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Subject: Ryan’s New Life 15 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill RYAN’S NEW LIFE Chapter 15 “Have you decided what to wear for the pool-party on Friday?” Neil asked as he was having lunch with Ryan. “I thought I’d wear the mankini again, Daddy,” replied Ryan. “None of our current guests were here for the last party.” “That’s fine. I think you could add some body glitter for a bit of sparkle,” said Neil. “I know where to get some.” Ryan wasn’t sure he knew what body glitter was but he agreed. “I think I will attach handcuffs to my usual leather outfit,” Neil said. “Maybe I can put the cuffs on you at one point and lead you around as my prisoner.” Ryan smiled. “The men might fantasise about you will do to me when we’re alone.” “Exactly! How do you feel about the men imagining you as my sex toy?” Neil asked. “I don’t mind,” Ryan replied. “I suspect that many assume I’m a bottom-boy anyway and, of course, that is what I am.” Neil grinned. “Good boy! I love your attitude.” Ryan smiled and leaned forward to say in a quiet voice, “I’m stiff now thinking about being handcuffed semi-naked in public. Do we have time for a quickie before we go back to work?” “Unfortunately not but I could give you a quick blowjob in my office,” Neil replied. “Okay, Daddy. Let’s go now,” said Ryan. “We don’t need a dessert.” “Your sweet cum will be my dessert,” smiled Neil. *** Adrian was disappointed that no decision had been made about letting non-residents attend the upcoming pool-party and asked Ryan to send him a photo of his outfit. “Okay. I will take a selfie when I’m in my party outfit,” Ryan told him in his reply. *** On the night of the party, Neil applied gold body glitter to Ryan’s chest. Both of them agreed that it looked good. Neil then put some glitter on each of Ryan’s buttocks. Ryan smiled when he looked over his shoulder to see himself in the full-length mirror. “Don’t you think it draws too much attention to my bum?” he asked. Neil laughed. “No. A large percentage of our guests will be checking out your bum with or without the glitter.” Ryan picked up his phone and said, “Please take a photo so that I have a souvenir of this moment, Daddy.” Neil took a photo from the front. “A pic to send your aunt perhaps?” he joked. Ryan laughed. “No way! I don’t want to kill her.” He kissed Neil and then put his bathrobe on. “Let’s get this party started.” The party was a great success. There were huge cheers when Ryan removed his bathrobe to reveal his skimpy outfit. Both he and Neil were aware of many photos being taken. “I think I might get a professional photographer to take some photos of you next time,” said Neil. “We could sell them to the guests.” “I’m not sure if I like that idea,” said Ryan. “Why not? You already allow guests to take photos of you at the parties and by the pool when you’re wearing a tiny swimsuit,” Neil said. “You could earn a little extra money by selling good quality photos.” Ryan thought for a moment and then agreed. He liked knowing that men found him sexually attractive and might want some sexy photos to take home. During the band’s break, Neil pulled Ryan into the centre of the dance area. “You are under arrest, boy!” he said in a loud voice. “Why? What have I done wrong?” Ryan asked as Neil pulled his arms behind him and handcuffed him. “You have been parading around virtually naked, tempting and annoying these men,” replied Neil. “I’m going to give you what you deserve.” “A good fucking!” suggested one guest. “Yeah! A big cock up that cute ass!” shouted another. Laughter and other ribald comments followed. Rather than becoming embarrassed, Ryan was turned on and his little cock rapidly became stiff as Neil walked him up and down in front of all the men. More photos were taken and then one man cried out, “Look – he’s got an erection! His boy-cock is stiff!” Ryan blushed but his cock became harder than ever as the men pointed, cheered and took photos. Finally Neil directed Ryan to the rear of the pool-bar where the pair kissed passionately out of sight of the crowd. “Sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to become stiff,” Ryan said when they pulled apart. “No need to apologise,” smiled Neil. “It turned me on too. All those men are so jealous of me right now.” He removed the handcuffs and then kissed Ryan again. “We’ll go back when the band starts up again,” said Neil. “I don’t think my erection is going to go down soon,” Ryan responded. “I’m imagining how the men will react when they see me again.” Neil put a hand on Ryan’s small bulge. “You’ve been leaking pre-cum but the damp patch won’t be very obvious in the black material,” he said, “Let me help you.” Neil then knelt down, freed Ryan’s cock and took it into his mouth. It didn’t take long until Ryan spunked off. Neil swallowed every drop of cum and then tucked the softening cock back into the mankini. “No big bulge now,” he told Ryan. They kissed again and then walked hand in hand back to the party. There were a lot of smiles and some positive comments about the short role-play scene but many of the guests were pre-occupied either dancing or chatting amongst themselves. The Englishman, Steve, was one of many who asked Ryan to pose for a photo. As Ryan and Neil showered prior to getting ready for bed, they talked about how they had become aroused at the party. “I don’t think I want to be handcuffed and paraded around like that again. It was fun though,” said Ryan. “Okay. We’ll think of something different next time,” smiled Neil. “You are still okay with the idea of a professional photographer coming to take photos of you, I hope.” “Yeah, I don’t mind that,” said Ryan. Neil wiggled his eyebrows. “Maybe you can be erect in some of the photos.” “Maybe – if I’m wearing something.” Ryan smiled. “And only if you make love to me now. I’m horny again.” Neil was horny too and Ryan got the fucking he wanted before the pair drifted off to sleep. *** Ryan sent the photo of himself in the mankini to Adrian during a lull in the breakfast service the next morning. He smiled when Adrian replied by email almost immediately. “Wow! You look incredibly sexy in that outfit, Ryan. I’m really escort disappointed that I wasn’t there to see it for real. Maybe next time? Hugs, Adrian” Ryan typed a reply. “I’m free this afternoon. Perhaps I could visit you and let you see me wearing that outfit?” “Please come! Any time suits me,” replied Adrian. During lunch together Neil told Ryan that the pool-party had been the most successful ever. “Will you open it up to non-resident restaurant customers next time?” Ryan asked. Neil nodded. “Yes. I think we can offer tickets to ten regular customers. We might need to find you some more sexy outfits.” Ryan smiled. “Maybe something sexier for you too, Daddy. We have to please the guests who like hot studs as well as those who like bottom boys.” “I guess you’re right,” said Neil. “What do you plan to do this afternoon?” “I’m going to take a walk into town. I want to find a book about Thai customs and traditions,” replied Ryan. “Okay. I wish you luck,” said Neil. *** Ryan visited the Sengho Bookstore, which was the biggest bookshop he could see. However they didn’t have many books in English and he didn’t find what he was looking for. “I’ll check online later,” he said to himself before making his way to Adrian’s apartment. “It’s good to see you!” Adrian greeted Ryan with a hug and invited him inside. “You didn’t bring that sexy outfit,” he said when he saw that the teenager wasn’t carrying anything. “I did. It’s in my pocket,” responded Ryan. He pulled the tiny black item from his pocket and held it up. “As you can see, it’s not very big.” Adrian licked his lips. “I’m looking forward to seeing you wear that but let me get you a drink. Something cold?” “An iced coffee would be good,” replied Ryan. “I’ll change while you make it.” Adrian swallowed. He wanted to watch the boy undress but he felt that would wrong. He smiled and said, “You can change in the bathroom. I will show you where it is.” Alone in the bathroom, Ryan wondered what Neil would think of him being almost naked in Adrian’s apartment. “I’m not going to have sex with Adrian and he’s not going to see any more than the hotel guests. Daddy wouldn’t object,” he told himself. However he didn’t plan on telling Neil about this meeting. Ryan stripped off, washed his face and then put the mankini on. He felt his cock begin to stiffen. “I don’t want him to see me with an erection. At least, not at first,” he thought. He pulled the pouch to the side and splashed cold water on his cock until it was flaccid once more. Then he dried himself, straightened the mankini and left the bathroom. “Holy dooley! You look amazing!” A big grin split Adrian’s face as he looked at Ryan. “The photos don’t really do you justice.” “I’m not wearing the gold glitter like last night,” said Ryan. “You think this looks good on me?” “Oh yeah!” Adrian couldn’t stop smiling. “You look really hot.” “I hope you like the rear view.” Ryan turned to allow Adrian to see him all but naked from behind. The two thin straps running from his shoulders to his arsecrack was the only covering on the smooth body. “Oh fuck!” Ryan looked over his shoulder to see Adrian staring at his arse. “You like my bum?” Adrian raised his head and smiled at Ryan. “I don’t just like your bum, I love it! It’s a beaut.” Ryan smiled and turned back to face Adrian. “I never thought it was anything special but several men have said they like it. I suppose that’s a good thing for a boy like me.” He sat down. Adrian handed Ryan a glass of iced coffee. “What do you mean – a boy like you?” Ryan realised he might have said too much but he forced a smile before saying in a soft voice, “I’m a bottom boy. You probably guessed that already.” Adrian smiled. “I thought that was probably the case. However that makes me happy because I’m a top.” Ryan opened his mouth to speak but Adrian got in quickly to say, “It’s okay. I know you have a partner and I wouldn’t come between you. It’s nice to dream about making love to you though.” “I’m flattered,” said Ryan. “I think you are very attractive and I’d want to be more than just a friend if I didn’t have someone already.” “Really? You don’t think I’m too old for you?” Adrian asked. Ryan shook his head. “Age is just a number and I enjoy your company. I’m sure I would enjoy sex with you too.” “Now you are the one doing the flattering,” smiled Adrian. “May I take a few photos?” Naturally Ryan agreed. He struck a number of what he thought were sexy poses and became aroused in the process. Adrian took several more photos before saying, “I can see you’re turned on posing for me.” Ryan looked down at his bulge and then shrugged. “I can’t help it. I’m with a handsome man who thinks I’m sexy.” “May I�um, may I see your cock?” Adrian asked. Ryan was about to refuse but he remembered posing fully naked for Somchai – a man he knew less well than Adrian. “Okay. You can also take photos of me naked but you mustn’t show them to anyone else.” “I’d never do that. I promise,” said Adrian. Ryan nodded and then pushed the straps of his mankini down one at a time. The pouch fell and Ryan stepped out of the garment to stand naked in front of Adrian. A bead of pre-cum leaked from the piss-slit of the rock-hard 9 cm (3.5 inch) cock. Adrian spoke quietly when he said, “You really are beautiful, Ryan.” “You don’t think my cock is too small?” “No, not at all. It’s perfect,” replied Adrian. “And I love the fact that you’re smooth all over. Your boyfriend is a very lucky guy.” Ryan smiled. “Thank you, Adrian. I should probably get dressed now.” “Not yet. Let me take a few more photos first,” said Adrian. Ryan allowed the man to take frontal, rear and side view shots. He leaked more pre-cum because he was really turned on. “Do you have a big cock?” he asked. “It’s not huge but it’s quite big,” replied Adrian. “It’s stiff right now because of you.” Ryan was tempted to ask to see it but he decided against doing that. “Okay. That’s enough photos. I’m going to get dressed.” He went to the bathroom where he had left his clothes. Once in the bathroom, Ryan looked at himself in the mirror and was tempted to jerk off thinking about what he had just done. Then he thought about Neil and felt guilty. His hard-on began to deflate so he got dressed. Adrian was looking at the photos on his phone with a hand on his crotch when Ryan returned to the room. “You caught me,” Adrian said with a smile. He gebze escort put his phone down and went on. “I really appreciate you letting me take such exciting photos of you, Ryan. I will look at larger versions of them on my computer later.” “I probably shouldn’t have stripped off,” said Ryan. “I’m glad you did.” Adrian signalled for Ryan to sit beside him. “I guess you might feel a little embarrassed but you shouldn’t. If I had a body as sexy as yours, I’d be showing it off to everyone.” Ryan bit his lower lip then asked, “You don’t think it was improper?” Adrian shook his head. “It was a bit naughty but you did it for a friend, someone you trust. You trust me, don’t you?” Ryan thought for a moment. Adrian had never touched him or said anything inappropriate, unlike some of the guests. “Yes, I trust you.” “Good! What you did will stay between the two of us. I’ll never tell anyone. Okay?” Adrian smiled at Ryan. “I love your company and the fact that you are a sexy boy is a bonus. I know that you grew up in a very conservative environment so if you want to do something naughty when we’re alone together, then that’s fine by me.” Ryan smiled. “Thank you, Adrian. I’m glad to have you as a friend.” Adrian resisted the temptation to pat Ryan’s thigh. “You probably have to be careful what you do at the hotel but you can say or do anything when you visit me here. Even naughty things like getting naked.” Adrian grinned and added, “You can do that any time!” Ryan laughed. “I probably won’t do that very often. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Ten of our regular restaurant guests will be allowed to buy tickets for the next pool-party.” “Really? I’m having dinner with a colleague this evening but I will come to the restaurant tomorrow and ask about a ticket. Will you be wearing the same sexy outfit?” “I don’t know. My boss talked about buying some more outfits for me to wear at the parties,” replied Ryan. “The guests seem to like seeing me in skimpy clothes.” “I like seeing you in skimpy clothes,” smiled Adrian. Ryan laughed. “I’m looking forward to seeing you in swimwear at the party.” “Really?” Adrian smiled. Ryan nodded and then checked the time and added, “I need to go back to the hotel now. I’m working in the restaurant this evening.” Adrian stood up. “Well, I’m really glad you came here this afternoon and I look forward to seeing you in the restaurant tomorrow evening.” Ryan stood up. “Can I get a hug?” “Of course, you can.” Adrian gave Ryan a gentle hug. “You feel so soft,” he whispered. “You feel so big and strong, and I love the smell of your aftershave,” said Ryan. Adrian wasn’t as muscular as Neil but at 183 cm (6 feet) he towered over Ryan. They quickly pulled apart and smiled at each other. Ryan walked over to the door. “I will see you tomorrow. Goodbye, Adrian.” “Goodbye, my young friend,” smiled Adrian. Ryan felt happy at having a friend like Adrian. “He’s intelligent, handsome and I feel I can talk to him about anything,” he said to himself. “I really like him but in a different way from Daddy.” Then he smiled and thought, “I suppose he is quite sexy.” *** Ryan was kept busy on Saturday evening but he was able to relax by the pool with Neil on Sunday afternoon. “I think you deserve a few days off. Do you want to make a visit back home?” Neil asked. “No. I don’t want to go anywhere without you,” replied Ryan. “You don’t miss your aunt or any of your old friends?” “Not really. I am very happy here,” Ryan stated. “Well, how about the two of us going to Phuket for a couple of days?” Neil suggested. Ryan grinned. “I’d love that!” “Okay. We can drive to a hotel there in about three hours,” said Neil. “I’ll check my diary for next week and then book a hotel.” Ryan was happy to leave all the arrangements to Neil. Some days later the pair set off for Phuket after Ryan had finished a lunchtime shift in the restaurant. They drove north and then south west, taking the Sarasin Bridge to cross over to the island. “Patong is one of the liveliest beach resorts. We’ll have fun there,” Neil told Ryan. They checked into their hotel which was only minutes from the beach and then went to explore. Ryan was amazed at the number of beer-bars, go-go bars and massage parlours. “I assume these are mainly aimed at straight tourists,” he said. “That’s correct,” said Neil. “However the Paradise Complex further along this street has a whole bunch of go-go bars and clubs for gays. There are even a few guesthouses catering exclusively for gays but I thought we should stay somewhere a bit more upmarket.” They turned left and headed for the beach. The long, crescent-shaped sandy beach impressed Ryan. There were facilities to suit everyone but Ryan began to look longingly at some of the restaurants lining the road beside the beach. “Is it time for dinner?” he asked eventually. Neil smiled. “I guess we could eat now. How about that restaurant with tables and chairs on the sand?” They walked closer and looked at the menu which had pictures of some of the dishes available. Then they looked at each other, nodded and found a table. Neil ordered a beer for himself and told Ryan to choose the food. They ended up sharing small dishes of fish, chicken, beef, tofu and vegetables cooked in a variety of ways, with the usual rice. Neil said they weren’t as good as in their restaurant back home but they were very acceptable. He had another beer while Ryan had his favourite mango sticky rice dessert. The sun was setting when they left the restaurant and headed back towards their hotel. They paused a number of times to look at stalls selling trinkets, t-shirts and other items to tourists but didn’t buy anything. “It’s not even eight-thirty,” Neil said as they reached their hotel. “What shall we do now?” Ryan didn’t hesitate. “Swim in the pool and then have sex!” “Good idea!” Neil smiled. There weren’t many people at the pool when they arrived but Ryan’s skimpy swim-briefs caught the attention of a few. Ryan didn’t care what people thought but he was careful to avoid getting an erection. Neil swam a few laps and then had another beer while watching Ryan having fun in the warm water. Returning to their hotel room, Ryan said, “Let’s shower together, Daddy.” “Fine by me,” said Neil. “I need a pee first.” Ryan smiled shyly and said, “Pee on me, Daddy. You haven’t done that for a while.” “You want me to mark as gölcük escort you as my property. Is that it?” Neil asked. Ryan nodded. “Yes, Daddy. I belong to you and you need to remind me regularly. Pee on me and then use my mouth and my boy-pussy for your pleasure.” Neil looked at Ryan who now stood with his head bowed and a smile on his face. Ryan had progressed to taking the lead sometimes when they had sex but every so often he liked being dominated. “Strip!” was his one-word response. It didn’t take Ryan long to get naked but his little cock was rock-hard when he said, “I’m ready to serve you, Master.” Neil walked slowly around Ryan before giving his bum a hard spank. “Kneel in the shower and wait for me there.” “Yes, Master,” responded Ryan as he hurried to the bathroom. Neil smiled to himself, stripped off and then followed Ryan. He found the teenager kneeling in the shower with his head bowed, his hands behind his back and pre-cum leaking from his cock. He stepped into the shower and took hold of his semi-erect cock. A moment later he was pissing over Ryan’s cock and balls. “Look up at me, boy!” he said as he directed the flow higher. Ryan looked up into Neil’s eyes as the piss landed across his chest and then up his neck. He opened his mouth and let some of the piss enter. He then closed his eyes before Neil sprayed his piss all over the teenager’s face. As the flow ended, Neil said, “You’re Daddy’s good boy.” He then pulled Ryan to his feet and took him in his arms for a long, passionate kiss. Ryan smiled when they parted and said, “Thank you, Daddy.” They showered together, soaping each other up and then taking turns to rinse. They dried each other and then Neil carried Ryan through onto the bed. No words were required as the moved into a sixty-nine position and began sucking each other’s cocks. Then Neil remembered Ryan’s request to be “used”. He put his hands on Ryan’s head and forced his thick 23 cm (9 inch) cock deeper. Ryan gagged a few times but didn’t try to pull away. There were tears in his eyes when Neil pulled away but he just smiled at Neil. “On your hands and knees!” demanded Neil. “I’m going to fuck you like a bitch.” Ryan quickly moved into position and smiled to himself when Neil spread his arse cheeks and began rimming him. He was soon leaking pre-cum and moan softly as he enjoyed being probed by Neil’s big tongue. He felt a sense of loss when Neil moved away but very shortly afterwards a greased finger was pushing into his hole. “Yes, Daddy,” he said softly when Neil was finger-fucking him. He moaned softly when a second and later a third finger was added. A loud moan was heard when Neil’s thick cock penetrated Ryan’s tight hole. Neil went slowly at first but then rammed the final 15 cm (6 inches) deep inside in a single, rather brutal thrust. Ryan howled but then said, “Yes, Master. Fuck me hard!” Neil moved slowly at first but he was soon pounding hard and fast into the slim teenager. He moved one hand under Ryan to pinch and tug his nipples while the other hand tugged the hairless, grape-sized balls. “Oh! Oh! I’m going to cum!” Ryan cried. Neil immediately stopped thrusting while at the same time he squeezed Ryan’s balls hard. Ryan whimpered and his ejaculation was stopped. He sighed. “Sorry, Master. I will hold back.” Neil kissed the back of Ryan’s neck, moved his hands to Ryan’s hips and then started to fuck him slowly. He speeded up after a short while and then he switched to long-dicking Ryan, pulling almost fully out and then ramming in fast. The pressure on Ryan’s prostate had him leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. When Neil started pounding hard and fast once more, Ryan knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. “Sorry, Master. I’m going to cum!” he cried. “Yes. Cum for Daddy!” Neil continued to pound Ryan’s arse. “I’m cumming!” Ryan cried as he spunked off. The bedsheet under him was soaked with his white cum. This took Neil over the edge. “I’m cumming too!” he cried as he sent volley after volley of hot cum deep into Ryan’s hole. Neil collapsed on top of Ryan and they both fell forward, breathing deeply. When Neil’s softening cock plopped out, Ryan immediately moved to suck and lick it clean. Then he moved to lie facing Neil and said, “Thank you, Daddy. I loved that.” Neil smiled. “I did too,” he said before pulling him closer for a kiss. When they parted, Neil told Ryan, “Now lick your cum up from your body and the bedsheet. You know it shouldn’t be wasted.” “Yes, Daddy.” Ryan smiled and ate his cum. *** They walked along the beach after breakfast the next day and then swam in the sea. They visited the large Jungceylon Shopping Mall but Neil wasn’t able to find sexy enough underwear or swimwear for Ryan. They looked at some of the restaurants in the mall but decided they wanted to eat outside by the beach. They returned to the hotel for an afternoon nap and then made love before spending some time in the pool. “I have a surprise for you,” Neil told Ryan when they got dressed for dinner. “I have bought tickets for the Simon Cabaret show this evening.” Ryan smiled. “A cabaret show? What’s that?” “You will see,” said Neil. “We will have dinner at the Malin Plaza on the way there.” Ryan found that Malin Plaza was a bustling night market selling clothes, household goods and souvenirs for tourists. It also sold a lot of street food and that reminded Ryan of the night markets back home. They were spoiled for choice but had a very satisfying meal. Ryan enjoyed the music and the colourful spectacle of the Simon Cabaret. The glittering costumes worn by the pretty girls and the handsome boys on stage were unlike anything he had seen before. He was surprised when Neil told him that the girls were actually `lady-boys’. When they were walking back to the hotel, Neil said, “You are prettier than many of those lady-boys. How would you feel about wearing high heels and costumes like them?” “I wouldn’t like it all, Daddy. I’m a boy. I don’t want to pretend to be a girl,” Ryan replied firmly. Neil grinned and kissed Ryan in the middle of the street. “I’m glad you said that. I like the fact that you are a boy. You’re my boy.” He kissed Ryan again and took his hand for the rest of the way to the hotel. They made love before going to sleep. After breakfast they drove back home to Krabi and arrived in time for Ryan to work the lunchtime shift in the restaurant. Neil looked at Ryan in his sexy waiter’s outfit and said, “It was good to get away for a little break but the sexiest boy in Thailand is right here in front of me.” “I’m with the sexiest man,” smiled Ryan. To be continued

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