Santa’s Helper

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In these difficult times, you take work where you can get it. I am not gifted with an extraordinary amount of skills so I could not be picky. Around Christmas time there is always temporary work available, some of it less than ideal. I thought about being a mall Santa and decided it would be perfect for me. I could make some decent extra money at night. I was not crazy about the holiday season but I was an excellent actor so I figured that it would not be a problem.

I started immediately and the work was not bad at all. I felt like I was servicing the community by providing entertainment for the kids. They always say that people are either depressed or very happy around the holidays. For me, it was always a time where I was very excited. I had many fond memories of Christmas and looked forward to it every year. My only complaint was that it seemed overly rushed and I did not have the time to adequately talk to everyone. There were simply not enough of Santa’s helpers to take care of everything. I was told that we were short one person and they had just made a new hire. She would start tomorrow so I expected things to go much smoother tomorrow.

I arrived at work and was introduced to the new woman, her name was Donna. She was not the usual helper, she was actually very distracting. She was of average height with soft blond hair. She wore her Santa skirt very well; there was not a helper that wore this costume even half as well as her. Of course I had no problem taking a good long look right down the front of her shirt. I got a grand view of a very perky pair of tits. Her legs looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom in her coffee stockings. I knew then and there, that I had to have this woman; I could barely stop myself from reaching under her skirt. I was fortunate enough to have her drop something right in front of me which gave me a prime view of her cleavage. I decided I had to introduce myself.

“Glad to see we have more help today.”

“Oh yeah, thanks. I have never done this kind of work before.”

“Nor have I, one thing I do know is we need your help. It was incredibly busy yesterday.”

“Well, I hope I can help.”

Her heels clicked on the floor, as she trotted off, I got a scenic view of her ripe, rear end. I wondered what it would be like to be taking her from behind. She disappeared into the winter wonderland that was Santa’s village. Looking at all of the cottony snow brought me back to reality and the job at hand. The crowds would slowly be arriving and I knew I had to get my mind out of the gutter as quickly as possible. The hustle and bustle of the holidays had not time for these kinds of distractions. The crowd poured in and began the same way the prior night commenced.

We handled the night very well. It was very busy, but at the same time it was never so busy that we could not handle the throng. I knew that I could certainly use a drink and I was hoping that Ms. Donna could use on as well. She looked as stressed as I was so I figured why not?

“Wanna grab a drink, you look as beat as I am.”

“Not sure…I need to make a few phone calls and I will get back to ya.”

“Well, I am going next door, so if you wanna meet me there, just Urfa Escort come on over.”

I took a seat and kicked back with a tall Sam Adams. I really did not know what to expect, I was hoping Donna would make the trek over but not very confident that she would. I was thrilled to hear the click of heels behind me and immediately I knew that it was her. The whoosh of her stockings was also unmistakable. She pulled out the stool, sat down, and slide herself to the bar counter. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw her long legs cross over one another.

“Martini thanks.”

“Glad to see you made it. Was not sure if you were up for it or not.”

“Well, it has been a long day. I could use a little…stress relief.”

The thought had occurred to me that a friendly drink may not be all she had in mind. I would just play it cool and keep the drinks coming and see where it goes from here. We made small talk for the next few hours and I gave what little advice that I could about her new job. At the same time I kept my eyes on Donna. I kept looking her up and down and the more I looked, the more I liked! She had a nice pair of peaches under that costume and perhaps, the cleanest, smoothest feet hiding in those heels. I think she also liked what she saw of me as she laughed with me and pulled and tugged on me as we bantered back and forth. I found out that she was a bit older than me but she sure as hell didn’t look it. I wanted to stroke her silky blond hair but knew I had to resist the urge. It was almost midnight before I realized what time it was.

“I think we should get going, it’s getting a bit late for me.” I suggested.

“Awww, come on, don’t be such a baby. Where were you planning on going?”

“I was gonna go home. What did you wanna do?”

“I dunno lets go for a walk, any stores still open?”

“No idea, I guess I can spare some time.”

We left the bar and took our walk. It was very serene walking amongst the various Christmas displays. The soft white tones as well as the semi-chaotic blinking lights provided unusual entertainment. Even with whipping wind there were a few stragglers shopping every thought I had was focused on this blond bombshell. The alcohol had merely enhanced that notion in my head. We walked closer and closer to each other until finally she locked her arm within mine and we observed the various goings on. Then I noticed something very unusual near the store. I watched as the backdoor swung open. We went to investigate and hopefully shut the door. We went inside and looked for a phone to call the manager. I looked at the Santa display as we walked by, my thoughts on the fact that this was as quiet as it would be for a while. I got in touch with the manager and he told me to get the extra key and lock the door.

We stumbled into the back room looking for the key. It was not easy as that area of the store was the most poorly lit. We stayed close to each other as we looked for the door. Neither one of us was interested in taking a drunken tumble. We fumbled for the door knob and slowly crept through the narrow hallway and into the office. I reached for the light switch and flicked it and nothing happened.

“Great, Urfa Escort Bayan how the hell are we gonna see now?” I barked in frustration.

“Wait…I see the TV remote. We can use the light from the TV to help us find the key.”

“Fair enough, turn it on and let’s get going.”

Donna reached for the remote and the TV flicked turned on giving us more than enough light to see the room. It was curiously in black and white and we soon realized that it was one of the security cameras. We opened the drawers in the desk looking for any kinds of keys and they were soon discovered by Donna. I looked up and wondered if Donna saw what I saw.

“Damn, look at that.”

“What do you…OH! You think this is his or stolen?”

“No idea, kinda pervy I think.”

“Ummmm…yeah but kind of hot. Don’t ya think?”

Truth be told, the moment I saw what was on the screen I was immediately turned on. The video in question was a compilation of couples in the heat of passion at various places in the mall. It would appear that my good boss has been collecting for quite some time as we watched couple after couple get ‘lost in the moment’. Watching porn with her was getting me going, I kept glancing to her face and noticed her rubbing herself every once in a while. I wanted to stroke right here and now but I knew I would have to wait.

Donna walked over and pushed me into the large, leather office chair. Savagely, she unbuckled my pants and shucked my shorts down exposing my raw hard on for her on gratification. I lay back as she worked with the precision of a surgeon on my cock. Her hand cupped under my balls as her mouth vacuumed my shaft into her mouth. My bulbous tip was rolled in her moist mouth like kernels in a popcorn popper. When my shaft was not in her mouth, her hand stroked my saliva coated cylinder always bringing me to the point where I was ready to cum. I laid my head back and ran my fingers through her silky blond hair as she groped my cock and massaged it with her tongue. Her mouth made an ‘O’ shape and ran the length of my shaft while her hand followed on the underside. The feeling was so exquisite I just couldn’t stop from shooting my hot load. Her hand gripped my totem pole and pumped and stroked until ever drop of my seed was dispensed.

“Now let’s give that boss of ours something to really watch! Follow me.”

“What are you talkin’ about?” I asked her with a bewildered look on my face.

“Just follow me.”

I followed her as we went to the Santa’s village display in the middle of the store. I had a good idea of what she was up to and the thought was almost more than I could tolerate. She unzipped her skirt and kicked it aside, calling me over to her. The temptress stood in the middle of the floor draped in silk. Coffee colored cream stockings, a white semi sheer panty and bra set was all that separated her from being completely exposed. I walked over and threw my arms around her waist and nibbled on her ear while I pulled her body close to mine. My mouth moved down her neck and my nose slowly nudged her straps off. I watched the lacy cups tumble to the floor and felt the warmth of her nude breasts against my chest.

“This Escort Urfa doesn’t seem a little strange to you? I am Santa after all?”

“Santa needs nookie as much as he needs those cookies.” She quipped back at me.

My hands moved across her ass pulling her lower body to my own. My cock was limp at the moment but I knew it would not take much for it to become reinvigorated. We quickly found ourselves on the floor as I turned her around so I could return her oral treat she had given me. I slurped above her lips giving her a preview as to what was to come. I groped at her lips like a fish going for water. I wanted to tease and tease until she begged for it. Like a trickle from a broken sink, her juices began to flow. That is when I decided that it was time for my mouth to plunder her hidden treasures. My tongue wormed its way around her very swollen clit and I felt her legs clench my head.

“God damn Santa, I want that cock now!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that thought. Here I am still half dressed as Santa, nailing one of my helpers. I can only imagine what the boss was going to think. He would have plenty to watch on this video for sure! It was exciting to know that he would most definitely be seeing this hot display.

Donna bent over and pleaded with me to take her from behind. I looked at her half-moons from behind and got a firm grip on one of them. My shaft was once again an erect thick tower as I prodded her moist lips with my crown. Her entrance was just about ready to swallow me but I continued to tease her stroking her slit as my shaft merely made surface runs on her entrance. I gripped her ass cheeks and finally plunged myself into her moist slit.

“MMMPPPHHH…Very nice, let’s make sure we give…a good show!”

I squeezed her cheeks as I pushed her back on forth on my prick as it hooked up into her kitty. I looked down watching myself appear and re-appear between her legs. It was kind of funny seeing the cotton snow underneath us. It was very itchy but well worth it for the effect. I spanked her ass as my balls began their own slapping against her tight ass. I let go of her ass and stood up so I could go froggy style on her. I always loved to go full speed in that position. I hovered over her and pounded her mound enough to get a good sample of her cream.

“Oh Fuckkkk….I’m Cummmmminnnn!”

I first felt her girl juice on my head; it pressured my crown and almost popped it out. My hands reached underneath her and squeezed her tits for leverage. I quickened my pace to hear more of her moans as I drenched my rod in her juices. We both grunted and groaned as much as possible to tease the boss. As I ground her from behind I rotated my hips, hitting every inch of her secret crevice. Her head dropped and went straight to the floor as she pleaded for me to go faster and faster. Her words of encouragement allowed me to summon what was left of my stamina. Even in this winter wonderland our sweat streamed down our bodies, the janitors may have a messy clean up on this one, I thought. As she came for the second time, I simply lost it. I shut my eyes, looked straight up and let my seed go. My hips, almost as if under their own power, kept pumping her honey hole with my juice. Her pussy contracted and made slurping sounds as I involuntarily had spasm after spasm of cum fill her.

“Hmmmm, you think he will let us watch that?” Donna asked.

“Well, it is Christmas and might make a wonderful gift!”

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