Rent is Due

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//Author’s Note: Howdy everyone! My name is Arkan Two-Worlds and this is one of my one-shots inspired by a certain fantasy of mine. It features two adult men in sexual situations, so, if you shouldn’t be reading this, don’t. Other than that, please enjoy, and please send me feedback to me via the CONTACT tab on my profile to see if I should continue this story. Thank you and enjoy! //

Summer meant higher electricity bills. Especially in the city of Adamsville in North Texas where the sun just happened to be particularly restless during the summer months between May and November.

And right now, in June, it seemed that the sun shone the harshest. The conditions were made worse by the fact there was nothing to do in Adamsville over the summer break. It was a hybrid college and farm town. Most of the students attending the prestigious Adamsville State University were gone for the summer break back to fresher climates; a few remained in the surrounding areas doing chores around their family farms.

For Daniel Garcia, it meant for a pretty lonely time, time that was dragging on and on. Even his two summer classes were advancing at one-half their normal speed. But he was a freshman and freshmen were encouraged to take summer classes because it “would make the four-year college experience more fulfilling” which is administrative-speak for “we want more money”.

As the anthropology professor droned and Daniel half-assedly took notes, a little icon flashed at the corner of his screen. New email! One click, and it was a reminder that rent was due in three days. That would be a problem. Tuition checks haven’t been sent out for students attending the summermesters. He had emailed them a week ago, but no reply. After an eternity went by, the professor let the students out. Daniel slammed shut his laptop and headed straight for the university’s financial aid and scholarship office, hoping that they hadn’t decided to take a three-hour lunch as was the custom.

Luckily, they hadn’t.

Unluckily, they weren’t very helpful.

Daniel walked in and right away realized it was going to be a losing battle. Still, he pressed on. Walking up to the student-worker at the desk, he asked to see one of the financial aid gurus on staff.

“Sure, she’ll be right with you, please have a seat,” the girl, a cute petite blonde who clearly had as much desire to be there as Daniel did, said.

“Right with you” is administrative-speak for 20 minutes later, as he would find out, and when he walked in the office, his patience was tested almost immediately.

“What do you mean, you can’t send out checks yet?”

“We have to make sure that everything is in order.”

“It’s the first of the month coming up, some of us have rent to pay.”

“If you’re living in-campus, we offer stays of rent payment until the checks clear.”

“I don’t live in campus.” Because I don’t want to pay 800 bucks to be in a student dorm a mile away from my classes when I can pay 400 to live 2 miles away in a nicer place, Daniel wanted to add.

“Then you need to talk with your landlord.”

“And if I get kicked out?”

“Well, hopefully your check clears and we can look at some temporary arrangements in the dorms until the next semester starts.”

“Would that room be guaranteed?”

“It depends on how many applicants decide to opt for in-campus housing.”

“That’s a no.” You bitch.

“I’m sorry we can’t help you, but, sometimes things like these happen.”

“At our expense,” Daniel said and stormed out.

Three days to come up with $200 dollars. Parents were out of the question because the conversation would turn into Benjamin Franklin quotes and inquiries as to where the carefully allotted rent money had gone. Daniel knew that “whiskey sours” was the honest answer but not the best one.

Social networking could help, maybe.

The walk back home to the apartment was brutal to Şerifali Escort the point where as soon as he set foot in the apartment, Daniel passed out in a sweaty mess on the living room carpet. As soon as he woke up, he started calling up favors and hitting people up on facebook. But nothing solid. The people that owed him favors conveniently decided to be very broke at the moment, or were in vacation in Europe, or were simply not answering urgent phone calls, text messages, emails, or facebook messages.

The next day, a Thursday, was more of the same. With T-48 hours and counting, the “Save Daniel’s Ass” fund was at half-strength. Daniel headed to the landlord’s office to speak with him. Luckily he was there and there was no wait. The sun still beat down, hot enough to make him sweat in the short walk between his apartment and the landlord’s cushy lobby and office. “Come in!” the landlord, Mason, said behind a half-shut door. Daniel walked in and sat down, sizing Mason up. Mason was in his forties, close-cropped hairs like Daniel’s, solid, thick, muscle build, with strong arms. He wasn’t too happy with the news about the checks.

“Look, Daniel, you’ve been a loyal tenant for these last six months, I don’t want to kick you out but word will get around that I gave you a stay. A hundred bucks, you can get that in two days. But if I don’t have it by noon on the first, we’re going to be in trouble.”


“No buts,” he held up a beefy hand. “Get that money.”

Dejected, Daniel left and got online. All of a sudden all the “Make $537.23 a week online from home for free for fun!” posts were very tempting, but destitute or not, Daniel was not in the mood for getting his identity stolen by Nigerian princes. A friend of his suggested live webcam shows. That one was slightly more tempting. Going through the sites, he realized two things, one, the PayPal donations thing would take two days to set up. Two, there was a heavy male population in those webcam shows and some of them might want to see a face. It didn’t bother him that men got off to him, it was something he had been occasionally curious about, but never went for it and he was fine with that.

“You’re latino, and kind of cute. They’ll go for that,” the friend had said. Not an inaccurate statement. He was 21, short at 5’8″, but fit. “Fine.”

He registered an account and sent the information out, hoping that it would clear before deadline day. At the bookstore, he had only netted $15 selling used textbooks. Textbooks that were originally purchased for five times that money. It took a superhuman effort not to scream in frustration.

On Saturday, the fund had only gone up by $20, from a friend who had just returned, but he was still short of the necessary money. Mason was going to come by at 2 p.m., he had said in an email, and the check or cash better be on hand. Check or cash would have been the only options anyway, as Daniel didn’t have a credit card to his name.

Maybe Mason would think differently today.

Daniel showered, threw on a shirt and shorts and shaved. He was going to pitch the idea of his new job prospect to Mason. At 2 p.m. on the dot, there was a knock at the door. Daniel went up to the door and sure enough, it was Mason, dressed in polo and jeans and sandals. I opened the door and he made himself right at home, kicking off his sandals and sitting down on my couch. “Want some water?”

“Yes,” he said. “Do you have the money?”

“No, but,”

“I said no buts, get me my water.”

I got him a bottle of ice-cold water from the fridge and handed it to him.

“I will have a new job tomorrow that can pay up to sixty an hour.”

“What is it?”

“A friend told me about this site, Going4Broke, a webcam place.”

“Oh, I didn’t take you for an exhibitionist.”

“I’m not, but I have to pay you.”

“What would you do, just chat there with guys?”

“Yeah. Naked. Beat off on cam.”

“Interesting, Göztepe Escort why don’t you show me?”

“Beg pardon?”

“If I’m going to give you a reprieve for rent for the next few days, I want to make sure I’m going to get my money’s worth. It’ll be practice so you don’t get stage fright.”

The man had a point, and I didn’t want to be homeless.

“Won’t your wife mind?”

“We have a good relationship. She knows that I have to watch certain things to protect my investments.”


Daniel slipped out of his shirt and shorts, and headed into the restroom to pick up a towel. He set it on the couch and sat down on it, feeling Mason’s eyes following his every step. He sat down on the couch and began stroking his cock, erect now at six and a half inches, and four-inch thickness. “Good technique,” Mason said, rubbing his hands over his jeans.

Daniel was close to coming when Mason said, “Stop.”

Reluctantly, Daniel stopped.

“I have a proposition for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you like living here?”

“I do.”

“Are you single?”


“Good. I’ll be blunt. If you let me fuck you, I will not only give you that reprieve, you also don’t have to pay rent.”

“I don’t know how I feel about that.”

“I’m not pressuring you to do anything. It’s an opportunity.”

Daniel was naked, Daniel was horny, and Daniel suddenly had a flare up for curiosity.

“I’ll do it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you sure about the rent thing?”

“Sure as sure.”

“How do we go about it?”

“Well, for starters, wait, you’ve never been with guys before?”

“No, just girls.”

“Interesting, well, I guess we’re going to have to show you. Let’s go to your room.”

Daniel and Mason headed to the bedroom, and Mason took the opportunity to slap Mason’s ass. As they entered the sparsely decorated room, Mason told Daniel to get on his knees.

“First things first, you will suck my cock.”

“No kissing beforehand?”

“Good,” Daniel said, uncomfortable at that idea more than at the idea of sucking another man’s cock.

The younger man got on his knees obediently.

“Close your eyes.”

Daniel squeezed them shut and heard the sounds of undressing.

“Open them.”

Daniel was face to face with a dangling tool, about six inches in size and two in width, but that quickly grew to eight and a half in length and six in width. It was cut, and it was…gorgeous. Daniel started stroking the shaft slowly, as he stroked his own dick a few minutes ago. His chest and pubic regions were moderately hairy, with hair on his chest and a strip down to the bush of his crotch.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“I’m sure. It’s a cock. I know how to please myself.”

“Then it’s time you advance. Open your mouth.”

Daniel opened his mouth and felt the engorged intruder hit the back of his throat. “Fight the gag reflex, but don’t use your teeth.”

Daniel obeyed again and began sucking his first cock. “Yeah, keep at it, don’t stop.”

Mason’s movements were simple, he’d slide in, Daniel would lick the underside of the cock, and then swallow the cock to the back of his throat, have pubic hairs tickle his nose and fill his scent receptors with the scent of manhood, slide the cock back out, and repeat. Rinse, lather, repeat, and Mason’s movements became faster and faster, and suddenly Mason plopped down a hand on Daniel’s hair and began thrusting even deeper.

“You’re going to….swallow…everything.”

“Mmhh..” was all Daniel could respond. He was caught in the moment, aroused, a bit put-off, but so entertained at sucking his first cock. He tried to fight it at first but eventually he let his mouth be fucked until Mason suddenly shuddered and released jets of hot cum inside the young man’s mouth. It took two gulps to swallow all the salty goodness.

“Such a good cocksucker. Ümraniye Escort Do you have some lube around?”

“Yeah, desk drawer,” Daniel said, once the hard cock had softened and slid out of his mouth.

“Good, get on the bed, face down.”

Daniel got on the bed and made himself comfortable, stretching out his frame. Mason found the desk drawer and pulled out a bottle. The younger man looked at him curiously. Daniel had never been attracted to men, not in that way, but right now, he was feeling very appreciative of Mason’s body, his thick, fair-skinned and muscled frame, hairless except for patches in his chest and pubes, very unconventionally attractive. He turned back, and his soft dick glistened in the light of the room. He walked over to the bed and laid down next to Daniel.

“Are you ready for this?”


“You have a very feminine butt. Surprising, because other than that you’re very manly for having so little hair,” Mason said, caressing Daniel’s ass, sliding his finger between the crack and making the young man shudder involuntarily.

“This is going to hurt. Just relax and enjoy it or when my cock fucks you it’ll be even more painful.”

Daniel nodded and heard a squirt, and suddenly a very cool sensation was in between his ass crack, and then, the pain started as the coolness probed his asshole gently.

“Ow,” he said.

“Just breathe, relax,” Mason said, his gruff voice soft as he coaxed his finger in. Daniel took deep breaths and more of Mason’s thick finger slid in. As knuckles hit, Mason slapped Daniel’s ass. He slid his finger out and coated it with more lubricant as it slid again, Daniel winced.

“Here is the thing you have to understand, when I fuck you, you’re going to call me master. I’m going to make you my bitch and you’re going to take my cum. Is that understood?”

“Yeah,” Daniel responded. Mason slapped him again. “Yeah, what?”

“Yes, master.”


The finger slid out, and then Mason got behind Daniel and spread his cheeks. “Take a deep breath, and relax when you feel the pain start.” More squirting, more cool fingers inside Daniel’s asshole, and then a sudden presence at the entrance. Daniel took a deep breath and exhaled painfully as his asshole was stretched out to welcome the new intruder. Five more breaths, five more painful seconds as fingers gripped bedsheets and toes curled in the air as Mason’s fullness entered Daniel completely. “Wow, you have such a tight ass. This is definitely your first time!” Mason said, massaging Daniel’s ass. Eventually, the pain subsided. Mason sat up just a little bit and placed his left hand on Daniel’s brown shoulder, his right hand caressed the young man’s body.

“How do you like that?”

“MMmh, it feels…oddly good.”

A slap.

“Feels good, what?”

“Feels good, master.”


Mason started sliding out slowly, and then back in, each movement followed by a slap in the ass. Then the movements started increasing in speed.

“I’m going to make you my bitch, do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”


“Do you like to get fucked?”

“Yes, master!”

One slap, thrusts became more forceful, faster.

“Yes, master! I love to get fucked in the ass.”


“Yes! Fuck me, master, fuck my ass hard!”

Daniel didn’t know where the words were coming from, but they were his, and he was caught in the moment. One more slap and Mason placed both his hands now on Daniel’s shoulders. “I’m going to cum soon. You’re going to take it all, because you’re going to be my bitch. I’m going to use you to take all my cum.”

“Yes, master! MMhh…fill me with your cum.”

“Beg for it, beg for your master like a good slut.”

“Please master, fuck me hard, give me your seed,”

Daniel felt himself close to cumming. Mason pulled back on Daniel’s haird and then let out a loud, primal, grunt, as he let loose jet after jet of sticky semen into the young man’s body. Daniel came, too, spilling his cum on the bedsheet.

Mason then slid out gently,

As he emptied himself out, he slapped Daniel on the ass again and slid out. “I’ll see you next month when rent is due. You got it?”

“Yes, master.”

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