Sarah comes to visit. Part 2.

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Sarah comes to visit. Part 2.The second day we hung out all day. We went sight seeing, ate at some good places. We got back home. My husband and I get into the shower. We did our usual, talked about things while getting clean. I usually take advantage of this situation when I am horney. Which this night I was.So you can get an idea I am 5’6”. Wear a size 0 and my cup size is DD. My husband is 5’10” average build. I have never measured him but it barely fits in me and he is thick enough to where any more and it would start to hurt. So pretty much it is at my limits of feeling good.We start making out in the shower. I begin to stroke his cock and he plays with my clit. He starts sucking on my nipples as well. I feel electricity all over me and I absolutely need a release and this now rock hard cock must be inside me. He grabs my leg and lifts it up and I guide his cock into my shaved pussy and he wastes no time to bury it into me fully. I am up against the corner yalova escort his right leg is on the back of the tub, my left leg is on top of his. His left leg slightly bent to accommodate the hight difference and I am getting fucked into the wall. It feels so good. He eventually hits an angle that sends me into space. He picks up on it and keeps his position there while he continues to fuck me deep. Waves crash over and over as I get close to the edge. He suddenly pushes it as deep as it can go and keeps it there. It makes me cum so hard I end up pushing his cock out of me and I squirt everywhere, I was pretty loud as well. My legs can’t hold my weight and I collapse onto his arms and he sets me down and shuts off the shower. Sarah walked in and says “That sounded like it felt really good. Can I have some too?” He looks at her and says “Sure, I will be out in a sec.” She smiles and says “Ok I will be waiting for you on the bed.”He dries off and I escort yalova feel stable enough to get up. He goes into the room, and I start to dry off. I get done and I hear Sarah take a deep breath in. That sound means only one thing. My husband now has his cock inside her. Sarah is a couple of inches shorter than me. She is so tiny she has to buy clothes from the youth section. So if he barely fits in me I can only imagine what it is like for her. She also has very perky C cups with puffy nipples. And she has what my husband calls an “innie pussy.” Which is shaved as well.I walk into the room and I see her on her back with her legs on his shoulders. My husband has his legs spread wide. His cock slowly sliding in and out of her now stretched pussy. When he pushes in I see his cock jerk with about an inch left as he hits her limit. His massive balls constantly rubbing on her little asshole, which is one of my favorite things to feel when he fucks me yalova escort bayan like that. She looks like she is going insane, saying “Oh Fuck!” each time he slides into her. She gradually gets louder and she starts shaking. She lets out a high pitched squeal, her face looking like someone just fed her a lime. Her pussy throbbing furiously with his cock stationary, as far inside her as it can go. The inch or so of him sticking out suddenly has a bulge on the underside then it goes away. I realize his cock is filling Sarah with cum and is pumping it into her unprotected womb. He pulls out of her. His head is about 2 inches away from her pussy and it jerks up and a stream comes out and goes into her open pussy. A white string now connecting the two of them. His cock twitches a few more times, cum oozing out which lands on her asshole. His sack covered in white foam. I don’t know what it is about his package, but seeing it makes me want it so aggressively. And seeing it releasing cum makes it so much worse. I am so ready for more. That night we took turns getting fucked by him. For about 4 hours with small breaks in between. He had no trouble filling us multiple times. That was the end of day 2.

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