RUBY (A Lesbian Tale)- PART 1

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RUBY (A Lesbian Tale)- PART 1RUBY (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 1When I was studying to be a nurse in Boston, I lived in a pretty poor area since I didn’t have the money for the nurse’s residence. Strangely enough it was quite a safe area, at least if you lived there. There was a mix of Irish, Black, Spanish, and other languages and origins which got along because everyone was in the same situation. This whole period of my life was full of contradictions but for some reason, but everything worked out ok. My name is Colleen and I look Irish. Red hair, freckles, with tits and ass you can actually see even when I’m dressed. I was 19 and lived in a rooming house. I lived there for 3 years until I graduated and went overseas. I had no ties with my parents who lived out west. I was on my own. I lived on the 4th floor which was just below the rooftop. The ceilings were lower but the noise level also. It was a centre of a lot of activities, some of it probably i*****l. I turned a blind eye to it all and was left alone … until one day. I have to say right off the bat that I am a full-fledged lesbian. No halfway, no bisexual, just girls and like that since I was a teenager. Nurses have a reputation (high ratio of lesbians) and I had my share of love affairs, dark alley long-term relationships, ladies’ room romps, and all the rest. Sometimes I would bring a fellow student at the boarding house and it left everyone indifferent. One day I got stopped by one of the black men who was often doing business in the place. He didn’t live there but it was like his “office”. His name was Orville (like the flyer). One day he brought me into his office which was a closet underneath the staircase. “I have a proposition for you if you want to make a little money”, he started“I don’t do tricks”, I interrupted“No tricks. I know your preference and that’s why I am asking you”, he continued“Two girls ?”, I suggested“Something like that. Two girls who want to be top butch and who settle it with some squeezing and rubbing and stuff. You know.” He led on“Scissoring you mean. Like a sexfight but not a catfight.”, I suggested“Yeah…yeah…exactly…you read my mind..I saw something like that in a movie”, he got excited“ Right. Probably not Gone with the Wind”, I smiled“No…it wasn’t that title…anyway the place is a few blocks away and you would be most of the time with the same girl, a black girl if you don’t mind’, he said“Don’t mind a bit. And people watch and pay ? But I must be firm on one thing: nobody except that other girl touches me….especially no men. Is that understood ?” I said firmly“Ok ..ok..of course…nobody is gonna touch you except Ruby”, answered Orville“Who’s Ruby ?”, I asked‘She’s the other girl. She’ll come and see you soon. Just to know..if you like her”, continued Orville a little bahis şirketleri embarrassed—————————————————————————————————————-A few days later, Ruby knocked on my door. She was about my age, maybe a bit younger. Nice face with large eyes, thick lips. Good pair of tits and nice ass. She had a summer dress and that was all. I was just about to go to bed and was in my panties. I put a shawl over my tits. We chatted. She worked in a greasy spoon strangely called Ruby’s. We could see the sign from my window. I had never been there. Orville owned it and called it Ruby’s after her. She was his niece. I took off my shawl. She flipped her dress over her head. We stuck our face between each other’s thighs. Three days later, I still had some of her pubic hair in my mouth. She got on top then I got on top. We were comfortable both ways. We took turns pissing and watching. We liked each other and I told her she could tell Orville; I was ready to do this thing in public if it was with her and nobody else. —————————————————————————————————————On the first night, I was a bit nervous. Ruby and I were sitting together in a small room. We only had a cheap towel over our body. We had put some oil on because Orville had told us to. When Ruby didn’t object, I went along with it. It was supposed to some kind of “erotic oil” or what they called “aphrodisiac”, a word half the people couldn’t pronounce, and that the other half didn’t know what it meant. “They want it a little rough” said Orville on the first night. We took off our towels and walked onto a very thin mattress in the next room. There were two rows of chairs on either side and the place was full. Mainly men of course, most of them totally naked or at least with their pants down, but also a few women. We stood with our face inches from each other, catcalls were heard about locking jaws. We bumped tits and put our arms around each other’s back. We kissed and licked ears. We grabbed each other by the asscheeks. Our sideways vision could see men getting hard, some stroking slowly, others stroking a cock that wasn’t theirs. There were two men who stood against the wall and were there to stop anyone trying to jump on us.“Do you want to fuck, you dyke ?”, I would yell“I’m gonna fuck you into the ground,” would answer Ruby, slamming tits with me.“I’m the butch here, baby’”, I would say, moving my pelvis against her tummy“Fuck the black whore”, screamed some guy in the first rowWe grabbed each other’s hair and pretended to pull hard. We rolled on the mattress and took turns on top, rubbing cunts, then our mouth reaching for cunt and licking for a few minutes, then finally getting bahis firmaları into a scissoring position. The crowd was standing by that time. We were both erect and knew how to get our clits to rub. Asses would go “thump, thump” on the mattress as we pushed our cunts together in a V. We grabbed tits and pinched nipples. That’s when most men would cum in their hankies and a few minutes after that, we would fall on our back, one of us pretending she had had a thunderous orgasm. The two men would escort us into the small room and that was usually the show. The spectators took about 10 to 15 minutes to leave so we would wait before we walked out. When it was warm enough, we would just put on a wardrobe. In winter we had to dress for the walk to our room. Ruby lived a few blocks from her restaurant. We would usually do this twice a week. Sometimes there were special nights which was attended by people who wanted to watch special things but otherwise it was a sexfight with a little prelim, like face to face stare downs, thrash talk, or dirty talk.The money was good and regular. Orville was really decent. If he was asked to get something special together, he would always ask us first if it was ok and paid us extra. Once Ruby was to fuck me doggy style with a strapon in front of two high-class looking couples who were also fucking doggy style. I think we made 50 bucks each that night. ————————————————————————————————————We did this for two full years. The following year was going to be more difficult for me since it was my last one at nursing school and I had practical training to attend at the hospital and that was usually in the evenings. Ruby’s restaurant was doing ok and she didn’t mind doing fewer shows. To make up for the loss of money, we did more special nights or we would go to a hotel room. It got us more money for less work. What was more fun was that we did more shows for lesbians in hotel rooms and eventually, of course, we did lesbian tricks (although I had asked not to do tricks). We tried to work together as much as possible but eventually Ruby had her contacts and I had mine. Now that paid really well, and I could easily do two women in one night and make $150. A few were creepy ladies, but the majority were business women on trips away from home. As the year passed, Ruby and I would save an evening for ourselves and fucked each other silly. She was my only love-fuck for these three years, and I think Ruby was also exclusive. We never talked about our feelings. We just enjoyed having sex together. After I graduated, I wanted to experience new things and see some of Europe. I was 22. I went to see Ruby one evening she was working at the restaurant. I explained why I was leaving. kaçak bahis siteleri She cried. We both cried. “Fuck, let’s go to Mama’s and celebrate”, screamed RubyMama’s was the local lesbian club, but we rarely had time to patronize it. The place was dark, crowded and smoky. We got a small table. We were between a black couple at one table and a Spanish one on the other side. It seemed like one black girl knew one of the Latinas and started flirting with her even though she was with someone else. The black girl even got up and asked her Latina friend to dance. That was too much for the girlfriend who jumped her. It was black vs Latina swinging at each other, then the other pair got into it a few feet from us. It was the beginning of a donnybrook (which was common at this club). Ruby and I both got up as our table broke under the weight of a heavy woman. Ruby came face to face with another black girl her size and she didn’t hesitate to get into it with her. I had an older woman attack me and we ended up grabbing each other by the hair and kneeing each other in the crotch. The fight involved most of the people there. The police came charging in after 15 minutes and we were all dragged to the station. The older woman pissed on me in the police van and I pissed back while two young university students were punching each other’s in the face. In all the ruckus, Ruby and I lost track of each other. My plane was leaving the next day and I needed the time to get patched up and do my suitcase. So much for goodbyes. ——————————————————————————————————————–Once in Europe I worked in many countries. If you did part-time you could work up to a year without a visa, then you just crossed the border. I loved it. I had lots of sex with a great many girls, younger and older. Hospitals were a nest of lesbians. Then after 5 years I got home sick and flew back to Boston.I had enough money to live off the land for a little while, so I rented a room by the month. The first thing I really wanted to do was to see Ruby. I was a little nervous about it since we had never written or phoned during the last 5 years. I didn’t even know if she was still in Boston.I had no problem finding the neighborhood. The restaurant was still there, and it was still called Ruby’s. My heart was throbbing as I opened the door and heard the familiar bell. An older black man was behind the counter. “I’m sorry but I am a friend of Ruby’s and I haven’t seen her in 5 years. I was just wondering if she still owns this restaurant”, I said as the man looked at me with a smile.“I bought the restaurant from Ruby a few years ago. She’s still in Boston. I’ll give you her phone number. I think I know who you are. She’ll be happy to see you’, he saidI thanked him very much and put the number in my handbag. I turned around just before I stepped out and asked “ What about Orville ? Is he still here ?”.The look in the man’s face changed and he just shook his head. END OF PART 1

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