that idea” “That’s ok daddy. Let me grab some clothes and then we can talk” Sara said as she headed to her bedroom…When Sara returned her and her father sat in the living room and talked. A good two hours had passed when they finally finished up. At first they chatted about normal stuff. Mark asking Sara about school then Sara asking him about work. They were both nervous about approaching the subject of the night before but after a little while they finally hit that topic too.It started with Mark admitting that he had been watching her from her door for a while. Sara comforted him when he talked about his battle with his conscience. They had both laughed when Mark told her about the night he nearly fell through her door.When Sara’s turn to talk came around they found themselves sitting right next to each other. Sara told him all about the night she discovered her sexual desires and her first orgasm. She talked about her internet research and making the discovery that she wanted him.When Sara was finally done talking she took Mark by the hand and led him back to her bedroom. She started kissing him softly at first but the intensity of it soon built. She let her hands run up and down his back as her tongue ran over his. She could feel his cock pressed hard against her as he reached for her shirt and began peeling it over her head. Sara moved her hands down to his pants and began fumbling with the buttons. illegal bahis She was excited and wanted him inside her right now but at the same time she wanted to make this moment last. She calmed herself and her hands quit shaking as she undid his button then lowered the zipper.After they had finished stripping each other she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself on to him. Her legs wrapped tight around his back and she could feel the tip of his cock pressed against her clit. She thought about raising her hips and sliding herself onto him but waited. She still wanted to draw this out and maybe give him a little more teasing.Sara worked her clit against the base of his cock feeling pleasure pour through her body from the friction. She knew from the look on his face and the small groans that escaped his lips that he wouldn’t be able to take much more of this teasing. Sara placed her head on his shoulder and whispered into his ear “take me to bed daddy”…Mark had been on edge from the very moment he woke the next morning and found himself in Sara’s bed. He couldn’t believe that the night before had really happened and now here he was with her again but this time he was finally going to be inside her. His orgasm had been building from the minute he saw her that morning and now hours later he felt like he was going to crawl out of his skin. He was going to need to take this very slowly if he had any hopes of lasting more than even a minute once he finally entered her.Mark carried his little girl to bed and layed her down gently on the soft mattress. He slowly crawled his way up her body kissing every inch of her as he made his way up. It gave his aching cock a little time to recuperate after feeling her pussy rubbing against him and he hoped he could delay a little longer but as he moved closer he felt Sara’s hand wrap around his cock and guide him to her…Sara gasped as she felt the head of her father’s cock make contact with her pussy. She felt a little pressure against her then he slowly started to enter her. Just a little at first. A few inches then he would pull back before moving forward to give her a little bit more. For a brief second she thought it might be too much and she wouldn’t be able to continue but she soon felt herself relax as her pussy grew accustomed to his size.After several slow thrust he was finally all the way inside her and she could feel his cock hitting one particular spot deep inside her that made her moan deep from within. He would pick up his pace from time to time and she could feel the beginnings of her orgasm build but then he would slow down bahis siteleri just a bit. When his thrusts were hard and fast she would feel that now familiar building grow and she would be right on the edge of cumming but as if he was reading her mind he would then slow down slightly. Not enough that she lost it altogether but enough to keep her from crossing that final threshold. When he would speed back up again the building orgasm would return but with more intensity causing her to buck her hips as she tried desperately to get him to make her cum.Sara reached down with her finger and began playing with her clit which was now beyond sensitive. The touch shot what felt like little lightening bolts of pleasure up her spine. Again she felt her orgasm build and this time he didn’t slow down…Mark had never felt anything like this before in his life. He knew she was going to be tight but this was almost too much. Everytime he pulled back from her it felt as though her pussy was pulling him back into her. It was like she was sucking him back into her every time. That plus the tight friction that surround him and the fact that she had him so turned on he thought he might explode was driving him crazy.He had to hand it to himself though. Despite the fact that he had been close from the minute he entered her he had been going at this like a champ. He watched her expressions and movements as he fucked her. He could tell she was getting closer every time his speed increased. He had intentionally slowed down trying to draw it out for her but he could tell now that it wasn’t going to matter any longer. Mark grabbed her hips and pulled her to him to match every thrust. Getting as deep as he could as he felt his orgasm begin to overtake him…The building continued the grow and she felt as though it was going to cause her to explode. She could hear herself start saying “oh my god” over and over again each time getting louder. Sara felt twin explosions run through her body. One from inside her pussy and the other from her clit. The overwhelming intensity had her grabbing a fistfull of the comforter on her bed and she could hear a scream escape her lips.Sara felt her father’s cock grow slightly inside her then she felt warmth spreading in her pussy. She knew then that he had cum too and the realization sent another wave of pleasure to come crashing down over her. Then he was down on her running his fingers over her nipples and she felt his mouth on her throat as he nibbled on her. Every touch felt like little fireworks of extacy spreading over her skin.She felt her father collapse on top of her and wrap his arms around her. She kissed his shoulder as she felt her eyes start to get heavy with sleep. She heard him whisper faintly in her ear “I love you Sara”.She answered whisper of her own “I love you too daddy”…

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