Road through Texas

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Road through TexasWe were on highway 35 heading south in no particular hurry when it hit us, we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. We saw a sign saying grub & drinks 6 miles ahead on right. We decided it was worth a try. The place was more bar than restaurant, but the food was good. the place had only two other customers as it was mid afternoon and they hadn’t taken their eyes off my wife since we walked in.I asked for the check and headed to the restroom with some urgency. I was there a long time and when I stepped back into the diner area, I was blown away. The two guys were at our table, one was kissing my wife and had his hand down her blouse. The other had her panties in one hand and his other was under the table. We had talked about me seeing her take other men, but she never seemed to be that interested. I walked by and went to pay the bill, but was told it had been taken care of. When I turned around the two guys and my wife were walking through a door in the back of the place, I followed and was surprised to find a full bed in a little room.One guy came up to me and said we gonna borrow you bitch for awhile. Wait out front, watch if you want, bahis firmaları but stay out of the way. I found a place to sit. Now my wife was sucking on a black dick that had to be 10 or 12 inches in length, but no bigger around than the average guy. The one that hand talked to me took his clothes off and had a good 8 inches but looked huge as it was at least the size of a beer can. He remove my wife’s clothes and started eating her pussy. Soon the guy shot a load down her throat, and she turned to see what the second guy had. She attempted to get it in her mouth, but was struggling to take the crown fully into her mouth. He had shot a load, but still was hard and started feeding her pussy that long black snake. The guys nodded to each other stopped what they were doing and made two white lines appear on a small table beside the bed. They each snorted away a line and whispered something to my wife. She shook her head and a line was set up on the long ones hard dick, the other guy handed her a tube and she inhale the line and kissed his cock. They looked at me grinning. You want some, you gotta, kiss his cock and tongue your wifes ass. kaçak iddaa I said sure, A line was again placed on his cock, I was handed the tube and snorted the line away. I didn’t kiss his cock and they said I was too slow, so now I was to suck it. I looked at my wife who was smiling ear to ear. What to hell, they paid our meal, gave us some coke, and I was going to watch them take my wife. I sucked him until I felt his full hardness, Then gave my wife a good rim job.Once I was done, beer can pulled her on top of him. She moaned and sighed as her 1st 8 or so inches of pussy were stretched wider than she ever had been. The other guy got behind her, rubbing some lotion on his shaft. Then he proceeded to bury his cock into my wife’s ass. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she tossed her head back and made a sound I had never heard before.Oh shit honey, they have me so filled up and I can feel them rubbing against each other inside me. OH FUCK ! this is wild. Give it to me good you black fuckers. Fuck me, pussy and ass. God that feels good. She trembled to at least three climaxes as they pistoned into her at both ends. That line hit me, as the kaçak bahis erotic feeling of seeing her get used by two huge black cocks rushed through my mind. I hauled out my cock and started stroking.The door opened and the cashier walked in. Watched for a minute or so, unzipped his pants and dragged his hardening cock across he lips. Her mouth instinctively popped open and now she had black cock in all three holes. That was too much for me and I shot my load all over the carpet. The guy in her ass tensed up, buried himself as deep as he could get and filled her ass with his hot cum. He held himself there as I could see my wife tighten her ass in response to his climax. He pulled out and the old guy took his place in seconds. His cock wasn’t as long as what just left, but was bigger around, and she let out a little squeal as he entered her. His thrust were harder and faster and the guy below gave up trying to match his pace and just lay there enjoying how he made her pussy slide up and down his cock. His expression changed and he shot his cum into her. That sent her into a massive orgasm, which made the guy in back empty himself as well.They wiped themselves off, got dressed and said, I should leave out another door they pointed at. She got herself together and soon we were putting miles behind us. Next time you’re hungry, let’s find a subway or burger king OK ?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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