Return Of The Dragon Lady

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Since returning from our business trip, Mei had been promoted and was moved on to another department, which meant I no longer saw her. For some reason, she had never exposed me to my coworkers, despite the numerous threats of distributing the pictures she had taken of me dressed like a girl.I had thought back to that week a few times in my mind. The images of Mei’s beautiful slim body, her perky breasts, slender legs and tight round ass. I remembered how sexy she looked, like a goddess, made to be worshipped, and how I missed being her submissive slut. She had made me do things I never dreamed of doing, turning me into her sissy bitch.Months had passed by and I thought it was all over. I hadn’t seen Mei since the fateful trip and I had stayed away from any of my fetishes, purging all my dresses and lingerie. I had even been on a few dates to try to meet a normal girl in the hopes that I would no longer lust over my sissy urges.I’d started seeing a girl called Leanne who worked at my local store. She was a cute girl, not particularly sexy, but she had a sweet innocent look about her and always seemed to be smiling. She was short, around five-foot-one and very skinny with tiny breasts. Her hair was usually tied back in a ponytail and she was very naturally pretty even without makeup. We had been dating for a month, so for our anniversary, I decided to book a nice restaurant. When we arrived, I almost didn’t recognize her. She had gone to some effort, wearing a sexy black mesh sleeveless top and elegant pencil skirt dress with expensive high heels.Our date was going really well. There was a real connection Fatih escort bayan between us and she took every chance to flirt with me, brushing her hand against mine as she reached for the salt, rubbing her foot against the inside of my leg. My cock was hardening under the table and I desperately wanted to fuck her.Everything was going good until I heard a familiar voice calling from behind me. “Hey! Geol-lae.”‘No! Not her, not now,’ I thought, as I watched Mei stumble confidently over to our table,  clearly inebriated.”Why you not say hello?” She shouted, “Who’s this?” Pointing and waving her finger.”Hi Mei, this is my girlfriend, Leanne,” I replied, desperately trying to save face in the situation. “Leanne, this is my old manager, Mei.””Ooooh, she’s pretty!” She said, leaning over and laying her arm on Leanne’s shoulder, reaching out to shake her hand. Leanne just blushed and mumbled a feeble excuse, stepping up to leave the table as she headed toward the restroom. Mei slumped into her chair and just stared at me with a wicked look in her eyes.”So she know about you, sissy boy?” She snapped inquisitively.”No, please Mei. She doesn’t know anything about that and I don’t want her to find out. Please, you can’t tell her!”She laughed a wicked loud laugh that drew the attention of a few people sitting nearby, before finally stopping to reply. “You don’t want her to see this?” She held up her phone to show a video of me on my knees in a hotel room, dressed in a lace chemise set with a cock in my mouth.”Please! Don’t!” I pleaded. “What will it take?”She leaned Escort Fındıkzade across the table and whispered to me. “I want to fuck your girlfriend.” “What?!” I blurted out.”You heard me. I want to fuck your girlfriend while you watch and I want to punish you for pretending to be a man. Of course, I could just show her this.”I couldn’t believe what was happening. She was waving her phone in front of my face, flicking her thumb across the screen and revealing all the pictures she had taken of me, threatening to expose me as a sissy slut.”How am I going to explain this to Leanne?” I replied, panicking.”Oh you leave that to me,” she replied confidently. “You know how good at sales I am.”Leanne returned from the restroom and Mei stood up, pulling the chair out from the table and offering her back her seat. “So, you guys are celebrating,” she said, clearly making eye contact with Leanne. “You need to let me buy you some Champagne!”Mei caught the attention of the waiter and ordered a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Leanne just smiled and politely asked her to join us for a drink, captivated by Mei’s confidence as she pulled up a chair next to her.Leanne didn’t have a high tolerance to alcohol and after a few glasses of Champagne, she was clearly very tipsy. Mei was flirting with her the entire time, leaning in and whispering in her ear, making her giggle and occasionally blush. The whole time, I just sat there, desperately hoping she wasn’t talking about me.By the time the bottle was finished Leanne and Mei were getting along like two school friends, neither one wanting Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan the party to stop. Mei asked if we would like to come back to her place for some more drinks and Leanne looked at me, her eyes begging for me to say yes.As we left the restaurant Mei hailed a taxi and we all slid onto the back seat with Leanne in the middle. The driver pulled away and I stared out of the window, watching the world go by and wondering what Mei had in store for us. I heard a moaning sound that broke my concentration, turning my head to find Mei and Leanne making out on the back seat.Mei had slid her arm up under Leanne’s pencil skirt and was fingering my girlfriend’s pussy while her tongue was exploring her mouth. What the fuck! I thought. As far as I knew, Leanne had never been with a girl before, and she was always so timid around me. What had Mei done to her? Leanne leaned back against the seat, her head bent backwards and eyes closed as she enjoyed Mei kissing her neck and finger fucking her wet pussy. I just stared bewildered, frozen solid as I watched. Mei winked at me while she pleasured Leanne.When the taxi pulled up, Leanne tried to rearrange her dress while Mei licked her fingers seductively, making sure I saw her tasting my girlfriend’s pussy juice, a cocky smile on her face as she did so. We entered a large hallway and headed for the elevator. As soon as we entered, Mei and Leanne continued to French kiss as the doors closed and we rose to the top floor of the apartment block.Leanne was clearly flushed and very horny as Mei led us down the hall and into her apartment. As we stepped inside, Mei turned and whispered something in Leanne’s ear. She nodded, walked across the apartment and into the bedroom, leaving Mei and me alone.”You want to know what I have planned for you both, don’t you? Come on, you don’t have to pretend. I can tell by that scared little look on your face. Answer me!”

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