Sarah’s Journey Ch. 008

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008 A handful of erect penis.

Still standing there in front of this adonis, with his shorts pulled down, my hand firmly gripping his rock hard erection that I can feel pulsing with his heart beat, I was shocked and stunned that I was doing this. All I could to was imagine how it would feel to have him thrusting this big piece of meat in me. If I could even handle all of his length not to mention the girth. I definitely had never seen, touched, much less had inside me anything this big.

Without even noticing how much time went by I looked up at him and smiled. Then I noticed that I was starting to stroke this handful of hard cock that I was still gripping like my life depended on it. I suddenly let go and apologized.

“For what?” he asked with a laugh.

“For ummm, well stroking…”

“Hey I’m definitely not complaining am I?” he asked with a huge smile.

“It’s just that I’ve only ever touched or really seen my husbands…” I trailed off looking back down at this still raging erection bouncing in the cool evening air.

“Really?” He asked in some amazement.

“Yep.”, was all I said as my mind was still racing to try and handle the situation I’d never been in before. “Can I ask how big it is?” I asked with a definite tone of amazement and awe.

“Sure. I’m nothing much to brag about at 6″ long and about 4” around.

“Nothing to brag about!? You’re huge!”

He chuckled and said, “Not really. What are you used to, if I can ask?”

“My ex was about 4″ and definitely thinner than you.”

“Well that’s definitely good for my ego then.” “You don’t have to stop touching me if you don’t want to, trust me I’m not complaining about a beautiful woman like you stroking me. It’s going to be tough to sleep tonight like this.” He stated.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Ummmm…I didn’t mean to ummm…” I was burbling out of excitement, nervousness, all the while being turned on and starting to feel the wetness starting.

“Well if you’d like to help fix this problem I’d be ok with that as well.”

“You mean like ummm…”

“That is if you want to, no pressure.” he reassured with a confident tone.

“Here?!” I said surprised.

“Sure it’s pretty private and no cameras over here.” he shrugged.

“Sure.” I grinned with anticipation. I’d masturbated Brandon before and this is the same, I told my self. All the while my brain screaming, except he’s huge!

I pulled his shorts down a bit further to his balls were now exposed as well, I was excited because they had to be the size of raquet balls. I cupped them and they wouldn’t Uşak Escort all fit in my hand, like his penis didn’t. Each one was a hand full for me, and I gave them a gentle squeeze and he moaned just a little with pleasure. I gripped his bat of a penis and stroked him like a few moments ago but faster and with a firmer grip.

“Like this?” I asked with some trepidation. As I hadn’t hardly done this with Brandon and definitely wasn’t what I would call good at it.

“Oh yes that’s great. You can squeeze harder and be rougher, don’t be afraid of hurting me.” he reassured.

I was in disbelief, I was standing here with a hot guys huge cock in my hand and I was jerking up and down on it like my life depended on it. After only a few seconds he grunted and just said “Don’t stop.”

I felt it swell in my hand and then start spasming. I could feel a bulge move down the length of his shaft right before his penis exploded in a massive shot of semen that hit the wall of the building that had to be 8′ away!

“Don’t stop.” he said again and I kept stroking him as spurt after spurt of cum kept spraying from the engorged head of his penis. It was like he came forever, and the first 6 shots easily hit the wall in front of him. I was amazed, Brandon only ever squirted a few inches and mostly dribbled the couple of times I did this to him.

Eventually after probably 10 squirts it started to subside and they got weaker and slower. But I was still uncontrollably stroking him furiously as he spasmed even though nothing was coming out any more. Eventually he stopped grunting and opened his eyes. And I slowed to just a playful speed now in awe of how much and how hard he just came, and loving having another mans penis in my hand. It was so erotic but taboo at the same time.

“Wow! It’s great that you didn’t stop or slow down when I came. And you know to keep going for a while after I stopped shooting. Just because nothing is coming out any more doesn’t mean the orgasm is over. That was amazing!” he gushed.

“I’m glad you liked it so well. I’m not very experienced at all really, but that’s a longer story.” “Much like your amazing penis.” I added as calmly as I could. All the while still slowly still milking his now softening cock that even now was still longer that I could cover with 1 hand, and admiring the huge amount of cum that had just erupted from it.

“Well that will make it easier to sleep tonight that’s for sure. It’s been a few days for me.”

Laughing a bit “I’m glad. So should I put it away now?” I asked.

He wiped the tip off with a gym towel Uşak Escort Bayan to clean off any that was left and said, yes. “I love it when women do that, take it out and put it back. I don’t know why but I do.”

Looking down as his now mostly flaccid cock and testicles that were obviously relieved, I gave them one last cupping still in amazement, and pulled his shorts out and up to get his package back in them. As I was about to stretch his shorts over his penis, I don’t know what came over me, without thinking I bent down and kissed it right on the tip like I was saying thank you or something.

The instant I did that I could feel it starting to swell in my hand again. I paused for a split second before putting the rest of him back down his shorts. I let go of it and there was a bit of a slap as it fell heavily. I let go of his shorts and noticed that they were still held out by his still semi erect cock. I had to say I was intrigued and impressed. I was used to after Brandon came, it was over. Even when he was 20 it was a day at least before he’d be ready again. But it looked as if my new friend here was on the verge of, ready again!

“Can I get your number?” He asked with a renewed confidence.

“Sure.” I said.

“Great, we’ll discuss dinner then.”

I gave him my number and headed home. On the drive I couldn’t get what happened out of my mind, it just kept replaying over and over. It was such a turn on I couldn’t believe how effected I was. My small pocket vibrator definitely got used even on the short drive back home. At home I ran inside and straight to the shower, vibrator still in hand.

Turning the water on I furiously rubbed the vibrator over my clit and masturbated with a fervor like never before. It was almost violent. Within just a minute I felt an orgasm coming, I tried to slow down and enjoy the process, but there was no stopping it. I came and I felt every muscle inside my vagina spasm and contract like never before. It was amazing, I felt a gush suddenly and it was gone with the shower water. That was new but being in the shower I didn’t give it a second thought. I fell against the wall still trembling and weathering the fading waves of the gut crushing orgasm that just assaulted my abdominal muscles. It felt like I could crush rocks with as hard as I contracted. I slumped to the floor under the warm shower water unable to get up.

Panting on the shower floor I eventually stood up shakily, soaped up and actually showered.

When I finally got to bed I couldn’t get my mind to stop racing, replaying the events in Escort Uşak my head. The intensity of the eroticism was beyond what I ever imagined. I finally faded off to sleep, with my vagina still swollen and wet. I woke up around 0200 to turn over and noticed there was a wet spot on the bed and I was still horny from earlier. I tried to go back to sleep and just couldn’t.

I finally gave up, went to the bathroom and grabbed my vibrator, and a towel. Back in bed I rubbed over my clitoris and fingered myself to another intense orgasm. Nothing like the one in the shower, I definitely could feel my muscles grasping and milking my finger I had inside me. After this subsided I wiped my hands off, as well as the now dead vibrator. Finally I was able to go back to sleep, and I understood what he meant by, tough to sleep like this.

The next morning I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm. I turned it off and went for my morning bathroom run. As I sat there still ruminating about last night, I started thinking. When I did put my fingers inside me usually 1 was all I used, 2 was noticeably more filling and I could feel the grip when I did that. This was nothing out of the ordinary til now. As I remembered how his cock felt in my hand I started to think about how thick it was. I could still close my hand around it but still, it was significantly thicker than what I was used to.

When I masturbated I rarely inserted anything in me except a finger. I honestly didn’t want to stretch myself out because when I did occasionally have sex it felt good and I liked the stretching feeling, but didn’t want to lose that. So insertion never was much of a thing. But now maybe I could rethink that, if he was right about his penis being about average. And if that was the case what else was I going to find out there in the new dating world?

This was Los Angeles with about 6 million people, not some small town in Oregon with only a couple of thousand. I imagined that there were more variations of mens size just by the sheer number of people. It’s statistics, and there I go getting analytical. I got ready and went to work as usual.

On the drive to work I still couldn’t get last nights events out of my head. I grabbed for my vibrator as I often did in LA traffic. I hit the button and nothing, dammit! I didn’t recharge it. I plugged it in to the phone charger and drove to work in anguished discomfort.

All day I could only half concentrate on anything. I had never been so eager to get to the gym in my life. I even changed into my gym clothes in the restroom 15 minutes before the end of day.

I made sure to grab one of my older sports bra to try and advertise the new boobs as best I could. Not that it did all that great of a job, as I’m only a small C cup. But I was hoping that the same guy was going to be there, and maybe I’d get his name this times.

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