Ryan’s Story Pt. 14

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Ryan’s Story

Chapter 14

The next day seemed to drag on as I was really looking forward to seeing Gina that evening. I don’t know what it is about her that has me feeling like this. Her red hair? Deep green eyes? The way she looks at me? I don’t know but I do know I am really looking forward to seeing her and where it might lead.

It was a real madhouse at home that evening. Mother had a meeting to get to and Julie had a team meeting after dinner and I, of course, had my date with Gina. We all rushed around eating and getting ready to head out. We did not have much time for play, so we ended up with me giving each of them a quick blow job.

Mom drove me over to the coffee house and wished me luck with my date. Nervously I went inside. Gina was sitting on a stool in the back corner with one light shining on her, apparently just getting ready to start her performance. I was able to get a table seat right up front and when she saw me, she gave me a big smile. All during her performance, she kept her eyes on me and I found myself lost in her big green eyes. After half a dozen songs, she stood and climbed down to some modest applause, there were not many people there. She joined me at my table.

“I’m glad you could make it,” she said to me, leaning over and giving me a light kiss.

My eyes fixed on hers, I said, “Wow, you are really good. I loved it.”

We each had a latte and chatted about school and her music. During the conversation, her knee pressed against my thigh and eventually I put my hand on her thigh under the table.

“They are about to close. I have a car, let me drive you home,” Gina said to me looking into my eyes.

I smiled at her and said, “A car? That is cool. Sure, I’d love a ride.”

We got into her car which turned out to be an old Nova model. She said, “Not much to look at but it gets me there.”

“Let me drop my guitar at my place first,” she said as we drove off.

“Great,” I said, “I’d love to see it.”

Soon we pulled to a stop in front of a large home on Fourth Street. As we got out of the car and started up the walk, I noticed a sign out front which said Futa House.

As we walked in passing the living room, I noticed two females sitting on the sofa playing a video game. They looked up when we walked in.

“Hey Gina, who is the cutie?”, the bigger of the two asked.

“Yeah, come on Gina,” the other said, “Introduce us.”.

Gina Kıbrıs Escort shrugged and looked at me. Pointing to the girls, she said “Ryan, this is Ganza and Iris, two of my roomies.”

“Hey cutie, Ryan is it?”, Iris said to me, “Want to come sit with us for a while?”.

Gina pulled me by the hand toward the stairs. Looking over her shoulder at them she said, “Not tonight girls.”, as we headed up the stairs.

“Don’t pay attention to them,” Gina told me as we climbed the stairs, “They can be a bit rough at times.”

Short walk down a hall and we entered her room. Large for a college dorm room. Double bed, desk, chair, dresser, and closet off to one side.

“Nice,” I said, “This is really a big room.”

Gina sat her guitar down and came up behind me and put her arms around me, one around my chest the other around my waist, and pulled me to her. She kissed me on the back of the neck.

“Finally I get you alone,” she said pulling me tight against her and continued to kiss around my neck and along the back of my ear.

I moaned and squirmed against her, feeling her bulge in her jeans pressing against my ass.

The hand around my chest came up to my head and she turned my face around to her and put her lips on mine, shoving her tongue into my mouth. I relaxed and let my tongue play with hers as her other hand slid up under my tee-shirt and rubbed my chest. Then she flicked my left nipple making it grow hard and pinched and twisted it. I squealed into her mouth as she roughly twisted and pinched my nipple, squirming harder against her.

Her hand slid down and squeezed my hard bulge on my jeans, squeezing it hard.

“It looks like someone is enjoying it a bit rough,” she whispered into my ear, letting her tongue flick at it, “I knew you were the type as soon as I first saw you. A slut that loves it rough, aren’t you baby?”

I could only whimper and grind against her. She pushed me away and turned me around. Looking into my eyes, she ordered, “Get your clothes off, now.”

I stripped off my clothes until I stood nude in front of her. Looking me up and down, her eyes over my milky white skin, she smiled.

“Nice,” she said, reaching out and running her hand over my chest and belly. Her hand slid down and fondled my little hard cocklet and squeezed it. Then she gave it a slap, causing me to jump and squeal. She laughed and pulled me against Lefkoşa Escort her and kissed me, hard and deep.

“Get your ass on the bed,” she commanded.

As I crawled onto the bed, she removed her shirt. My eyes took in her round firm C cup breasts with large erect nipples. Smiling at me and cupping her breasts, she walked over to the bed. Then she removed the rest of her clothing, my eyes taking in her eleven-inch hard cock and wonderfully big balls.

She climbed on the bed, straddling my chest. With her knees holding my arms down, she reached down and grabbed my head by two handfuls of hair.

“Open wide baby,” she sneered at me.

When I opened my mouth, she drove her cock into my throat. Gasping for air, I was squirming under her as she started to fuck my mouth, hard and fast, slamming into my throat, her large balls slapping against my chin.

After a time, she pulled out as I gasped for air, she climbed off of me and commanded, “Turn over, get that ass up.” So I rolled over and lifted my rear, keeping my face down on the bed.

She gave my ass a couple of hard slaps, then I felt the head of her cock pressing into my hole. With one hard thrust, she rammed all the way into me, causing me to cry out loudly, giving her a laugh.

Holding my hips, she pounded into me, hard. Slamming her cock roughly into me, I couldn’t last and cried out as I shot my load.

“Oh yes, yes,” I yelled, “Fuck me, fuck me.” I pushed back at her as she continued to slam into me. Finally, she shoved into the hilt and grinding against me shot her large load deep in me.

Her roommate Iris stuck her head in and said “We just ordered some pizza if you want some,” as she smiled at me.

Slowly Gina pulled her cock out of me, both of us gasping trying to get our breath back. Collapsing down on the bed, she took me into her arms and we kissed passionately. After a short time of cuddling together, she looked me in the eyes and said, “Wow, you are really something.” And kissed me again.

Running my hands over her breasts, I said to her “And I think you are really special too.” and kissed her back.

“I’d better get you home,” she said, rising from the bed. Slowly we dressed and headed downstairs.

As we walked past the living room, I saw a young guy without pants lying across Ganza’s lap while Iris had his head in her hands, driving his mouth up and down on her Girne Escort cock while Ganz fingered his bare ass with one hand, eating pizza with the other. Both smiled at us as we walked past.

Gina drove me home and we spent some time kissing in the front seat. Just before I got out of the car, she said “We are having an end-of-semester party Friday night. I’d like you to come.”

“Sure, sounds great,” I replied as I got out of the car and walked up to the house.

I went straight up to my room, took my clothes off, and headed for a hot shower. After washing and enjoying the water, I was about to step out when the door of the shower opened and my naked mother stepped in.

“Hi baby, how was your date?” she asked handing me the soap.

As I ran my soapy hands over her breasts, I replied, “It was really great mom. Gina can really sing.”

“Did you make it back to her place?”, mom asked.

Blushing, I told her, “Yes, we did.”

“She lives at Futa House, doesn’t she?”, mom asked as I slid my soapy hands down her belly. I just nodded.

“Did she fuck you?”, mom now asked as I took her hard cock into my hands and she said, “I’ve heard the Futa House girls can be pretty rough.”

I smiled at her as I started to stroke her cock with my soapy hands.

“I guess you really do like it rough,” mom said to me, placing her hands on my shoulders and pushing me down to my knees.

Holding my head, she said to me, “Mommy likes it rough at times too baby. Now open wide.”

As I opened my mouth, she pushed her cock in and started fucking my throat, slamming into me. After a time of roughly fucking my mouth, she shot one load down my throat then pulled out and blasted two shots across my face and shoved into my mouth to unload the last one onto my tongue. Releasing my head and smiling down at me, she said, “I think you really like it rough baby, and mommy is going to be happy to oblige you.” Patting my head, she left the shower as I washed myself off.

Drying off from the shower, I went to my room and flopped down on the bed, spent. But I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep just yet. Julie walked in, naked and with her cock rock hard. Climbing onto my bed, she pushed my legs apart and leaned over me.

“Mom says you like it rough little bro,” she said, “So do I.” Then she drove her cock into me causing me to scream. Slamming into me hard and fast, the two of us bouncing up and down on the bed, she fucked me. Then driving deep into me, she gave me her warm load and collapsed down on me. After a few minutes, she kissed the back of my neck and as she slid her cock out of me and rose, said “Sleep well brother,” and left. I drifted off to sleep.

(To be continued)

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