Safe Haven

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Safe HavenAnother beautiful tale of love between a mother and son. This story contains no i****t but is more dirty and perverted than a mom and son fucking. I know my regular readers will like it and as always send me comments/feedback at ====================================================================It was 3 in the morning. I was sleeping on the couch. The TV was still on. In a small room next to me was my 47 year old mother on queen bed.”Boom”, I awoke with a start. Someone was at the door trying to force his way in. I jumped up letting the blanket fall to the ground revealing my long, smooth legs and small red underwear. I didn’t have any shirt on.”Boom” the person at the front door banged at it again trying to get in. In a moment my mother ran out of the room. She was in her nightgown that covered her from neck to toe. Here hair fell on her beautiful face that was now flushed with fear.”what’s going on? what is it?” she whispered to me.”Someone’s trying to get in mom” I was shaking with fear.”We should call the police” mom whispered picking up the phone. Even before she could dial, the door flung open and a man stumbled in. He closed the door behind him immediately and then turned to face us. The room was still dark except for the light of the TV but it was enough to show us his face.The man was black with shaved head. He was wearing a white shirt that was torn above his right hand. His dark trousers were dirty and reeked of foul stench. He looked dangerous but it wasn’t until he spoke that we understood how much trouble we were in.”Put the phone down” he hissed at my mom.My mother was paralyzed with fear as was I. We drew closer to each other and held hands instinctively but she still didn’t let go of the phone.”I said, put the fucking phone down” the man barked taking a step towards mom. As he moved I caught a glimpse of what looked like a knife in his right hand.”You are bleeding!” I heard my mother’s voice. I looked up at the man’s face and saw dark bloody trail from his forehead down to his lip and chin. His collar was drenched in blood too.Mom took a step and the man raised the knife to intimidate her.”Its ok” my mother whispered. “I am a nurse”. She moved towards him again and put her hand on his face.”Don’t try anything funny bitch.” the man snarled pulling back. ” or the boy gets it.”Mom ignored his threat and moved closer. “You have lost lot of blood.You need first aid.” she said dabbing his forehead with a tissue.”I said..” the man started to threaten her again but suddenly his eyes rolled back and his speech slurred. He collapsed on the floor even as mom tried to hold him.”We need to put him on the bed. I will run out to get some supplies.”she said without looking at me.I looked at mother bewildered. Was she really considering helping the guy who just threatened to kill us? “Don’t worry baby. It is fine.” she said as if reading my mind. In a few minutes my mother put on her jeans and jacket and flew out of the house to get the medicines and supplies she needed to treat the black guy in our bedroom.It had been 3 years since we moved into this tiny little house in the suburbs of New York city. My mother was a nurse and made good money but after 4 failed marriages and number of disastrous boyfriends, she decided to call it quits and moved to this low income neighborhood dominated by blacks and Hispanics. She hardly went out other than to her job at a hospital, church or groceries. She was a conservative Christian woman who loved to help people around her.I was her only c***d. I had slender, girlish frame and delicate features. My mother loved me and for some reason I got lot of attention from girls in the school too. My long chestnut brown hair, big hazel eyes and slightly plump hips attracted both male and female teachers to me. Mrs. Jones, a busty 50 year old black woman and grandmother and my math teacher constantly called me to her office offering advice and little hugs of encouragement where her mammoth tits would be crushed against my face and her nipples would rub against my cheeks. Mr. Jones, her husband and also black, on the other hand liked me to clean his office in underwear while he sat and watched me complementing me on my tight behind. I wasn’t the smartest k** in the school but I wasn’t stupid. These little games by my teachers helped me stay in school and pay for a number of things my mother couldn’t afford.Mom was in her late 40s. Almost 48, she had strong lines around her mouth and forehead. She had big hazel eyes and pouty lips that added to her beauty. Her small nose accentuated her large eyes. She never put lot of makeup and always dressed in dark conservative skirts and light blouses but even then she couldn’t hide her figure. Her breasts were almost 44 GG, massive by any measure and no matter how much she tried to hide them, you could see those blatant tits struggling to be free. Her belly was not as shapely and a little fat jiggled as she walked briskly. Her hips were even more obscene. Almost 55″ wide, they stuck out like 2 massive basketballs just below her waist. I knew my mother used bodyshapers to suppress those massive hips but nothing worked. Her choice of black skirts falling all the way to her ankles left big bumps she just didn’t know how to handle.From what I understood, my mother was ashamed of her body and did her best to hide it.It had been almost 2 years since she went on a date and almost 3 since she brought a man over. It was weird that after 3 years the only man she did let in was a criminal who just didn’t fit her type.I looked at the man in her bed. He was awake and looking around.”Where is she?” he asked, suspicious of her absence. “If you guys trying anything funny, I will kill you both.”I somehow didn’t feel scared anymore. The guy was injured and couldn’t get up. His didn’t frighten me as much now.”She went out to get some supplies for you.” I said calmly.”Oh yeah! When is she coming back?”We heard the key turning in the front door.”I think she is back” I said.”Well you stay with me little boy. I wanna see who the bitch brought back.” he snarled grabbing my arm.In a few seconds my mother walked into the room. She was carrying two large bags of groceries and jumped when she saw the man still on the bed holding his arm around my throat, his knife pressed against my face.”Oh my God!” she cried. “Let him go. He didn’t do anything and besides I need him to help you.”The man looked at her and then listened for any other sounds. In a few moments he realized mom was telling the truth.He loosened his grip and let me. I fell on the floor gasping for air.My mother picked me up gently. “Are you okay honey?””Yes mom. I am fine””Good boy. Go get me some warm water and a washcloth. And put some clothes on.”As I slipped out of the room I saw her pulling a chair close to the bed and opening the man’s shirt to look for wounds.In 2 hours mom and I cleaned up the man’s wounds and stitched his forehead. She also took off his clothes, except his underwear and gave him a sponge bath.She threw his clothes in the washer. Then as the man slept peacefully, I saw my mother close the door and slide out of her jeans and top too.She pushed them away with her feet and put on her night gown again. It was 7 in the morning, time she usually left for work.”I will stay home. He still needs lot of attention.” she said throwing her clothes in the washer too.”Shouldn’t we call the police?” I asked.”He is alone and injured. We don’t know what happened but we can’t hand him over to police till he is strong enough.”I left for school and had an uneventful day as Mr. and Mrs. Jones were on vacation while Wendy, the girl I liked made funny faces at me all through the day.When I returned, mom was in the kitchen of our little 1 bedroom apartment. The man was still in the bed but awake and sitting upright with a bowl of soup in his hands.”Are you hungry? My mother asked me as I took off my coat. It had been snowing outside.”Yes.” I replied “Go inside and ask Clayton if he needs anything while I put your soup on the table.”I went in and for the first time I saw his face clearly. Mom had done a great job. You could see the stitches on his forehead but other than that he was clean.”Do you….. do you need anything?” I asked haltingly. I was still afraid of him.”What?” his voice boomed into my ears. I took a step back. The man had regained his strength for sure. I just stared at his face and then scurried out, back into the living room.Mom had put the bowl on the table and as I sipped the delicous soup, I heard her talking to Clayton.”Do you need anything?” she asked him gently.”I am hungry.””Sure. Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.””I want some clothes too.””I already have a pair of pants and few shirts for you.” my mother replied.It was Wednesday night but I left the house at around 6 in the evening to see a few freiends. The fact was that I didn’t want to be be in the house with Clayton. It was weird and I just didn’t feel comfortable seeing my mother going all out for a perfect stranger and a criminal.When I came back at around 9. Typically my mother waited for me in the living room and she didn’t like it if I stayed out past 8. Today the room was dark. Her bedroom door was closed and I could hear muffled cries. Fearing the worst I tiptoed to the door and pressed my ears.Maybe it was time to call the police.I could clearly hear my mother groaning as something hit her over and over. I turned the door knob gently and suddenly all 3 of us were shocked.My mother was on her bed naked. Her white night gown was open and spread under her. She had spread her legs wide while her massive tits rested uneasily on her chest. Her black nipples were erect and seemed to be oozing milk.Between her legs was Clayton. I could see his strong back and hips. He was sitting on his knees with his large, muscular arms on either side of my mother, supporting his body. I couldn’t see his penis but I knew where it was.”Larry!” my mother shrieked trying to cover herself up. She was panting.Clayton now had a smile on his face but he didn’t betray even an ounce of fear. “Getout” was all he said and I backed myself out into the living room.I could hear him struggling with my mother as she tried to follow me.Clayton held her down and took what he wanted. It was halkalı escort a good 15 minutes of rythemic bed creaking and mom’s goaning that ended with Clayton’s loud roar of satisfaction that ended the nightmare for me.In a few minutes, my mmother rushed out. Her hair was still a mess and she had pulled the nightgown around her. I knew for the first time my mother was not wearing any underwear underneath.She sat next to me and held me. I needed the attention and buried my face in mom’s massive bosom. Its softness always soothed my soul.That night we talked.”You know how long I have been without a partner Larry. You know how long I have desired to be with someone who can connect with me.””But mom!” I cried “that guy is a criminal. He may go to prison tomorrow. Why mom? Why him?””Because he is a real man.” my mother said simply. “He’s not a midget like others. You won’t understand Larry. Just let me have a little happiness of my own.”I looked at my mother sadly. I knew she was asking me to trust her.From that day I often returned home to find mom and Clayton having sex. At first they started in her room, on her bed but soon they moved to the couch and then I found them copulating anywhere in the house.My conservative mother had turned into a nymph I didn’t understand anymore.Clayton relished making out with her with me in the room. He would grab her huge ass through her long skirts and maul her large tits by slipping his hands under her sweater. Mom had stopped wearing underwear around him. It was of no use because the man didn’t take more than 5 minutes to strip and ravish my mother’s body. Thankfully, she always managed to give me enough time to escape her decadent behavior.A week after Clayton arrived I returned home to find my mother sad.Clayton was talking on the phone.”Yeah! I am in New York. Lets meet tonight JD.” he said to the man on the other side.He then put the phone down and looked at me. Without a word he walked over to my mother.”I need some money.” he said clearly.”How much.” mom asked.”How much you got?””A few hundred here.””That won’t do. I need more.Somewhere close to 10000″ he said with finality. That was more than what mom had.”If I go the bank I can get you 5000 baby.” mom said almost pleading with him.”I said 10000, you fucking bitch!” Clayton yelled at mom and grabbed her hair. He then threw her down on the floor “fucking dumb bitch”Mom sobbed and then mumbled something about selling the car.By late afternoon Clayton had left. He left us broke. Mom sold the car, the TV and took all the money from the bank to pay him. We didn’t have money for groceries. I couldn’t believe the hold that this man had on my mother but I was powerless to stop him or her.Next few weeks were horrible. With no car and no money, mom couldn’t get to her work on time. By third week, she lost her job. We sold the couch and some jewelery but we were about to starve. Then, 2 months after Clayton had left, a man knocked at our door.He as a young, just 19 or 20 year old hispanic man, clean shaved and wearing just a t-shirt and jeans on a chilly spring morning.Mom opened the door and after a few words let him in.”Larry!” she yelled. “This is Carlos, one of Clayton’s guys” she said to me happily.”How is Clayton?” she asked the man barely containing her happiness and excitement.”Boss is fine” Carlos replied. “He sent a package for you” and he handed a small plastic tiffin to my mother.She opened it and several hundred dollar bills fell out.”That’s 10000 bucks.” Carlos said. “Boss also said I could stay here for a while.””Of course!” mom said happily. “When is Clayton gonna be here?””I dunno” Carlos mumbled looking around. “Where will I sleep?””Out here” mom answered and then asked him again “Clayton did mention something about coming over. Didn’t he?””Like I said lady.” Carlos sounded irritated. “I dunno. Boss didn’t say nothing ’bout coming. I sleep here?”I sensed mom’s happiness vanish for an instance but then she looked up at me. “He remembers us. I am sure he will come soon.”She got up and I noticed her large, knee length skirt looked a bit tighter around her ass. She now weighed 180 and that made her 5′ 4″frame look even more obscene.That day we went out while Carlos stayed at home. Mom bought groceries, clothes and a new used car.It was 7 by the time we returned and Carlos was sprawled on the couch.Mom cooked dinner and Carlos ate most of it. Then he burped and laughed crudely. By 10, mom was tired and went to her room.”So what do you do for fun around here?” carlos asked me. The man scared me. He was short, no taller than mom, but very muscular. A scar on his left cheek made him look every bit as dangerous as Clayton but he lacked Clayton’s confidence.We lay down but could sense Carlos’ discomfort. In about 30 minutes and got up and tiptoed to my mother’s room. He turned around to look at me. I was awake but pretended to be asleep. He then entered my mom’s bedroom.”What are you doing?” I heard my mom’s shrieks. “Get off me!””C’mon lady. Let me in.” Carlos said “Get off me you pervert!” mom yelled. “Do you know what Clayton will do to you if he finds out about this?””What are you talking about?” Carlos said laughing. “Boss told me you are a fine piece of ass who never says no.”I walked to the room and peeked in. Mom was sitting up, holding her nightgown tightly around her body while Carlos knelt before her. He had taken his shirt off and his jeans was pulled half way down.”Clayton said that?” mom asked incredibly.”He told me about how you offered your ass to him. He called you the best white bitch he has fucked in a long time.””Clayton said that about me?” mom still couldnt believe him.”Yeah!” Carlos laughed and pushed his jeans all the way down. His taught, 8 ” cock sprung up and touched mom’s hands as she let go of her nightgown.”Boss told me you are a stupid cow who knows how to feed a man.” With that he grabbed my mother’s naked breast and squeezed. Fresh, white milk squirted and landed on his naked chest. Carlos giggled and put his mouth on my mother’s breasts.She fell back and let her legs fall apart. I watched Carlos postion his strong hips on my mother’s pelvis and then he started to pump his cock in her pussy.I woke up late. My breakfast was on the table and I could hear mom and Carlos in the room. The man was insatiable. He was still fucking my mother and from the sound of it, she wasn’t even resisting anymore.Carlos stayed with us for 3 days. He spent the day around the house, working out and fucking mom whenever he pleased. He relished the idea of discussing my mother’s body with me.”Your mom’s sure got one hell of a body. I mean you see ass like that only on black or latinas. But boy! That bitch you call mom knows how to drain a man! Clayton bagged himself a great piece of ass. Huh boy!”I tried to ignore his comments but for some reason this conversation left me horny and erect. I started spying on mom and Carlos and jacking off as he pounded my mother’s ass mercilessly.At nights, Carlos started calling people at our home. He was taking money and handing over little pouches to all visitors. Mom explained to me that shouldn’t talk about it. It was Clayton’s business and she couldn’t say no to Clayton.On fourth day Carlos left. He left behind several little pouches and a very well fucked mother with clear instructions on what to do next.Two days later, Toby arrived at the door. He was also young, no more than 25 but taller than Carlos. At 5′ 8″ and 180 lbs he looked as strong as Clayton. Toby was also a little violent. He flew into rage every second and hit mom when he couldn’t find one of the pouches Carlos had left behind.After beating the shit out of my mother for 2 days straight, he found the pouch in one of his pockets but instead of apology my mother got a good round of butt fuck. I couldn’t tell if she liked it or not but I could see no smile on her face as Toby thrust his fat, 10″ cock up my mother’s anus.”You like it baby? Clayton told me you love black cock in your white ass” Toby said pumping his huge member in and out of my mother’s asshole.I watched and rubbed my little, 4″ penis as my mother got butt fucked by huge cocked nigger. Clear white cum shot forth my dick and landed on mom’s door while she was still on all 4s, her rear being violently loosened by big black cock.It was almost 11 in the night, when my mother came out. She was disheveled, her hair was a mess, her mascara had smeared and her lipstick was gone. I was sitting on the couch and mom collapsed next to me. I could tell she was naked under the white nightgown and looked dazed.”Toby wanted to sleep alone.” she said looking at me.I nodded my head to show that I understood her pain but mom was not listening. She fell back and closed her eyes. I ran my hand through her hair and she smiled.A day later Carlos came back. Clayton had sent more merchandise – several little pouches each filled with white powder that I knew was very expensive.In just under 3 hours, Carlos and Toby sold all the little bags to men and women who came to our little house. There was Cathy, d**g crazed white woman who lived only for the next fix. She looked thinner than me with almost no tits and bony ass. Dressed in dirty tshirt and torn jeans she couldn’t wait to take the d**g and injected herself in our driveway. I saw her stumble across the street and collapse.Jim , a 50 year old hippie and his 22 year old voluptuous girlfriend smoked their pouch in their car a block away from our home.Theresa, a tall, black lesbian in her 40s with huge, overdeveloped breasts and wide ass dressed in dark slacks and t-shirt came with her very young Asian girlfriend. No more than 18 the girl looked like she was already high. Her large, brown eyes were wide open and she giggled when Teresa pulled her little panties down and rubbed the powder inside her cunt. The girl strained a little and then peed in her large black lover’s mouth pushing all the d**g in her. Teresa threw her head back swalloing her lover’s piss mixed with high powered d**g. They kissed and as they left, I could see the Asian girl running her little dainty hands all over her older black girlfriend’s ass.”I am gonna fuck you so hard tonight” she said kissing Teresa while still şişli escort pawing her ass.As much as I enjoyed the people in our home, my mother hated every second of it.”I don’t want people coming to my house to buy d**gs!” she whispered to Toby when she thought I wasn’t listening.”What?” Toby flew into rage and pushed mom back. “Didn”t I tell you to keep your fucking mouth shut you bitch?” He grabbed her by the hair and led her to the bedroom. I saw him trying to undo his belt and jeans with one hand as he continued to hurl insults at mom.”You are lucky Clayton is not here or he’d have cut you up.” he said freeing his large cock.Then he threw my mother on the bed. The fact that I was watching made no difference to him. His large cock bobbed up and down a few inches away from my mother’s face. Then I saw Carlos brushing past me. He unbuttoned his jeans too and let it fall around his legs.I saw fear in my mother’s eyes as she looked at two men who were about to take her without her consent and with her son a few feet away.Toby roughly grabbed mom’s nightgown and tore it open. Carlos quickly moved behind mom and grabbed her hands. I saw his cock was not fully hard but had swollen enough to achieve good size.”Open your mouth” Toby said moving closer to my mother. His large, foot long penis rested on my mother’s lips. Carlos grabbed my mom’s face and pushed his fingers in “Open your mouth bitch.” he hissed.When I left the room, my mother had been pushed on all 4s. She had Carlos in her ass and Toby in her mouth.I heard Carlos making a crude remark about my mom’s asshole “You really tore the bitch open. Her ass has no friction no more!”I couldn’t help it. Even without touching myself, my thin, little cock had achieved its full four inches of erection and was ready to explode.”C’mon cunt. Suck me harder. Toby said chuckling.I looked down and saw a few drops of cum leaking out of my little penis. I had cum even if the two studs fucking my mother a few feet away were just getting started.That night Toby and Carlos slept in my mother’s room. I peeked in to see her sandwiched between the 2. The were all naked. I couldn’t tell what was going on but it seemed that both men had penetrated my mother’s holes and were abusing her body. What was surprising was that my mother was actually smiling and rubbing her body against the two muscular men in her bed.A few days later Clayton arrived and the men left. My mother was ecstatic! They had uninhibited sex in the living room. Mom no longer cared if I watched but I could see she was in love with this man. She cried as he pumped his huge member in her asshole.She confided in him that she was worried about me.Clayton looked at me and promised her that he would make me a man.That night they went out for dinner. Clayton wanted to celebrate by taking mom to a high end italian restuarant. I wateched my mother dress up for the man she really loved. Her top was two thin strings over her shoulders that were attached to silky cups that held her large, pendulous tits. The dress provided absolutely no support and Clayton didn’t let her wear a bra. The top was also too short and left her midriff bare, exposing her navel and back.She was in black skirt that flared obscenely over her large, 46″hips before falling all the way down to her ankles. She put on red stockings but skipped the panties.When she walked out, I couldn’t believe that my conservative mother was willing to go to a restaurant dressed like a slut. She looked more vulgar than a street whore but Clayton seemed to like her that way.Before they left, Clayton turned around and announced the arrival of his friends.”Two of my friends will come. Make sure you take good care of them.Don’t deny them anything. ANYTHING” he said shaking his finger.My mother smiled at me and said “He’s just teasing you baby but it is for your own good. Let them in and do what they say.”An hour after Clayton left with mom, two women arrived.Charlie was 5′ 9″, black with unnaturally big breasts and hips. She didn’t have much makeup on but her dark black eyes still looked very sexy and her full lips had a hint of gloss. She was wearing a figure hugging black dress that went over her shoulders and fell all the way to her knees, leaving half her back and cleavage visible. Her tits were bigger than my head and her ass was so big that I couldn’t have put my arms around her.Sonia was white and hispanic. She was short, just 5′ 3″ but also very voluptuous. She looked very gentle with her dark hair with chestnut highlights, big green eyes, a wide nose, thin lips and small chin. She had red hotpants and tanktop on that showed and accentuated her slightly smaller but firm and circular breasts. Her ass seemed to be very perky even though it was almost as wide as mom’s.Almost immediately the women made themselves at home.”Do you have a brother, boy?” Charlie asked in a commanding voice.I shook my head and the girls looked at each other.”Well, we can make a man out of him. It will be much more fun” said Sonia.I wasn’t sure what they meant but I didn’t like it. I wanted to go into the room and hide under the bed but Charlie, grabbed my arm. No matter how much I tried, it was impossible to free myself from her strong grip. At 5 2″, my small body was no match for this black amazon.She pulled me into her lap facing away from her and tried kissing my face while she maintained her grip on my arms. Sonia moved in quickly and pulled my PJ’s off. I crossed my legs, hiding my privates but all my effort was in vain.”Don’t be shy,” Charlie whispered into my ears as she held my arms tighter.Sonia pushed my knees apart to reveal my small, shriveled manhood resting on even smaller balls. She grabbed my cock between her index finger and thumb and lifted it. I twitched and despite my fear I could feel blood rushing to my loins.Sonia chuckled as she pulled the skin back from my little dick. I had almost no stem and my feeble cock looked smaller than her pinky.Charlie now had her arms around me. She found me cute and kissed my ear.”What do you see down there?” she asked Sonia.”Nothing remarkable” Sonia said and started laughing. “The boy has a cock smaller than my clit!” she was now laughing uncontrollably as she pulled the skin back from my pathetic little penis.Charlie looked over my shoulder and tried to look but couldn’t. “I can’t see it” she complained.”Neither can I!” Sonia retorted and went on laughing.She looked up at me and grabbed my face. “Are you a boy? Or a girl?” Or both” she said with disdain. “I can’t make you a man. You will never be a man!”. With that she got up and walked over to the fridge. I saw her wide ass swinging as she bent over to pick a soda.Unlike Sonia, Charlie was sympathetic. She hugged me, pushing my face into her huge breasts. “Its okay baby!” she comforted me.”I don’t mind whether they are big or small. I like it and I like you.You are such a cute boy.”I started crying. Tears rolled down my face and onto her hands.Charlie pulled me closer again but kept my penis firmly in her grasp, still pulling it, trying to get me harder.Charlie picked me up easily and carried me to my mother’s bed. She sat down and then scooted back, holding me in her lap. I had my arms around her neck and I felt comfortable with this giant of a woman. I kissed her neck and she pulled my shirt over my head. Then she shrugged her dress off her shoulders and pushed it down revealing her mammoth breasts. I buried my face into those mountains of flesh. I didn’t know where her nipples were but I was kissing her all over as she giggled and grabbed the back of my head smothering me with her tits.Sonia walked in and watched us curiously. She had a sarcastic smile on her face. Both Charlie and I were naked now, my little, 5′ 2″slender, white body contrasted sharply with her dark, 5′ 9″ and wide frame. My head was barely visible, buried completely between her breasts and when she opened her legs, a strong smell of her cunt filled the room as I felt sea of wetness on my groin.I looked down and saw a huge, almost 7″ long cunt, opened wide with thick labia and a clit that without a doubt was almost as long as my penis.I didn’t know what to do but my cock was as hard as it could get.”Just keep sucking my nipples and slide it in baby” Charlie whispered into my ears.”Slide what in? Where” I thought to myself but I had seen my mother having sex with strangers enough times by now. I knew men positioned their pelvis on my mother’s cunt and thrust it.I did the same thing. I started thrashing around, bumping my groin against the black woman’s large pelvis. I didnt know what I was doing andSonia didn’t take long to catch on.”This fucker has no idea what to do!” she said laughing hysterically.”humph, humph, humph. Fuck her. Oh you glorious man, fuck that woman.”she teased between her cruel laughs.I thrashed harder trying to get it right before Charlie caught my hips. She stopped me and looked into my eyes.”Don’t worry. Just position your cock on my cunt and I will pull you in.” she whispered.I did as she wanted and in a few moments I felt wetness around my cock, as if I had put my penis in a bowl of slime.Charlie grabbed my hips and raised me. I was surprised by her strength but alas, my little cock didn’t get any stimulation from the cunt of a real woman.”Even his fist will be small for you Cherri” Sonia said to my black lover. We both knew she was right.Charlie ignored Sonia and pulled my hips deeper into her. She was getting excited as she rubbed her large clitoris against my little cock. In a few moments, I felt more wetness as Charlie started thrusting her hips faster, throwing me up higher.I was sure she had peed but I continued to feed on her long, dark and now very hard nipples. I wanted to kiss her but i was too short to even reach her chin.Charlie came and wet the bed and everything below my waist.When we were done, she let her arms fall to her side. She had sweat on her boobs. Nobody cared if I came or not but Sonia found a way to mock me again “I bet he only cums when he watches his mother getting fucked by Clayton and his men”Charlie couldn’t help a giggle. I closed my eyes and both the girls knew it was the truth.When my mother returned home, she was with two black men. Clayton had introduced her to sarıyer escort his “Business Associates” at dinner and then left them after letting mom know she will have to host them for the night.The house that night was crowded. Men and mom took the room because nobody messed with Clayton’s business.Sonia, Charlie and I were in the living room. The door was still open and we could see my mother taking her clothes off while her 2 guests waited for her in the bed. My cock was now fully erect. Both Charlie and Sonia noticed that.”See!” Sonia shrieked. “This asshole likes watching his mother. Sick bastard!” she cursed slapping my face.”Sonia please!” Charlie pleaded. “His mother can hear you.””Let her.” Sonia yelled. “I wonder if the bitch knows her son has a little cock. I wonder if she likes it when this sick asshole jerks off watching her get fucked.”My mother was stepping out of her panties but she stopped when she heard that and came out. She was completely naked. As we all watched, mom came over and hugged me.She kissed me lightly and said “I love you honey and I am glad I have you in my life.”I hugged her back. My little penis was now fully erect. “I love you too mom” I said. I could feel my emotions brimming over as my mother’s eyes got wet too.”I have to go in now.” she wishpered as I felt her large, soft breasts rubbing against my chest. “But when I am done, I will come and sleep next to you.”Sonia was cursing under her breath calling us sick and pathetic but Charlie was sucking on my little cock and as mom parted, I came into her mouth.That night my mother did not hold back. We heard her groaning and moaning and encouraging her lovers as they fucked her mature, well used holes.Sonia, had injected herself with a rich dose of Clayton’s magic white powder but Charlie just smoked a joint as she continued to talk to me.”Take care of your mom” she said to me. “Make her feel like she has someone who loves her unconditionally. It will make her life much easier.”I looked at her.”Look” she explained. “When I met Clayton I thought he was in love with me. I still do but he made me fuck every single man he knew before putting me on the streets. I used to be a bank teller and now I am whore. I wish I had someone who loved me like you love your mother.””What should I do?” I asked.”Hold her when she comes to you. Kiss her face. Clean her body.” she said playing with her breasts.”Is that what you like?” I asked her.”I liked to be cleaned.” she said mischieveously as she opened her legs and let her big hole come out.”I like it when cute little boys eat me and clean my ass and pussy.”she touched my face.I bent forward and once again, too short to reach her face from where i sat, i just reached her cleavage. Then I bent a little more and glued my lips to her cunt.”Oh! you suck so nice!” she cooed falling back. Sonia had dozed off and I felt more comfortable touching my cock as I sucked on my black Goddess’s giant pussy.”You like my cunt?” Charlie asked “I love it!” I blurted between breaths “Its the most beautiful thing I have see.””Besides your mother’s you mean.” Charlie corrected me. “A boy’s most beautiful experience should be when he is in presence of his mother’s pussy.” she explained.”Thats what brought you into this world. A mother’s cunt is next to God for any young men and they should service their mother in any way possible.”I giggled.”I have seen young boys like you worshiping their mom.” she continued as I sucked harder, burying my nose in her wet hole.”Larry was 18 and massaged his mother everyday. John was 30 and still found women his 58 year old mother liked – usually petite, white girls who liked to fuck older women. Dave worked 3 shifts so that his mother had enough money to stay at home and invite men over and Tom took each one of the 12 rings in his mother’s cunt out, washed them and then put them back on her each morning.””What should I do?” I asked rubbing my small cock.”Look, you have a small cock. You cannot satisfy a woman, much less your mother who is now used to cocks like that of Clayton, Toby and Carlos.Why don’t you service your mother orally?”I didn’t understand.”When she is done, just climb on the bed and lick her pussy clean. Take all the cum out. You should eat all the cum in her ass too. I am sure she will appreciate that.” Charlie said rubbing her groin harder on my face.”I am not sure she will like that.” I said “She will. It is every mother’s duty to let her son worship her cunt. I mean what kinda ungrateful bitch denies her son the pleasure and previledge. Tammy told me she hasn’t cleaned her ass in years. Her son goes to bathroom with her and after she is done he cleans her asshole and cunt every single day. He thinks she is too good to touch shitty assholes even her own.”An hour later my mom walked out. She was now dressed in her conservative suit. Her red top showed her the shape of her tits and nipples and the long dark skirt seemed to be too tight around her now even bigger rear.She sat next to Charlie on the sofa while i sat down, next to where Sonia was sprawled, the needle still in her arm.”Are you ok?” Charlie asked mom “I am fine. Just too tired. The men were a****ls. They didn’t even wait for me to turn over and did me together.” she said shyly.”I am sure Terry can help” Charlie said throwing a frown my way.”Yes mom!” I jumped up. “Can I give you a massage?””You deserve it” Charlie said putting her hand on my mother’s large thigh.”Were you two having sex?” My mom asked looking at Charlie’s open and still wet cunt and my naked body.”Listen Carol”, Charlie said. “I have to break something to you.”Mom sat upright ready for the bad news.”Carol. Your son doesn’t have the goods to be a man.”My mother stared at Charlie.”His penis is too small and I don’t think it will grow anymore. His balls are stunted too. He can never satisfy a woman.””What are you saying?” Mom said. “My son cannot cum?””Oh he can cum but only when he is very comfortable with a woman. So far he is comfortable only with you. That means, he can cum only when you are around.”Mom looked at me and then at my little penis. i hung my head in shame.”Carol, even though Terry will never be able to satisfy another woman, he can satisfy you.””What?” mom asked surprised.”You are fortunate to have a son who sees you as a Goddess Carol. And Terry wants to dedicate his life to you” Mom looked at me again. “….and your cunt.” Charlie finished.Mom’s head snapped in Charlie’s direction.”Don’t be surprised Carol. Boys like Terry are few but I have seen happiest families in the world are those of women who let their sons service them. I know 60 year olds who love growing older because they know they will never be alone.”I looked my mother and moved a bit closer. She could now pat my head if she wanted to.”Imagine what life would be like with you are 70 Carol. Old and wrinkled your body will no longer be desired by young men. But you will have a 22 year old man massaging you, bathing you, feeding you and carrying out all your whims and fancies. I mean if you want to shit in the bed, he will make sure collects it in his hands and clean you and the bed. If you wanna cum, he will do everything possible for you to relax yourself. Can you ask for anything more? “My mother smiled as she patted my head. I scooted a bit closer and put my head on mom’s legs.”Let me see that cock honey.” she said gently.I stood up and opened my legs. My young but small penis was now erect and my balls had shrunk and tucked under even more.”Its not much to look at.” mom said running her index finger on my 3 inches of erection. “I am sorry honey” she whispered.”Dont be mom. I am not!” I smiled. “I like it because otherwise I would have to find a girl and move away from you. Now we can be together forever.””Really? You mean that?” my mother said still pulling at my little cock.”I do mom. I wanna eat Clayton and Toby and Carlos’ cum from your pussy. I want lick every drop of seed that real men leave in you.””What about her ass?” Charlie chimed in.”Oh mother!” I couldn’t control myself. “You have the most beautiful anus in the world. I want nothing more but to clean it out thoroughly before I worship it.””Oh honey” my mother said “that will be so beautiful.I dropped to my knees and pulled my mother’s long skirt up. I then ducked under it and smelled her large, well fucked pussy. Even in the darkness I could see huge globs of cum coming out my mother’s pussy and falling on the couch. I licked her thighs and rolled the cum in my mouth.Mom grabbed my head and pushed me away.She then went on all fours on the couch, her face next to Charlie and her ass high up in the air. She pulled her long skirt up, around the waist revealing her large, fleshy ass.”What do you see?” she asked me.”Doorway to heaven!” I blurted out.Both mom and Charlie laughed. “Describe it you asshole” Charlie said.”Its perfect ass mother.” I described it. “Mom your hips are still firm and full, jutting out. I am sure I can’t put my hands around your ass if I wanted to. Your asshole is red. Still puckered but very wide and open. I can see white sperms deep inside mom. This is the most beautiful sight in the world.””A boy always loves his mother’s cunt, tits and ass more than anything else in the world.” Charlie explained to mom. “I have seen boys who clean their mother”s shit covered asshole without any hesitation.”Mom nodded and thrust her ass out.Thick. white sperms shot forth and landed on my chest. I glued my lips to my mother’s anus and started sucking the goo out. It was delicious.Mom started masturbating, trying to get more out and I kept sucking.Charlie stayed with us and helped mom and I learn how we could help each other. She taught me ways to massage mom to help her fall asleep, get horny, even cum without touching her cunt. As mom continued to serve Clayton’s friends, I learned how to differentiate between different types of cum by touching, smelling and tasting my mother’s well fucked anus.It has been an year now. I am still 5′ 2″ and my cock still doesn’t go past 3 inches. But I have mastered the art of servicing my beautiful mother who has now turned into a prostitute, just like Charlie.After I serve mom, she lets Charlie use me too. Charlie still likes to have sex with me while mom watches. Both women think that all the rich diet of fresh sperms is making me fat. My hips have grown to almost 36″ and I look more like a girl now. Mom believes I should start working with her but Charlie has suggested that if I start having sex with men, I might ignore my sacred duties of servicing my mother.As long as I get to suck cum from my mother’s well used and dirty asshole every day, I am happy!

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