Room for Mickie

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The storm door banged. She was home and I bet she was already investigating the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. I was just finished the first chapter of my next book. I chuckled to myself when I felt her hands on my shoulders and the kiss on the back of my neck.

“Oh, you’re off to a good start, Baby!” She purred in my ear.

My arm slipped around her waist as I turned.

“First chapter all done my love. Only twenty five more to go,”

“Well if it does as well as the last book, are you still going to take me on that vacation you promised?”

“Of course I will, my reason for living. Anywhere you want to go,”

I swiveled my chair around and she set in my lap. I nuzzled her closest breast through the material on her blouse. My reward was a soft sigh and she bent down and kissed me.

“Even if I want to go to Taiwan, Baby?”

I leaned back to better see her face.

“You ready for that Sweetie?” I thought to myself.

“Dr. Glover just gave me her official okey-dokey and I am so ready for this,”

I smiled, nodding my head, I knew this was a big deal.

“We can go whenever you get it scheduled Baby. I can write on the go,” I said smiling and nodding my head, affirming I knew how important this was to her, “Besides… I always wanted to go on vacation with a beautiful girl in a tropical setting.”

“I don’t think it’ll be much of a vacation,” She pouted so I kissed her again.

“I don’t need a vacation, my Sweet. You’re all I need to be happy,”

“Aww,” Tears formed in the eyes of the most beautiful face in the world as we held each other close.

This all started innocently enough. That is why it is so strange for me to look back, and then see where it all ended up. Two years ago, if you were to ask me if such a thing could happen I might have told you to go fuck yourself. As it is, I count myself very lucky for the day she walked into my life. I am trying to write this down, so that years from now, the facts will be clearer than a possibly failing memory. So how did it all start, you ask?

Well, it’s a long story, I’ll try to go slowly…


It was a sunny yet cool day, unusual for the end of summer in Michigan, and I was walking across the MI State campus around lunchtime. I was headed to the cafeteria when suddenly a Frisbee flashed by my head. Unfortunately, it smacked the person coming down the walk behind me. Hands flew up, books went flying and the Frisbee’s victim went sprawling all over the grass.

At first, I thought it was a girl. The ash blonde ponytail and androgynous clothing fooled me. I offered my hand and I helped the figure up. He was slightly shorter than my 6-foot frame and less stocky than me by far. He looked a little discombobulated as I pulled him to his feet easily.

“You okay Chief?” I bent down to pick up some of the dropped books and a guy and gal ran up.

“Sorry about that, guys!” The two apologized and retrieved their arrant toy.

I handed his books to him and he looked less than pleased.

“Story of my life,” he mumbled.

“Hi… my name’s Rick, on your way to the cafeteria?”

He merely took his books from me and walked away. I shook my head and continued on to chow. Minutes later, I sat my tray down at a vacant table and dove into the BLT I’d just bought.

“Sorry for being rude… and thanks for your help,” it was said so quietly I nearly didn’t hear him.

I looked up and there stood the kid that had just been bowled over outside by the errant Frisbee He had obviously just picked up a tray of food as well.

“Guess I’m just having a tough week… I’m Michael,”

“Have a seat Mikey,” I nodded to an empty chair next to me.

“It’s Michael,” he said, giving me a slightly annoyed look while setting his tray down.

“Sorry… Michael,” I said and stored that away for future reference, “When did you start at MSU?”

Michael explained that he was from Ohio and had been here all summer. He was just about to start this semester, combining a business degree with theater. I thought that was a bit odd, but to each his own. He also went on to say that his roommate was about to toss him out, in favor of an old friend that had shown up out of the blue. Michael admitted he was having a Hell of a time finding other arrangements on such short notice. Most of them wanted first and last month’s rent, but money was tight. He didn’t seem like a bad guy, he even had an Ohio Comic Con flyer pasted onto his books.

“Are you going?” I tapped the advertisement, confusing him for a moment.

“Oh… I want to go to that so bad… but it appears finding a new place to live will probably eat up all my savings and won’t be able to,” he said with a resigned sigh.

“So what titles do you like to read, Michael?”

“Justice League, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, mostly DC,” he said as his eyes lit up.

“Michael,” I chuckled, “have I got a room for you!”

I was renting a small condo apartment in East Lansing, not too far from the Curious Book Shop, and I had an extra Kurtköy Grup Escort single bedroom that was unoccupied. I even helped Michael move in at the end of that week and became friends almost instantly. He even talked me into going with him to the Ohio Comic Con. I teased him a bit, but truth be known, I had wanted to go anyway.

That Saturday morning I knocked on his door… it was open, but I barged right in before he had a chance to give me any kind of an okay. He was holding a syringe and injecting himself in the leg. Michael twisted his head around in shock, looking a bit embarrassed, but seemed to recover his wits quickly.

“Oh um… its Vitamin B. The doctor said it might help, as I’ve felt a bit run down lately,”

“Then stay out of traffic,” I quipped.

Michael looked at me and nearly giggled at my bad joke… as he almost always did. It was a very endearing trait and I felt we were becoming close friends.

“Still wanna go to Comic Con?” he asked.

“Does Lindsey Lohan need rehab? Of course I do,” I grinned.

“You gonna Cos Play? Who do you think you’ll be going as?” he laughed.

“Yeah, thought I’d try it once, but as for who… I dunno. Batman… or Green Arrow maybe.” I answered tentatively.

“How about Batman? I had an idea of going as one of his rogue’s gallery?”

“Sounds like a plan,” I shot back.

Michael and I really got along, having such similar tastes and interests. And I trusted him for some strange reason. It was unusual for me to trust someone so early in a friendship.


Weeks passed and the time came for the Comic Con. We drove down from Lansing the night before, first checking into our motel and then we went out to dinner. I had already purchased my Batman costume, but Michael was keeping his under wraps. I didn’t really push it, but I was hoping for the Joker or maybe Two Face cause he didn’t have the physique for Penguin. Oh well, in any case I would find out tomorrow.

In the morning, we indulged in the free breakfast buffet. We headed back upstairs and I pulled the Batman costume on. Michael seemed to be in no hurry, in fact, he just lay on the bed watching TV. When I asked him, he said he wouldn’t put his costume on until I left for the civic center location, across the street.

Oh, what the hell I thought… he must have put a lot of effort into his costume and wanted to really surprise me. I gave him his privacy and walked down the block to the Con. Damn, some of the costumes were fantastic. There was a contest for the best homemade costume, which eliminated me, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy it! Some of the women’s costumes were okay, while a few were smoking hot. Because I was dressed as Batman, and I did look pretty decent, several ‘villains’, including several dressed as Cat Women posed with me for pictures. I kept looking for Michael, but seeing as I didn’t know which character he was dressed as, it looked like he would have to come to me.

One Cat woman was a little plus sized and she seemed very interested in replaying a scene where Batman and Cat Woman kissed. I have to admit… boy, could she kiss. Then suddenly it was like an avalanche. Cat Women were lined up, waiting their turn. I got more tongue that day than a dentist. Some of them were the Julie Newmar type Cat woman. A couple were from Dark Knight Rises, and one of them from the new comic version with goggles, was last in line. She had a real nice figure and her kiss made me forget the rest of them. She smelled so great. I wanted her phone number, but she was probably a local.

“I’m Mickie,” she offered. She was well packed in her tight costume and very evenly distributed, if you know what I mean. Her top half was a little smaller than some of the other Cat Women, but her ass more than made up for it. The only exposed skin was her face, which was very beautiful.

“Hi Mickie. I’m Batman,” I said in a gruff, Christian Bale voice, “Actually I’m Rick.”

I asked her if she liked the Convention. Mickie smiled back at me and said that she had been here before. I said it was my first time. We talked about some of the exhibits and some of the more outrageous costumes. Mickie had a great smile and was quite a little flirt. I was beginning to really enjoy her company so I offered to buy her lunch. She said that she had eaten too much breakfast, but would like to go get a diet soda. I discovered that we were close to the same age and that she had been reading comics since she was just about old enough to read. I pulled off my cowl… because frankly it was getting warm. I thought that Mickie might do the same thing. I really wanted to see what color hair she had. Unfortunately, she kept her headwear on. She finally did admit that she was from Ohio but lived in Michigan so I was really hopping I would get her number. We talked for about an hour, but it was mostly small talk. Nothing much was forthcoming in the way of information about her. Suddenly she glanced up at a nearby clock.

“I have to go Rick. People are expecting me.”

“Could Kurtköy Manken Escort I get your number Mickie?”

“I am sure we’ll bump into each other again soon,” she said smiling up to me, “…handsome.”

She started to walk away, then stopped and returned.

“I hope you don’t mind Rick,”

Mickie slipped into my arms and we kissed. This one was not nearly as chaste as the first one. Her tongue brushed my lips and soon we were French kissing with a vengeance. Just as quick she left, her eyes showed an almost apologetic glance back my way. With forcible effort, I broke the spell she put me under. I pulled out my cell phone to ring Michael, trying to locate him. Funny thing, I could have swore that I saw the beautiful, retreating ass, of Mickie jump when the phone finally rang. She then quickly vanished and Michael still wasn’t answering and I was starting to get worried about him. I browsed through the activities pamphlet I picked up earlier and made another attempt to call him.

Finally, I thought ‘to hell with it’ and headed back down the street to the hotel. I had to make sure he was okay. I got off the elevator on our floor and I saw a figure slip into our room. I was walking through a patch of sunlight reflecting off of a window that partially blinded me, but I would have sworn it was Mickie, still in costume. I had my card in my hand and slipped it into the slot but the door was chained.

“Michael? It’s me… c’mon… open up,” I knocked on the door, somewhat annoyed now.

“Stay out Rick. I need y-y-you to s-s-stay out.” He sounded scared, nearly in tears.

“Michael. Open the door, please. It’s okay buddy. Nothings gonna happen.”

I heard the chain rattle and unlatch. The door swung open and standing there in front of me was Mickie, still in her Cat Woman costume, tears streaming down her face. My jaw dropped at least a couple floors.

Mickie was, in reality, Michael. He backed away slowly… fearful of my reaction I suppose. This snapped me back into reality.

“It’s okay Michael,” I said quietly.

He turned away from me and began really sobbing now. I felt shitty, like I was the cause. He flinched when I touched his shoulder.

“Michael… please… it’s okay.”

When he realized I wasn’t going to hurt him, he turned around and suddenly grabbed hold of my shoulders, burrowing his… well, I suppose, her… or their head… in my armpit. I was surprised that none of this was really bothering me at all. I let him… um… her… oh hell this was confusing… them cry on my shoulder for a bit. I patted his back and tried to reassure him. My problem was that he still looked, felt and smelled like Mickie… very definite HER. After a few minutes, we both sat down on the bed.

“I am sorry R-Rick. I w-wasn’t trying to fool you. When I saw all those girls lined up to kiss you, I just wondered what it would be like,”

Michael reached up and pulled the cowl and goggles back from the costume. The wealth of ash blonde hair that spilled out onto the shoulders of the cat woman costume did nothing to distract the look of femininity I saw before me.

Michael then proceeded to spill his guts. That day I had seen him give himself an injection, it had been female hormones, not vitamin B, in the syringe. He had been taking them for the last year. That is why Michael’s roommate had kicked him out of his last apartment. Michael had told his roommate about his beginning the Male to Female transition process and was surprised when he turned out very Homophobic.

“That’s when you found me Rick. If you hadn’t taken me in, I don’t know where I would have lived,”

Michael’s gaze now dropped down to the floor.

“I have always felt that I was a girl in a boy’s body… for as long as I can remember.”

He paused for a beat… and then sighed heavily.

“Don’t worry. I will pack all my stuff up when we get home.”

“Why would you do that, Michael?”

“You,” he stuttered and looked up at me incredulously, “Y-you’re going to want me out, aren’t you?”

“You want me to have to break in a new roommate? Why would I want to replace someone that lets me read all their comics?”

“You want me to stay?” he asked, his smile finally lit up the whole room, while sniffing back even more tears.

“Didn’t I just say that? But under one condition,” I shot back, “Only if you feel comfortable enough to continue with your change… er… transition.”

“Thank you Rick,” as the waterworks started again, “thank you so much!”

I suddenly found myself the recipient of another huge bear hug.

“So these hormones you’re taking… do they make you a bit more emotional?”

Michael now backed off a bit.

“So you noticed,” he sniffed, smiling as he released me, “Rick? Would it feel weird to you if I went full time as a girl?”

“Um… go for it Michael. I will always support you… as a friend.”

“In that case… it’s Michelle now Rick.”

“Okay Michelle… just don’t get upset if I slip up on your name or pronouns occasionally Kurtköy Masöz Escort Okay?”

He… I mean SHE… just smiled back at me.


We were back home by the end of the weekend and ‘Mickie’ started being female full time by throwing out her male-non androgynous clothing. I never realized that the curves she showed in the costume were hers. Most of what I had seen her wear as Michael were baggy or covered her body changes up. This came to a screeching halt after I took her to a Goodwill store and she shopped till we both dropped. I kicked in a few bucks and Mickie walked away with about two weeks worth of decent wardrobe for a song. Her taste fell halfway between conservative and sluttish, so she really looked pretty good.

Things went well for the next several weeks. We had a pretty good fall, grades, jobs… everything really. People took her transition rather well, considering that she was sort androgynous to begin with. I also hadn’t realized that Mickie had progressed as much as she had due to the hormone regime. Her new wardrobe showed off more of her charms than I had previously thought. The fact was, Mickie was getting hot… very hot. I tried to not to notice. But she seemed to be filling out a bit more in the hips, face and bust. This must have caused her to walk differently as well, because she sure didn’t walk like a guy. And her lips seemed fuller, quite kissable. My thoughts drifted back to the comic con, with her in my arms… God, I am going to Hell.

One night Mickie pulled her Kia into the drive. She had been out with friends and was home sooner than expected. Normally she was quick to get inside due to the winter chill. This time she was in slow motion. When she finally opened the front door, her movements clearly showed she was in pain.

“You Okay Mickie?” She nodded, but continued to her room and shut her door. But even through the closed door, I heard her moan. I knocked softly a couple times…

“Mickie, talk to me please. What’s wrong?” I asked as I heard her crying to herself.

The door was unlocked as I finally could no longer stand the sound of her crying and let myself in. She was lying on the bed stomach down.

“Mickie, what’s wrong?” I repeated.

She flinched as she slowly pulled her jeans down. Her panties were spotted with blood. She looked seriously injured.

“Rick… I need you to…” Mickie whimpered, before her pain forced her to suck air through her teeth.

My anger was rising… and quickly. Somebody had hurt her terribly, I thought I knew why.

“Who did this to you?” I snarled, all I wanted was a name.

She now pealed back her panties exposing the right cheek of her ass.

“It was self-inflicted Rick,” She moaned.

On her backside was a freshly tattooed red rose. Partially bleeding, it was slightly swollen and tender.

“Crap!” My anger melted… and I chuckled before I said, “So how much have you had to drink tonight?”

“Don’t laugh at me Rick!” She whined, “Not enough, cause this is really starting to hurt.”

“Considering that you went out with Monica and Hayden,” I laughed, “I was wondering if any of you were going to even make it home alive. But it looks like you certainly ‘rose’ to the occasion.”

“Ow! Not funny buster!” Mickie winced, “Do something! This really stings.”

I gave her some Motrin and grabbed a tube of antibiotic ointment from the medicine cabinet.

“Here Mickie,” I held it out to her.

“You’re going to have to put it on Rick. Please?” I just sighed.

I was hesitant until she pleaded with me again. I do have to say that her ass was quite fine. A week later Mickie was back to her old self.

Actually she never had an ‘old self’, cause what was left of Michael was rapidly vanishing. All the traits that she had, that were even boarder line male, totally disappeared. Mickie began to wear makeup and had her hair styled and bleached a bit. I began seeing her undies and pantyhose drying on the shower curtain rod, in the bathroom. Sometimes she would walk out into the living room only in her underwear. This was starting to get very disconcerting for me as she was developing quite a ‘rack’. My sleep was also being affected. Some nights I would lay there, waiting hours for sleep to claim me. It bothered me how attracted I was to her. I guess I was getting short tempered because of my sleepless nights. I was folding laundry one day and Mickie asked me a question that she already knew the answer to and I snapped a bit.

“Look Mickie Kinda busy here… see,” I held up the article of clothing I was folding.

“Well, when you get done playing with my panties, could you please peel some potatoes? I want to start dinner,”

I looked at what I had in my hands and felt the heat of embarrassment on my face. Mickie started giggling contagiously and soon she had me laughing as well.

On the news, we saw a report where a transsexual woman was beaten to death in New York City. I could tell it hit close to home when Mickey screamed out in her sleep that night. The moment I was in her room, she melted in my arms crying. I held her for the longest time but she wouldn’t let go. I laid her down gently and stayed with her till she fell asleep. The moment I moved, she was awake again. I bit the bullet and slipped under the covers. She was out in no time. I soon followed.

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