Sabine and Melanie’s Second Year

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Beautiful Dick

It was the first day of the new school year and I was returning, excited as all get out to see Melanie again. It had been a long and lonely summer without her and I couldn’t wait for us to be together once more.

Melanie had kept in contact with me over the summer and she had contacted our college and insured that we would get our same room as we had last year. I was surprised that she was able to do that and not surprised. Melanie had something about her that allowed her to get other people to give her what she wanted.

My parents were again driving me to school with my clothes and the other things for the long 8-9 months that I would be there. When we got there I directed my father to the parking lot next to the dorm where Melanie and I would be living once more. As we were climbing the stairs to the room my stomach clenched as I remembered the remodeling Melanie had done, especially the hook in the ceiling in front of the couch. I began to pray that my father and mother wouldn’t notice it. Once we entered with my suitcases and other things, however, my prayers were not answered.

“I wonder what that is doing in the ceiling?” asked my mother.

With a sick feeling in my stomach I said the only thing that I could think of, which was the worst thing.

“What is that mother?”

“That hook in the ceiling, Sabine. I wonder why it is there?”

“Oh that. I have no idea. It was there when we moved into the room.”

Of course, in my mind, I was picturing myself, naked and on my tiptoes, my arms stretched above me and fastened to the hook, with Melanie smirking at me and tapping the flogger or a strap on a palm. My face heated up immediately as I knew in my heart that neither my mother nor father would understand. As a matter of fact, I knew that my mother would be devastated to know what I had been doing with Melanie and that my father would most likely throw me out of my home. My mother looked at me curiously but thankfully didn’t say anything else. My father glanced at the hook and didn’t say anything, just set my suitcases down. I put the box I was carrying down on the small bed and took the one that my mother had and put it on the bed also. There were only two more boxes of my stuff so I suggested that my father and I get them. My mother waited while we did that.

When my father and I returned to the room, Melanie was there with her mother. They had brought up some of her things. Melanie and I greeted each other and then hugged each other, laughing. Our parents watched the two of us, smiling. I told my parents that I would help Melanie get the rest of her stuff and that they could go with Melanie’s mother to the Commons for coffee or sodas.

Melanie’s mother said, “There still is a lot of stuff, but you two go and we’ll get it, then meet you there before we leave.”

It sounded reasonable to everyone, so my parents left and the three of us went down to get the remaining boxes of Melanie’s. As we returned to our room and put down the last of Melanie’s things, Melanie’s mother smiled at me.

“I hear that you and Melanie have become very good friends, Sabine, very good friends.”

Melanie walked up to me.

“My mother and I have become much more open with each other, Sabine. Do you want to let her know how good friends we are, darling?”

My stomach clenched and looked at Melanie, then her mother.

“It’ll be fine, Sabine.”

I watched as her mother settled onto the couch with a big smile on her face. Melanie walked to her bed, opened a suitcase and took out something I remembered very well. It was a leather strap with a wooden handle for her to hold. I closed my eyes not quite believing what was happening.

“Go over to the couch and face away from my mother, please, Sabine. Then drop your shorts and panties and bend over and grab your ankles.”

I hesitated for a moment, my face beginning to turn red and hot.

“Don’t you love me anymore, Sabine? I really want to heat your ass for when we get together with your parents before everyone leaves and I know that my mother would like to see it after all the talks we’ve had over the summer.”

I didn’t really want to do this, but I did love her. I walked, haltingly to the couch without looking at her mother. I turned away from her.

“Do I have to, Melanie?”

“Only if you still love me, darling.”

I took a deep breath and undid my shorts and pushed them and my panties down, baring my ass to her mother. Then I bent over and grabbed my ankles, knowing what was coming.

“Take them off completely, Sabine, so you can move you feet further apart. It’ll give you better balance, darling.”

I did as I was told, blushing furiously, knowing that as I bent over again that my cheeks spread and Melanie’s mother was seeing my pussy and asshole.

“Grip tight Sabine.”

I did and then I heard that sound that was still familiar to me. The whoosh of the strap just before it impacted my bare ass. I bit my lip to keep from howling. I heard a giggle from behind me Ankara escort as Melanie’s mother watched. Melanie hit me with the strap another five times, all the while talking to her mother and me.

“Your ass looks a little fatter, Sabine, is it? No don’t tell me. We’ll just have to exercise you to tighten it up. It sure jiggles when I hit it, doesn’t it mother? And it turns such a nice shade of red, too. Can you see her asshole clench, mother? She does that all the time when she is spanked. But what is the most enjoyable thing is how her cunt gets wet when I spank or strap her. On everyone else, it’s a vagina or a pussy, but on Sabine it’s a cunt, isn’t it Sabine?”

There was a moment of silence.

“Isn’t it Sabine?”

Humiliated to tears, bent over and showing her mother everything, only because I was in love and didn’t know how to say no.

“Yes, it’s a cunt, Melanie.”

“And whose cunt is it, Sabine?”

I sobbed softly.

“It’s your cunt, Melanie.”

“What did I tell you, mother? And you didn’t believe me. Do you believe me now?”

“Yes I do, but I still am amazed. Would you mind if I……..”

“No, but just this once, Mother.”

I watched between my legs and with tear filled eyes as the strap was handed to Melanie’s mother. She stood up and moved to one side of me. I heard her swing the strap twice and then heat blazed across my ass cheeks as she struck me with the strap.

“God, that feels amazingly powerful! She’ll do this for you anytime you wish, Melanie?”

“Yes, mother. She is an obedient little girl. And not just for strappings, either.”

I heard the sound again and rocked forward as Melanie’s mother slammed the strap into my ass again. I sucked in a breath and wiggled my sore ass in the air in a vain attempt to cool it.

:”Just one more mother. Then we should meet her parents before they have to leave.”

Another flash of heat across my ass and Melanie took the strap from her mother and dropped it in front of me.

“Put it away Sabine.”

I reached down and picked up the strap and with a groan, straightened up. Then I hobbled to the closet we shared and hung it on the hook where it had spent the last year at school. Then I returned to stand in front of the two of them, embarrassed and humiliated. Melanie reached down with one hand, ran a finger through my slit and lifted it to my face. If I could have blushed anymore I would have. I knew what she wanted me to do and I leaned forward and took her finger into my mouth, sucking off the juice that had collected in my folds.

Her mother clapped her hands.

“Oh God, that is precious! I still find this hard to believe.”

Melanie just smiled at her mother and then at me.

“Do you have a bra on, darling?”


“It’s not appropriate attire when you are with me, Sabine. Take it off.”

I shivered and removed my top and then my bra, standing naked except for my shoes in front of the two of them. Melanie took my bra and bent and picked up my panties and tossed them into the closet.

“Turn around.”

I did so and stood sp they could admire my hot reddened ass. I felt them both stroke it and shivered. It felt good after my strapping but I was totally embarrassed at being naked in front of Melanie’s mother and knowing that she was stroking my bare ass. But I let her and Melanie do it. After a couple of minutes, Melanie slapped my ass softly and told me to turn around. Then she reached up with both hands and pinched and rolled my nipples until they were hard and sticking out.

“Get dressed, Sabine. Just the top and shorts.”

“But my parents….”

“That is not your concern. Do as I tell you.”

Shivering because I knew what I would look like without a bra and erect nipples, I sighed and picked up my shorts and slipped them on. After buttoning them and zipping them up I slipped my top over my head and looked down. My nipples were very prominent. I prayed that my mother and father would not notice, although I had no idea how they wouldn’t.

Melanie and her mother walked to the door and I followed. We went down the stairs and out into the bright sunshine of a lovely fall day. The only drawback in my feelings about it was the fact that my nipples looked so big and my ass was throbbing and really hot. We walked across the lawn to the commons, passing several boys and I watched as one of them would notice me, nudge another and whisper. I blushed again, realizing that they were talking about my hard nipples. How could they not? We finally reached the Commons and entered. We saw my parents and walked to their table. Melanie and her mother sat quickly and I did a lot slower than them, but managed to sit without gasping or sucking in a breath as my hot, strapped ass touched the chair seat. We chatted for a while about school and home and I think I was mostly normal. I didn’t squirm but I did cross my arms over my breasts to do the best I could to hide my erect nipple from my parents. I must have succeeded since my mother Ankara escort bayan didn’t give me her funny look and she didn’t take me aside to talk to me about anything. Finally it was time for the parents to leave and Melanie and I got up and gave hugs and kisses to our parents. We walked out with them to their cars, each getting another hug and kiss. Melanie’s mother said.

“Well, Sabine, I hope that I’ll see more you in the future.”

Ha! How could she ever see more of me than she already had? Melanie and I waited as they backed out and stood and waved to them as they drove off.

“Well Sabine, let’s go back to the dorm. I still have to greet you properly and then I want to talk to you, seriously, about some things.”

“All right, Melanie.”

We walked back enjoying the warmth and sunshine. We got there shortly and climbed the stairs to our floor. As we reached the landing, Melanie stopped me.

“Take off your shoes.”

I was curious, but I did as I was told. Once they were off, Melanie moved them away from me. She reached towards me, taking hold of the bottom of my top and lifted, pulling it up over my head and off.

“Melanie, what are you doing?”

“I thought about this all summer, Sabine. I thought about it a lot. I want to show you off. I want people to see you naked, Sabine, I really do.”

As she was saying this, one hand reached for my shorts and unbuttoned them. Then Melanie slid my zipper down. Just that fast my shorts felt very loose on me. Melanie reached for them and held them up against me. She took her other hand and tilted my head so that I was looking at her.

“You want to make me happy, don’t you Sabine? You really want to make me happy, don’t you?”

As I looked at her lovely face, knowing that she loved me all I could do was nod, even though I was feeling very nervous. I glanced to the stairs and saw that I was in plain sight of anyone who reached the landing below. I looked down the hall towards our room and it seemed like it was miles away. Melanie smiled at my nod and released her grip on my shorts and lightly pushed on them. I shivered as I felt them slide down my legs to puddle around my ankles. Once I stepped out of them I would be totally naked in my dorm, in the hallway.

“Give them to me.”

I bent and slipped out of my shorts and hesitantly handed them to her. She smiled at me. Then she bent and picked up my top and shoes.

“Count to fifty, then you can come to the room.”

Melanie turned and walked away from me, leaving me with my mouth open, bare ass naked in the hall. I was so shocked I didn’t even think to start counting. When I finally realized that I needed to count, I started but I was nervously shifting from one foot to the other as I imagined another girl with her parents in tow, turning the corner to the landing below and then seeing a naked girl standing at the top of the stairs. I glanced over my shoulder to look down to the landing and then saw the large window that faced the boy’s dorm just across the way. I had only by now reached twenty. I shivered and kept counting. When I finally reached fifty I began to walk down the hall to our room. I could feel my breasts bouncing slightly on my chest and the jiggle of my ass behind me. As I walked I could imagine several boys looking out their room windows and seeing me naked in the window in my dorm. I flushed. I reached our door and knocked softly.

“Melanie, may I come in, please?”

The door opened and Melanie stood in the doorway, looking me up and down, smirking. She reached out and tweaked both of my nipples. I moaned.

She stepped back and I scurried into the room.

“How do you feel?”

“Scared, really warm, tingly all over.”

“Good. Get on my bed on your hands and knees, Sabine.”

I hurried over to obey and got on my hands and knees, then waiting for her. I knew what was coming. I heard her rustling in one of her suitcases, then the sound of clothes and then I felt her climb up behind me. I felt her rub a cock over my pussy lips and then the tip was at my hole and she slowly slid it up me. I groaned as she filled me. She slid it into me until the base hit my lips and held it there.

“Does it feel good slut? Do you still crave a cock up your cunt?”

“Oh God, yes, Melanie.” I’ve missed this so much! I want you to fuck me every chance we get, darling.”

She wiggled her hips from side to side and slowly slid back out of me, making me whimper. I felt so empty after being filled so deliciously. Then Melanie drove her cock up me hard and I gave a little gasp and held onto the comforter on her bed as she fucked me hard. In the midst of the fucking, I felt lube dripped on my ass hole and moaned. I knew she was going to fuck my ass too. I was pushed forward as she thrust up me and then moved back as she pulled back. I felt a thumb or finger go up my ass and groaned out loud. As much as I wanted to please Melanie, I still didn’t really like having my ass penetrated, but it wasn’t as though I had a choice Escort Ankara any more. If I struggled, she would just hold me down until she got her cock up my ass anyway. She fucked me hard for several minutes and then she pulled out of my cunt. Up until now Melanie had been silent.

“Where does my cock go now, slut?”

“Up my ass.”

“Good girl.”

I felt the tip at my ass hole and Melanie pushed firmly and steadily until the tip was lodged inside my ass. Then with a slow and steady push she slid it right up until I felt the base on my ass cheeks.

“Where’s my cock now, you dirty fucking whore?”

“In my ass” I groaned. “What’s it doing in your ass, cunt” as she slowly pulled back.

“Fucking my ass, Melanie, fucking my ass.”

She grabbed my ass cheeks and slid back up me and then back out and in and back, going faster and faster until the sound of her hips hitting my ass cheeks was like a slap.

“Rub your clit and come you dirty cunt.”

I reached back with one hand and started rubbing my pussy and clit frantically and as I did my head and chest slumped down to the comforter, lifting my ass up higher. Melanie didn’t even lose rhythm, she just kept fucking me. It wasn’t long and I was moaning and rubbing harder and harder until I came, ramming my ass back hard against her. Melanie pumped her cock in and out until she clutched my cheeks so hard it hurt and then I felt her jerking against me as she came also. When her spasms ceased she collapsed on top of me and I ended up flat on my belly with her cock still jammed in my asshole. I could feel her hard nipples against my back and her breath came hot and heavy on my neck. Finally she rolled off me and her cock pulled out of me, leaving my ass hole gaping open.

“Kiss me Sabine, and then you can take off the strap on and wash it. You don’t have to suck it clean today.”

I rolled to her and kissed her lips lovingly and then knelt up and removed the strap on. Melanie was just as naked as I was now and she looked so lovely to me I couldn’t believe that she was with me. I bent over and kissed each of her nipples and then her slit and got up and went to the bathroom to clean the dildo. Even after being ass fucked I was so happy it was unreal. Melanie still loved me. Everything that I wanted I had, I just hoped that she felt the same way.

When I came back into our bedroom/study room Melanie was still on her bed naked. I couldn’t help but stare at her, she was so lovely to me.

“Go take a bath so you get cleaned up Sabine. Then come back here.”

“I don’t have towels out yet.”

“I’ll find them, just go and wash up like I told you and then come back here.”

I walked into the bathroom, filled the tub and luxuriated in it for a few minutes, and then I washed up quickly and walked back to the bedroom, dripping water. When we had first moved into this room there were no curtains on the big window, but once we had started making love, Melanie had bought some and they had been left when school was over. The curtains had been drawn for most of the school year. But now the curtains were pulled back and I could see the boy’s dorm across the way. I stepped to the side and walked up to the window to close the curtains.

“No, Sabine. Leave them open.”

I looked at her, disbelieving.

“Step right in front of the window, darling. Then you can have a towel.”

I shivered, not just from being totally wet and naked. I stepped over so I was partially in front of the open window.

“Another step over, Sabine.”

I hesitantly took another step to my right and now I was in the center of window with the curtains pulled back. Melanie stepped up where I had been, hidden from any eyes that might be looking at our window. She handed me a towel.

“Dry yourself off, darling, just as if the window isn’t there.”

I held the towel in front of me and briskly dried my arms. Melanie giggled.

“Turn around to dry your front, Sabine.”

I did as I was told, but before I turned, I looked down. The window sill was slightly above my knees so from there on up I was totally exposed. Shivering again, I turned so my entire bare back and bare ass faced the window. Then something happened that I certainly didn’t expect.

“Hello, Jeremy? Are you at your window? You are? Good. What can you see?”

I shivered again, listening to her talk on her phone to a guy.

“You can see a bare ass? Great! Do you like it? Is anyone else there with you? Oh, that’s wonderful! Five of you, huh? Do they like what they’re seeing too? Great! Oh, just stay there and watch. It’ll be a treat. Bye.”

I was mindlessly rubbing the towel on my front. I couldn’t believe Melanie was doing this to me.

“Bend over and get your legs, darling.”

My face was as hot as it could get. I felt like I had the worst sunburn in the world! I slowly bent over and dried my legs and feet and my imagination was going wild. I close my eyes and could see five guys clustered around a window in the dorm and then my view trailed across the lawn between the two dorms and up to our window. And there I was, exposed from my knees to my head. My bare ass was reddened from the strapping I had received and was totally on view to them. I shuddered.

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