Revenge With Friends

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Revenge With FriendsI met Kat at work two years ago. She was 22, 18 years younger than I, but we had a connection from her first day. I was the owner at a small ad agency, and she enjoyed flirting with, and later dating the boss. She was so pretty and alive, with an amazing body. She didn’t dress slutty, but her curves were never hidden in the sundresses she wore all summer or the sweaters she wore in the winter. Things moved fast, she had moved in with me after four months, and I married her 6 months after that.We were very into each other, but didn’t have many common friends. She would come out to business dinners and get-togethers with other couples I knew from time to time. Kat was a good sport, but my friends were a little staid for her. I felt a little out of place when ‘d go to parties her friends threw, although there were lots of hot girls prancing around. More often I’d keep her to myself or have her go on her own.One night I did agree to go to a party celebrating her best friend’s engagement. Instead of a bachelorette party, it was guys and girls, and I could tell it was going to be a little wild as soon as we walked in. Her friend, a petite Asian girl hugged me tight when we arrived and handed me a shot. She introduced me to her little sister, Aimee, who I had actually met once before. I quickly found myself separated from Kat and sitting on a couch with Aimee. Aimee lit up and shared a joint. She was very touchy as we talked, and casually d****d a bare leg d****d over mine as she lay back and listened to me tell a story as we smoked. She had a tight little body, very different than Kat’s. No tits to speak of but beautiful legs and a small pert ass. I felt myself get hard as I felt her leg on me and she teased about how much she liked older men. She told me a story about how she had seduced her teacher at a party on the last day of school, how we had hiked up her skirt in a back room with everyone just outside the door and fucked her. I was getting incredibly horny, and when Kat came by later she saw Aimee nearly on my lap with my hand on her leg. She gave me a dirty look as I casually shrugged. I hoped she didn’t notice my hard-on through my pants. Later in the evening I found myself making out with Aimee a bit in a corner, my hands on her ass while her hand slid down and grabbed my cock. Through the haze of the drinks, I realized what I was doing. I was pretty sure nobody had seen us, and I extracted myself and returned to Kat.When we got home later Kat started to give me a very hard time about flirting with Aimee in front of everyone. I protested that she was drunk and I didn’t do anything, but she said I was clearly flirting with her and it had made her look stupid. She asked if anything had happened and I emphatically said no, but I felt she could see right through me, or knew exactly what had happened. She asked how I would feel if she acted like that with my friends and I said it wouldn’t illegal bahis be that big a deal, after all it was just a little flirting. She made me agree that the next time I had the guys over for Sunday football, we’d see how I felt. She would be allowed to flirt and tease as much as she wished, and I could only say yes to whatever she asked me that evening. I stayed awake a while that night, feeling lucky I hadn’t lost Kat, but wondering what she had planned for Sunday.I had watched Sunday football with the same group on guys since college. We rotated houses to avoid pissing off the wives. It was nothing crazy, but there was lots of beer consumed and the conversation was often more than a bit off color. Kat generally avoided the group, sometimes watching with us for the first half, then escaping after the boys got a bit drunker and rowdier. All the guys lusted after Kat of course. She was so much younger and hotter than their wives or girlfriends.I was a little nervous about what exactly she had planned as we had lunch that Sunday. She had three glasses of wine, which she almost never did during the day. I became more concerned still when I saw that she had changed into the sexiest dress she owned. It was a white summer dress that showed off her tits nicely, as did most dresses she wore, but this one was much shorter than most, it barely covered her ass even when she stood up. I started to gently protest but she shut me up quickly, reminding me of our agreement – I had to watch her tease if she wanted to, and I could only say yes to her. She kissed me hard then whispered in my ear “Don’t worry Mark, it will be fun”.The buzzer rang and Tom and Cory arrived. They were both around my age. Tom was the best looking of our group. He had played football in college and still had the look of a jock, tall with big shoulders and chest. He was cocky with a knowing smile. In college Tom fucked so many girls I could never keep track. A couple of times I was lucky to get girls he had moved on from, at least once that I knew of he had fucked one of my girlfriends. Kat had never seemed to fall for his charm, although many girls had before. Tom was married but always had something on the side. Cory actually worked at my agency, he was a little overweight, but a salt of the earth type. I had known him the longest, since high school, and gave him a job when he had no other options. Kat hugged both of them when they walked in. Cory seemed a little shocked as he felt her breasts push into him, but Tom took it in stride, and I noticed his had brush her ass as he hugged her back.Kevin was the last to arrive. Kat had barely ever given Tom or Cory the time of day, but she did like to tease Kevin. Kevin was a sweet guy but very shy. His wife was a bitch and controlled him completely. We seldom went to Kevin’s to watch football, and when we did was always a little awkward as she clearly did not want us there illegal bahis siteleri and made Kevin look small. Perhaps feeling sorry for Kevin, Kat would often ask him if he liked the dress she was wearing as she twirled for him, and give him kisses on the cheek when he tried to be charming. Kevin would inevitably stammer and blush which only further encouraged Kat. Today, Kat kissed him on the lips, long enough that I looked away embarrassed before looking back to see how brightly he was blushing.We all got beers and sat down to watch the game, but it was obvious that my friends were much more interested in Kat, who as she sat back was showing lots of bare leg. I was sure Cory could see her panties from his angle but she didn’t seem to mind at all as she sat next to Kevin and giggled at a joke he made.She got up a few times to get beer or snacks. She was encouraging them to drink faster. One time when she got up she dropped a cup and as she bent over to pick it up she gave Kevin and Tom a perfect view of her ass, barely covered by her panties before slowly rising and laughing that she may have had too much to drink.From that moment on the game may as well not have been on. The guys were all paying attention to Kat, listening to her stories attentively, laughing with her. I could tell she was enjoying the attention, and she smiled over at me a few times, ensuring I was being tortured. She somehow got the conversation towards spankings, and the talk became more sexual. They talked about who liked to spank or be spanked. Kat making it clear with a painfully cute pout that she enjoyed a good spanking but I didn’t oblige often enough. Cory quickly said that if she was his girl he would spank her every night. Tom leered at her and said he was pretty sure she had a perfect ass for spanking but couldn’t be positive unless she showed them. She demurred but allowed them to continue to push until she turned to me and asked sweetly if I would be ok if she showed them what a spankable ass she had. I swallowed back on my beer and tried to sound glib, “yes, sure…if you want.”Kat stood up, a little shaky, and slowly raised her skirt, completely above her little panties. From my vantage point I could see her panties were already a little wet. I watched my three friends move closer, taking in my wife’s ass as if it were a work of art. Tom reached over and patted her ass cheeks and whistled that it was indeed perfect. I was sure Kat would stop it there but she bent forward, stuck her ass out more and let them continue to shower accolades on her ass. Soon Cory and Tom had their hands on her ass, Tom groping occasionally.Kat looked over her shoulder at Kevin and asked, “Kevin, you really haven’y ever spanked a girl?” Kevin a little less shy now, quietly answered “yes…never.” Kat said this was such a shame and asked me if I would please allow her to let Kevin spank her, “just so he can see what it’s canlı bahis siteleri like.” Of course, I had to agree and then just sit there while Tom helped her make her way to Kevin’s lap. As she raised her ass high for him her thong did little to cover anything. I could see most of her asshole and a hint of her pussy as Tom encouraged Kevin to “smack her hard the way she likes.” As Kevin surprised everyone in the room with a loud, firm smack on her ass cheek, I noticed I was rock hard, and felt confused and angry with myself. Cory and Tom cheered as Kevin spanked her again and again, her ass now bright red as it squirmed for him. He finally took a break and rubbed her ass slowly as she whimpered appreciatively.Tom broke me from my reverie when he asked in a mocking voice “Please Mark, is it ok if Kat sucks my hard cock?” I let my face go red in anger and humiliation and was about to kick everyone out when I heard Kat quickly interject “please let me Mark. I’ve always wondered what it looked like.” I knew this had already gone too far and really wanted to say no, but I felt a deep sense of fear that Kat might leave me if I didn’t live up to my promise, and, well…it was just so sexy watching her like this. “Yes Kat, it’s ok if you want to suck Tom’s cock.” Tom quickly unzipped his pants and had his cock, much more impressive than mine, dangling in front of her face as she remained lying on Kevin’s lap. She took it into her into her mouth and I watched her give him the wondrous blow job I had enjoyed many times, although not as many recently. I noticed her hand was down Kevin’s pants stroking his cock while he continued to rub her ass. I felt a burning humiliation as I watched my wife service my friends. Kat suddenly stopped sucking, turned around to look at me over her shoulder and asked “do you want to jack off while you watch me Mark?”The idea of this sounded outrageous, but I realized my friends would never look at me the same way regardless, and I was so horny now that i really did need the release. “Yes, thank you Kat” I said, wondering immediately why I felt the need to thank her. She asked Cory if he would mind kissing her sore ass better and he obediently knelt beside her and started kissing her red ass. I saw that she now had Kevin’s cock out her in her hand and he looked like he was going to cum soon. Tom grabbed her hair and pulled her back to his thick cock and I could see she was now giving him her best. Kevin came first and dribbled all over my wife’s hand. Tom was next, calling my wife a naughty bitch and suddenly I felt myself cumming as I stroked myself and watched. Kat swallowed everything Tom shot into her, while pushing her ass in Cory’s face. Cory had moved her panties to the side and was now licking her asshole as Kevin put two finger in her pussy. When she took her mouth away from Tom’s cock I could see she was going to cum herself, and she did so very loudly.With everyone but Cory sated, Kat finally climbed off Kevin. The ‘party’ was over and everyone was soon seen to the door, with generous kisses from the hostess in her panties. I took in how perfect she looked as she shut the door behind them and knew my life would never be the same.

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