Ring My Bell Boy

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Who are you messing with?The longer she waited, the angrier and more impatient she got. It had been a grueling tour thus far, a lot of hard work and energetic performances.The shows had been good, media coverage spectacular. She drained the last of the whiskey from her glass and got up for a refill. A knock came on the door.“Bell boy!” said a male voice.“Well, it’s about fucking time!” she spat as she let him in and closed the door. “Where’s my passport? God help you if you took it, because I’ll…”“I didn’t take it, ma’am, honest,” the bell boy said. “When you were tipping me I saw something flip out of your wallet. I assumed you’d seen it. There it is, under that table.”Princess Morgana looked to where he was pointing, and saw the booklet under the side table. She walked over and picked it up. A look of combined humility, relief, and embarrassment came over her face.“Oh my god. The stress and pressure of being on tour. I’m so sorry.”Her body relaxed, and she hung her head and shook it. Then she looked the bell boy up and down, undressing him with her eyes. He couldn’t have been more than twenty-three, and even in his uniform she could tell he was a fine piece. He was cute!“Look, I need to make this up to you. What time do you get off work?” she asked, sugar and spice now coating her tone.“Nine o’clock, but we’re forbidden to hang with guests.”“You won’t be on the clock after 9 though, will you? At that point, you’re my guest, at my insistence.”“No, I guess you’re right,” the bell boy said.“Then be here between 9:00 and 9:30.”“Okay. I’ll see you later.”He turned and left. That would be more than enough time to take room service Ataşehir Escort and get cleaned up, she figured.As she ate she came up with an idea to seduce the hunky bell boy when he returned. In the shower, she thought of this young hunk pleasuring her, and almost got carried away with her fingers.She wanted to choose something sexy to wear, but didn’t want to come on like a ton of bricks. Her eyes fell on a clinging, long gown.Cloudy gray in color, the fabric shimmered and hugged the curves of her smooth brown body. It covered a lot but left little to the imagination. Forgoing any underwear, she put it on and relished the silky material sliding over her skin.I love a man in a uniformNight fell. Morgana slid the room-darkening curtains aside. The lights of the city below were visible through the sheer curtains beneath. She dimmed some lights in her suite and lit a few candles.About twenty minutes later, a light knocking came on the door. Morgana smiled to herself, stood up, smoothed out her gown, and walked to the door.“Who is it?” she asked.“It’s the bell boy,” answered a male voice.She undid the locks, let him in, and closed the door behind him.“Hello! Have a seat,” Morgana said, gesturing to the sofa. “What can I get you to drink? Beer, wine, whiskey, rum?”“Um, a beer would suit me.”“Coming right up.”The bell boy watched as she got a beer out of the fridge and she poured herself a whiskey. Then she sat down with the drinks.“What’s your name? I didn’t catch it earlier. Ben?” she asked, noticing his name tag.“Yep.”“Well, I’m Morgana—Princess Morgana—but you already knew that.”“I did,” Ataşehir Escort Bayan he smiled.“Ben,” she began, “I want to apologize for the way I acted earlier. I was rude to accuse you of taking my passport, and I’m sorry.”She grinned, and he smiled back.Paying the priceThey engaged in small talk for several minutes. Morgana had drained her glass, and she got up to go to the minibar. Ben assumed she was getting a refill, but she set her glass down.“Can I get you another beer?” she asked.“No, I’m good, I should head out. I appreciate your apology.”He stood up to leave as she came back around the minibar.“Oh? You wouldn’t rather stay and have some of this?”Turning to face him, she pulled her gown open, revealing her naked, ebony body.“Fuck,” he responded under his breath, taking in her toned, beautiful figure.“Exactly. You’re a smart man. Now come here and stand in front of me.”Not needing to be told twice, he walked around the coffee table and stood in front of her. She dropped to her knees, undid the button on his uniform pants and slid the zipper down.“I love a man in a uniform,” she said as she fished for his hardening cock. “Especially a hard man in a uniform,” she added as she wrapped her lips around his dick.Ben gasped as she swallowed his length.“Mm,” she mumbled around his shaft, “so good.”With her free hand, she jerked the base of his cock, as she moved up and down on it. She felt it harden further inside her mouth. Her eyes closed, feeling the prominent ridge under the head, and the bulging veins.At last, she felt her lips at his groin. She looked up into his eyes and noticed Escort Ataşehir they were closed. Slow and methodical, she massaged the underside of his cock with her tongue as she held it deep in her mouth.Ben gave a deep, loud groan. She grabbed the base of his cock and twisted her hand around it while she sucked.“Fuck!” Ben moaned.She moved away from his cock and stared at it. Her pussy felt wet as she took in the globs of spit, the bulging veins, the purplish color.She leaned down and took his balls in her mouth. He grasped her head. Her tongue swirled over his sac, around and around. Her fingernails raked down over his abs, and then traced a line to his upper thighs.Tonguing the bottom of his cock at the base, she continued the line around his thigh. Her finger found his asshole and stroked it with a light touch.“Oh my God,” he whispered as her finger caressed and explored the area.Standing up, Morgana threw her gown aside and looked him over. She licked her lips and started to help Ben out of his uniform.Next, she sat on the sofa, spreading wide her long, muscular legs. She gazed at Ben and wondered what he thought as he looked at the black hair between her legs, and the moist folds surrounding her pink interior.“Come here and service your princess, bell boy,” she said.Ben knelt on the floor between her legs and gazed at the curly black hair and brown lips before him. Leaning in for a closer look, he spread the lips with his fingers, revealing the pink flesh within.He stuck out his tongue and ran it up an inner lip, making Morgana moan. She grabbed his head with her hands, liking the contrast between his light skin and her dark skin.Emboldened, he licked up the other lip to the delicate nub at the top where the lips met. He licked at her clit with tender butterfly flicks. Uncontrollable gasps escaped her, and she felt her juice flow over his chin.“Baby, yeah—you’re a good lover. Has anyone told you that you’re a good lover?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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