Road Side ASSistance

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Road Side ASSistanceTraveling the interstate warm summer, some clouds, nice day. I am 3 lanes over to the left when I see this pick-up truck with the hood up. Just as I start to pass the truck this Dirty Blonde, Big Titty, Long Leg Older Woman steps out and waves down cars behind me. I have a clear shoot straight to the shoulder, and that’s just what I did. Get to the shoulder and all the cars and big trucks pass me, I am about 25-30 yards from the truck. Put my 4 way flashers on and back up slowly. As I get closer that dirty blonde older woman keeps looking better and better. She comes walking up to my truck and says “oil light came on then said shut down motor” she then said “do you have any oil?” I told her no, but there is a gas station just down the road.She heads back to the truck as I watch her nice full ass sway. A few minutes later she returns and says” Thanks for the help”. I am thinking to myself “good thing you look hot for an older woman, or I would not stop.” She tells me her name is Genny with a G. I told her I like that makes you original. WOW she has on a mans button up light blue shirt that is half button up showing her large breast under a white tight tank top and a white sun dress. Her dress was riding up showing me some pretty thigh. Them legs were sexy, I could lick them from top to bottom. DAM she even had some SEXY FEET. I am ready to make this woman CUM like she has never cum before.As we small talk I drive pass the exit just so the conversation continues. I can’t keep my eyes off her legs, thighs, breast dam just her whole body is making me excited. So I have passed the exit and now that gives us a few more minutes. I slowly turn the conversation türbanlı elazığ escort about her. I told her that she had some pretty feet and hands. She said “they were just done yesterday.” The color of your nails really brings out your tan. She said “getting ready for the beach. Told her “Yea I would say you are ready. I bet you have a smashing swim suite?” She smiles and has that look of “a younger man just hit on me.” We get off the next exit and take back roads to the station. Now that I broken the ice she is warming up to me and makes a remark to me “Do you work out? You look strong and fit.” I told her that I eat healthy and exercise some. She says “exercise some……” “looks to me you are doing something right.” “Keep it up what you are doing, because you look really great.” Told her “THANK YOU.” “SO what is your secret on looking so sexy?”Genny just turned 4 shades of red. She says” You find me SEXY?” DAM straight you are, I really like older woman that take good care of them self’s. And that you have done for yourself. We arrive to the station and as Genny gets out her dress rides way up them thighs. I now can see some bottom cheek, were there is part of a tattoo slipping out. WOW she is smoke-n, great personality, jokes around, sexy, has a good head on from talking to her. This is why I like older woman……Genny returns and says “ready to get all greasy”. Well my dirty mind just took that and ran with it. We talked more and getting more in depth about sex. How it was cool to let loose be free. I told her “I am still that way and will never change. The conversation goes from safe sex, to one night türbanlı elazığ escort bayan stands, 3’somes and more. We get into some heated stories of each other. Really like to hear her’s, this only feeds my hunger for her even more. We get back to the truck and Genny says “my brother said he just checked the oil the other day and was ok”. I told her that I don’t see no leaks on top. So I get on my back and look under for any leaks. I reach up to grab the bumper to move myself when I am now directly under Genny and she has a sun dress on.I move just enough to see all the way up to heaven. I reach up and move her dress just enough for me to see that she has NO PANTIES on. SHIT………. Wish I had my camera. While I am in a state of AWE from her sweet looking pussy. Genny is adding the oil to the truck, leaning over into the hood. Making my view even better as I lay on the side of the interstate looking up this woman’s dress. DAM THIS IS AWESOME.I tell Genny that there is no sign of leaks and that every thing is clean. I mean EVERY THING is clean even her bald pussy. I just lay there watching her and rubbing my crotch. My cock is getting very hard and you can tell it is if Genny was to look down. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I am thinking. I keep rubbing my cock and balls. When Genny raises up on her toes and starts leaning against the trucks grill. I think nothing of it, then she lowers her self and back up on her toes. She dose this about 4 times. Suddenly a drop of water hits me right in the cheek. I keep rubbing myself, and she keeps on up and down on her toes. When I get hit with two more drops, WHAT???Just then türbanlı escort elazığ Genny pulls her dress up in the front and rubs her pussy. I get hit again……. THAT’S NOT water!!! It’s pee or cum???????2 Then she starts to drip a lot faster and I hear her moan. Dam she is having an orgasm, right over me.Genny steps back and says “did you enjoy that”? Stuck for words, all I could do is reach up and rub her pussy. All the while jacking my cock. All this is happening right on the side of the interstate. What if a Trooper was to stop, I sure would not.Genny said “I been watching you down there, watching me and rubbing yourself”. “I could not help myself, I had to cum. And I did not want you to know. I told her “you dripped some sweet nectar in my face, and I loved it.Lets check that oil Genny says to me, as she pulls her dress up and lays in the passenger seat. Here is my dip stick ready to check. Her pussy was so warm and wet. She had her legs high up on the roof as I drove my cock deep in her. She rips her top off and them titties were bigger than I thought. WOW I was in heaven. FUCKING a sexy older woman as travelers pass by.OK, now the kinky side is ready to get kinky. She stands up on the side step and backs that nice full ass up. I take my cock and smack her ass, ass hole and pussy with it. Rubbing it up and down through her swollen pussy lips. She is screaming at the top of her lungs as traffic pass’s by. We are getting soaked from sweating as the heat on the road turns up the temp.I am ready to be seen by all. I tell Genny to get in the back of the truck. She says “NAKED”. I tell her of course. I sit on the tool box and Genny rides me Cow Girl style. Working my cock good, I think she really enjoyed it more as the big trucks drove by the honked the horn. The more they honked the harder we fucked. Before you know it the trucks were passing us below the posted speed limit and blocking all the other lanes from seeing us. If I could only hear what was being said on the CB.Now this is what you call Road Side ASSistance.

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