Rob Would Not Be Denied

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Rob Would Not Be DeniedI have hooked up with Rob a few more times since our first meeting. And he has trained me quite well, that huge dick of his will always be difficult to take but I will keep trying. Rob asked me to come over to his apartment for a few drinks but I knew what that meant. I told him I will be sleeping over, his laugh and said no stays at the “Rob Hotel” for free. I thought to myself, ran to the shower and did a shave. I wanted everything nice and clean, all over for him. I packed a bag of a cute school girl outfit, makeup, long white stockings, new wig, shoes and a white blouse. I really wanted to please him because he is such a great guy. I called Rob to tell him I was on my way and he said cool, I also have a little surprise for you. I arrived at Rob’s place; I had to stand on my tip-toes to give him a kiss. He looked like he just got back from the gym and smelled like it too. He said he was going to take a quick shower and buzz up his friend Hank when I hear the buzzer, “Its part of your surprise baby.” Two minutes after he was in the shower I heard the buzzer asked who is it and it was Hank. After buzzing him up I heard a knock at the door I opened the door and there was Hank. He was a Hispanic gentleman in his late 60’s, a little on the chubby side. I offered him a drink and we had small chit-chat while Rob was getting dressed. Rob came out the bathroom wearing only robe. I said “My turn” grabbed my bag and dashed to the bathroom. While passing Rob I asked if Hank knows our “situation” and he said yes, he is part of the surprise. I smiled and walked past. Once in his bathroom I stripped down, opened my bag and prepared myself for Rob. I applied my makeup, put on my stockings, school girl outfit, ponytail wig and finally the shoes. My God I looked and felt pretty. When I came out the bathroom both Rob and Hank gave a big “Wow!” Hank said she is a plump cute little thing and I love the chubby girls. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he patted my ass. Rob came by me and as I once again stood on my tip-toes to kiss him he grabbed the bottom of my ass and rubbed it under my skirt. Rob whispered that Hank has not had sex in months and he promised him I would help him out. Without saying a word I when over to Hank and rubbed his crotch and felt he start to rise. I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his uncut dick. I licked the head of his dick and already he had precum squirting out. Wow it had been awhile. He started grinding his crotch in my face; he pushed so hard I gagged a few times. Hank put his hands on the back of my head to get further down my throat. Rob told him to slow down we have all night. I looked over the Rob and I could see him making a tent in his robe. He told me I looked good enough to eat, with that he sat on the couch and ordered me to stand in-front of him. By this time Hank was totally naked, hard as a rock with is 7 inch cock standing at attention. Rob lifted my skirt and commented that I look my best when shaved, he massaged my balls, reached in the pocket of his robe and pulled out some pink lace. He told Hank to hold up my little dick as he tied my balls with the lace. “There, now my little girl won’t cum so soon this time.” Rob looked at me and said “maybe Hank wants a taste of your sweet little hole?” Hank grinned and said bring that sweet ass over here baby. Rob smacked me on my ass and said “Where are you manner? Crawl to him.” I crawled across the livingroom so Rob could get a good shot of my ass and balls. From behind I heard, “Baby I am going to make sure you don’t walk right for a week!” I knew I could handle Hank but Rob had always hurt my little butthole and he never was able to get his entire dick in me because I would beg him to stop. I sensed tonight would be different. I got to Hank and stopped, Rob picked me put put my ass in Hanks face, and I just hung there, under Rob’s arm as Hank spread my cheeks and licked my asshole. His tongue darted in and out, then licking around my hole. He then licked my balls. I was so hot and was getting hard, Rob could feel my little dick getting wet and quickly slapped my bottom. “Oh daddy can I cum?” the second smack across my bottom with his beefy hand told me no. Hank treated my ass like it was an all-you-can-eat buffet. I squirmed but Rob’s grip on my body was like a vise. Hank said ‘Give me that little brown ass” Rob lowered me to the floor, and Hank told me to sit on his lap. I sat on Hank’s lap as he slowly has he guided his hard cock in my asshole. I rode his stiffy as I heard him moan as a rocked back and forth. Rob took off his robe and I finally got to see his beautiful body. He put his crotch in my face, I sucked the head and worked my way down. I was riding a cock and had a huge one in my mouth. I bobbed my head as I felt Hank thrusting in my ass. From behind I heard “Ride me bitch” and in from “Suck it bitch” Then Hank grabbed me tight and pushed up with all his might. “Ahhhhhhhhh” my balls felt gooey as Hank’s cum leaked from my ass. Hank had cum for the first time in a month and he was stored up. I felt jet after jet shoot in my ass, on the seventh time he loosened his grip, I knew he was empty. Rob pulled out of my mouth and I stood up. Hank said push out my cum, I stood over his lap and emptied my bowels, it just streamed into his lap. I clinched my cheeks but there was still wetness dripping down my leg.Rob picked me up and carried me over his shoulder to his bedroom like I weighted nothing. I was farting cum the whole way. He was horny as hell and didn’t say a word. Tonight he wanted full penetration, and me saying no was not an option. He threw me on my back and pushed my knees up to my chest. My asshole was already lubed from Hank’s cum but he took out some lube from his drawer and rubbed down is dick. It was hard and fat, 11 inches and at the most I only took 8, but not tonight. He said he wanted to look in my eyes as he fucked me. Usually he was slow and gentle but I felt his knob enter my ass then the entire 11 inches. OMG, it was like a baseball bat in my ass. I wiggled to get away but this was a 6’3” hulking powerlifter. I was not going anywhere; I was in shock from the sudden rush of pain. I looked in my eyes and saw a whimpering, stunned faggot. He wanted my ass and got it. He opened me open and a lied there and took it, it hurt but I loved him. He pulled out and I thought it was over then he turned be over on my stomach. He grabbed waist and rammed is dick in me again. I gave a sharp yipe but he did not care. Rob now had all 11 inches in my ass and I was feeling all his years of working out. He used his legs to spread my legs more apart so he could drive deeper. All of a sudden Hank appeared and held my wrist as Rob fucked my poor ass without mercy. Rob now used the each leverage and pressed his entire weight on me, this b**st of a man had me pinned down under him and banging me with all of his might. My hands were trying to escape from Hank’s grip without success. Hank was rooting Rob on “Fuck that whore, make her scream!” With every hump that felt like a jackhammer in my ass I gurgled out loud sounds. He pounded me harder and harder, I told him he was ripping my asshole open! It fell on deaf ears. Rob grunted and pumped hard, he dumped his cum deep in my ass, he fucked my like he wanted me to have his baby. Each pump shot more cum in my rectum, he started to slow down and finally just lied on top of me. I felt each contraction of his cock emptying more cum in my guts. Hank let go of my wrist and I still did not move. Rob rolled off me but this time was different. The other times he never got full satisfaction, this time he got all he wanted. I softly said I could not feel my asshole. Hank went to the other side of the bed to look and said “damn…don’t worry, your butthole and close to normal in a few days.” Rob cleaned me and covered me with a blanket. The next day he took me shopping and bought me some new clothes, then asked me if I ever dressed as a nurse…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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