Sarah, Chapter 2

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It’s been a week since Sarah’s birthday. Nothing further was said about that kiss she gave me. I know it won’t be long before something happens. I was up at my normal 4AM, coffee was done and I had just poured my cup when Jane came into the kitchen. She had a look that something was really bothering her. “Ok, what’s on your mind honey,” I said, as I grabbed another cup for her. “You know what it is Dad, Sarah. She came to me last night and we talked about that “kiss”. Her and I discussed the whole thing, and what can happen. I think she’s just about ready to do something more. She didn’t say so, but I can see it in her eyes and the tone of her voice says so. You know how moms’ pick up on signals.” “Yeah, I do. Your mother had the same intuition. I couldn’t see it, but she did. It’s something only moms’ can do, I reckon.” She sat at the table, drinking her coffee, staring off into limbo-land. “You know I have to go to the office in a few hours. I have the feelings inside that she’s going to do something. Dad, don’t get me wrong, I’m supporting both of you in whatever happens. If it’s nothing fine, but I’m sure it’s going to turn very sexual for her. I know you’ll be gentle with her; you certainly were with me when I was her age. No, Dad, I don’t regret anything you and I did. I was much happier after you and I started having sex. But it was much easier there on the ranch, so much room to get out of sight of others. But here, even though we are out a ways, the public is so close. Plus, there are all of her friends, including some she’s sexually active with. I don’t want her to do something stupid and others find out.” “There’s a lot you don’t know, Janie. So very much I’ve never told you. Your mother made me promise.” “Daddy, I already know you and mom were brother and sister! And, I know I’m the child of you both. I’ve known that before you and I got involved. I was snooping around in that old chest in the attic and found your birth certificates. Your marriage license, where mom used another name a couple years prior. So your secret was kept safe with me, but I did know. And, because of you and I and our involvements, is why I’m supporting this. I guess I just don’t want my little girl to “grow up” so fast. That “over protective mom thing” it seems. I know that incest has been going on in your family for generations untold, too.” “Sometimes you totally surprise me, Jane. I thought Brenda and I kept that secret pretty good. But I forgot all about that chest in the attic. As for the family, yeah, I guess it’s gone on for at least a couple hundred years or so. We weren’t like those so-called “blue blood royals”. The family was so far away from others, it just happened. Ours wasn’t the only family doing things. There are hundreds of family’s right here in this country, thousands throughout istanbul travesti the world. I’ll bet there are some of her girlfriends families involved.” “I’m sure there are, Dad, I’m not about to start any sort of witch-hunt to find out! I’m glad this is all out in the open with us. Maybe that’s what was bothering me. I’m just …..” Jane looked up and saw Sarah standing in the doorway. She had her hand to her mouth and was crying, but had a smile on her face. She walked on in and sat between us, drying her tears. “I heard everything.” That being said, she leaned over to me and gave me another big, tongue lashing kiss. Sitting back, still smiling, she let out a big sigh. “Momma, Pappa, you both know how I feel. I love you both dearly, more than anything. Yes, I want Pappa to make love to me, take my virginity, and make me a whole woman. I was going to try to seduce him later today while mom’s working. There go those plans out the window. Momma, will you and Pappa help me tonight? I know what to expect, but I’ve also talked to other girls and it sounds frightful. I’d like both of you to help. And, yes, momma, I know what it’s like to make love to girls!” I looked at Jane and back to Sarah. Jane looked at both of us, mouth open in surprise, and then burst out laughing. “Oh, Baby, I have no problem with that. It’s been a long long time since my dad and I have done anything and I’d love to have that experience again. I just didn’t know how to make that approach. Since everything is in the open now, I see no reason not to just jump on into the pool and enjoy it again. Daddy?” “Well, hell, why not!” I’m game if you girls are. Jane gave Sarah a look… “You want to take a shower with me this morning, Baby? It’s been a few months since I’ve been with another female, and I miss it.” Sarah, with eyes shining, stood and took her mothers hand, pulling her up and giving her a nice soft kiss, led her off to the shower. It’s time for me to go and watch these two! This could be fun to watch, it’s been a while since I’ve watched two girls playing around. I cleaned off the table and headed to Jane’s bedroom. The door was wide open, as was the door to the bath. I heard the water running and both girls were giggling, so I walk right in and sat on the toilet, watching them. This is really an awesome sight! Two of the most beautiful girls, frolicking in the shower. Sarah has her back to the shower spray while Jane is on her knees getting her hair washed. I’m immediately hard as a steel fence post and drop my pants. The glass on her shower is totally clear, and there are no obstructions. I lean back, taking my eight inches in hand, stroking nice and slow. Sarah takes the hand-held and rinses her mom’s hair. As Jane stands, she looks over and see’s me jacking off. Sarah has her istanbul travestileri back to me and doesn’t know I’m there….yet. Jane reaches around, taking those pert young tits in her hands, working her nipples into diamond hardness. Moaning softly, Sarah turns her head for a kiss from Mom. I’m rubbing large drops of pre-cum all over the head of my cock. “Sarah, close your eyes and turn around, don’t open them until I tell you.” “What’s going on, Mom, another surprise?” “You’ll see in just a few seconds.” Jane, with her hands still caressing those lovely tits, moves Sarah around. She has her hands on top of her mother’s. “Open, open!” Sarah opens her eyes and looks around. Seeing me sitting there stoking my cock, her mouth drops open. “Oh, my god! Momma, you didn’t tell me Pappa is hung like a horse!” Jane laughs. “Yes honey and it’s going to take a little time to get into that tight virgin pussy of yours. You sure you want to go thru with this?” “Yes! Now I want that more than anything in the whole world! I don’t think that thing will fit, Momma, he’s way too big for me. The only thing that’s been inside me is two of my fingers, and some of my girlfriend’s fingers. And their tongues too.” She said giggling. “It’ll go in Sarah,” I said. “It went into your mom’s pussy when she was sixteen. You both are just about identical in size. I’ll go nice and slow. Your little pussy will stretch to my size. It’ll hurt some, and I’ll give you plenty of time to adjust. I plan on giving you about two inches at a time. Maybe you’ll enjoy learning how to take this into your throat too, your momma loves that.” “You’re right about that, Dad! It’s been a long time since I’ve sucked a cock like that. I’ve had all sizes since your father died, Sarah. There were a few even bigger, but I’ve always enjoyed sucking daddy’s cock. And the taste of his cum is so yummy!” “Sarah, you’re just getting started. Everything you do from now on is going to be a totally new experience for you. And I do mean everything, cock sucking, deep throating, pussy fucking in all positions, and yes, even anal. Your mother has done everything with me and others. You’re going to learn too.” Sarah and Jane continued washing and touching each other, often stopping to kiss as I continued my ministrations to my cock. I was soon ready to cum. “Jane, do you want this load I’m about ready to shoot?” “Hell, yeah I do! Bring that thing over here,” she said, dropping to her knees and opening the sliding shower door. I stood, my cock straight out and went to her. Jane took hold of me and Sarah watched as her mother wrapped her lips around my cock. Taking just the head, she stroked me until I was moaning and ready to unload. “Here it comes baby,” I said as I started shooting 5 to 6 threads of cum into my daughter’s travesti hungry mouth. Jane twisted her head side to side as I unload, moaning loudly. Sarah watched in awe as her mother took everything I was giving her. Swallowing, she motioned for Sarah to get on her knees beside her. Sarah drops down, her eyes glued to what was going on. Jane moved her hand up behind Sarah’s head and pulled off my cock. I still had some cum left as I was directed to Sarah. She opened her mouth and enveloped the head as I shot a few nice threads into her virgin cock sucking mouth. Her eyes got large as she gagged a little. “Swallow it, Sarah, swallow all you can, it’s really wonderful,” Jane was whispering to her daughter. Jane milked my softening cock of the last drops. Sarah swallowed and swallowed, getting all I had to offer. As I got a little smaller, Jane pushed on her head to get more of me into Sarah’s mouth. “Take it, Baby, it’s easy now. Take all you can, and whip your tongue all around the head. That really feels good to a man.” Sarah closed her eyes and took a good four inches of me. I felt the back of her throat before she pulls off some; her tongue was slapping the head of my cock, which was now growing hard again. “Keep going Sarah, he’s going to get hard again, just keep as much as you can. That’s my girl, keep him in your mouth and take more and more. When his cock gets to the back of your mouth and starts into your throat, it’s gonna make you gag and choke, that’s normal. Just pull back some and try again and again. You’ll get used to it. This is your first time sucking a cock, isn’t it Baby? You’re doing just fine, Sarah.” I’m about half hard when Sarah had enough and takes me out of her sweet soft mouth. “Yes Momma, Pappa is the first cock I’ve even seen up close or touched. I like the way it feels in my mouth and hand. I’m not sure about the taste yet. I like the feel of him, in my hand and in my mouth. His cum is thick and creamy, and tastes a little salty and a little bitter, is it always like that?” “That’s right,” Jane said. “The taste of a man’s cum can be changed from salty/bitter to salty/sweet. It all depends on his diet. Your Pappa drinks a lot of coffee and eats a lot of red meat. If he changes to sweet fruits, juices, fish and white meats, the flavor of his cum will change to a little salty and sweet. It just takes a few days of a new diet to change the flavors. It’s the same with the taste of a girl, Sarah. The taste of your pussy and juices can also be changed by what you eat and for how long. By eating lots of sweet fruits, and not much red meat, your pussy will taste on the sweet side. But, a girl who loves someone really doesn’t care, just as long as she’s pleasing her lover.” “I didn’t know all of that, Momma; they don’t tell girls that in school. And I don’t think any of my girlfriends know that either. Now, I have something to teach them, but I’m only going to let them know that mom and me were talking about sex and she told me.” “Just don’t ever let out that you are having sex with a family member, even if you know some of your girlfriends are.

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