Rick Shares all (Part Two)

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Rick Shares all (Part Two)Rick & DiannaPart III showed up at 8pm on a Friday night as previously arranged, with a case of Corona in hand. Rick greeted me at the door with a huge grin, music playing loudly in the background. “Dianna’s in the bedroom, go on in” he said before I even had a chance to acclimate. “Woe, man. Right now?” I said. I had just walked in the damn door! “She’s ready for ya, b*o! What can I say? You want me to tell her to come out?” He asked. I thought for a nano-second, then shrugged. “No, I’ll go see what’s up”, handing him the beer. “Wait, do you want one?” He said motioning to the Corona’s. “Naw, not necessarily” figuring if they both want to get right to it, I’ll play along. The beer can wait. I never needed the proverbial “Liquid courage” to fuck anyone.What a sight! Dianna was sitting on the edge of their bed wearing a lacy little black bra with the top of her full breasts bulging out of it, a black lacy garter belt with a thin ribbon of red threaded through, and sheer black stockings with no panties. Her legs were together as she rested back on her arms with a look of mischief on her face. I laughed at the delicious sight, unable to believe my eyes. This was way easier than I imagined it could be. It felt completely natural for some reason. My cock was already half hard on the drive over, after not allowing myself to cum in two days at her request. It was hard, but it was worth the wait. “Can I help you with those shorts?” She asked, then biting her lip staring straight at my cock through them. I had them off instantly, kicking my flip flops to the side. I pulled my cock up where it was comfortable for a second and before I knew it, she stood up and walked to me, getting on her knees looking up. My eyes met hers as I watched her lick my cock through my boxer briefs. I could then feel her wet tongue on my balls tight and full of a load saved just for her. The head inching it’s way out of my briefs I just stood there watching, feeling, waiting to see what she would do next. If there was a way to fuck her insanely ten times all in one instant, this would be it. My mind was blown, feeling her fingernails scratch my ass as she pulled the briefs slowly down, my cock holding them up in front. She took used her teeth to release the elastic waistband from the head and gently pulled them down just beneath my balls. Definitely there were scratch marks on my ass from her claws which I didn’t mind in the least, as she began licking my balls. I held her head gently as she continued to lick my balls, sucking each one into her mouth without the help of her hands. Mmmm, amazing! She took my other hand and placed it on my cock which I then squeezed as firmly as her hand forced me to. She continued to make a meal out of me standing there with my shorts around my ankles. With her hands she finally pulled my briefs all the way down and I kicked them away while together we stroked my very ready cock, hard. Harder than would be comfortable normally but since this was of her doing, I allowed it all to unfold as she would have it. Slowly with dry hands we pulled down hard on the length of it all the way to my balls then glided back to the head holding and squeezing it. Wow! I have seriously underestimated this woman. This couple! Everything I thought I knew went right out the window, and that’s saying a lot considering what I had already seen on their DVD!Rick had explained the day after I watched it that Dianna didn’t know anything about the first half of the tape. He had started the camera rolling without her knowledge, and definitely didn’t know I knew anything about it. He said that part was shot weeks before the second half where he was just fucking her. I thought back, no wonder it had faded to black, and come to think of it, the lighting was different, darker outside and lights on in part two. It all made sense though I still wasn’t sure what her take on part one was. I just knew for sure, that I knew nothing at all but was not backing out now. This woman was a freak! The kind of freak every man dreams about and cums all over when he jerks off. burdur escort “Who’s the lucky guy?” I said out loud, as she giggled replacing our hands with her tongue. Licking the entire shaft while still on her dainty knees with full view of her breasts beneath my cock which was being devoured. I didn’t pay much attention, with music playing pretty loudly in the background, some southern rock band I was unfamiliar with, but Rick had been in the room doing something with the video camera behind me for a while now. I turned around to see, once Dianna’s lips were no longer surrounding me. He was standing in the doorway holding the video camera, and had caught the whole thing. Dianna stood up and moved me backward to a chair I then sat down in. She stepped over my spread legs, straddling my lap, I reached between her legs to feel her exposed soft pussy. She began to lift my shirt up so I raised my arms quickly as it went flying to the chair in the other corner, and resumed fingering her. She kissed my neck with one hand on my upright cock, as I let my head fall back. Before long I had two fingers inside her hot pussy. I inhaled deeply, then exhaled noticing the scent of a very ready woman. I put my fingers in her mouth, watching her lick and suck her juices off them, then she licked my tongue like a cat. That was it! I’ll tame this little tiger! I thought, through my quiet purrhing. Grabbing her breasts through the lacy bra, squeezing them tight, we kissed softly at first, which quickly moved into high gear as my cock got more and more excited. I wanted that wet pussy bad and it was just inches away from my cock! This was torture and she knew it. I wanted everything about her bad, and now! “Turn around, honey” Rick said from behind the camera. With a quick maneuver, she had shifted back to me and I lifted her up and eased heronto my throbbing cock. This caused her to release a moan that really lit my fuse. I lifted her small frame up just enough to release my cock and enter her again, only harder, faster this time only to get the same if not more intense response. I lifted and slammed her on my cock harder this time and held her down with as much force as possible, shifting my torseau around grinding with passionate venom. Yeah this was insane, insanely hot! He watched as I lifted her beautiful legs together and rammed her tight hole from beneath, machine gun style. I could go all night like this, if she continued to scream and moan as she was. It didn’t matter who else was around or on their way, she was mine until I said otherwise. I didn’t wait all week for this, only to hand her over. Drilling her endlessly from beneath, it was just the two of us as far as I was concerned. I felt her orgasm as her body contracted against my cock for what seemed to be at least a full minute. Only after she was spent, would I begin to feel the challenge begin. When she didn’t want it, was when I always want it the most. The time was now. Lifting her off my wood, we stood up and I moved her over to the dresser and rested her facing me as she sat on the edge. Bam! I slapped her face which was already covered with her long dark and drenched hair. Reaching for her chin I lifted her face toward mine. The surprise I sought in her eyes was not there. The expression instead was more like that of a feisty goddess. “Oh yeah?” I thought, “let’s see just how feisty you are!” Slapping her again. She liked it. I backhanded her this time, sending her head spinning. She reached for her neck, as I instantly realized I should have held her to prevent pulling any muscles. But I felt assured when she shot me a slight grin and fire in her eyes. Oh my God, this woman was Hot! I think I’ve met my match! Lifting her legs over my shoulders, I grabbed her by her back and lifted her off the dresser and stood there holding her small body and let the weight of gravity slam her pussy on my cock as I met each fall with a hard upward thrust. Evenly. Slowly. Watching the expressions on her face each time. Her pussy was stretched tightly around my thick and unforgiving cock! The sensation was incredible. escort burdur Good sex has to be both physical and mental to get me off properly, and we were both on the edge of that darkness. She was taking it all and wanted more. I knew I had to have her for more than just this evening, and definitely didn’t want to share her with anyone once this was arranged. I moaned, she screamed, I rammed her, she fucked back holding onto my neck. A true cowgirl riding her bull like a pro. She kept riding me as hard as I was fucking her until her grip loosened though I had a good hold on her and her back threw into an arch as I could feel her entire body’s muscles tighten and my cock got squeezed over and over again by her pussy walls. Through her moans, I kept drilling her hard until two days of built up cum finally exploded inside her and it was now me who was moaning. Unlike most men, I am not a silent fuck. I let it all out and women seem to enjoy it. This occasion was no different. We were at one, in this moment. In another place and time. Our entire bodies, our breaths, our sounds all in sync. It was perfect. She was perfect. Her hole was still contracting around me sucking the milk right out of me.Before long, Rick chimed in “Ok, ok guys, my turn!” Though I could not stop hitting her as she fell against me. Then he grabbed her head and forced it toward mine. We kissed hard by his force. Her face turned left and right, then I felt his hand holding my head as well. This was unexpected, hot and sweaty though it was. I was sucking all I could from her mouth as she was doing the same with mine, our tongues deep in each others mouths, a passion I’ve never experienced in a kiss though I do tend to kiss so roughly in the heat of things I don’t even think it would technically constitute a kiss. I kiss how I fuck, basically. Nothing romantic, intimate, pure control, rough and dirty. When he released our heads, I instantly saw he was holding his humungous cock in his hand and realized I had to let her go. For now.Slowly I let her back down on the dresser, until her feet hit the floor and regrettably eased myself away, never losing eye contact with her beautiful green eyes, nor she with mine. Using a nearby towel to wipe the sweat off my face, I watched Rick take her by one wrist and throw her forcefully onto their bed and got on top of her from behind like a bull and began to pound away. She was moaning wildly as he pounded her. He forced her face into the mattress and held it hard as he drilled her ruthlessly. I was still rock hard, standing there catching my breath as I watched in amazement. If this happened only once in my lifetime, I am a lucky man, I thought as I forced any reservations out of my mind. The camera was still rolling though I wondered if there was any time left on it. Several minutes went by as I jerked my cock steadily watching his mare be ****d by this savage. The screaming was so delightful, I hoped the neighbors could hear. Consequences, be damned. The windows were open on both walls, and the sounds would ring for blocks in the still of the night. Suddenly I heard Rick grunt loudly as he pushed hard inside her squeezing his ass cheeks tight, then grunt again with even more force as her sounds met the rhythm of his. A few more times then he held himself deep insider her shooting his load at the same time as her fingers and his cock had worked her to a perfectly timed screaming climax.“Hit it, b*o” he said backing off, his cock still dripping. Gladly! I thought, cock ready for that beautiful fuck slut. I sat her up and forced my cock beyond beautiful pouty lips. She opened wide, and held it there as I worked the head against the entrance of her throat over and over. Mmmm this was going to get good, I thought. Holding her head with both hands I face fucked her good. She took it like a champ! After a while, I noticed Rick was doing something with the video camera. I know now he was putting in a new tape, which was fortunate as I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of this. “Lie down” I told her as she laid her soft wet body across the mattress. I burdur escort bayan had to eat that worn, torn pussy so I fed her my cock to keep her busy while I feasted. On top of her, I chomped away, sucking her clit and licking her holes, biting, sucking, licking all Rick’s cum out of her before I even realized what I was doing. It was a familiar taste, I was used to tasting my own cum on women’s pussys or tongues, but this time it was another man’s. I wouldn’t let myself analyze it, I just knew it strangely turned me on more than if it had been my own. Something new, I suppose. Not to mention the note that Rick was right there watching, knowing his spunk was in my mouth. And there was gobs of it. I sucked her hole, getting as much as I could out as it came in incriments. But mostly, I wanted to suck the sh** out of her small but swollen red clit. I latched on like a vacuum, not letting go for the longest time, patiently but passionately waiting for the inevitable. She tried to move but I had her tightly locked in my arms, as I moved my hips at the same time, forcing my cock deeper into her mouth as she sucked so hard, she could have taken rust off a tail pipe. Before I could stop myself, I exploded with one deep thrust down her throat as my cock swelled thicker than normal, feeling her gag against it. What a f***ing hot combination! This only got me more out of my mind determined to eat her pussy raw as I licked either side and on her clit like a starving a****l eager to finish my meal before others came to steal it. Within a moment or two of my own explosion, she began to scream wildly feeling her hot breath on my cock, trying to lift her hips against my grip as I locked on tighter sucking her to a heightened state of a****listic release. Cum began to appear as I lapped it up as hungrily as you can imagine. She had clearly lost concentration, unaware of what she was doing, just falling apart beneath me. Mmm but she tasted so good! Oh my God!I rolled off of her falling onto my back in a daze. There was no movement nor sound in the room. Just heavy breaths as we laid beside each other. I looked around to find Rick was no longer in the room. Though the windows were open, the room was musty and hot. Both our bodies were soaking as was the sheet beneath us. After a while, no sense of time, I could hear male voices coming from somewhere else in the house. I couldn’t make out a word of it, but was curious who it could be. I stood and threw on my shorts and flip flops and covered Dianna with a top sheet as I made my way to the living room closing the door behind me. It was Rick at the door speaking to another man, reassuring him everything was alright. He was fully dressed with a ball cap on, half laughing with a neighbor approximately the same age, height and weight as himself. “John” was his name, as I was introduced to him shaking his hand. “How you doing?” I said. “Good, man” was his reply with an odd smile on his face. “Come on in for a beer” Rick offered. “Naw, I should get home”. “Man, you don’t have to get home, they’re gone this week end Johnny boy! Come on in!” Rick said jokingly gesturing for him to enter. “Alright” John agreed. They went into the kitchen, I looked around for my shirt quickly, realizing there was no point in pretending nothing was up. I just wasn’t sure exactly which version Rick told him, or how much he had already told him. Giving up, I went into the bedroom where Dianna was, finding my shirt on a chair in the corner. Coming out of their bathroom, Dianna had replaced her stockings and garter with a pair of tight fitting shorts and a small V neck white T, looking flushed but beautiful. She put some sandals on “Shall we join them?” she asked. “I’ll be right in” kissing her neck as I passed by, stepping into the bathroom. She closed the bedroom door behind her, so quickly I pulled my shirt off and dropped my shorts and showered off as fast as I could. Grabbing a towel, I put some toothpaste in my mouth to hide the scent of cum, which was unfortunate and quickly dressed. I was in the kitchen with the rest of then within a few minutes as they three sat at the breakfast nook together chatting. I grabbed a stool and joined them with the first beer of the night in hand, flipping the lid into the garbage can across the room like I had done a thousand times before. Stay Tuned

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