Sarah Meets Brooke Ch. 01

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Foot Fetish

I am a Deputy Sheriff in a rural southern county. Usually not too much going on, just the routine drunks, prowlers, and domestic violence calls. The guys are always talking about how much pussy they get because of the uniform, but I never experienced anything like that. Maybe because I’m female, and act as a professional, everyone has treated me with respect. So I blew off all their talk as so much hot air.

Until last week.

I was on patrol in the country, well out of town, when a crotch rocket flew by me. Oh, boy, I said to myself, here we go, expecting a race, but much to my surprise, it pulled over as soon as I hit my overheads. I checked out with dispatch, and approached the bike.

“Turn off your engine,” I ordered the driver, who immediately complied, and then turned to face me, flipping open the face shield. Only then did I realize the driver was a woman.

“May I see your license and insurance?” I asked, trying to take my eyes off the most beautiful eyes staring back at me.

“Sure, officer. I know I was speeding, but this thing is so powerful, sometimes I just can’t help myself,” she said, removing her helmet and letting her long auburn hair spill down her back. She unzipped her jacket and reached inside to retrieve her license and proof of insurance. I ran her through the computer, and she came back clean. I looked at the insurance card and saw that it had expired şişli escort the day before.

“Miss, ” I began.

“Brooke,” she interrupted. “My name is Brooke.”

Honey could not have been any smoother or sweeter than her voice, and I momentarily forgot where I was.

“Brooke, your license is current, but your insurance is expired,” I told her.

She immediately began to plead with me not to give her a citation. “My husband will kill me if I get a ticket!”

At that moment I suspected she was telling the truth. You get a sense of these things after working the road.

“Does he hurt you?” I asked.

“N-no,” she started, as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“I’m here to help you, if you’ll let me,” I said, reaching out to touch her on the shoulder. As I did, the dam broke, releasing the tears she was fighting so hard to control.

“When we first married, he was nice to me. Not loving, like I always dreamed of, but he provided for me. I guess I was his ‘trinket wife’, isn’t that what they call it? But lately he has gotten mean, if I do anything to displease him. He calls me a bitch, and I believe he is screwing his secretary. I saw them together today, that’s why I’m riding my bike, trying to clear my head. Now I’m going to get a ticket.” Her body went limp, as if someone had just let the air out of it.

That someone was not going to be me.

“Who said you were going to get a ticket? You just forgot. Besides, you have enough on you right now.”

“Thank you,” she said, reaching out to hug me, a hug I returned, never wanting to break the embrace, wondering if she knew the emotions flooding my brain at that moment. “How can I make it up to you?”

“My shift is over. Why don’t we go somewhere and talk? You look like you need a friend, and I’d love to get to know you better.”

“Great, how about the deli? It should be quiet about now.”

“Okay, I’ll follow you there.” My heart was racing as she straddled the motorcycle and replaced her helmet, and then kicked it to life. I cleared myself from the stop, and followed her back into town. I advised my dispatch I would be out of service, and pulled around back. Picking up my cell phone, I called my husband to let him know I would be a little late.

“Okay, I’ll feed the animals,” he said, not questioning my tardiness. Our relationship is strong, and he has no doubts where my heart was. But right now, my mind was somewhere else. I had only had one brief experience with another woman, and I wanted to see where this would lead.

When I entered the deli, I saw Brooke was talking to a man. When I saw the terror in her eyes, I realized who he was. It was her husband, and he was tearing into her good.

“You fucking little bitch, you’re supposed to be at home. Who is he, who are you meeting here?”

“I’m not the one who needs to be answering questions, when you’re here with her,” she said defiantly through her tears, looking at a long legged blonde standing near her husband. “I’m not stupid, and I’m through!” She took off her wedding ring and through it. “That’s how much you mean to me””

“Why you little cunt,” he started, raising his hand to hit her.

I grabbed his wrist from behind. “That’s enough!” I said.

He spun around, fist raised.

“Don’t even think about it. One more word, one more move, and you’ll go to jail.”

“And who will put me there, you?” he laughed, looking around the room. He was cornered; he couldn’t be backed down by a woman.

“There’s one way to find out. You can leave right now, or you can go to jail. The choice is yours.”

He was to stupid to take the easy way, and swung at me. Bad choice. I may be 5’7″ and 140 lbs, but I excelled in defensive tactics. In seconds I had his wrist twisted behind his back, and using his momentum, put him on the floor. Two seconds later, he was wearing my cuffs.

“You’re under arrest for domestic violence, assault on a police officer, and just being plain dumb,” I told him, leading him to the car and stuffing him into the back seat. Brook followed me outside, and I gave her my card. “Give me twenty minutes to book him, then call my cell phone. I would really like to continue our talk.”

“So would I, officer, err,?”

“Just call me Sarah.”

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