Sally Goes To A Photo Shoot 4

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She was relieved when Griff strolled over to her, she thought to release her from her bonds. Instead, he stood for a long moment looking down at her superb naked form: the rolling hills of her breasts, her strong arms and legs, her flat belly, her firm thighs, and the adorable tuft of light brown pubic hair on her Mound of Venus. She stared back and demanded, “So if we are done, why aren’t you letting me go?”

He sighed and looked down the hall at all the sets and camera equipment. “Sally, hasn’t it occurred to you that all this stuff — the studio, the office, the actors, the equipment — is way more expensive than a small photography business makes.”

He paused to let this sink in.

“So who pays for it? We are a business that sells sex to an elite clientele, real sex, sex both live and on video. It brings in a lot of money.”

So it was that simple. Money had been her object, and money had betrayed her. She raged. “Let me out of this chair, you creep. I didn’t ask to be mauled by a bunch of black guys or any guys. We had a deal for a photo shoot. This isn’t photography!” She stopped at calling Griff a bad name. She clung to some shred of decency.

Griff just shrugged. “Yes, yes, of course it’s photography. No big deal. It’s just photography with a particular theme. You’ve enjoyed today up until now, haven’t you?”

His voice was soothing, hypnotic. Slowly she nodded yes. It was true. She had to admit that she had fun.

“And you’ve enjoyed talking to me, haven’t you?”

Another nod, more enthusiastic than Sally intended.

“And you’ve enjoyed my touching you, haven’t you?” he asked, running his warm dry hand over her exposed inner thigh. The tingle ran up her leg and into her loins.

Her breathing came faster again as she realized where this was going, and she fought panic.

He was there again for her, his hand on her upper thigh, his finger touching her pubic mound. “Ssshh now, honey child. It’s not a big gaziantep travesti deal. You do it all the time with Andy. Maybe you do it with other people too.” She glared at him. “Maybe Andy does it with other people too.”

Sally began to chuckle. The idea of Andy with another woman seemed so ridiculous that she laughed. The laugh rose to the lights overhead like bright stars in her heaven, the lights that illuminated for the camera her wide spread legs. She was so overcome with giggles that she didn’t notice Griff stripping off his clothes and advancing on her with erect penis. He grasped the left stirrup, unlocked it, and swung it up toward Sally’s ear, locking it in place. By the time he had done the right one, Sally knew she was about to be fucked. Her ass and pussy were now prominently displayed to the camera which had a winking red light to let her know that her red light time was now.

Wordlessly, Griff mounted her and experimentally rubbed the head of his cock along her cunt slit. Then he pushed it between the moist warm labia at the bottom of her belly and into her sacred sheath. She built her first orgasm quickly as he rammed his cock hard and fast into her cunt, and when he slowed his pace, her arousal stayed on a plateau, so when he banged her hard and fast again, her loins ran hot with arousal. She even lifted her hips up to meet his assault and groaned at each thrust of his massive black tool.

At the moment she felt herself about to spin into another orgasm, he stopped thrusting and removed his penis from her vagina. She whipped her head over to see why he had taken away his marvellous lady pleaser and left her naked body quivering with sexual energy that now had no release. Instead of an answer, she got a flogger. It was a small one Griff took from a cabinet, fifteen or twenty lashes of black leather about a foot long, but soaked in brine to make them stiff and put salt into her wounds.

The first stroke fell on her left breast and almost took her breath away. She shrieked, but the second and successive blows fell so fast she couldn’t catch her breath long enough to shriek again. Griff laid red streaks across both breasts, alternating back and forth from left to right, and occasionally hitting a nipple on purpose to hear the extra loud scream.

Then he started to move down across her belly to her thighs which caused momentary relief of her sore breasts but then more panic as she realized where he was going with the flogger. Surely he wouldn’t flog my pussy. Would he?

Yes, he did. After alternating left and right inner thighs, turning them a delightful shade of deep pink, he turned his attention to her cunt. But the blow she expected never fell.

Instead of Griff’s flogger on her cunt, Marg and Marie arrived with soap, water, and a razor. “It’s time for clean up,” Marie announced cheerily.

Sally stared at her. “Don’t tell me they did this to you too?”

Marie giggled and Marg did too. “Oh of course we did all this stuff. It’s no big deal, and we were paid well. Even got extra benefits.” She held her tongue at that point, and no amount of begging on Sally’s part could find out what extra benefits there were. Meanwhile, the two women had skilfully lathered and shaved Sally’s pussy. Sally thought it felt kind of nice to be bare down there, especially when Marie began to rub fragrant oil into the flesh of Sally’s pubic mound and vulva.

It was only when the two women’s asses were disappearing down the hall that Sally began to realize why they had shaved her. But by then, it was too late. The first stroke of the flogger full on her shaved cunt drew a horrifying cry of pain from her lips. Griff paused only for a moment to enjoy her initial screams and then took up a hard and rhythmic beating of her exposed vulva. The screams alternated with crying and deep moans that seemed to issue from her soul.

Her cunt turned first deep pink, and then red, and then developed streaks of purple on the round hill of her pussy mound. Griff stopped to inspect the damage and stroke her cunt with his palm and fingers. One finger strayed into her cunt, causing her to wince.

He grinned devilishly and mounted her once again. This time he drove his cock home into her cunt with one thrust and set up a furious fucking pace that sparked both cries of pain and groans of delight from Sally. He didn’t slow or stop. Sweat beads stood out on his neck and upper chest. Her own pace of arousal also quickened in spite of the pain in her bruised cunt flesh. Then he stiffened, and she could feel his penis pulsing in her vagina as it delivered its precious load of semen into the deep recesses of her cunt.

Until that moment, the subject of birth control had not crossed her mind. She cursed herself for assuming things again. She had assumed the photo shoot would not involve sex, and that was good because she was not on birth control. She made Andy wear condoms. Caught up in the magic of Griff, she lost sight of what he was doing until it was too late. Her cunt was full of his cum now.

“Ohhh oh,” she moaned. “I’m not on birth control. Did you just cum in me?” She feigned more anger than she felt. It had felt really good, exhilarating in fact, the big black cock banging on her pubic mound and blasting cum into her pussy.

Griff chuckled again and ignored her question as he rolled off the gyno chair and began to unfasten her. To her shock and surprise when she got off the chair, he swiftly cuffed her hands together behind her back and steered her over to her clothes. “Wha .. what are you doing? I thought we were finished. Look. The camera crew has packed up and left.”

Griff kept walking. “We are not finished with you. Yes, we will make money from the video we just shot. But the gentlemen who own this building and finance this operation also pay us handsomely for some first hand experience of what they see on the video. So we are going to clean up, having some supper, and then pay them a visit.”

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