Reward Or Punishment – Part 2

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Reward Or Punishment – Part 2????????????On Thursday morning, I left the bathroom door about half-open. I fully stripped myself. While taking bath in nude, I looked at his face from time to time. He did not move his eyes from me. Then I wore G-string underwear with a T-shape string in the back.It has the least amount of coverage of my love-pot and buttocks. Not wearing a bra, I wore the light sky blue colored transparent gown which went just below my thighs. Although I was wearing clothes, I was virtually naked. We ate breakfast on the dining table facing each other.“I could not sleep well in the night, Baba,” I said to him. Earlier I used to call him Babuji. But today I have decided to call him Baba because I should not say Babuji to a person with whom I want to keep a sexual relationship.“Oh! So sorry!” He said looking on my breasts.“Did you have a sound sleep, Baba?” I asked.“I too could not sleep well, Sunita!” said he.“I understand that you are also missing Maaji, Baba! But I will try with my best not to feel you lonely day and night. I will always be with you, Baba!” I said giving more emphasis to the word ‘night’.“Tonight, I will give you a mild dose of the sleeping tablet so that you can sleep well,” I said.I have no sleeping tablets. Yesterday afternoon, I had found an empty strip of sleeping tablet in my husband’s drawer which was used during my mother-in-law’s illness. I made a plan to cheat him with the help of this tablet less strip.“No need of that,” he said.“You must take it for sound sleep,” I said.He did not say anything. After breakfast, he left for the office. In the evening, I wore the same light sky blue colored gown and G-string underwear, but no bra inside. After dinner, he was sitting in the I came there holding an empty strip of sleeping tablet and a glass of water.I put the strip and the glass on the side table near him and said, “Here are two sleeping tablets left. Please take one tablet, Baba! You can sleep a very sound sleep tonight.”He was looking at my breasts just one foot away from him. I left the room and entered my room swaying my buttocks. In my room, I pretended as if I was talking to my husband on the telephone. I was speaking loudly to make him hear.“Hell0! How are you dear? Yah, we are OK! Yah, we have already taken dinner. Have you taken your breakfast? Don’t worry dear. I am taking care of Babuji. I will not let him feel lonely. I am also not feeling loneliness as Babuji takes care of me. Babuji is very kind to me. Going to university? OK. Please call in time to time. Love you, dear! Good night! Take care of yourself. Bye!”After about 30 minutes, I again appeared in the drawing. The strip was in the same place. I picked up the strip and saw it. “You should not have taken two tablets at a time, Baba! Just one tablet was enough to have a sound sleep for six hours.” I said.He wanted to say something, but I interrupted him. I know that he wanted to say that the strip was empty. He had not eaten any tablet. But I shouted loudly and said, “You will feel dizziness tomorrow, Baba!” Without listening to him, I went to my room.After some time, I came there without wearing the G-string inside. He was sitting right there. My breasts jumped as I walked and he kept on looking at me. He could see my love-pot and breasts under the thin material of the gown. He has no options left other than pretending to be asleep and watch my show.“Baba is sleeping. Two sleeping tablet has made him sleep,” I said and smiled cunningly. I held him under his left armpit and lifted him. He stood up. I guided him to the bathroom. I pressed my breast on his arm. In the bathroom, I undid the cord of his trouser and underwear and let them fall on the floor.I smiled looking at his erect love-stick and balls hanging between his legs and covered by thick black pubic hairs. He stood there motionless. I saw that pre-cum oozed out of the tip of his love-stick. “Oh! How thick is this love-stick!” I exclaimed in an audible voice.“It is a bit shorter but a bit thicker than my husband’s love-stick. I am very happy that it will be tight enough in my love-pot,” I said smiling. I unbuttoned his kurta and took his urfa escort kurta away pulling up through his head. his hairless strong chest came into view. I was happy to see his naked body.Then I grabbed his semi-erect love-stick in my fist. “Now you have to go to bed, Baba! You piss here.” I said and pointed his love-stick to the commode. He pissed. I watched his urine coming out of his love-stick tip. I milked his love-stick to squeeze urine, washed his love-stick with soap.I said, “It should be clean as I have to suck it.” I laughed shamelessly. I took him to his room, switched on the tube light and laid him to bed. He was sleeping, but his eyes were open. I untied my hair and left it open.“I am sorry Baba. I am not hungry for sex. I have patience. But I don’t want to leave you alone. I don’t want to make you think about marrying stepmother-in-law. I will be with you and you will not miss Maaji anymore. I will try to make you happy and fulfill all of your desires. Moreover, I want a baby to pass my time at home, Baba,” I said in an audible voice.I stood in front of him. My heartbeat increased and I was breathing heavily. Then I cupped my breasts with palm and caressed my wet love-pot lips with fingers. I was there just one foot away from him. I saw his love-stick erect.“Nice love-stick,” I said looking at his love-stick.He was lying on the bed motionless and pretended to be asleep. I sat on the bed close to him. My hands slowly caressed his hair. I pulled his hand and placed it on my breast. He neither moved his hand nor pressed my breast. Slowly I pressed his hand on my breast.I moved his hand all over my breasts to give him the feel of my breasts. I placed his hand on my buttocks and pressed his hand. I moved his hand on all over my buttocks. Then I gently massaged his chest and stomach. I grabbed his love-stick in my hand. I slowly pulled the foreskin back and forth.I played with his love-stick for some time. Then I wiped the pre-cum from the tip of his love-stick by my index finger and kissed on the top of his throbbing love-stick. I rubbed my cheeks and lips with his love-stick. I squeezed his love-stick and saw the pre-cum coming out from the tip of his love-stick.I rubbed the pre-cum with my index finger over his phallus. I slowly caressed his balls. I rubbed the hard love-stick on my cheek, nose, and lips and looked up at him smiling mischievously. I kissed on his love-stick. He looked at the beautiful daughter-in-law kissing his love-stick and moaning.I held his love-stick in my fist, opened my mouth wider and pushed his large phallus into my mouth. His erect love-stick slid smoothly into my mouth causing him to moan in pleasure. His love-stick was throbbing inside my mouth. I moved my tongue around his phallus.I moved my head up and down at a steady rhythm. I felt great sensations in my love-pot. I enjoyed sucking. I wiped the juice collected in my mouth with the bedsheet. My eyes were closed with joy. I moved my head up and down giving him oral sex. I kissed on his neck below his chin and he started moaning.I kissed his mouth. He closed his eyes and let my tongue go in. I was breathing heavily into his mouth. I was enjoying a lot. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. Then I sat on his face and rubbed my love-pot on his mouth for some time.When I guessed that he was about to discharge his cum, I did not like to waste the sperm. I removed my mouth from his love-stick. I wanted penetration of his love-stick into my love-pot. I sat on top of him. I pushed his love-stick in my love-pot and slowly moved my body up and down.Then I increased the speed faster and faster. I discharged on his love-stick several times. He ejaculated his cum in my love-pot. I hugged him, slept pressing my breasts on his chest and kissing on his face. I fucked him whenever I found his love-stick erect. I fucked him three times in the whole night.Friday morning when I awoke, I found that I was hugging him. I pressed him with my elbow to make him awake. I then kissed on his love-stick and said, “From today, you have to come to my room and sleep with me. My service will be available to you throughout our life.” Then escort urfa I left his room in nude.I served the breakfast just wearing the same light sky blue colored transparent gown and nude inside. In the evening also, I was in gown only. After dinner, I sat in the same seat where I always used to sit. He was sitting on the seat opposite my room.Then I got up and entered my room. I left the door fully open. Then I slept on the bed on my stomach and then pretended as if I slept. After some time, he walked in and sat on my bed beside me. I saw him in the dressing table mirror. He slowly removed the gown from my body with his hand. He looked at my fully nude body for a while.“It is not that I dislike sex. But I didn’t think to have sexual relations with you due to my religious, cultural, social and moral values and legal provisions. You wished to give birth to a c***d. I realize that it would be very difficult to pass a full 5 years lonely life. So I am fulfilling your desires. Now onwards, you live a happy life,” said he.Then he placed his hand on my buttock. He massaged on my neck and then on the shoulder. I was breathing heavily as the first time I felt his hands on my body. It gave me great pleasure. He kept on rubbing my body by his palm. Slowly, he moved his hands on my buttocks. I felt a sensation in my love-pot.I felt my love-pot wet. His hands moved on my buttocks and rubbed on the mount of buttocks. He massaged my buttock and rubbed the buttock crack with his fingers. When he touched my clitoris, I moaned with extreme pleasure. When he turned me to the side, I faced up to the ceiling.My 34D sized breasts, thighs, and hairy love-pot were now facing towards him. His eyes were fixed at the mound between my legs. He saw my swollen pussy lips. He leaned closer to me. He kissed both cheeks and grabbed both breasts in each hand. He kissed my lips.He sucked my juicy lips and pushed his tongue inside my mouth. I also opened my mouth. He then moved his hands around my pointed soft breasts. He massaged on my breasts for a longer period. He had both my breasts in his hands and squeezed them.He pinched on my nipples with his thumb and index fingers. He stuck his nose over my cleavage. He sucked my breasts harder and I moaned loudly. He massaged my legs. He looked at my swollen love-pot lips. I was shutting my eyes, but my eyes were not fully shut up. He progressed below on my navel.My moans reflected the pleasures. I was enjoying with his licking on my navel. Then he gazed at my love-pot. Slowly, he moved his hands and reached to my love-pot. He moved his fingers over the lips and parted them. His hand began to massage on my love-pot mound.Every time he touched my love-pot with his fingers, he played with my clits. He rubbed his fingers between my love-pot lips and sucked my right breast into his mouth. He pushed a finger into my love-pot and fingered me. My love-pot lips were wet.He pushed his middle finger inside my love-pot hitting in the G-spot that caused me to moan. I was very much excited with pleasure. His head went below and started kissing near my love-pot. He lowered his head and reached his face between my legs. I moaned as I felt his tongue on my inner thighs.His nose rubbed my love-pot. He licked and lapped on my thighs with his tongue. He pushed his tongue in my love-pot lips. I was enjoying the licking. He drove his tongue inside my love-pot causing me to moan louder. He seems to be more satisfied with licking and sucking.He continued sucking and fucking me with tongue and I began to moan. Then he pulled me forcefully towards him. He pulled off his kurta and became topless. He pushed his trousers and underwear down. He pulled my one hand and placed it on his love-stick. He moved my hand on his love-stick.His love-stick was hard and throbbing. He was still squeezing my breast. Then he robbed his love-stick on my face. He put his love-stick in between my lips. I opened my mouth and kissed the tip of love-stick. My lips were waiting for this. I sucked his love-stick and I moved my tongue around his phallus.He moved his buttocks forward and backward and he fucked in my mouth. He spread my legs wide. urfa escort bayan My hot and juicy love-pot lips were also parted. I am ready to be fucked by him. I thought that he will quickly penetrate me and I am going to feel that thick love-stick inside me.But he sat beside me and began kissing and fondling me again. I felt his hard love-stick on my thigh. His love-stick rubbed between my thighs. I realized that he is more interested in fondling and oral sex. He was finding more enjoyment in fondling, foreplay, and oral sex.He was continuously kissing and fondling me. I was caressing his throbbing love-stick which has become hard. I moaned heavily. After about an hour of foreplay, I saw him sitting with his love-stick in his hand. He was between my legs. He was on top of me.He lifted my legs and I placed them on his shoulders. He placed his love-stick on the opening of my love-pot and he penetrated his big love-stick in my love-pot, sucking my lips. He gave a fast and hard push. I could feel love-stick moving in and out.The thick love-stick swiftly moved in and out of the lubricated love-pot. He kept the speed increasing. I was feeling his weight of 60 kg on my body. I was continuously moaning. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed every stroke. He was kissing on my lips and squeezing my breast.He kept thumping me about 10 minutes. I felt the hot liquid flowing in my love-pot. The second time, he made both of us lie on our sides, facing the same direction and penetrated me from behind. The third time, he laid me in a facedown position on the bed and fucked from the backside.The fourth time, he turned me in doggy style pose and fucked me hard. I raised my buttocks. I enjoyed the real fuck. I was excited in every position. During the interval, he hugged me, kissed me and massaged my breasts and love-pot.Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than him. Both of us were naked. I refreshed myself, prepared tea and went to his room. I sat on his bed and awoke him kissing on his cheek. My buttocks were touching his chest. I served tea. He got up and held the cup with his right hand and cupped my breast with the left.We both took a bath together. He applied soap on my body. He rubbed my breasts, stomach, love-pot, and buttocks and washed my body. I also applied soap on his body. I rubbed on his love-stick, buttocks and washed his body. He wiped my body and I wiped his body with a towel.I prepared breakfast and he watched me. Both of us took breakfast in nude. We locked ourselves in the flat in the nude on Sunday and Monday and made a lot of fun. We played sex games eight times in different positions in those two days. We stayed fully naked and enjoyed sex for the whole month. We had sex two to three times every day.I was supposed to have my menstruation between 22nd and 24th April. But I missed my period. I was overwhelmed with joy that I missed my period. I waited for one week and then I visited a gynecologist on 2nd May to get a pregnancy test. The doctor confirmed the pregnancy and congratulated me.She expressed best wishes for me. In the evening I wore kurta salwar. Baba was surprised to see me in this dress after more than a month. He asked where I wanted to go. I replied that I want to have a video chat with Sanjay and then served him tea. Then I called Sanjay on Facebook Messenger.I wanted to share the joy with both of them at a time. As he responded to my call, I congratulated him and said that you are going to become a father. While saying the word you, I pointed Baba with my index finger. Both of them expressed their joy.Sanjay said to take care of myself and I said him not to worry about me as Baba is there to take care of me. I rushed towards Baba and hugged him just after ending the call. I kissed him grabbing his love-stick in my fist and thanked him for his blessing.Then I said to him that my sex offer is a reward for him for giving me company, sexual satisfaction and blessing me with a c***d. But if he is regretting having sexual relations with me against his values, it is the punishment. For arranging a marriage of his son who is going abroad for a long time, leaving his newly wed young bride alone at home.Dear readers, please excuse me for any mistakes I have committed while writing this story. I am not used to writing stories. I heartily welcome your valuable comments or suggestions. Anyway, I would be happy if you have enjoyed reading this story.

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