Sammy Ch. 01

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Samantha was 18 years old and in her last year of high school. Standing about 5’5″, 120 pounds, Sammy as her friends called her, certainly didn’t lack men’s attention. She has brunette hair and deep brown eyes that accent her full lips and wicked smile. She knew how to tease, and she used it to her full advantage. Sammy pulled her car into the parking lot of work and saw that Steph was working as well. Both girls worked at a café at a bookstore, serving coffee and various baked goods to make a few bucks during the summer. Samantha couldn’t help but feel slight butterflies in her stomach upon seeing Steph’s car, knowing that she’s going to spend the next eight hours with her.

Sammy walked to the office and punched in, making her way to the café area were Steph was getting ready for the day. As she rounded the corner to the area where the café is, she saw Steph bending over getting a coffee urn. Sammy couldn’t help but stop and take her in. Steph was taller, about 5’10” with a thin body accented with luscious, firm breasts. Steph was 20 years old with haunting green eyes, the kind that people lose sleep over because they can’t get them out of their head. Her verdant eyes rested sexily behind a pair of glasses, giving Steph the classic naughty librarian appearance. Both girls were in uniform, wearing tight khakis and white polo shirts.

Sammy averted her gaze slightly when Steph looked up. “Hey Sammy!” she shouted warmly. “Hurry up and start helping me.” Samantha giggled and immediately went to work, trying to erase the lewd thoughts she was having of Steph. The frequent shots of her cleavage and ass were distracting indeed, but the day eventually wound down and Sammy was able to control herself. She said goodbye to Steph as she left work for home.

The car ride started out well enough, but Sammy soon found herself preoccupied, daydreaming about what it would be like to tell Steph how she feels. Sammy has been with girls before, usually one-night stands or the occasional month-long relationships, but this is the first time she truly cared about someone this way. Steph was everything Sammy was looking for. She had a great attitude, loved the same things that Sammy did, and of course was unbelievably sexy. Sammy’s relationships with guys were always much easier to get into, although she never met anyone she felt comfortable enough to have sex with. With Steph though…it was different. It was tough to get over the hurdle of just being friends.

Sammy’s mind continued to wander as she finished up her fourth coffee of the day. Tossing the empty cup on her floorboard behind her, Sammy’s stomach continued to butterfly as she thought about Steph. She contemplated what it all meant. Why did she feel so strongly about Steph? Was she in love? Sammy sighed deeply as the reality of her situation set in. Steph wasn’t a lesbian or bi, and to make matters worse, Steph had a boyfriend. “It’s impossible. I can’t do it. I can’t tell her how I feel.” Sammy spoke to herself often when she felt lonely, when she needed someone to talk to.

Pulling her car in the drive, Samantha was relieved to see that her parents were still at work. They always could tell when something was bothering her, and at that time, she really didn’t feel like talking about it. Slowly trudging up to her room, Samantha kicked off her black shoes and sat on the bed. She looked at the full-length mirror across her room and stared, smiling at herself. Sammy grabbed some deep red lipstick out of her purse and put it on, pursing her lips. She looked in the mirror again, brushing her brunette hair to the side with her hands, thinking and daydreaming all the while.

Sammy stood up and unbuckled her belt, sliding her tight khaki pants to the floor. She walked over closer to the mirror, stopping in front of it and turning to her side. She ran her fingers through her hair, turning a little bit more to look at her butt. Sammy giggled, happy milf porno that she was one of the few women in the world happy with her ass. Her panties rode low on her hips, white satin with purple lace trim. Pink, green, and purple spots decorated the front and back of her panties. Sammy tugged slightly on the waistband, pulling her panties up in the back and giving herself a slight wedgie. Her soft cheeks hung out slightly from the bottom of her panties. She continued to admire her ass for a few moments before sliding her shirt off of her head. Wadding it up in a ball, Samantha tossed it over onto the floor next to her khakis. Her bra matched her panties, purple lace tracing the outline of her small yet proportional breasts. Sammy put her hands under her boobs and pushed up, admiring her cleavage.

Samantha bent over and slid off her socks, tossing them over near her other clothes and stood back up. She turned and faced the mirror, her hands down at her side. Slowly she brought her right hand up across her stomach, lightly grazing her fingers on her smooth, tan skin. She could see her bladder bulging slightly and could feel the tell-tale signs of really needing to pee, but that could wait. This wasn’t the only time she could think of Steph the way she wanted to, but it was the only time she could at least do something about it, even if her ultimate fantasies remained unfulfilled.

Slowly closing her eyes, Sammy opened them again to see Steph standing slightly behind her. She smiled as Steph stepped closer, dressed in a lacey pink thong with a matching bra. Sammy was running her hands lightly over her own panties and bra, staring at Steph’s tits as she seductively came closer. Letting out a slight gasp of pleasure, Sammy felt Steph lean over her shoulder, her hot breath on her neck. Steph’s light kisses grazed Sammy’s shoulders, sending pleasurable shudders through her body. Samantha could feel Steph’s auburn hair tickling her skin, goose bumps covering her whole body. Waves of pleasure ran through her body as Steph lightly kissed and caressed her skin, sending Sammy into a deep fantasy. Her breath was short as she bit her lower lip, guiding Steph’s hands over her tits, down over her panties, rubbing and stroking in ways only a woman would know.

Sammy suddenly gasped as she felt a burst of pee squirt out of her pussy and into her panties, leaving a small yellowish stain. The fabric glistened slightly as Sammy’s heart raced. She looked at herself in the mirror. The image of Steph was gone, but the butterflies and extreme sexual feelings still remained. Sammy began to wonder what exactly was happening, why her body was responding in this way. She continued to look at herself in the mirror, strands of hair sticking to her slightly sweaty forehead. Reaching down to her panties, Sammy began to slide them off, suddenly stopping. Her small patch of dark brown pubic hair was showing in the mirror as her panties hung halfway, her thumbs in the waistband.

What…what if? Sammy’s mind started to race. Without even knowing what she was doing, she slid her panties back up, feeling the cool, damp spot against her already wet pussy. “Do it.” Sammy looked around, instantly recognizing the soft, cool voice of Steph. Unfortunately, it was just a mirage, but still, she felt the desire, the need to follow Steph’s voice, even though she was nowhere near.

“D-do what?” Sammy replied, knowing full way what she was about to do.

Steph’s ethereal voice answered. “I want you to do it. Go potty in your pants.” Sammy felt almost sick with nervousness. She had never done anything like this, and she knew that people would think she was insane. But somehow, someway, she knew that she must do this.

“I-I don’t know if…if I can do that.” Sammy looked down meekly at the floor, her body trembling, her bladder now aching, her stomach a flock of monarchs.

“Please Sammy. Please mobil porno do it for me.” She bit her lower lip as she nodded to her reflection, her big brown eyes sparkling like a doe’s.

Sammy felt as if she was above herself looking down, completely not believing that this could possibly be happening, that she was truly about to do what she was. She stood tall, crossing her legs while standing, hands at her side. Moments passed, the room still, Sammy’s breath held in anticipation. Slowly her hand went to her stomach as her lip trembled, her palms sweaty. Her eyes sprang open as another wave of pee spurted out, this time invited. Instinctively, her body clenched tight, holding the piss in. Sammy could feel a small dribble run down her right thigh, cooling in the air of her bedroom. “Don’t worry Sammy. It’s what we both want.” Relaxing, Sammy started to feel the sharp pinch of her full bladder recede as her crotch instantly felt hot, followed immediately by the warm flowing wetness. Golden piss ran down both of her legs as her breathing became erratic, both of her hands now up to her tits, squeezing them, rubbing her nipples through the soft fabric of her bra. A deep hissing sound filled the air, reminiscent of a faucet that is only partly turned on. The piss pooled out from her feet, spreading in a puddle on the carpet immediately beneath her. Sammy knew she was making a mess, but at this point, it simply didn’t matter.

Hot, yellow piss spread up in a half-moon pattern on the front of her panties and halfway across the back, causing the fabric to glisten as the pee soaked through. Sammy could smell her own strong urine, adding to her already indescribable lust. She breathed deeply, running her left hand down over her thighs, slowly across her calves, rubbing her piss into her tan skin. She felt incredible, stunned at the mere thought of what she was doing. Sammy’s right hand went to her clitoris, rubbing it gently over her panties, the piss still hissing down her legs and across her fingers. She felt her pussy start to tighten and then spasm, cumming hard. Sammy slid her hand between her legs to feel the last of the piss flow out, pressing it against her pussy as she came. Tears ran down her cheeks as she lost herself in the pleasure, her stomach still churning, her heart racing with thoughts of her current state and of Steph: her muse, her queen, her goddess.

Samantha took a deep breath as she looked at herself again in the mirror. Her face was now much sweatier, more strands of hair sticking to her flushed cheeks and forehead. She didn’t know what came over her as she laughed and laughed, giggling like a school girl at what just happened. Her legs were shaking as she put her hand on her chest, leaning back. The wet fabric of her panties clung to her ass and pussy, sliding easily in the more slippery crotch, thick with her cum. “You’re not done.”

Sammy looked around, startled at Steph’s sultry voice. “Yes. Yeah I…I thought that’s what you wanted.” Sammy looked at her confused reflection, dark rivers of pee showing up on her russet legs. She barely felt how cool they were in the air now, slightly itchy. “It is what I wanted Sammy. It’s what we both wanted. But you know you’re not done. You know you have to go, well, a little more.”

Sammy looked shocked. “I can’t do that! Seriously. No. I can’t. Please I can’t.” Her stomach immediately jumped again, and her pussy started warming up, sending hot waves through her body. Sammy looked at her reflection dazedly, her chest bright red. She knew the tell-tale signs of her own arousal, and her physical appearance was all the affirmation she needed.

“Yes you can Sammy. No one will know. Just you and me. Please Sammy. Please. I want to watch you.”

Sammy’s hands unsnapped her bra in the back, letting it drop to the floor. She rubbed her nipples softly, pinching and pulling at them. They were light brown, quarter-sized, olgun porno and rock hard between her fingertips. Sammy bit her lip while smiling wickedly. “OK Stephanie. I’ll do it. For you. But please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t. It’ll be our little secret.”

Sammy felt her cheeks turn even redder, felt the warmth throughout her body. Her blood pounded in her ears, her skin hot but still covered with goose bumps. She shivered slightly as she turned her ass towards the mirror. Looking over her shoulder, she could see how her panties rode up her ass slightly, the fabric clinging with great discipline. Sammy bent over, her hands on her knees. She could feel her fingernails dig into her skin, but her mind had no reaction. She was in a deep trance, overcome with feelings that she wasn’t sure anyone else has ever felt before. “I’m ready.”

“Then go sweetie. Just relax.”

Sammy held her breath and clenched her muscles, trying vainly to go. She took a deep breath and pushed, grunting slightly. She could see her whole face go red as she pushed. Slowly her asshole expanded, but Sammy clenched tight, the feeling too foreign, too forbidden to try. “I can’t.”

Sammy imagined Steph walking close to her, looking her deep in the eyes. “Yes you can Sammy. You know you can do it. You know you want to do it. You know you need to do it. Make me happy.” Sammy’s right hand went between her legs, her left still on her kneecap, knuckles white. Her index and middle fingers slipped under the waistband of her panties, rubbing her hard clit, her pussy unbelievably wet. She could smell her own body, sweat, pussy, piss, all mingling together. Sammy thought about Steph’s hand on her clit as she pushed, once again feeling her asshole stretch. This time, there was nothing to stop it.

Sammy moaned out loud, gasping with heavenly breaths as she felt the soft, warm shit spread out in her panties. She stared at the mirror, crackling sounds filling the air as a bulge grew in the back. The slightly transparent wet areas showed her shit spreading out, light brown staining the white of her panties. Sammy fell backward against the wall, her shoulders pressed hard against the mirror, her hips thrusting forward. Her panties sagged now, the shit forming a half-softball sized mound. Her fingers were rubbing her clit extremely hard now. Squelching, moist sounds were coming from her rapidly moving hands. Her left hand reached back and grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling them up tight. She came again, harder than the first time, feeling the shit spread up her ass crack and down near her pussy. Sammy suddenly could only see in tunnel vision, her mind unable to comprehend the immense pleasure her body was going through. She sank to the floor, dizzy, her body unable to move. She felt the warm bulge pressing against her heel as she rested on her knees, her body slumped against the wall.

Sammy caught her breath, eyes wet with tears because of her new discovery. She had no idea what had come over. No idea why she would ever think to do what she just did, why she would behave in such a manner. Her hand was still in her panties as the overpowering smell of her shit filled the air. The intoxicating smell was enough to get her hot again. Sammy started laughing again as her two fingers slipped into her sloppy wet pussy. She was still a virgin, but at this moment, it was hard to tell. Samantha’s fingers slid in and out as she ground her shitty panties against her heel, sliding back and forth, rotating her hips, feeling the shit spread everywhere inside of her panties. She came again, this time more subtly and quietly, closing her eyes and breathing deeply, softly murmuring to herself incoherently.

Slowly she stood up and saw the mess she made, knowing how much of a pain in the ass it was going to be to clean. Sammy did not care at all, however, because she found something. Found something that makes her feel the same way she does about Steph. Sammy wanted to share these two loves, wanted to experience both of them together, but she realized that it was probably never to be. Still, a smile crossed her face, because she knew that the future is always waiting to be written.

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