Reunions Aren’t All Bad Ch. 05

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We stopped at mine first so I could pick up some fresh clothes, and the shop keys, for the next morning then headed straight to Alice’s. It was only nine o’clock when we walked in and Alice went straight into the kitchen and put the kettle on.

“Do you realise we haven’t eaten all day.” I called to her while she was making the coffee. “Do you fancy a takeaway?”

“Yes that would be nice.” She called back.

“Indian or Chinese I’m not fussy.”

“Can we have Indian please I’ve not had a good curry for a long time?” She called. “I don’t really cook much living on my own.”

I understood what she meant about cooking. Being in the same living situation as Alice, and with running the shop, I more often than not sat and ate takeaways while doing the day’s paperwork. I took my mobile out of my pocket and went through the contact list, until I found my favourite Indian takeaway’s number and pressed dial.

“Okay what’s your favourite?” I asked, while I waited for the phone to be answered.

“What about a good hot vindaloo, pilau rice and naan bread.”

I was about to tell her that sounded good when the phone was answered. I placed the order and hung up just as Alice came back in with the coffees. Alice switched the TV on and then sat with me on the sofa.

“What do you fancy watching?” She asked, picking up the remote control.

“See if you can find a good film.” I said. “What’s your favourite genre?”

“Normally I would sooner watch horror or psychological thrillers.” She said. “What about you?”

“I’m the same I guess.” I said laughing. “Apart from the occasional porn film when I’m feeling horny and am alone.”

“The only porn films I’ve ever seen are the soft ones that they have, late night, on the TV.” Alice said. “Maybe you will show me a proper one someday.”

I smiled at her and she started to flick through the movie channels until she came across a film about a psychotic serial killer.

“Will this do?” She asked, picking up her coffee.

“Let’s see what it’s like we can always change if it’s crap.”

There was a knock at the door and I looked through the window. It was the takeaway and, after taking a couple of notes out of my wallet, I went and answered it. Once I paid the driver and took the food from him I closed the door and went back into the front room.

“Bring that in here Andy.” Alice called from the kitchen. “I’m just getting the plates ready.”

I walked into the kitchen, gave Alice the food and waited until she had served it up.

“Grab a couple of beers out of the fridge Andy.” Alice said, picking up the plates and walking to the front room.

I did as she asked and joined her at the dining table. We sat and ate our meal in relative silence, took the plates into the kitchen and washed up before returning to the sofa. We finished our beers while we watched the end of the film and Alice decided she wanted an early night.

“Are you coming Andy?” She asked, before switching the TV off when I said yes.

Once upstairs we both went to the toilet, washed, brushed our teeth, me with a new brush Alice had bought herself ready for when hers needed replacing and then went into the bedroom. We both stripped off and climbed into bed naked. As I lay on my back Alice rolled onto her side and draped her arm around me, holding me tight, and lightly kissed my chest.

“Thank you for today Andy it was great. ” Alice said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I answered, kissing the top of her head in return.

“Will you make love to me Andy please?” Alice asked quietly. “Just nice passionate love nothing else.”

I shifted on to my side and kissed her again, on the lips this time and ran my hand down her body and between her partially open legs. I gently rubbed her pussy, just enough to get her wet enough for me to enter her, and then rolled her onto her back. I rolled on top, just the feel of her pussy had made me hard enough, and held myself above her. Slowly I lowered my cock to her pussy, Alice opening her legs a little more, and I felt myself nudging against her moist opening.

After a couple of unsuccessful pokes at her pussy Alice reached down and used two fingers to open herself for me, my cock sliding easily in once she had, and I lowered myself completely on to her.

We began to kiss as I started, slowly and rhythmically, to make love to her. There was no urgency like there had been when we had done this before and Alice moaned softly each time I entered her fully. Wrapping her legs around my back we started to grind together, in time, and it wasn’t long before Alice had her first orgasm.

She shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her body and I slowly began to speed up, not too much, and it wasn’t long until I felt my cock begin to twitch and the first stream of my milky liquid jetted deep into her. We kissed until I had finished cumming, Alice having another orgasm, then I stopped thrusting and we lay in each other’s arms until our breathing had returned to normal.

I rolled off beylikdüzü escort her, my cock softening as I did so, and onto my back. Alice didn’t move for a few seconds but then rolled back on to her side and, once again, placed her arm over my chest.

“Andy I know we have only been with each other for three days.” Alice started, “But I am falling for you in a very big way.”

“Alice I really, really like you as well.” I replied, kissing her forehead.

It was far too soon to use the other L word but I knew that I was falling in love with her, I just didn’t dare say it in case it scared her off, especially after what she had been through with her ex. Nothing else was, or needed to be said, and after we kissed once more we closed our eyes and went to sleep.

I woke first, at seven o’clock, Alice still had her arm around me and was breathing softly. Carefully I lifted her arm off me, climbed out of bed and went and had a quick shower. I dried myself off, walked back into the bedroom and started to get dressed as quietly as I could. I almost slipped over as I pulled my trousers on and Alice moaned gently before rolling on to her front, losing some of her covering as she did so.

I stopped moving for a second, I didn’t want to wake her just yet, and stared at her body. Once I was sure that she wasn’t awake I finished getting dressed and headed out of the bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen.

I looked through her cupboards and found some cereal, made a bowl full and two coffees, and carried them back up to the bedroom. I placed them on the bedside table and stared again at Alice, who had rolled back over onto her back and covered herself up, before sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Wake up sleepyhead.” I said softly as I kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Mmm what time is it?” She asked, her eyes staying firmly shut.

“Just gone half seven.” I told her. “I’ve made you some cereal and a coffee.”

At the mention of coffee Alice slowly opened her eyes and sat up exposing her perk tits to me, her nipples slowly starting to stiffen, before reaching and picking up her coffee.

“No-one has ever brought me breakfast in bed.” She said.

“What never?” I asked, surprised.

“No never and it’s really nice thank you.”

Alice picked up her cereal, ate it all, and put the bowl down before swinging her legs out of the bed.

“I best get a quick shower.” She said. “Don’t want to be late for work, even though I’d sooner spend another day with you.”

“I would with you as well but bills need to be paid.” I said. “And we did promise each other.”

“I know we did.” She answered, putting on a false look of hurt.

“Hope you don’t mind but I had a shower when I woke.” I told her.

“Of course I don’t mind.” She said. “Okay I won’t be long.”

With that she stood up and stretched, my cock starting to rise again thanks to seeing her full nakedness, and left the room. I listened as the shower was turned on and I heard her begin to softly hum to herself, which caused me to smile.

She was back in the bedroom ten minutes later, wrapped in just a short towel, and started to go through her clothes. She settled on a black pencil skirt and blouse then went over to her underwear drawer. After opening the first two drawers, and finding nothing that she fancied, she bent down to the bottom drawer and exposed her shapely ass to me. I stared, and hardened again, as I could just make out her pussy between her legs but thankfully she soon had what she wanted and stood up again.

“I’m going to wear these underneath my clothes so I am reminded of you all day long.” She said, holding up the leather lace up bra and g-string.

She slipped into her underwear, gave me a little twirl, wiggled her ass at me, and then finished getting dressed. Once she dressed and had applied her make-up we went downstairs.

“How do you normally get to work?” I asked her as she didn’t have a car.

“I usually catch the bus there and get a lift from one of the other women teachers on the way home.”

“Well would you like me to take you today?”

“That would be really nice of you yes please.” She answered. “But just drop me at the bottom of the road I don’t want everybody to start asking too many questions, not until we see how this relationship goes.”

I understood what she meant because if any of the kids, or teachers, saw her getting out of my car she would be bombarded all day and after what she told me some of the older lads were like I could imagine the sort of things they would say to her.

“Have you got everything Andy?” She asked as she picked up her handbag.

“Yes except one thing.” I answered.

“Oh you best get it then and we will make a move.”

“Okay.” I said. “What is your mobile number?”

Because we had been together ever since the reunion we hadn’t bothered to exchange numbers, as we hadn’t needed to, but now would be a good time to get it.

“Shit I forgot about that.” She said, bolu escort hastily jotting her number down on a scrap of paper.

I gave her mine and we left the house, Alice making sure everywhere was locked, and got in my car. The school was only a few minutes away and, as we pulled into the road it was on I stopped the car and turned to Alice.

“Is this good enough for you?” I asked, leaning in to kiss her.

“Yes it would be if I was going to walk in.” She said. “But I’ve changed my mind take me all the way in, fuck what anybody says.”

I re-started the car and drove up to, and through, the school gates. As we drove through everybody stopped and I could see them all staring, open mouthed, as I pulled up outside the entrance.

“Will I see you later?” Alice asked.

“You will if you want to but don’t forget I won’t be finished until six.” I said. “But I’ll ring you as soon as I have locked up.”

Alice leant over and we kissed before she climbed out of the car. I watched her walk in to the school, the older kids all running after her, and pulled away slowly. I turned out of the gates, and headed towards the shop, arriving the same time as Isabelle, and parked the car.

“How was yesterday Andy?” Isabelle asked?”

“It was great thanks.” I answered.

“So we will be getting some new stock soon then?” She said.

“What stock? Oh yes we should be.” I answered, flustered before remembering my excuse for taking yesterday off. “I almost forgot about that.”

“Is everything alright Andy?” She asked looking at me puzzled.

“Yes everything is good thanks Isabelle why?” I asked.

“It’s just that there is, I don’t know, something different about you.”

“No everything’s fine thanks.” I said and unlocked the shop door. “How was yesterday?”

“Okay but nothing special.” She answered, walking off and hanging her coat in the staffroom.

I headed up the stairs to the clothes department which was where usually stayed, unless there was a problem, and walked over to the counter. I took my coat off, draped it over the back of my chair and sat down. I smiled to myself as I ran my hand over the top of the counter, remembering what happened here two days ago, and wondered if Alice was okay at school. No sooner had I began to think of the fun we had my phone alerted me to a message.

I took the phone from my pocket, it was a multimedia message, and I waited for it to open. When it did a smile formed across my lips, I was staring at an image of Alice’s tits encased in the leather bra.


Was the message accompanying the picture.


I typed back quickly and pressed send.

I stared at the picture again getting the, by now, familiar stirring in my trousers and put the phone in my pocket just as Marie came upstairs. Marie was the twenty-one year old that I had employed, due to her love of the gothic scene, to work in the clothes department, The day she first walked in to my shop, having been sent by the job centre, I knew she would be ideal for the job.

That day she was wearing a knee length PVC black pencil skirt, a red top with just one shoulder strap and an image of a black rose entwined in barbed wire, fishnet tights, or stockings, I never did find out which and a pair of black stiletto boots with a four inch heels. She had shoulder length black hair with red steaks, was about five feet six tall but it wasn’t her looks that got her the job. When she started to point out all the items of clothing I sold, knowing exactly who made what and the sizes just by looking at them, it was more than enough to tell me she was going to be perfect.

She had been working for me for just under a year and had brought in a lot of custom, friends who were also into the gothic scene, and I did also have a little crush on her at one point and we flirted outrageously with each other. Quite often, when the shop was quiet, she would go and try on some of the new clothes that frequently came in and always left the changing room curtain open, knowingly, just enough for me to see her stripped to her underwear. On a few occasions she had even, deliberately, come in wearing no underwear and I had seen her shapely ass and neatly trimmed pussy on more than one occasion but that was as far as it ever went.

My phone went again and, this time, I found myself staring straight at the leather g-string with Alice’s hand teasingly entering the top of them.


It said underneath the picture, and I felt my cock hardening rapidly. I told Marie that I was just popping to the toilet and locked myself in one of the cubicles. After placing the phone carefully on the back of the toilet, the picture still on the screen, I undid my trousers and let them fall as far as they could along with my boxers. I took hold of my cock and slowly started to stroke it, pre-cum already oozing out of the end. I bursa escort wiped the end of my cock clean, gripped myself tighter, and began to move my hand faster.

It was only a matter of seconds before my legs began to shake, and the first stream of cum erupted from the end of my cock with the force of an active volcano and splattered against the wall of the cubicle. I turned to face the toilet and continued stroking my cock, milking every last drop from my body in to the toilet, before picking up the phone. Turning the camera on I pointed down at my cock, still covered in cum, and took a photo. Re-opening Alice’s message I quickly pressed the reply button.


Was the only word I typed and pressed send. After cleaning all of the cum from the cubicle wall I straightened myself up, washed my hands and went back into the shop.

“Everything alright Andy?” Marie asked over her shoulder as I walked back out.

“Yes thanks couldn’t be better.” I replied, before walking around the shop to make sure all the rails were fully stocked.

There were six people in the clothes department, all female, and they busy counting how much money they had between them while looking at the jewellery that was on display. I left them to their own devices, I never did interrupt customers unless they specifically asked for help, and moved away. Marie was busy re-dressing the shop mannequins in a variety of different clothes so I went over to see what clothes she had chosen. The three mannequins were her idea explaining that if people could see a set of clothes together they would more than likely buy the whole set, and she had been proven right more than a handful of times.

They were full size models, two female and one male, and Marie had a pile of clothes on the floor next to them trying to decide what would be best for the time of the year. Eventually she put black baggy gothic trousers with coloured straps and a t-shirt on the male model and a stretchy black cotton mini dress with the back looking like it had been slashed up, black pull up stockings with a pink lace-up bow design and a pair of black leather boots with six inch stiletto heels on one of the female ones, and then stood just staring at the last one.

“What should we do with this one?” Marie asked me.

“Whatever you like Marie.” I said. “What would you like to see if you were a customer?”

“I’d like to see some lingerie or bedroom wear to be honest.” She answered. “We’ve never done that before.”

“Go for it then.” I told her and walked over to the counter as the women that had been looking at the jewellery stood there waiting patiently.

I was about to speak when my phone went off again in my pocket.

“Excuse me ladies for a second.” I said and opened the message.

Alice had obviously spent some time in the ladies toilet as I was staring at a picture of her pussy, spread wide open by two of her fingers, dripping with her juices.


As quick as I could I typed one word back to her


Before dropping the phone onto the counter.

“Now then ladies how can I help?” I asked.

“Do you have another two of these necklaces?” One of them asked holding up one with a black pewter rose with small crystals, a red blood droplet dripping off the stem on a black bead and red satin ribbon.

“Give me one second and I’ll look.” I said and unlocked the necklace drawer underneath the counter.

I rooted through the boxes and eventually found what they wanted, plus two spares, took them out and placed them on the counter.

“There you go.” I said.

“We’ll take them” The woman that had originally spoken said.

“That will be £119.70 please.” I said.

She took twenty pounds of each of the other five and a twenty out of her purse.

“There you go keep the change.” She said and, before they left, they all put the necklaces on. “We will definitely be back you have some really neat stuff.”

“Thank you very much.” I said and watched them head down the stairs.

I walked back over to Marie, to see how she was getting on with the final mannequin.

“That was really strange.” I said to her. “Those six women all bought the identical necklace.”

“Maybe they are starting their own cult.” She answered and we both burst out laughing. “What do you think then?”

She stood back from the mannequin letting me see what she had finally settled on. She had dressed it in a black PVC strapless Basque with red edging, matching thong, stockings, suspenders and high heeled stiletto shoes. My first thought when I looked at it was how good Alice would look dressed like that, before congratulating Marie on another job well done.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by, probably due to the steady stream of customers coming and going, and before I knew it Marie told me it was five-fifteen. She always left fifteen minutes before I closed so she could catch her bus home so I told her to get her stuff, tell Isabelle she could go as well, thanked her for a good days work and watched her go down the stairs. I turned and went to start cashing up the till when I heard footsteps walking up the stairs and, expecting one last customer, I turned around.

Standing before me wasn’t a customer at all, it was Alice.

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