Ron’s Wife Watching Fantasy

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Growing up I had always been very naïve. An only child, more than a child should have, yet, I never really crossed the boundaries. I did my school work, I went to school, played several sports. All of the freedom I was given though, always had me wondering what punishment was like. Always had me wondering what it would be like for someone to hold me accountable, to scold me, to really keep me in line. When I started dating, none of these things had ever been brought up. I was the romantic, flowers, cards, candy kind of guy. Slow kissing, lots of touching, and the sex became very plain; a lot of missionary, a wild night could be considered me fucking my girlfriends from behind.

This all changed though; I met my future wife in my mid 20s, Jessie; and damn was she hot. I met her out at a bar one night, I was with one of my good friends and she was with a group of her girlfriends. I was still kind of shy, so thankfully my good friend Phil, who had already had a few Jack and Cokes, decided to go talk to the group of girls. After buying them a round of shots, the conversations took off. We all hit the dance floor, kept throwing back shots and we were really feeling great. After about the 4th or 5th shot, Jessie invited me to the patio for a cigarette; I do not smoke, and actually can not stand it; but what she didn’t know, it was one of my biggest fetishes, a sex woman taking a slow drag on a cigarette, to me it felt like a woman showing her power, her control, and of course that is exactly what deep down I wanted. Naturally I went outside with her; and holy fuck was she sexy. She was in a short black leather skirt, with a white button down short sleeve too tight for her bulging breasts of a top. The conversation was nice, but as I watched her, I could feel my cock start to throb. As I was mesmerized in her complete beauty, and my cock continued to pulsate, I could tell she knew something was up. She put her cigarette out and grabbed my hand, pulling me back to the dance floor. Except now, we weren’t with the group; we were alone, she started grinding on me, first facing me, then turning around rotating her hips so fast, her fucking beautiful ass rubbing on my hard cock. She knew what she was doing and she knew how bad I wanted it.

Sadly for me, the night ended, and those few songs on the dance floor was as good as it got. Her friends pulled her out of there, the evening was over. Lucky for me, as she left, she slipped her number into my side jeans pocket, grabbed my still throbbing penis and whispered into my ear “I better see you soon”.

Needless to say, I called her the next day, I couldn’t help it, she was so fucking sexy, her eyes, light brown, her lips, filled with red lipstick, her hair, dark brown, just past her shoulders with a slight curl, she was like a fucking dream woman.

We started dating, for a while, I was still my same old self; shy, romantic, definitely the kind of guy you can bring home to mom. Our sex life seemed good; but still very plain. After about a year of dating, I proposed and 3 months after that; we were married. During the first year of marriage we started saving money, we went on a few long weekend type vacations, I bought a lot of flowers. On our one year anniversary, we decided to go to a nice dinner and then out for drinks. We decided to go back to the original bar in which we met. We had not gone out drinking much since we started dating, because of that we probably didn’t have many of those “tell all drunken talks”. This night would change all of that…

We got to the bar; a small place called “The Boat House”. It was on the water, had a nice patio, two huge bars, a great dance floor and usually pretty great music. Jessie and I started with a shot, then ordered a beer and started talking about our first year of marriage. As we talked, we had a few more drinks; Jessie then told me she had to use the restroom, she said meet me on the patio in 5 minutes, I want a cigarette. She still didn’t know this drove me crazy, and she only smoked when she drank, I probably have only seen her smoke 4 or 5 times since that first night.

I was outside waiting for Jessie, and it was taking longer than expected. I ordered us a couple beers and then I saw her, standing at a table, smoking, talking to a couple of guys. She was laughing, smiling, they were laughing too; she looked so hot, but what the hell was she doing. Another couple minutes went by and I went over to grab her, I have to admit she was pretty drunk; but so was I. She came over to the table I had grabbed and I asked her what she was doing?! She said they offered her a drink and they just started talking. I decided to let it go. A few minutes later, I was totally enthralled in her, smoking, smiling, looking so sexy. But this time, we weren’t strangers; and we were drunk; so the conversation took a turn I never thought I would be able to have.

She called me out; “Ron, you are looking at me the same way you did the night we met; I see your dick is rock hard too, what is happening”? My face got red, I was a little embarrassed, I first said nothing and tried to move on. She wouldn’t let me, she persisted. She told me she knew something she was doing was turning me on and she wanted to know what. I still wasn’t going to say anything, but then she changed her tone “Ron, stop being a pussy, our sex life is as boring as it gets, you fuck me on top, I fuck you on top, you even told me a wild night for you was a little doggy style. If you want us to keep the spark, we need to be honest, we need to explore, we need to be able to tell each other EVERYTHING.”

My throat got dry; I got nervous, but I knew it was time. I told her everything. I told her how her smoking turned me on, I told her how I had always fantasized about a woman taking complete control of me, punishing me, degrading me, insulting me, punishing me and even making me so helpless that me watching my lover be pleased by another man turned me on. She was a little in shock, mostly because I had never shown even the slightest bit of any of these things. Buck shockingly, she went with it, immediately. She said “you don’t think I have fantasies too? Well I do, and after tonight, I will tell you about all of them. But for your bravery of telling me, I think we might be able to start by fulfilling some of what you want.” She then lit a new cigarette, now knowing that I liked it, took a slow drag, and exhaled very long and slow.

Her next move, was so shocking, but I guess I asked for it by telling her all of this… She looked at me, pulled me close, my throbbing dick was flush against her tight stomach, she said to me “tonight, I am going to humiliate you, punish you and fulfill every twisted fantasy in that little brain of yours. You know Ron, you cock hasn’t really been doing it for me lately anyways. Now go get me, you, and that guy over there a drink’. She was pointing to one of the guys she had been talking to when she got out of the bathroom. She said “when you get back, I will have Greg with me (that must have been his name), we are going to take him home tonight, and you are going to watch me fuck him, while your hopeless little cock has to watch; Happy Anniversary!”

Now look; this is always what I thought I wanted, but hearing Jessie talk like this; I wasn’t so sure, but before I could even say anything she was walking over to him.

I came back to the table with the drinks, Greg was now there, he was taller, stronger and better looking than me; I don’t know if this is what I want I thought. But before I could say even hello, my wife grabbed him by the face and started kissing him! Long, wet kisses. She reached his hands and put them on her ass, she took her hands, rubbing his chest and stomach; I knew this was going to happen and I couldn’t believe it. The only thing I knew for sure; this was damn sure humiliating. After about 30 minutes of drinking with Greg; we called a cab, Jessie invited Greg back to our place, I am not sure he even knew what was going on, but I know my wife told him not to worry about me, and he wasn’t going to be having any sort of threesome.

We got back home, not to mention the cab ride, Jessie made me sit in the front with the cab driver, while her and Greg sat in the back, all over each other, she made it a point to let out a groan here and there, and she would say things like “you are such a good kisser” and “I can feel how big your cock is”, I knew she was saying this just so I could hear her.

As soon as we walked in the house, she told me to go get her the bottle of wine, she then told me to meet me in the bedroom, she asked Greg to wait in the Kitchen. I met her in our bedroom, just as I tried asking her what the hell was going on; she put a finger over my lips, she handed me a very small black thong and said “You said you wanted this, now you will do as I say or we will never fulfill another fantasy ever again. Now take off all of your clothes, put this thong on, and sit over there in the corner on the rocking chair.”

This was hard, if I fought it, we would be back to the same sex as always, what if she really didn’t like it, what if she got bored, what if she left me? Now I felt like I was doing this because if I didn’t I would lose my wife; I couldn’t even tell who actually wanted this to happen… She walked out of our Master Bath; she was wearing black and red laced panties and bra; she looked so sexy. She took the bottle of wine I had brought in, and told me she would be right back and not to move.

I sat in our bedroom for what felt like forever; all I could hear was a laugh here and there and voices talking, but it was too hard to hear what was being said. Then it happened, I smelled smoke! She never smoked in our house before! I knew why she did this, she knew it turned me on! A few more minutes passed and she walked Greg into our bedroom; holding his hand, somehow he only had on boxer briefs at this time; and I could see his cock poking out, and it looked HUGE.

Jessie started kissing him; laying him on his back on onto the bed. She looked over at me and told me I better keep my eyes on her, the entire time, and if she asked me to do anything, I better do it immediately. She then got on her knees, she pulled his boxer briefs off, his cock, throbbing, was out, and it was even bigger then I imagined. Jessie started slowly licking his balls, stroking his shaft; she licked every part of his cock from the bottom of his balls to the tip of his head, then she swallowed it into her mouth, first going slowly, then quicker. She was more vocal then she ever had been, moaning, talking to him, telling him how beautiful of a cock he has. Then she looked at me and said “don’t you wish this was you honey? Don’t you wish I was sucking your cock? Don’t you wish you had a cock like this?”

The hardest part about this, is how hard this actually made me; I felt as helpless as I ever had, my wife was giving the best blow job she ever gave, to another man, in front of me! And I was loving it, but I also was extremely jealous, I guess that was the best part.

She looked at me again and said, if you think this is hard to watch, wait until he fucks me!

She climbed up to Greg, kissing him again, rubbing his now wet with my wife’s spit, cock. She whispered into his ear, whatever she said, he then grabbed her, tossed her to her back and started kissing her neck, her breasts, her inner thighs and then her pussy. He found one of my ties on the floor next to the bed, and he tied her wrists together above her head, he covered her eyes with his boxer briefs and he licked the shit out of her pussy. She was loving her hands tied; was this her fantasy? She moaned louder than I ever heard her moan, her hips kept thrusting into the air, he kept pushing them back down. She screamed “Make me fucking cum! Show my worthless husband how to please a woman!” A few seconds later, her legs were quivering, she was cumming, my dick had pre cum all over it, and they weren’t even done.

Greg took the tie off of her hands, she threw him back on the bed, and she climbed onto his massive cock. This time she was facing me though, reverse cowgirl for him, he could see her ass riding up and down, bouncing, he was loving it. But she never stopped looking at me; she watched me; she was loving this maybe even more than I was. She started talking to me “Ron, I want you to touch yourself, I want you to jerk off while watching me fuck a real man! When Greg makes me cum, I want you to jizz all over yourself, like the pathetic lover you are”.

I started stroking my cock, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, to not cum! She kept talking to Greg, she kept saying things like, I have never been fucked this good and your cock is so deep in my pussy, I am so fucking wet right now. Then she started riding him very hard, told him not to come, her legs started shaking, she yelled to me “Ron I am cumming, but you DO NOT cum!” She continued to moan and scream, she got off of him and put his cock back in her mouth, she turned him so she could look at me while doing it. She told him to cum all down her throat! She told me to cum right as I saw her swallowing another mans cum; just at that moment, he grasped her hair, let out a long groan, thrusted his hips into Jessies face, I knew he was cumming, and so was I.

She pushed him off; walked over to me, sat on my lap; and kissed me; spitting his cum into my mouth. I had not expected this, I actually did not even like this; but I did feel like she had total control. And because of that, it was all of my dreams coming true.

She actually told Greg to get his stuff and go; she really had no need for him; she totally used him for my (and her own) pleasure. He left; she grabbed another cigarette, lit it and said “so you like this huh?”

I can’t believe all of this happened; but I think it might just be the start to many more amazing tales!

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