Reversal, Ch. 01

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Big Tits

“Stand up.”

The smooth, confident command was given in a tone that usually carried demands like, “Kneel.” But instead, it was the woman already waiting on the floor who spoke.

Despite the fact that Bella was kneeling on her dorm room floor, stripped to her underwear and looking up at Siobhan in a position that normally would have been completely submissive, the smirk on her face was making the taller woman’s poor little heart do backflips. Bella knew what she was doing to her, and she liked it.

Bella couldn’t match her for size. A teeny little thing, the not-quite-five-foot princess Siobhan had picked up and brought home with her, with her pale, petite frame and big brown eyes, was easily ten inches shorter, if not more. Where Siobhan’s body blossomed with abundant, curvaceous femininity, Bella’s was demure and slender. Siobhan had come onto her ferociously, entertaining fantasies of burying her fat cock in a tight little pussy while her hand tugged on a generous fistful of that shock of curly, chocolate-coloured hair. The moment she had heard Bella’s voice, she had imagined it moaning her name and begging for more.

Instead, Siobhan rose to her feet as she was commanded, trembling slightly as Bella’s gaze raked up and down her body, sizing her up, lingering on her crotch. At this height, her eye level was at about the upper thigh, meaning she still had to tilt her head to get a proper view.

She nodded absently. “Good,” she said, her voice tinged with the barest hint of smugness. That little twist of her plush lips was an arrow right to the heart. “Show me,” she said simply.

“Sh…show you?” To Siobhan’s immediate embarrassment, her voice wavered slightly as she spoke. What was *happening?* What was Bella doing that made her stammer like a nervous virgin? Why was she still fully clothed? What was stopping her from just doing what she always did?

Siobhan had always taken the lead. Always. As a futanari, it seemed all too often that she had inherited – at least to an extent – the societal expectations for penis-havers to be in control of a hookup. But when Bella’s eyes, soft and gentle though they seemed, met hers, she froze.

“I don’t like repeating myself.” Bella’s voice was still soft and musical, though there was an edge to it. Not quite impatience, but an implicit warning. “Just this once, I’ll rephrase: Take. Out. Your. Fucking. Cock.”

Siobhan gasped softly, an involuntary response that she immediately regretted. The way those crude words contrasted with Bella’s sweet appearance did something to her. The way her teeth gripped her bottom lip as she emphasised the Ffff- sound, the way her mouth rolled sensuously around the open oh> in the middle of ‘cock’… This was no innocent sweetheart. Bella was lascivious, poised and frankly, terrifying.

Siobhan had never been scared of a four-ten brunette in lacy mint-coloured lingerie before, but she figured there was a first time for everything. Haltingly, cursing her quaking fingers, she reached down and fumbled with her belt. The clinking of its buckle was the only sound in the room for the several seconds it took her to unfasten it, Siobhan’s hands refusing to adequately perform the basic task she asked of them several times a day.

Bella lifted a hand to her mouth and giggled quietly, a sound that made Siobhan’s blood boil. What was she doing? She’d brought a dozen girls home this year already, and she’d never had any problem tearing her jeans off, whipping her rock-hard cock out and railing them. Yet suddenly, she was shyly struggling to get her pants off?

“Fuck,” she grunted, finally unhooking the belt, swiftly undoing the button and zipper behind it, and pushing her waistband down to mid-thigh. Finally able to breathe, her cock flopped out, her pride and joy on display at last.

Fully eleven inches long at full mast, Siobhan’s shaft was only marginally shorter than that when it was flaccid. Easily as thick as Bella’s spindly forearm, it hung heavily and hot, a hefty shaft that put men and fellow futas alike to shame. Proportionally large, dangling balls hung behind it, effectively blocking access to an untouched, virginal vulva that she had long decided never to use.

“Nice…” Bella purred, her eyes seeming to glimmer slightly as she leaned closer. Her hot breath brushed over the uncut tip of Siobhan’s cock, making it twitch. “You’ll do just fine.”

Siobhan preened. Those words from Bella tickled her strangely, offering a slight sense of approval and pride – the little brunette’s words meant something to her, despite the fact they’d only met an hour ago. Scowling, she snapped out of it. “Fine? I’m worried this won’t fit inside you, short stuff.”

Bella quirked an eyebrow. “Who says it’s going inside me? I don’t remember making any such promises.”

“You-!” Siobhan steamed, gritting her teeth. “Why did I bring you here, then?”

Bella chuckled, rocking back on her heels to look past Siobhan’s massive cock to meet her eyes. “Why indeed, cutie? Tell me… Maltepe Escort when you came and grabbed my hips in the club, you could tell how tiny I was, right?”

Siobhan frowned, but remained silent. Of course she had known. What could she say to that?

“Mm-hmm~” Bella trilled, her eyes crinkling with amusement. “I think it turns you on. The size difference. I bet you can’t wait to get at this pussy. Split me open. Make me scream. Tell you how biiiig and deep your cock is… right?”

Again, Siobhan said nothing. But she didn’t need to – the way her cock twitched, almost swinging forward to bump Bella’s face, betrayed everything. Feeling a blush begin to creep up her freckled cheeks, Siobhan looked away.

“At least one part of you can be honest,” Bella chuckled. “I think it deserves a reward for that.”

Siobhan flinched and glanced swiftly back down as she felt a soft, warm pressure on the top of her cock. Bella’s sweet lips, planting a kiss on the upper side of it, with only the slightest hint of dampness from her tongue between them, burned like pleasurable fire.

“What are you-?” Siobhan started, but she was swiftly cut off.

“Shhhhh,” Bella hissed gently, the susurrous sound sending a sweet rush of air past Siobhan’s shaft, which twitched and rose slightly in response. She planted another kiss in the same place, this one paired with the slightest flick of her warm, wet tongue over the skin. Rocking back, she licked her lips as if to savour the taste, looking back up at Siobhan mischievously. “C’mon, get hard for me.”

“What?” Siobhan felt her cock twitch, but she scowled at the entitlement.

“What, you need help?” Bella’s sing-song voice ticked her off, but at the same time it dragged Siobhan into her pace. “Need me to tease you? Put on a little show for you, cutie?” she giggled, using her upper arms to squeeze her modest breasts together, creating cleavage where previously there had been next to none. She pursed her lips, posing like a pinup and wiggling her hips.

Siobhan groaned. It was silliness, pure nonsense. And yet she felt her cock stir in response, roused by Bella’s coquettish posturing. “….Yes,” she admitted, then took a swift breath and attempted to take control of the situation. “Show me your tits.”

Yet again, Bella laughed, causing Siobhan’s ears to burn nearly as red as her hair. “I thought futas were different to boys,” she teased, “but you sound just like my high school prom date. Ask nicely, and I’ll consider it.”

Siobhan felt her lip tremble. Her face was hot, her ample chest heaved with each breath, and her eyes were watery, causing her to blink angrily. Was she really going to let this teensy, petite little thing tell her what to do?

“…Okay.” Against all her furious indignation, she forced herself to swallow a little more of her pride. Bella would change her tune soon enough – she just had to endure it. “Please… please show them to me. I want to get hard.” The sentences felt strange in her mouth, especially as she would normally have been rock hard with anticipation by now. Usually what she said after taking her pants off went more along the lines of ‘Don’t worry, it won’t hurt that much,’ or simply ‘Suck it.’ She shivered imperceptibly as she thought about the frown that would certainly crease Bella’s face if she dared to make such a demand.

Bella beamed. “Atta girl!” she said warmly, reaching behind her with delicate fingers. A moment later, her dainty green bralette snapped open, the straps sliding down her arms as she brought them back in front. Holding it in place for a moment, she winked up at Siobhan. “Ask and you shall receive,” she purred, before letting it drop away entirely, revealing the slight swells of her barely-there breasts.

Siobhan moaned aloud at the sight, her cock surging upwards a bit in response. They were perfect. Suddenly she felt strangely unsatisfied with her own enormous breasts. Her second pride and joy, after her thick girlcock, they sat heavily on her chest with a natural sag, stretching whatever shirt she yanked over them and barely staying confined in a G-cup bra. Bella’s, by contrast, were pert and small, the sort that would disappear in Siobhan’s hands. Unmistakeably feminine, they were perfectly formed and sat high, so well supported that she doubted a bra was even necessary. Topped with tiny, dun-brown nipples, they seemed to come straight out of her fantasies.

“Mmm…” Bella murmured in response, sounding genuinely enthusiastic at last. “You like my tits that much, huh?” She squeezed them gently, rubbing a thumb over each nipple as she focused her gaze on Siobhan’s slowly swelling cock.

“Yes…” Siobhan replied just as slowly, feeling the familiar light-headed tug of arousal as her body pumped blood into her member. It wasn’t drastic enough to make her lose her reason, but it made her blink absently and continue babbling. “I love them. I want to…” She didn’t know. There were a thousand verbs fluttering aimlessly in her Anadolu Yakası Escort head like confused moths: lick, suck, touch, pinch, squeeze, tease, kiss, bite…

“You want to what, darling?” Bella prompted.

Darling. Siobhan reeled a little. Forced to pick one, she confessed, “I want to… suck on them. May I?” Who even was she any more? Siobhan didn’t ask permission! She always made sure to establish consent, for sure, but she’d never pleaded for anything like this in her life.

Bella’s smile grew wider, leaving Siobhan feeling like she’d fallen into a trap. “No,” she said. “I think I’ll save that as a reward – for if you do well.”

A slight groan of frustration. “What do you want from me, you vixen?” Siobhan grumbled.

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” Bella seemed quite pleased with herself. “Stroke it for me. Get hard. Look at my tits and get as hard as you can.”

“And then you’ll…”

A pitying smile. “Yes, sweetheart. Do what I sayl, and then I’ll help you cum.”

“Promise?” Siobhan hated how pitiful she sounded.

“Pinky swear.” Bella waggled her little finger, then reached forward to tap it against the end of Siobhan’s cock. In truth, it had almost grown to full hardness already, and as usual, it had started to drool. A fat, thick drop of silvery precum slipped over to Bella’s fingertip as she made contact, that signal of anticipation that Siobhan knew meant she was fit to blow as soon as she got hard. Bella cooed softly at the sight, bringing her finger back to her mouth and licking up the sticky fluid with a quick swipe of her tongue. “Mmm…” she smiled, her eyes drifting far away for a split second before refocusing. “Come on, don’t make me wait.”

For some reason, Siobhan obeyed. In the very room where she’d mercilessly railed many a cheeky college girl, stretching out their insides with her monstrous cock, she stood with her pants awkwardly shuffled half-down, and stroked that selfsame cock with one nervous hand. As she had suspected, it did not take long. Bella knelt before her still, wearing only her skimpy pair of mint-green lace panties, her slender arms, legs and torso on full display – including those marvellous tits. It was not the first time Siobhan had had a girl on her knees, but it was the first time that she inexplicably did not dare to lean forward and grab her head to force it onto her cock. It was the first time she glanced downward so shyly as she slid a hand up and down her cock, looking for any sign of approval as her shaft climbed skyward. It was the first time she felt her knees trembling beneath her.

In less than thirty seconds, her cock stood tall. The thick head poked out from beneath its foreskin, thick, red and needy. Now pulsing with excitement, swollen to its full girth, the shaft dwarfed Bella as she knelt below it, that same quiet smile fixed on her face. The only clue to the smaller woman’s arousal was the way she still kneaded her breasts, fingers absently dancing across the small mounds as she watched.

As Siobhan stopped stroking, breathing deep as her cock trembled with anticipation, Bella’s grin widened ear to ear. “You did it!” she praised Siobhan sweetly, seeming genuinely thrilled to have such a monster cock staring her in the face.

“Please…” Siobhan’s chest rose and fell with alacrity. Her erection dominated her mind, rooting her to the spot.

“Please what?” Bella put a finger to her mouth, theatrically playing dumb. “Say it properly, darling.”

“I… I don’t know what to say!” Siobhan felt hot tears well up in her eyes. This wasn’t fair. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go!

Smirking, Bella slipped that same finger between her lips, using it to pull her mouth open and reveal her tongue for a moment. “Say, ‘Please suck my cock, Bella.'”

It’s that simple? “Please suck my cock, Bella,” she begged. Rivulets of shimmering precum had started leaking from her tip, gliding across her glans and down the veiny shaft. “Please!”

“Good girl.” Bella rose up on her knees, reaching forward to grasp Siobhan’s hips.

For weeks, months, years afterwards, Siobhan would wonder how on earth Bella managed to fit her cock in that tiny, sweet mouth. She thought she must have unhinged her jaw like a snake to accommodate her girth, but when she replayed the memory time and time again in her mental theatre – as she often would, late at night when she was alone and horny – she just saw the little brunette’s lips wrap around her shaft with effortless grace.

Nobody had ever deepthroated Siobhan. The thought was utterly ridiculous, especially considering the petite girls she favoured. But Bella came closer than anyone ever had, easily slurping more than half of her enormous shaft into her hot, wet little mouth in just one motion. Moreover, it seemed – to the one tiny, rational part of her brain that was still working and not exploding in fireworks of arousal – that she had stopped on purpose.

“F-fuck!” she whimpered, reflexively grabbing Bella’s İstanbul Escort head at the sudden onslaught of wet, hot suction. Her hair was just as soft and wonderful as it looked, perfect for working her fi-

Bella slapped her hands away, backing up off her cock with a pop and glaring up at her past the throbbing, spit-shined organ. “First and last warning: don’t touch me unless I tell you to. Understood?”

Cowed, Siobhan nodded. “S-sorry…”

Smiling, Bella leaned in once more, ducking below Siobhan’s cock to slide her tongue right up the underside of it. “You have a good cock,” she murmured, her voice slightly muffled as she punctuated her words by slipping her tongue under Siobhan’s foreskin, planting wet, hungry French kisses all across her glans. “Be a shame to waste it by being naughty.”

“This is pretty fucking naughty,” Siobhan gasped, feeling her balls squeeze and tighten as Bella worked her cockhead.

“Oh, sweetie,” Bella giggled, letting her cock go once again. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” The faintest hint of a Southern twang filtered into her voice on the ‘ain’t,’ only to disappear again right away. “You do what I tell you, and eventually you’ll forget how to cum with anybody else.”

A deep shudder ran through Siobhan’s entire body at this comment, including her cock, which pulsed hungrily against Bella’s lips.

“Mm, you like that idea, huh?” Bella teased, letting a gob of spit roll off her tongue and splatter onto Siobhan’s prick. One small, dainty hand wrapped around the shaft as she continued leaving teasing kisses across it, stroking gently and looking up at Siobhan to keep goading her. “You wouldn’t mind being mine?”

“W-well,” Siobhan frowned, forcing herself to focus. “I-I don’t know about that.”

“We’ll see, then,” Bella said, then slurped Siobhan’s cock back into her mouth again, bobbing up and down it hungrily, slobbering all over her length until it was dripping with spit from base to tip.

Siobhan hissed with pleasure. Bella’s mouth was narrow and tight, with a pleasant, skillful suction and a dancing tongue that flicked over her cockhead. The redhead’s hands grasped at air, searching for something to grab onto but not wanting to deal with the consequences of pissing off Bella. “Fuck,” she murmured softly as Bella kept taking her deeper, sloppy slurping noises filling the room as she went to town on Siobhan’s massive dick.

Relinquishing it with a pop, Bella smiled and nuzzled her face against Siobhan’s cock, smearing the mixture of precum and her own spit across her skin. Her hot breath rolled over Siobhan in waves, making her groan as her cock shuddered. Bella wrapped one hand around the shaft again, slowly pumping up and down so that her whole length glistened. “You want to fuck me, darling?” she purred.

“Yes!” Siobhan gasped, her hips twitching at the thought.

“How bad?”

“More than anything!” Siobhan’s whole body was thrumming like a live wire. Still fully dressed apart from her pants being pulled down a touch, she nevertheless felt completely naked and exposed. Right now, she felt she would do anything Bella asked her.

“Hmmmmm…” Bella droned, smirking as she continued stroking Siobhan’s dick, hungrily plastering it with kisses before speaking again. “I don’t know. It might be too much for you.”


“Too tight. Too sweet. And this naughty fat cock looks ready to blow as it is. I don’t think you’d last five seconds.”

Indignant tears stung Siobhan’s eyes. It was true, as much as she hated to admit it. She was no quick shot, but Bella’s sultry words and lascivious lips were pushing her to the breaking point. “Please…!” she begged still. “Just let me cum!”

Bella raised an eyebrow. “If you cum now, you can forget about getting in my panties tonight. Is that what you want?”

Groaning with frustration, Siobhan bucked her hips, grinding her cock against Bella’s pretty, delicate face. “Yes! Noooo… I don’t know!” she whimpered. “I just need to cum.”

“Want me to use my mouth to make that happen?” Bella cooed, splaying her fingers wide as she pressed both hands to Siobhan’s thighs.

An agonising moment of silent struggle. “…Yes. Please.”

“Even if it means you don’t get laid tonight?”

“Yes!” Siobhan felt her voice rise almost to a shout. “Even then! Please, Bella?”

Bella’s lips curled into a satisfied smirk. “That’ll do,” she purred. “Not bad for a first timer, so I’ll let you off with that for now.”

Siobhan frowned. “What do you mean by tha-uuuogh.” The ungrateful groan slipped from her lips as Bella plunged her cock back into her mouth again.

This time there was no mercy, no teasing. Bella wrapped her lips around Siobhan’s mighty shaft and went to town, gripping her hips to balance herself as she bobbed back and forth, letting the wettest, filthiest sounds Siobhan had ever heard emanate from their coupling.

“Fuck!” Siobhan moaned, feeling her balls almost palpably swell as her orgasm approached. “Bella, I’m gonna-!”

Bella mumbled something that might have been encouragement as she impaled herself on Siobhan’s shaft. Spit dripped onto her thighs as she buried it in her tiny mouth. A light sheen of sweat was visible on her forehead, though it was nothing compared to what Siobhan felt.

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