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Subject: Running With The Big Dogs 43 All the usual disclaimers apply. Nifty provides you hours of fun so please pitch in ASAP to keep a good thing going. Do it for the lads Jacking off to hot incest stories and getting creative ideas for family fun ! Those young guys don’t have credit cards but you do. So whip it out! Nifty Stories Archive Donation http : // fty / donate.html Pls send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys ! Running With The Big Dogs 43 Coach Walker and my dad grabbed young, hairless and naked boy, Toby under his arms and moved him off the hard pool deck and onto the wrestling mats. Excitement ran through the group of naked teens and dads as the youngest guy at the party knelt down to get the sex going. A crowd of hard males gathered around. Coach, my dad and Jade dragged their precum leaking Prince Alberts all over Toby’s innocent young face. Dayton was now nude and crouched down behind his young, horny cousin, encouraging Toby to suck the middle cock and stroke the ones on the right and left. Toby was eager but inexperienced. His older cousin held Toby’s head in place as the three men with pierced cocks took turns face fucking the newby. A few tears and lots of saliva flowed but Toby just kept going. The kid even tried to deepthroat Adam ( The Pole’s) 10 incher. But all the guys got even more excited when Black studs, Donnell and Kofi walked out of the pool house, completely naked and fully boned. As they came over, the the team and the dads moved back and let these two perfect specimens of raw Black masculinity present their big dripping cocks to the skinny white boy kneeling before them. The contrast was striking. Black on white. As Toby sucked istanbul travesti Kofi’s 8 incher, Blond stud, Dayton moved up ,opened wide and nearly deep throated Donnell’s big black cock. I looked up and saw my dad and Kevin, I mean Coach, whispering to each other and smiling. That’s when Coach Walker grabbed his youngest son Kipper and my dad grabbed me by the shoulders. Both men planted big wet kisses on us, grinned big shit eating grins at us and placed their big hands on our bare shoulders. Both dads were pushing us, their naked sons, into the cocksucker position. Now we were on the same level as Toby and Dayton with two big, pierced and dripping cocks in our faces. Sons suck Dad Dick time. It only took a few seconds for the other dads to catch on to the game. I could see Chas Dicks push his son Mike down at the same time Sarge pushed his runner son, Mark to his knees. Next dad Matt pushed his son Freddy down. Joe Boxer pulled his little bro, Camo over in front of Jade, the sexy young rancher. Both brothers went to work on the cock and balls of The pierced stud from Missouri. Christopher R. got down beside them to suck the hard, juicy cocks presented by blond stud, Nick and brown haired Josh. The sucking, grunting, slurping and skull fucking went on for a while until Coach yelled, “Switch. Sons stand. Dads down. Show your boys how real men suck cock ! But don’t make your sons cum. Save their loads for later.” After a while, Coach called a beer break and naked men and boys lined up at the keg. At Rob C’s request, Coach and I hung up the leather sling on the hooks in the ceiling of the pool house. A camera system was rigged up to record hot sex action kadıköy travesti that took place there. I’m sure some of the guys will try out the sling later tonight and star in their own porno ! Young horn dog, Toby took a break from sucking cock and went over to sit on the edge of the hot tub, his feet in the warm water. As Mike Dicks watched, his dad, Chas, in the hot tub, used his mouth and hands to suck and stroke the young guy, Toby. A bunch of the guys stood around, naked and hard, and drank beer from their red plastic cups and watched the horny hot tub scene. “Hey mister, thanks but you need to stop. I need to go pee,” said Toby. Guys laughed and Mr. Dicks kept sucking boy Dick and rubbing Toby’s smooth ball bag. As the sucking Brit dad bobbed his head rapidly, up and down, Toby’s pale, hairless body went rigid and the boy threw his head back and moaned. Toby’s dry orgasm brought cheers and claps from the guys watching. As the boy recovered, he looked around in amazement and wonder and smiled. The kid patted his cocksucker, Mike Dicks’ father, on the head in thanks. Chas climbed out of the hot water, hard and dripping, clasped the hands of his son, Mike and of Toby and announced to the guys, “Any guys planning to take it up the arse tonight, follow me to the gang shower upstairs. My son, Mickey and I can give you a proper clean out.” “Gentlemen, give us time to get sorted, then any fans of piss play should come on up and have a go. With you horny, beer drinking studs, Tonight will be brilliant. Cheers !” Excitement rippled through the crowd. Guys chugged their beer. And I did not miss the huge horny smiles on the handsome faces of Mikey, Mark Mc, Christopher bakırköy travesti R., and Freddy. Some guys went to the big den to drink beer and watch porn. A big team favorite is the bi porn on Corbin Fisher. Hot. I heard Coach tell the guys to have a good stroke but save their loads for later. A good bunch of guys got in Coach’s big shower while others sat around the master bedroom to wait their turn. My dad and I were in the first group. The next half hour was a haze of hard cocks and firm asses in shower water and steam. The dads and sons shared the two metal hand water wands to inject warm water into our asses. Once every guy was full, we held it, and passed the time by hugging and making out. At almost the same time, Mikey and I declared we were ready to let go. Mark Mc, Freddy and Kipper and Camo and Toby all said me too ! “Dads down,” shouted Chas. “Ok lads, take aim and fire away !” Water shot from our boy holes and the fathers gasped as the warm water hit their chests and stomachs. “Fuck yeah, you sexy boys are gonna get some daddy Dick tonight,” grunted Mark’s dad, Sarge. “Switch !” All the sons, little brother and younger cousin sat down against the shower wall and looked up at the manly asses pointed at them, anticipating what was about to happen. The men bent over, pushed, assholes opened and streams of warm water hit us boys full force ! Dicks got even harder. Then Chas got down and held his fit son, Mike to his chest, Mike facing forward. Sarge grabbed his lanky boy Mark as Dayton Held tightly, under his armpits, to his young cousin, Toby. Toby just had his young, virgin ass cleaned out and now he was about to get baptized in piss. This would be the boy’s first golden shower ! Coach took charge and said, “I want every guy here tonight to spray his warm, golden piss all over these horny piss lovers. Hose them down. Give ’em what they want !” Send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks, guys !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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