Rose Garden

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Rose GardenWarning! Story contains lots of references to anal prolapsing! So if this is not your cup of tea, then do click away now – I don’t want to offend anyone. Otherwise read on and – hopefully! – enjoy..For Jeni – in case she decides to take up gardening..The call had come out of the blue. “Hi Jeni” the caller had said. The voice was strangely familiar. “It’s Tori. We met the other week at the, er, pool party?” You gasped. Although the event had been a fortnight ago, the events had left a searing impression on your brain, and you had not expect to receive a follow up. “You remember we discussed fantasies afterwards? Well, me and some of the other girls are having a little party next Tuesday, and we wondered if you’d like to come along?”. Given your feelings towards Tori, it would have been hard to have said No. You had arranged when and where to meet, and breathless with anticipation, you’d hung up.That had been three days ago. It was now Tuesday evening, and you were in a cab heading down 9th Avenue. The address was a basement on West 13st St, just a couple of blocks away. This was not a part of New York you had visited much, and given the areas history you had felt a little nervous, but now it appeared bustling and busy, with plenty of well dressed people on the street. Having paid off the cab, you approached the doorway, took a deep breath, and rang the bell. For a few moments nothing appeared to happen. Then you heard a camera swivelling inside the intercom, and a disembowelled voice said “Yes?”. “It’s Jeni you said – I’m supposed to be meeting Tori here?” There was a short pause, then the door clicked, and you pushed your way inside. A short flight of metal steps took you down into the basement proper, through a set of double doors, and into a warm but dimly lit bar area.”Hi Jeni!” It was Tori – coming towards you with a large smile on her face. “SO glad you could make it! Can I get you something to drink?” A couple of cocktails later, and you were beginning to relax. It was nice to chat to Tori more – at your previous encounter you had had little time for talk, being largely engaged on other matters. klasbahis yeni giriş There were several other girls in the bar, but all were dressed, if not normally, then with rather more than the lingerie yu had been expecting. Tori came back from the bar with another couple of drinks.. “I love your hair, honey” she said, stroking your hair with her left hand. Then, with an unexpected tug, she seized a handful of hair, and pulled your head back. Your mouth fell open. Tori leaned over you. and dribbled a large dollop of spit into your mouth. The she locked her mouth over yours, and you felt her tongue probing the inside of your mouth. Unable to breathe, but with an overwhelming urge to join in, you slid your tongue upwards to join hers. Tori suddenly pulled back her tongue, and instead sucked yours fiercely into her mouth. It hurt slightly, but what good pain! She sucked and sucked, and then as quickly as before reversed the approach, and you felt her tongue inside you again, your spit mingling with hers. Pulling away, and with wiping her wet sticky face against your, she said “You like it messy, don’t you?” You nodded numbly. Tori looked around at the other girls in the bar. “I think she’s ready” she said, and took you by the hand.She led you through a door an into large room with soft lighting, and lots of cushions on the floor. Lying in the floor was a circle of eight girls, each with their head towards the ass of the girl in front Around the outside of the circle maybe 5-6 other girls were kneeling, stroking or caressing the ones lying down, or just watching an masturbating. Soft moans came from all around, and the occasional muffled “Fuck yes!” or “Suck it”. You gasped. From the ass of each girl lying down, you could now see a small protusion of red. And each girl behind her was stroking, licking, or, in a couple of cases, outright sucking the exposed rosebud. You felt your knees suddenly go weak, and felt a familiar rush of juices to your pussy. “Looks good doesn’t it?” you heard Tori murmer in your ear. As you watched in trepidation, you saw a couple of girls stand up from the floor. klasbahis giriş With a shock, you recognised Roxy Raye and Amber Rayne. “Hi Jeni” they smiled. “Tori told us all about your secret fantasy, so we thought we’d like to see if we could help you out”. “Take good care of her” Tori said to the pair of them, and added “And enjoy yourself!” to me as they led me to a corner of the room.As Roxy arranged some cushions on the floor, Amber stripped you of your clothes, caressing your breasts and pussy as she did so. “Who’s a wet and willing girl then” she smiled as her fingers probed inside you. Breathing too hard to speak, you could only smile in response. Roxy lay on her back, with her legs above her head, her torso pointing straight up in the air. Amber showed you to a position kneeling astride Roxy’s body, your pussy above her face, and your head towards her crotch. Amber took up a similar position on the other side, helping keep Roxy’s back up, and with her face towards Roxy’s ass. She lowered her head, and started liking all around Roxy’s ass, pushing her tongue inside, and letting Roxy gape in response. With a start, you felt Roxy pull you towards her, and felt her tongue start to lick your clit and pussy. Settling down onto Roxy’s face you stared to reciprocate, pushing your own tongue deep inside Roxy’s pussy and ticking her clit round and round.Your face was inches away from Amber’s, and you could feel her heat and excitement building as she worked Roxy’s ass. “Come on baby, you can do it!” she grunted between frantic licks. She spat in Roxy’s ass, and licked the spit up again as it bubbled back out. Putting the index fingers from each hand inside Roxy, she pulled her ass apart, and sucked. Suddenly, like a flower coming into bloom, you saw – two inches from your face – the redness of Roxy’s ass push into view, glistening, soft and wet. Intricate lines etched it’s surface, and a musky aroma hit you. “Thats what I want!” Amber grunted, and started to lick the rose bud hungrily, eyes fixed on yours. You watched, mesmerised. Although you had indeed fantasised about this, you had never klasbahis güvenilirmi thought you might get to see it happen, and certainly not from this close. You heard Roxy moan in pleasure, and felt your own pussy gush further with juice. Amber then took the rosebud entirely in her mouth, and sucked. Roxy bucked beneath you and pulled your own pussy tighter onto her mouth. Releasing her mouth, Amber pulled your face towards hers, and sucked your tongue in tight. You tasted the mixture of sweat, spit and the complex juices from Roxy’s ass in your mouth, and trembled.”Come on Jeni, your turn” Amber commanded, and helped you dismount from Roxy’s chest and arranged you above her ass. Your knees almost buckled. Although Roxy had sucked the rosebud back inside, you could see her straining, and sure enough, out it grew again, exactly like a bud turning into a flower. “Suck it!” said Amber, her eyes wide and gleaming, almost too excited to see you trying something she herself found so arousing. Concentrating hard to stop your legs collapsing, and with your blood pounding in your head, you cautiously licked the edge of the glistening rose. The taste was as you had just experienced on Amber’s tongue, but the sensation was – divine. Soft, firm but yielding, moist and deliciously warm. You licked with an increasing urgency, aware of the contractions of orgasm starting to build within you. “Put your tongue in the hole” Amber commended, and sure enough, in the centre of the rose you found a small hole, and pushed your tongue inside. As you did, you felt Roxy moan and pull the bud back inside her, pulling your tongue deep inside her ass, and pressing your face into her cheeks. Before you could move, Roxy reversed the move, and this time you felt the rose emerge again, this time filling your mouth. You could dimly hear Amber say “Fuck! Yeah” through the pounding in your head as your tongue rolled over the rose, and you sucked with all your might. Roxy cried out in ecstasy, as the waves of your own orgasm crashed through your body. Finally releasing Roxy from your mouth, you slipped back to the floor in a semi conscious state, and felt both Amber and Roxy lay down beside you, and kiss your face and mouth. Unable to speak you looked from one to the other, both of whom were smiling broadly. “And that, Jeni” said Amber tenderly, “is what we mean when we say, ‘Welcome to the Rose Garden!'”The End.

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