Sappho’s Legacy

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Sappho, mentioned in the title, was a Greek poet and author many of whose poems and stories were written for the women she loved. Although considered subversive after her death in approximately 600 b.c. she is today venerated on the island from which the name ‘lesbian’ is derived.

Although all characters and events are fictitious the resort of Skala Eressos exists on the Greek island of Lesbos and it is the centre, yearly, of a large lesbian festival. The tour company mentioned also exists and has its base in the area. Many women, having found the resort, set up home here running small hotels and pensions exclusively for women.

I looked across the aisle and watched as the knuckles on Lisa’s fingers whitened with her grip on the arm of her airline seat. ‘Fuck that camera’, I thought, if we hadn’t had to go back for it we could have had window seats together and I could have comforted her. As it was the three feet that separated us may as well have been three miles for all the good that I was doing her.

I tried to get Lisa to visit her doctor and obtain some tranquilisers for the flight, but no, she decided to trade alcohol for drugs this time. As it was she’d had two large brandies and she still looked like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights of a speeding car.

I reached across the aisle, my hand covering hers, a gesture, hopefully of reassurance. Her hand left the arm and gripped mine, bridging the gap that separated us. Suddenly she let go, her hand once more gripping the armrest as she looked around the plane, furtively.

I rested back into my seat. I knew what she was thinking. I felt like shouting back at her, ‘So we’re fuckin’ dykes, so what’, but I didn’t. I’d tried to get her to ‘come out’ more times than I could count. On the last occasion she reminded me, forcefully, that I had nothing to loose, and she was right. I had no family to condemn me, or friends to judge. I was orphaned at the age of ten, both parents killed in a stupid car crash with a drunken salesman, leaving me to kick around foster homes for eight years, until the last one kicked me out for coming on to their daughter. At least that was what they had thought, actually, it was the other way around, but, I must admit, I didn’t resist.

When we met I could tell immediately that Lisa was attracted to me, and I too her. It took months before she admitted it, and even then I was sworn to secrecy, like two school children sharing a stupid secret. It took even longer to get her into bed.

The sound of the engines revving dragged me back from my thoughts. I looked across the aisle at Lisa; her eyes were shut tight, causing little crows feet to show around the corners. My heart ached to comfort her, to tell her that it was ok, but I was strapped in, helpless.

The plane moved forward slowly, the engines revving higher, almost screaming. Then the brakes came off and we hurtled down the runway. Lisa’s lips had slipped back, her white teeth gripped together as if she was snarling. I reached to her again, but she didn’t respond this time. After a few minutes we were at cruising height and I saw her relax back into her seat.

Our trip to Lesbos was an attempt, by me, to get her to act as if we were a couple in public, instead of pretending that we were two girls out together, friends not lovers. I’d heard that it was a ‘gay friendly’ island, not surprising; after all, it was where the word lesbians originated. Sappho had a lot to answer for, I thought, wryly.

I unbuckled my seat belt and stood in the aisle, stretching. Being 5’10”, and as Lisa remarked once, all legs, meant that the room provided by the budget airlines was less than adequate for me. Looking around the cabin I spied quite a few girls sitting together, most engaged in conversation or reading. I caught the eye of one and smiled. She smiled back, then leant across planting a lingering kiss on her partner. I shrugged as she looked back at me, smiling again and raising her eyebrows. I wondered if it was an invitation for a threesome at a later date. I shook my head, declining, if that was what it was. She mouthed ‘ok’ back at me and engaged, once more, in conversation with her fellow passenger, as if nothing had happened.

I sat down. Why can’t we be like that, I thought. Be like a normal couple and if people don’t like it then fuck them. I knew most of Lisa’s friends and family by now and I had to agree with her that some would have abandoned her, if they had known about us. The apartment we shared had two bedrooms, the unused one always looking anything but, in case anyone called uninvited. As far as anyone knew we were just good friends splitting the cost of the rental, which in London, was exorbitant.

We rarely went out together, her fear of discovery meaning that we had to go to the ‘straight’ places, no gay bars for us. The resulting problem of fending off men on the prowl for an easy lay meant that nights were usually spent in front of the T.V. or listening to music; not the sort of life for two young people, and both of us being in our Ankara bayan escort mid twenties that was what we were. This holiday was, hopefully, going to change that, if only for two weeks, but things had started off badly. I tried to slip my arm around her in the departure lounge but she shrugged me off, even though two girls were openly making out, much to the amusement of the other passengers.

I looked across at her; she was engrossed in a paperback, acting as if we were strangers. I was tempted to open the overhead locker and get my own book down, an anthology of lesbian erotica, but I knew that she wouldn’t speak to me for days if I did. The book was destined to be hidden, read allowed to each other in the seclusion of the bedroom.

I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist it. I leant across the aisle to her and whispered, “Fancy a trip to the toilet for a quick one”, I said. A look of horror spread across her face and I laughed, drawing the attention of several other passengers. She again absorbed herself in the book, that’s me ignored for the next couple of hours, I thought. I did think of spending ten enjoyable minutes in the toilet myself, but I didn’t think it was fair on the other travellers, a queue already forming outside. I suppose I could have asked for a blanket to hide my actions but knowing what I was like when I came everyone in the immediate vicinity would have known. No book, and no one to talk to, this was going to be a long flight, I thought, so I settled back into my seat to snooze my journey away.

By the time I woke we were coming into land. I’d missed my lunch, which is never a bad thing knowing what airline food is like. I looked across at Lisa, her hands were gripping the armrest, I wondered if the nail marks would ever totally disappear. I didn’t reach out to her this time, I thought, what’s the point, she’d just ignore me. Again relief bathed her face as we touched down at Mytilene, another flight not destined for the disaster list. As we taxied to the terminal she smiled at me, at least she was beginning to thaw, but, I wondered, how hot would she eventually get?

By the time we got our luggage she had actually touched my hand, she did look around to make sure that no one was watching, but at least it was a start. When we boarded the bus to transfer us to the accommodation she rested her hand on my knee, I was surprised until I noticed there was no one in the opposite seat to see, when someone did sit the hand was quickly removed. I didn’t expect her to throw me to the ground and lick me out but surely a small show of public affection wasn’t too much to ask, especially on holiday and especially here.

We reached our accommodation, on the edge of Mithymna at about two in the morning, Greek time, and we were both exhausted. The thought of cuddling up together, not having sex, but just being close filled my mind, that is, until I discovered that she had booked a twin room; no double bed. My anger rose again.

“What the fucks this?” I said when we entered the room, “When we looked for a place you were supposed to specify a double bed . . . we agreed.”

“We can push them together,” she answered.

“Yeah, and then pull them apart in the morning? For fucks sake Lisa, do you think anyone cares here?”

I could see the tears beginning to fill her eyes but I was in full flow, I couldn’t stop myself.

“Why don’t I sleep next to the pool, on a lounger, would that suit you, then no one would know about us?”

Her tears flowed uncontrollably and my heart melted, as usual. I reached out and pulled her close, her head resting against my breast, my hand running through her short blond hair.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, “but this can’t go on. Someone’s going to find out and it’ll be worse for us both.”

I felt her trying to nod against me as she sniffed back more tears.

“Let’s leave the beds, I’m too tired to move them,” I said.

She pulled away from me, turned and started to undress. I watched as each item was discarded until she stood, naked, and turned towards me. My anger had subsided slightly, but not enough for us to make love, so I kissed her gently on the lips and began to undress myself. We slept apart that night, the first time in several months and I missed her warmth next to my body. I lay for a while listening to her suppressed sobs coming from her bed barely a foot from mine. The temptation to move to her was almost irresistible, but I did resist. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and I knew that this holiday was make or break for both of us. If she didn’t want to ‘come out’ then I saw no future for us, I would leave her when we returned home. It wasn’t fair on either of us to stay together. I drifted off to sleep with that sad thought in my mind, my own eyes full of unshed tears.

By the time I woke the sun streamed in through the lace curtains, blinding me with its intensity. I’d forgotten how powerful it could be in Greece after the comparative dullness we had left behind. I looked across at Lisa; she was still fast Escort bayan Ankara asleep, snoring gently. I decided to have a, hopefully, hot shower to wash away the dirt and grime from our journey, before I woke her. I slipped away to the small tiled bathroom and closed the door, not wishing to disturb her. The hot water was gloriously hot, and the cold invigoratingly cold. I felt refreshed and ready for the world when I emerged, Lisa, on the other hand, was still asleep.

I dried myself and dressed, shorts and cropped top. On opening the veranda doors I spotted a small supermarket opposite and wondered if I could sneak over for some fruit without being missed. I decided to chance it. By the time I returned Lisa was beginning to stir. The rattling of crockery, I was never subtle, woke her fully, she smiled at me, the argument of the previous night forgotten.

I leant across and kissed her forehead.

“Hi, sleepy,” I said, “you shower and we’ll have breakfast outside, it’s glorious.”

As I took our fruit outside I could hear her showering, singing as she did. That’s a good sign, I thought, as I poured the coffee.

She sat on the veranda and I placed the cup in front of her, kissing her gently on the shoulder. She flinched, I sighed as I moved around the table to take my own chair. I noticed a young couple approaching and I moved back behind Lisa.

“More coffee?” I asked, she looked at her full cup, but before she could answer I leant forward, kissing the top of her head. I knew that the couple had seen, I wanted them too.

I looked at them, “Good morning,” I said, “beautiful day isn’t it?” I didn’t need to see Lisa’s face to know the expression that would be there.

The man smiled back at us, “As usual, this your first day?” he asked.

I nodded and he continued, “Have a nice holiday, no doubt we’ll see you around.” He gave a cheery wave and then continued towards the pool.

“See,” I said, “that wasn’t too hard was it?”

She jumped up from the chair, no tears this time only anger in her face, “That wasn’t fair,” she spat, and moved back inside. I followed.

“Either we act like a couple or the beds stay as they are and we go our separate ways on the holiday,” I replied, equally angrily.

“You don’t mean that,” she answered, “I know you don’t.”

“Ok,” I said quietly, picking up my bag, “I’ll see you tonight then . . . maybe.”

I began to move to the door, a moment of truth. I knew I was being hard on her but something had to be done. My hand was on the handle when I heard her say, “I’ll try, but it’s difficult for me, you know that.”

I turned to her, “That’s all I ask, for you to try. This is the first day, no kissing in public, but let us at least hold hands, even straight girls do that.” She tried to smile but I could see her bottom lip quivering, she was on the verge of tears again. I moved to her, holding her close, her head once more against my breasts. The couple we had spoken to earlier walked passed, he waved at us. If the kiss didn’t indicate to him that we were a couple then this certainly did. Little then did I know the passions I had unleashed with my ultimatum.

We decided to walk down the hill and into Mithymna for some basic provisions. Lisa noticed the supermarket opposite, but I put her off by saying that it didn’t have much choice and the ones in the town would be better. I needed the walk, especially with her beside me, and I wanted to see what she would do. We walked down the drive and onto the main road. I held my hand out, she hesitated and looked around. I almost withdrew it before I felt her sneak hers into mine. I smiled as we walked hand in hand down the dusty road, I wondered how long I would leave her at ‘stage one’ before I could push her further. I wanted to kiss her long and passionately, somewhere where others would know we were together, in love, and the fact that we were both girls would mean nothing.

As we walked I could feel her relaxing, arms swinging. Even though the sun was merciless at that time of day I wouldn’t have traded what was happening for all the shade and cool beers in Greece.

We entered Mythymna, the castle towering above us. Small cobbled streets lined with gift shops and tavernas all seemed to lead up to it. We only walked a few yards before she let out a squeal of delight and pulled me across the narrow street and towards a jewellers shop. I hesitated to tell her that there would be many more further on as I watched her excitedly scanning the window. I loved to see her so relaxed and happy.

She pulled me towards the door, I allowed her too. I wanted nothing to spoil the moment, to break the connection between us. She flitted among the display cabinet’s, dragging me with her by the hand, pointing out the more beautiful pieces. I would have bought them all, for her, if I could. I raised her hand to my face and allowed my lips to rest momentarily on it. I looked to see her reaction; she smiled at me, a little hesitatingly, but that was enough for me. I didn’t know why she had changed so Bayan escort Ankara dramatically, maybe it was the ultimatum I had given her, or hopefully, that she at last realised that she loved me, and I her. I didn’t question it further. We left the shop with the usual, “We’ll be back,” words to the owner, and wandered up the street, still hand in hand.

Eventually the street dipped downwards and towards the harbour. We stood and watched as a fishing boat tied up, the catch being loaded into a plastic container on the quayside. The heat was becoming more intense and I was thirsty. We sat at a small taverna and ordered beers. I knew that it was a little early, but after all, we were on holiday. We sat and watched as the people wandered by, for the first time, in public, I felt as if we were a couple. I leant across to her not knowing how she would react. To my surprise, and delight, she leant towards me, our lips touching. I found myself looking around to see if anyone had seen us, I rather hoped they would. Everyone ignored us; it was as if our actions were perfectly normal.

“Let’s go back to our room,” she asked.

“But what about our drinks, and our provisions,” I replied.

“Let’s go back to our room,” she repeated. If she had said ‘let’s fuck’ her meaning couldn’t have been more obvious.

We wandered back to our room. No, wandered is the wrong word, rushed would be more accurate. If there had been a dark alleyway or secluded place out of sight of prying eyes I would have dragged her there, such was my desperation for her.

I’m not sure who pulled whom into the room, we probably pulled each other. She turned, her head tilted up towards me. Her hands reached up to me and pulled me down, our lips met, not tenderly but urgently. I knew this was going to be no gentle love making but a quick and furious fuck, the kind she seemed to need every so often, me too. I felt her hands at my shorts, unbuttoning them then trying to drag them down with the zipper still up.

“Fuck,” I heard her say. It was when we made love that she swore, the only time, which made her language the more erotic. My shorts were over my hips, trapping the zipper tight, she pulled harder; I felt the zipper give way, another ruined pair of shorts, but who cares. The shorts ended up on the floor, my tiny briefs still covering me. Her hand slipped inside, no preliminaries, her finger slid into me. I needed no further arousing, my cunt was already soaking wet, and I knew it. She lifted my tee shirt, her teeth clamped onto my right breast, then she sucked the hard nub powerfully into her mouth as she finger fucked me.

I reached down to remove her tee shirt, she almost reluctantly left my breast as I pulled it over her head, once free, she renewed her sucking, the firm nipple drawn deep into her warm mouth. I looked down at the gentle swell of her breasts, the nipples erected into two hard nubs. I tried to remove her hand but she resisted, her fingers finding my ‘g’ spot, her palm rubbing over my clit. I wanted to get her into bed but I knew this was what she needed, a fast and furious standing up fuck. I noticed that the door was still partly ajar, I left it. If someone wanted a show they were certainly getting one. I could feel my orgasm bubbling, but I wanted us to come together. More forcefully this time I pulled her hand free and pushed her onto the bed, dragging her shorts off and burying my head between her thighs. Her cream was running from her gaping cunt, I lapped at her like a cat, savouring every drop of her honey.

I licked up and down her crinkly lips and dipped inside, collecting her juices and swallowing. The more I drank the more she produced, I had never know her so aroused, and in the need of an ‘express fuck’ before. She pulled me over her, “Fuck me,” she said loudly. I thought of the open door, but it didn’t stop me. I yanked my briefs down and lay across her our cunts touching, and I began to undulate my body. Lips slid against lips, the coarse hair around my cunt rubbing against her clit, what she had left of her fine, downy blond hair rubbing against mine. The insides of my thighs were wet with our combined fluids, I moved faster, her hips rising from the bed to push her cunt tighter against mine.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” I heard her moan through the haze of my own orgasm. She dropped back onto the bed, my actions getting slower and slower, to bring her down easily.

“You can’t believe how much I needed that,” she said, through her gasps.

“I think I might,” I answered, looking down at her.

She tried to pull me into the bed, but I resisted, I had other plans for tomorrow and I didn’t want her ‘all orgasmed out’.

“Let’s go back into town,” I said, “I want to walk up to the castle, you don’t mind, do you?”

She reluctantly rose from the bed, I wondered if she felt a little rejected, that I didn’t want, so I kissed her gently and held her for a few minutes.

We dressed and walked down the hill, this time it was she who reached her hand to me. This was going better than I could have dreamed possible, I thought. Turning at the junction beside the small open air cinema we continued up the cobbled street and towards the castle. The view along the coast in each direction was magnificent. I heard her say, “I forgot my camera, sorry.”

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