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“And here we are.” the realtor announced as they re-entered the kitchen.

She was tall and curvy, drawing Jack’s eye away from the kitchen décor and instead to her ample ass.

“So? What do you think?” the realtor asked, with a knowing smile.

“I love it.” Jack said, meaning the house.

“Alright! So, sign here.” the realtor said with a beaming smile.

“Ms Mason I-” Jack began.

“Please. Call me Elizabeth. We know each well enough by now.” Elizabeth interrupted.

“Elizabeth. I can’t sign for the house without Allie.” Jack said.

“But she loved the house. You don’t need her here. Just sign the forms.” Elizabeth insisted.

“Elizabeth, I can’t I’m sorry.” Jack apologised.

“Look. Imagine how happy she’ll be when you tell her you bought your dream house. Those are serious husband points right there.” She chuckled.

She looked at Jack with striking blue eyes that implored him to reconsider.

She had flowing brown hair, pale unblemished skin and a perfect smile. She had an expression that Jack felt could turn to playful mischief in an instant.

“Elizabeth. I can’t. She’s my wife.” Jack said.

She turned away from him.

Jack despite his best intentions felt his eyes trace the curves of her form. She was wearing a white blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt with thigh high black stockings and black high heels.

She turned back to face him.

Jack admittedly liked having the undivided attention of a woman as beautiful as Elizabeth Mason, but as Allie and he hadn’t been intimate recently Jack could feel himself getting worked up.

“Ok. Jack. If you sign today and I sell this house, then I get a sales bonus.” Elizabeth explained.

“And the fact Allie isn’t here makes it easier for me to say. Since I’m getting a sales bonus, I feel it’d be fairer if you got a ‘sales bonus’ too. Don’t you think?” she asked innocently, but her eyes promised something that Jack knew Allie wouldn’t like seeing.

She walked towards him and stopped inches from him. Her perfume wafting in his nose. Jack was almost certain he could see the outline of a black bra under her blouse.

“Elizabeth. I am flattered but…” he said, before drifting off.

She thought it was cute how oblivious he was to his appearance. He was tall and toned with a trimmed beard and wavy brown hair. She liked his eyes though and was curious how they could change when he was a bit more ‘fired up’.

“As I said, Allie isn’t here, and you can take your bonus, it’s between us” Elizabeth whispered. She emphasized ‘take’ and ‘us’.

Jack thought for a moment. He knew one way this could play out. But he thought of another which was far riskier.

He stepped around Elizabeth, ignoring her confused expression and walked to the counter. He picked up the pen and signed on the dotted line.

He turned back to Elizabeth to see her surprised expression.

She stood motionless as he walked right up to her.

“Elizabeth. Could you show me to the master bedroom?” Jack asked suggestively.

A mischievous smile appeared on Elizabeth’s full lips.

“Of course. Right this way.” She said flirtatiously and took his hand in his. Her skin was soft with delicate fingers and manicured nails.

She led Jack through his new house. Her hips swayed with each step and Jack savoured every step up the stairs to the first floor.

He followed her into the master bedroom.

It was spacious, dominated by a king-sized bed with a black bedspread and two full length mirrors facing the bed.

“You need to be more relaxed in the master bedroom of your house.” Elizabeth said.

“What would you recommend?” Jack asked her.

“You need to slip into something more comfortable.” Elizabeth murmured and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Jack started untucking her blouse from her skirt and set to unbuttoning it. They looked at each other with sly grins, knowing exactly where this was leading.

Jack remembered Allie and paused in hesitation. Elizabeth registered this and having opened his shirt ran her hands up his toned torso.

Elizabeth’s hands across his chest and then drifting down to his waist prompted Jack to continue and he noticed Elizabeth’s chest. She had a far better figure than his wife at 34B-24-34, wearing a black lace bra that looked as natural on her as a Victoria’s Secret model.

He looked hungrily at her body and Elizabeth smirked to herself. ‘He hasn’t been with a woman like me. Well I suppose I am his ‘bonus’. Not the usual.’ She thought.

She opened his belt and dropped it one the floor. She unbuttoned his trousers dropped his zipper and pulled them down.

Barely restrained by his underwear was his long, thick cock. He was certainly excited to be here with her.

Jack had been tracing the curves of her hips through the pencil skirt.

“This feels amazing.” Jack sighed.

“You seem to be a fan of the material.” Elizabeth said coyly.

“Yeah. It feels great.” Jack agreed moving his hands towards her ass.

“Wouldn’t buy one for Allie?” Elizabeth asked, determined almanbahis adres to test Jack’s resolve.

“No. I don’t think it’d suit her the way it suits you.” Jack answered.

Elizabeth smirked again.

“Well the inside lining feels fantastic. Want to see?” Elizabeth offered.

“Sure. Why not?” Jack replied and started pulling down the skirt.

Once it passed her thighs, it dropped to the floor and Jack took in every inch of her.

She wore a matching pair of black lace panties and a black garter belt that held up her stockings. Her legs were long and slender with a toned stomach that extenuated her full bust.

Elizabeth shrugged off her blouse, stepped out of her skirt and eased the shirt off Jack’s shoulders.

She dropped to her knees and licked her lips. Jack looked at her expectantly as she removed his shoes and socks allowing his to step out of his trousers.

She rose to her feet and looked over her him blatantly.

“I was surprised you signed the papers first. You could’ve just had fun with me first and then did it.” Elizabeth explained, as she absent-mindedly traced along his body with her right index finger.

“I considered it. But I thought that if I signed first I’d see how serious you were about my bonus. And this way it’s hotter.” Jack admitted.

Elizabeth felt herself get damp at his admission.

“Oh, don’t worry. Even if Allie were here, I’d have arranged a meeting with you to give you the offer. I don’t like sharing.” Elizabeth said.

She looked thoughtful for a moment.

“I think as master of the house you could be more comfortable.” Elizabeth commented.

“I think you may have the right idea.” Jack agreed.

Elizabeth kneeled in front of Jack and slowly pulled down his underwear, revealing his cock.

She leaned forward and almost reverently kissed the head of his cock.

Jack shuddered at the sensation. It was thrilling feeling another woman’s lips on his cock.

She kissed and licked it all over, teasing Jack expertly.

He groaned in anticipation and his right hand rested on the back of her head, buried in her brown tresses.

She looked up at him and smiled as she took his length into her mouth.

Her mouth was warm and wet, feeling exquisite wrapped around his cock. Her cheeks were caved in and her lips formed a tight seal. Her blue eyes looked up at him with an impossible innocence considering his entire cock filled her mouth.

Slowly she withdrew until only the tip was between her lips, then she took his entire length again into her mouth and throat.

Jack cursed with relief as she gave him the best blowjob of his life.

His hand rested on the back of her head, but she was entirely in control as she pleasured him adeptly.

After a few minutes of bliss his cock popped out of her mouth.

Jack helped her to her feet and undid her bra, letting it drop to the floor.

His mouth instinctively kissed her left breast and sucked on the nipple. Elizabeth sighed and placed her left hand on the back of his head. Her right hand began slowly working up and down his slick cock.

Jack switched between the two breasts, savouring the feel of full breasts that his wife did not have.

He drifted from one breast down her toned stomach and pulled her soaked panties down.

She was perfectly smooth, her lips already wet.

Jack looked up at her.

“This for me?” Jack asked smugly, indicating her smooth pussy.

“I had hoped that you’d take your bonus today.” Elizabeth admitted breathily.

Jack leaned in and inhaled the smell of her. It was intoxicating.

He kissed her lips, tasting her juices.

Elizabeth shuddered as she felt his beard brush her lips and felt him taste her.

Jack opened his mouth and stuck his tongue inside her.

Elizabeth gasped as her married client started lapping up her wetness.

Jack found her clit and started flicking it with his tongue while eating her out.

After a few minutes of Jack’s attention, Elizabeth felt her climax coming.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, and her legs started trembling. Her left hand was pulling his head into her and right hand was braced on his solid shoulder, holding her up entirely.

Jack looked up at Elizabeth’s face contorted with satisfaction. He knew she was close and this spurred him on.

Jack looking up at her while eating her out was too much and Elizabeth came.

She moaned throatily, and her pussy flooded with cum. Her knees nearly buckled but Jacks’ hands gripped her ass firmly and pulled her pussy into him.

“Oh fuck!” Elizabeth gasped as Jack lapped up her cum hungrily.

She felt sensation return to her legs and Jack stood up.

She kissed him eagerly thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She could taste her cum on his tongue. She felt hornier as she tasted her own cum. ‘I could get used to this.’ she thought to herself.

They kissed passionately, hands running along each other’s bodies.

Elizabeth broke the kiss.

“How about we christen your bed?” She suggested.

Jack almanbahis yeni giriş ushered her back and she fell back on the bed.

“Do you have a condom?” Jack asked Elizabeth, hoarse with passion.

Elizabeth slowly began to wrap her long slender legs around Jack’s waist and gently pulled his erect cock towards her waiting pussy.

“I’m afraid I don’t. I’d say it’d be against company policy to stock a house for sale with protection.” she joked.

“Are you on the pill?” Jack asked Elizabeth as he began to lean down to her beckoning lips.

Elizabeth had her legs wrapped around Jack fully and more insistently pulled him in. She glanced down, their sexes were so close.

“No. But I don’t think you’ll mind.” Elizabeth promised breathlessly as she pulled him forward sharply with her legs.

Jack lurched forward, his cock sinking into her pussy up to the first two inches.

Elizabeth gasped, her mouth opening at the sensation. He was thicker than she thought, stretching her out deliciously.

Jack felt her wet, velvety pussy wrap tightly around his cock. There was no comparison between her pussy and Allie’s. Jack hadn’t been bareback inside a woman since he was a teenager. He had forgotten how incredible it felt. The fact Elizabeth wasn’t his wife added a thrill to the sensation that Jack appreciated.

Jack rocked back, his cock barely between her lips and looked at Elizabeth. She looked disappointed that he had withdrawn. Jack let her think that way for an instant, before thrusting forward. His cock buried itself up to four inches this time.

“Fuck!” Elizabeth exclaimed as his cock claimed more of her pussy.

She grinned as he withdrew and this time used her legs to pull him further inside her with his next thrust.

They repeated this, eyes never parting.

“You were right. I don’t mind that you’re not on the pill.” Jack grunted as he filled her pussy entirely with his cock right up to the hilt.

“Mmhmm.” Elizabeth sighed as he completed her.

They both paused, savouring the sensations of being perfectly joined like this.

“How about we test how solid this frame is?” Jack asked Elizabeth suggestively.

“I think that as a prospective buyer, you should trust your realtor when she says that the bedframe is solid oak.” Elizabeth began in a serious tone.

“But as a new homeowner, you would be remiss not to check if your realtor was being entirely honest, especially about something as important as the bed.” Elizabeth finished with a lustful expression.

Jack grabbed Elizabeth and while staying firmly inside her, moved up the bed. Over his new black satin sheets, until Elizabeth’s head rested among the pillows just below the headboard.

“I can watch you fucking me from those two mirrors and it’s so hot” Elizabeth said to Jack.

He remembered the two full length mirrors facing the bed.

“It’s like watching porn of us.” Elizabeth added lustfully.

“That sounds like a pretty good idea to me.” Jack suggested.

“Mmmm, well you can see what I mean if we change things a bit” Elizabeth explained.

“That too. But I meant porn of us.” Jack grunted as he started fucking her with his full length again.

“Well. That’s certainly something I’d do with you.” Elizabeth agreed and she began to use her legs again.

Together, the force of Jack’s thrusting and Elizabeth’s pulling was rocking the bedframe.

Jack hammered her pussy with his cock. Each thrust filled the room with their grunts of pleasure, flesh meeting flesh and the sharp impact of the headboard against the wall.

Elizabeth looked up at the man who was ploughing her forcefully. His eyes were filled with fiery passion. ‘He’s not married to her anymore.’ Elizabeth crowed to herself.

Jack felt his cum building as she writhed with pleasure beneath him.

“Let’s switch so you can see what I’m talking about.” Elizabeth said.

Jack bit his tongue and let her out from under him reluctantly.

Elizabeth crawled towards to the foot of the bed and looked back at Jack with a teasing smile.

Jack looked at her. Her ass was pushed up into the air, glistening pussy lips enticing him and her wanting expression was too much for him.

He took her hips in his hands and thrust deep into her waiting pussy.

She moaned huskily as he claimed every inch of her.

Her brown tresses were beginning to look dishevelled from the heat and the passion of their fucking.

Jack had to agree, the view in the mirrors was arousing. He could see every throe of passion on her face as he fucked her deeply. She was sexually ecstatic as he filled her more completely than any man had. She could feel her second orgasm of the afternoon coming.

“Jack. I’m about to cum all over your married cock.” Elizabeth cried.

Jack slowed his thrusting, instead trying to claim any remaining space in her tight pussy by burying himself deeper.

This had the intended effect of triggering Elizabeth’s orgasm.

She screamed with passion and relief as her pussy flooded almanbahis again with her cum. Her pussy gripped Jack’s cock exquisitely and he felt his cock become slick with her cum.

Jack ran his hands up her stockings as her pussy convulsed and Elizabeth rode the wave of carnal bliss.

She gasped breathlessly as her vision returned, she had never cum like that.

Jack started thrusting his cock into her dripping pussy again.

“Elizabeth?” Jack asked.

“Mmmm?” Elizabeth replied, still tingling deliciously from her orgasm.

Jack had never felt more turned on than in that moment. In the marital bed of his new house, having just watched he and his wife’s realtor climax from fucking her bareback doggystyle.

“I’m getting close. Where?” Jack growled.

Elizabeth roused, hearing that. ‘Hmm, this is an idea.’ she thought.

“Well my make up is just perfect today.” Elizabeth replied aloud.

She ‘thought’ for a moment, letting Jack thrust himself closer to climaxing.

“You can’t on my ass or up my back or you’ll stain my lingerie.” Elizabeth explained.

She could tell he was close now,

“So, I guess there’s only one place you can cum.” Elizabeth reasoned, her tone as if she had arrived at this conclusion.

Jack followed her implication. The part of his brain that remembered Allie and his wedding vows, which had been suppressed since he decided to sign the papers suddenly found a voice. The part of brain which relished every illicit moment with Elizabeth tried to quell his more moral conscience.

Elizabeth saw the conflict on Jack’s face for the first time since she had proposed his ‘bonus’.

“Jack?” Elizabeth moaned lustfully.

She had got his attention, now to convince him.

“Please. I need you to do it.” Elizabeth implored him.

He subconsciously had continued fucking her, but Elizabeth wanted him here entirely, like he had been since he signed the papers.

“Fill me with your hot, white, thick, married seed.” Elizabeth said sexily, emphasising each word and gripping his cock each time he withdrew.

Jack’s mind cleared at that. The part of his brain that had worshipped Elizabeth’s every curve had silenced the married part of his brain and spurred him on.

Jack hammered in and out of Elizabeth with abandon, feeling his cum rise.

She felt her own orgasm coming again.

“Jack. I need you to cum inside me before I cum again.” Elizabeth cried.

“If I cum then it’ll push some of your cum out of me, and I want every single drop inside me.” Elizabeth finished with a grin.

Jack was just about to when his ‘married’ brain put Allie into his mind. Jack looked down at the body of his lover, glowing with the sweat of their pleasure filled exertion. He looked at the mirrors. They showed a man flush with adulterous pride having taken a woman as beautiful as Elizabeth into his bed and a woman filled with satisfaction of having taken a man and shown him the pleasure of infidelity.

Jack plunged his entire length inside of her cunt and exploded.

He felt more cum shoot out of his cock than he could ever remember it producing.

Elizabeth felt his hot seed fire deep into her cunt. Her eyelids fluttered with pleasure as Jack proceeded to coat her womb with his cum. She ground her pussy back into Jack, not wanting a single drop to escape. His hands were gripping her hips tightly. pulling her towards him. He wanted his cum to stay as deep inside her as he could make it.

Elizabeth felt her skin was on fire, tingling with the heightened sensitivity of sexual bliss.

She became conscious of the ring on his hand for the first time. She smirked smugly at the realisation.

“What are you smiling about?” Jack asked her hoarsely.

“Mmm, I haven’t had a man cum inside me since I was a teenager, I forgot how amazing it felt.” Elizabeth sighed.

“Well I’ve never cum inside a woman, but that felt incredible.” Jack admitted and ran his hand through his hair.

Elizabeth was inwardly thrilled. He came inside her with no idea how good it would feel. And he had done that with her, not Allie.

“So, how do I compare?” Elizabeth asked Jack.

“Compare?” Jack asked oblivious, lost in the feeling of her cunt wrapped around his cock and having filled her with his seed.

“Me or Allie?” Elizabeth asked firmly.

Jack felt the married part of his brain begin to rouse again at the mention of his wife, But the part that had just claimed Elizabeth told him of the potential in this moment and perhaps with his better, if immoral judgement answered.

“Well, Allie is a better wife.” Jack began.

His hands traced up her thigh high stockings and gripped her tight ass firmly.

“But you, Ms Mason. You are certainly the only woman that I would take into my bed if I had my way.” Jack said slyly.

Elizabeth carefully lifted herself of Jack’s cock with a wet ‘pop’ and lay back looking up at Jack.

She took her right index finger and reached down. She scooped up the large drop of their cum that had managed to seep out of her pussy. She looked Jack right in the eye and sucked it right off her finger.

Jack felt himself stiffen again. His phone suddenly started ringing.

Elizabeth reached off the end of the bed and dug it out of the mound of discarded clothes at the foot of the bed.

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