Routine of a slave

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Routine of a slaveMy name is slave. Sometimes Master calls me slut, whore, fuck hole, etc, and I love it. I love pleasing my Master. This is the sole purpose of my existence. My master likes my asshole to be ready for his hard cock at all times. In order to do so, I wake up at 5 am, go to the bathroom, remove my night plug (it’s fairly small, he likes keeping my asshole tight), and perform my daily enema. After the enema I wash the toy and put it on the shelf among other anal toys, I shower and kneel by the bathroom wall where an attached dildo awaits me. With little bit of lube, I do 200 strokes, after which I clean the dildo and go to the bedroom where Master sleeps. I kneel with my asshole in the air and I stretch it. My Master’s alarm goes off and he fucks my asshole deep and hard without lube. He cums inside and, in order for the cum canlı bahis to stay inside my asshole, he puts a medium plug inside (my day plug). I clean Master’s cock with my mouth and we proceed with our day.I must always use my asshole, except when performing enema or showering. He likes it gaping and full. I like it too, it pleases master.Of course no underwear is allowed (bra or panties) so I go to work wearing a knee high skirt, and a tank top with little padding so I would have the excuse to not wear a bra. I like feeling my pussy and ass exposed.I work as a teacher so I mostly sit on my plug all day. It turns me on so much. At lunch time, I must go to the bathroom and edge by touching my clit. After I edge I proceed with anything I want or have to do. Of course, as a slave, I do not get the privilege to cum. For the past two years bahis siteleri that I have been a slave, Master allowed me to orgasm in only 5 occasions. One of those occasions was to leave me on a vibrator the whole day. I had t cum 15 times in two hours otherwise he would leave it the whole day and leave me cum until I can’t walk anymore. I only came 13 times so by the end of the day I ended up cumming 50 times. It was amazingly painful. Since then I only came once. He likes keeping me wet at all times.When I go home, I must remove all clothing. I must prepare dinned for me and Master and serve it. When he would come home I must wait by the door on my knees with my ass in the air to invite him in. Sometimes we would eat dinner, but sometimes he would play and then eat dinner. I like when he pays with me. He would make me suck his cock until güvenilir bahis he is close to cuming. He would take the plug out cum inside me and put it back in, now containing two ejaculations. Then he would take me up stairs and put me on the spanking bench, tie me up, and flog my ass until it’s as red as tomato. Then starts the edging. Mostly he edges me 10-15 times with a vibrator. I must beg him to cum even though I know I won’t. He likes t say no to me. After the edges comes the punishing. Nipple clamps, pussy clamps on, with weights. I have to walk like this up and down the stairs while my pussy juices leak down my thighs and the weights would jingle and making it very painful on my nipples and pussy lips. Then he would cane me 100 times, fuck my asshole again and cum for a third time, then he would edge me some more….It goes on and on and I love pleasing my master. If I disobey him, he punishes me harshly. If I don’t – my reward is more anal play. He has about 25 different anal toys and he likes using them on my asshole a lot.I love being a slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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