Road Tripping Pt. 10

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Readers, this a fictional road story set in the 1980’s, before cell phones and the internet as we know it today. All sexualized characters are fictional and over 18. This is part ten of what I hope will be a many part series.

It took Lou, Molly, and Sara about an hour to get onto the highway for Harrisburg to drop off Sara and then head to Chicago for the concert tomorrow. They had gotten a quick breakfast in the hotel restaurant and Lou took an extra coffee saying he would drive the leg to Harrisburg to let both of them rest for Sara’s work and Molly driving for a few hours after they dropped Sara at her home, for now.

Until this morning, Sara had told no one of the frightening dream that reoccurred at times. They started years ago with her running through forests while dressed in very primitive clothes, then to add to the horror of her rape a few months ago, the night after it happened, she had the dream come back but this time she was captured to add to the pain from the assault the night before.

She told them that three times since the rape, she had begun to dream of this life, first in a cart and then on a ship where she knew she was to be sold as a slave. Two of the times she had forced herself awake from this dream but the last time she went through a long dream on a ship as a captive. The man in charge kept her separate so as he put it she would not be ruined by all the others in the crew assaulting her. He gave the crew two older women who did not survive the ordeal of their passage. One died and one jumped overboard after three days on their week-long trip she lived and awoke as their destination was sighted she heard in this putrid horror.

That dream had happened two days before they all met in Philadelphia.

After saying this while Lou drove Molly handed the now a little upset Sara a fat joint after recounting the dream, and then going to tell of last night’s dream.

“I was being washed roughly was the first thing I remember then led to a stand with many people all around. It was a place deep in the past it appeared. Nothing seemed familiar to me. Most of the buildings were low and painted white. There were some larger two- and three-story buildings not far away. I think I was in a kind of marketplace. There was a wide, paved road and many other stalls selling all kinds of food and other things.”

Sara continued after another deep hit and a sip of Lou’s coffee. “They sold three others before me, and I was next and the last of the group he brought. There was a commotion as the crowd along the road and they parted as some kind of group of people were walking up from a harbor to the part of the town with the large buildings.”

“There were at least twenty people in the group including a man being carried on a chair by two large men. He looked like someone from ancient Egypt by the way he was dressed. He was in the middle of the large group and surrounded by people he was talking to including a woman walking alongside him who could have been Star’s sister.”

“It was Lou I really noticed first leading the group with a very tall man next to him, dressed as an ancient solider. Lou was not dressed like that, but his cloths were clean, he had a short beard, and he did carry a sheathed sword and it was clear he was some kind of authority but also his eyes were wide and searching the crowd like he was lost too. I called to him in a language that was strange to me, but his head turned, and he answered in almost the same tongue.”

“The man selling me yelled in his own language that I barely understood but then Lou answered him in his language and then the approached him. I now saw someone who looked like Molly, now talking to the man in the chair and Star’s lookalike. It was then that the phone’s ringer went off and everyone in the dream turned to face me and we awoke.”

“Lou have you ever had dreams like that where you were connected to a person in your dream at the same time?” Molly asked. We have never experienced anything like that between us asleep. Our connections have always been when we are conscious.

“No, I never had a dream like that where I met someone like that, and we recognized we were out of our time.” He answered while keeping his eyes on the road. Traffic was not too bad today and they were heading away from New York City.

“I’ve had dreams where I was out of time and some of them over the years could have been of this time. I have had them for years and most of the time I was on a ship going to various places in the ancient world.” Lou took a moment to pass a pair of semi’s going uphill. No cruise control for now with most of the traffic moving fast on this Wednesday morning.

Once past them he continued: “Most of the times they just seemed to follow some of the history I was either reading, had seen a PBS show recently or if I had gone to a museum with ancient items in it. I hope to catch the Ramses II exhibition if we can time it out for reservations along the way Molly.”

“The last time yalova escort I had a dream like this I was in Egypt, and meeting with people and saw the Sphinx still painted and the Pyramids were still in their white casing stones.”

“Best I can remember the Pharoah wanted me to take some people and sealed messages to an Island a fair distance away. Crazy dream!! I had that one I think the night I ordered all the tickets for this tour. Andromeda had been finished a week earlier and was ready. I had done my taxes and saw how much money I had, and all was a go for the tour and where we are today.”

“I took it as a good omen I hoped for the adventure ahead, but I had no continuation of that dream I think until this morning. Everything I have lived on this adventure in the last few weeks has been a dream come true for me, Molly, and Sara.”

Lou took another minute to deal with traffic and finish his coffee. “It was never a nightmare in any of these. The one’s I had about the Civil War when I took a class on it and then did a lot of other reading. Those were real nightmares!”

Molly saw Lou shiver a little involuntarily at some of the thoughts they brought back. She may ask him for details later but not while driving.

Lou pulled into a rest stop for another coffee and a run to the bathroom for all. Molly and Sara took pillows and went to sleep tangled on the back seat for almost an hour and a half, as Lou ticked off the miles to Harrisburg. Both women had long days ahead of them. Sara had work and Molly was going to do a good chunk of the driving ahead.

Sara woke up after a good hour and a half nap and asked Lou how they were doing and saw the clock said 9:05 in the dash.

“Were doing good. I think we got about eighty miles to go and were moving fast with traffic today. Sucks it’s not sunny but at least it’s dry so far. How are you feeling today physically Sara? I hope I did not leave you in any pain from all we did before we slept last night.”

“No, I feel ok. There was a little discomfort, and I can tell I got fucked last night but you didn’t hurt me then and I’m not in any pain now. You were real kind and gentle in how you took my ass cherry last night. Thank you Lou for how you did that with me. You and Molly are so kind to me and always make me feel so good.”

“Inside and out” She added with a laugh and a hug of Lou’s shoulders carefully over the seat from the back.

“I will miss you both and I can’t wait for you to be back east again in May. I will take a day off if I have to for us to hang out and maybe we can go hang out at Gettysburg for a day or two if it’s nice and get Andromeda a new park sticker.”

“Sounds like a plan. It won’t be crowded yet with the summer tourists and I’ve only been there once as a little kid in the sixties. It would be fun to visit again.”

Molly was beginning to stir, and Lou asked her as she yawned and stretched. “How do you feel about touring Gettysburg in May with our Kitten when were back this way? I think we can aim for last weekend in May before we head to Florida.”

Molly got a drink of water and dug their pocket calendar out of her bag and looked up May saying: “Guys how about we plan for the weekend of May 23rd and 24th to meet up for a weekend of fun and just getting to see each other again. That will give us almost two weeks to get back east and then a few days to see April and Max and Darla before we go to Florida.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. I will need a break by then and It is not too far to there from Harrisburg. I know there are a lot of nice campgrounds nearby that would be cool for us I think. Carl and I stayed in one for a night and it was nice.

An hour later they pulled into the last rest area ten miles from Harrisburg to fill the car and let all say a deep goodbye away from any eyes at Sara’s home. She wanted to keep her life now private from all there. It was none of their business how she chose to live and love.

Molly reminded her that if things went bad or got dangerous for her to not hesitate to get out of there and get somewhere safe. They would come off tour from wherever and be there in no more than three days.

Lou and Molly had given her about an eighth ounce of their pot and a pack of papers in case she had trouble finding any. Lou told her if needed he could even get her a plane ticket to meet them on tour anywhere.

All of the deep kisses had been shared in the back of the rest stop and again Andromeda pulled up to a quiet house with no one seeming to notice Sara’s arrival. It was to be quick hugs and Molly and Lou switching for her to drive them on the next leg to Chicago. They wanted to make at least another three to four hundred miles today so they could get to the show for around noon tomorrow.

They arrived at Sara’s home around 10:45 and had a time for a quick hug with all and Sara telling both of them she loved them and could not wait to see them again soon, and to have safe travels.

“Remember we will come for you at yalova escort bayan any time if there is a problem or if you just need to get away. We both Love you Sara!!” Molly all but cried in her ear hugging on the front seat.

She grabbed her bags and touched Andromeda’s panel as she got out telling her to have a safe journey also.

They hugged again on the sidewalk as Molly went to take over driving. In a minute they were on their way and Sara was back in her quiet house. It looked like her sister was out, likely at work and her mother was still sleeping.

Sara had a quick cry in her room for five minutes before putting her new toy and pot in a locked drawer in her room, took a quick shower, and changed clothes to catch her carpool to work. In her head she told herself only eighty-three days until July first and the beginning of her vacation. They would get a few days to hang out beforehand next month, but Sara had her sense of magic for July and could not wait to see if it were as real as all she had just experienced.

By 11:30, when Sara was catching her ride for work, Molly had driven them through misty eyes already forty miles from her she knew. They would call her at ten tonight from wherever they got too. Chicago was too far for them to try for on the little sleep all of them gotten.

Lou guessed they had about a thirteen-hour ride to get to Chicago. After about an hour Lou asked a quiet Molly if she would like to stop for a quick bite to eat. After a quick fifteen-minute stop Molly was behind the wheel again running over the hills across Pennsylvania.

“How are you feeling Molly? I miss her already too and I can tell you do.”

“I do an awful lot. I have to keep telling myself it is her choice. She wants to be able to pay her own way in July and not be a burden to us. I have to respect that!”

“We will see her again before that I know and we will be talking to her all the time, but it still sucks saying goodbye again.” Molly sniffed and went to pass another semi to give them some clear space on the road.

Lou got out a joint once they had space and they shared half of the joint, and watched the miles tick off. After another three hours Molly said she needed a snack and a pit stop. After a quick stop Lou was behind the wheel after his hour plus nap and a fresh soda.

Molly was looking at The Hotel guide Lou had for the chain he used, and she found a location in Ohio that would leave them about two hundred mile short of their campground outside Chicago. Four hours later as the sun set they were pulling into the nearly full lot and glad they called and got a room reserved a few hours before.

They got their room and Molly brought up just a few bags while Lou put the stuff on the roof inside the car for the night. No need to carry a lot up. They wanted to make a quick start in the morning. After a quick pit stop they went for a good sit-down dinner and a needed drink after a long day of driving.

It would also be a bad idea to try and smoke in this hotel both suspected and a night off was not a bad idea.

Both enjoyed having a couple of good cocktails with their pasta dinners. It was the first time in days they had a chance to just sit and relax together with no pressure to do anything for the next ten hours. Evil six am wakeup call had already been requested.

It was Nine by the time they got back to the room, and they went to take a shower and just stood there in the warm water holding one another for a few minutes. They both missed having Sara with them, but they did also enjoy the feel of being together and just relaxing for the night.

Lou tried Max and Darla first but got the answering machine, still with Lou’s voice on it, and told them all was well, and he would try them from Chicago in a day or two.

Lou called his folks and let them know he was well along with Molly who he had told them of a couple of days after they met and joined. All was good in Florida with them, and they looked forward to seeing them at the end of May. Molly and Lou’s mom talked for a few minutes and got on good on the phone. April was the next call, and all was good there too.

When Molly told April where they were and the area code they were in she reminded her that her cousin Quintin was only about a hundred miles from them and in the same area code and she should give him and his wife a call.

Molly still had fifteen minutes before they were going to call Sara and figured it would be a good chance to say hi to her favorite cousin.

Molly called and got his wife Stephanie on the phone, and she was happy to hear from her. Their girl was now three weeks old and doing very well. Quintin was changing her and was on the phone a moment later.

He was surprised that she was so close to him and happy to hear she was having a good time. He could hear the happiness in her voice and was glad it sounded like she had finally met a good man.

They only had a few minutes to talk but it was a good time and escort yalova Molly told them they would be back this way next month and they would call a few days before they were nearby and try and stop by and say hi.

“I know you to will be busy so if it’s ok we will bring a couple of pizzas, and all just hang for a little while Quintin.” Molly told him. She sent her love to all and said she would send them a picture from the road soon too.

At two minutes after ten they called Sara who was happy to hear their voices and getting ready for bed soon. Work had gone well but the long weekend had left her exhausted. All was quiet at home and cool with her mom, who did notice she had left and asked about her and if she was alright.

She was anxious to give her new toy a try later tonight. She said her pussy was wet thinking about them and she could not wait to see them soon as she kept yawning into the receiver.

Lou told her they would call her from Chicago tomorrow night and gave her kisses over the phone, both for her lips and Molly said for her tasty little pussy.

It was quarter past ten and they were catching the local weather to see if the road was good for tomorrow and just enjoying the peace of the night, despite the hotel noises and the sounds of the nearby highway. Both had gotten used to sleeping with more sound then usual around them.

After the weather and some cookies, they had been eating both went for a quick toothbrush, looking in the other’s eyes with a fire building as they enjoyed the last hour and half just lounging naked in the warm room while they talked to everyone.

A graphic came up on the TV saying that Star Trek was up next as they snuggled in together and began to share deep minty kisses as their tongues warmed up for another night of love and exploration or their partners bodies.

“I Love you Lou and you are making my pussy wet with just us making out. I can’t wait to feel all of you in me again.” Molly quickly moved down to suck on Lou’s left nipple and reach around to play with his easily spread ass.

“That feels awesome, I love you Molly, keep that up while I give your hard pink nubs a little pinch, as she moaned and stuck a finger into his ass. That feel great I want my tongue deep in both your holes and drinking from you!”

“Spin and lets sixty-nine, but don’t cum in my mouth. I want you to fill my thirsty pussy!”

Lou quickly worked his way down to suck and kiss her now deep pink and a little puffy nipple, before getting them both spun on their sides with their dripping pussy and cock facing their wet and hungry mouths.

Both of their love sounds were felt through the other as his tongue worked along her already soaked pussy slit and engorged clit.

Her tongue worked its way from the large drop pf precum waiting on his tip, down the trail of an earlier drop along his head. She then wrapped her long tongue around just below the head of his cock tasting the light sweat and excitement since their recent shower.

“Oh, Lou! Keep your tongue working my clit and please stick a finger deep wherever you want!”

“I Love everything you’re doing to Molly and want one of your fingers in me too.” Lou told her as his long thumb sought out her g-spot and his tongue went back to working her clit with his sucking lips.

Molly felt the width and different curve of his thumb work into her and spasmed around him with her first orgasm just as he first brushed her internal hot spots.

“That feels so good Lou! That’s the first time you’ve used your thumb like that I Love it!!”

He kept slowly flexing his thumb in her as her muscles clenched his thumb in her washed it in her strong flow.

Molly respond once the strongest waves had passed by working Lou’s now fully hard seven inches and large head down her throat in a slow motion and holding him there while her nose was buried in his balls inhaling deeply while her mouth was full of him and coating him with her needed saliva.

Still gasping a little as she released him from her mouth and another wave crashed through her she took his coatings and the trail of lubricant from her mouth and covered her thumb in it and quickly coated his eager asshole before gathering more and slowly plunging into his now training asshole in a slow deliberate motion until she had buried herself as deeply as she could.

For a moment both held there with both breathing deeply and enjoying the deep penetration.

Fuck me with your thumb Molly. It’s thick enough it feels like a little cock in me. Your toy went deeper though and felt just as good to me.

Keep fucking my Pussy with yours It feel awesome, and I love how you are making me feel.

Molly came again licking the drips from the tip of his dick as she slowly fucked him and wiggled deep in him making him jump a little.

“Keep that up and you’ll get a drink of cum real soon!” Lou groaned as his head grew more purple and his cock was leaning to the left a little.

Just how Molly liked it!!

“Fuck Me Lou and fill me with your cum!”

Both of their thumbs were out in a moment as Lou spun around and Molly fixed the pillow quickly underneath her where she wanted them for comfort and penetration.

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