Relationship Evolution

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The night was to be a night unlike any others that have been in my realm of consciousness till then. However after 15 years of marriage my wife Julie and I had finally decided to go to a sex club.

Julie and I were happy and by most accounts had a great marriage and overall situation in life. We did fairly well in the sheets although Julie had come along more slowly in her sexual evolution than I, but we had talked and fantasized to the point that we were both ready to take this next step as a couple.

Needless to say the week that preceded our special night had passed slowly almost achingly slow as we had abstained from sex. This was agreed upon so as to heighten our desires and give this new experience the most objective experience possible.

By the time Friday evening rolled around my body was nearly burning with anticipation and my dick was ready to grab the keys and drive the car. I asked Julie if she felt the same and she stated that she was nervous but was horny enough to fuck a fruit.

This statement was comforting to me as I really wanted her to have a spectacular experience.

We drove to the club that was only a short distance from our house which was fortunate because we didn’t have time for some car sex which would have been possible in our heightened state of sensuality. When I shut the car off, we looked at each other and steeled ourselves one final time. I said to Julie “Whatever happens, I will always love you.” She reciprocated and we walked to the door.

Upon entering we found the club to be like we had imagined. It was kind of like a clubhouse, somewhat less commercial than a bar, but it was overall bar like and quite acceptable. There were about 40 people mingling about and we soon had drinks and were starting to feel a little bit easy. The dance floor began to fill and the music was sounding good, I was giving Julie’s sweet spot some friendly rubs and giving her a couple of kisses which were starting to get a bit longer after a half hour or so, this was because of the dance floor.

While we were having a couple of opening night drinks the floor was heating up as we started to see more ass and tits begin to be exposed and then kissed. I was the first to spot a large sectional near the corner where there were two women sitting next to each other topless while they sucked on two that were standing in front of them. I nudged Julie and we both tuned in, it was only a moment before Julie said “Let’s go take a look”.

At that we were over behind the couch and standing right behind the women. We had never seen anything like this, and I was rubbing Julie’ ass over her pants. The women were really sucking and then they started to fondle each other tits as the men began to fuck their mouths. I of course knew that Julie was horny but when I realized that her hand had now gone over the couch and was touching a cock I almost jumped to the ceiling.

As she leaned over more now and the guy pulled his dick out of Suzan’s mouth (found out her name later) so that Julie could get a good hold. Then Suzan started rubbing Julie’s breasts, I had never known her to be bi but after she quickly pulled her shirt and bra off I knew that I had learned something new that evening. This was to be the first lesson of the night.

After a minute of this fondling by which time I had Julie’s pants off and was rubbing her pussy and just about to give her a good backside cunnilingus Steve (name later) suggested that we go to a room that had two king size mattresses. I did not know what would happen in this room but I was so horny and that 5 inch steel doors would have been no match in keeping me out. Once we were in there, we all quickly exited our clothes that were already half off to begin with, then Julie and I were on our knees facing each other and began to kiss quite passionately.

As we did we spread our knees apart as we felt a body nudge its way between our legs. I felt brazzers Julie’s lips tremble and realized that her pussy was now being attended to as we kissed. Then I felt a wet tongue on my balls and I was completely excited. I couldn’t believe the eroticism that was enveloping us when we broke our kiss and looked over each others shoulders. That is when things went full out sexual. I looked down and saw Suzan sucking a dick, a dick that was on its back. Oh shit that means that it is a guy who is sucking my balls and eating Julie’s pussy. As this stunning realization registered in my brain I pulled back to face Julie and found my self dodging a dick that Julie was sliding in and out of her mouth.

I decided that I was ready to move on and stood up; I notice that the other gal was rubbing her pussy and looking for a way in the tangled bodies but before I got away Julie grabbed my dick. Then it was me and another guy side by side as Julie bunched our cocks in two hands and tried to simultaneously suck them as Steve was being soaked by her sopping pussy as she came on his face.

As she subsided I decided that I had smelled enough wet pussy and needed taste some. I went to Veronica as I later found her name to be and fed my dick into her willing mouth as she sat and circled her pussy with her hand. We then seamlessly found our way into 69, which is the way I love to eat pussy best. I would have shot in her mouth but my rock hard dick was to be delayed a while for as I ate and well feasted on her delicious pussy, a glistening cock came into view. Oh man is he going to put that in her, and sure enough that was the plan. Even though I had never been close to a dick other than mine during limit pushing masturbation, I found myself spreading her ass cheeks open so that she could get the cock that I knew she craved.

I was totally out of my mind in sexual desire by this point and was trying to lick her clit as that shaft went in and out. There was no way to do it with out balls fake taxi porno on my forehead which I decided to go with because in addition to Veronica sucking my dick so mightily, I now felt a tongue and fingers wetting my asshole. This was stimulation to the max and unknown to my consciousness I was now licking balls and reaching for an ass to insert my finger. I was back to Veronica clit as she came and I felt and saw her pussy twitch as that dick delivered its pleasure. Then the dick pulled out and shot jizz all aver the out side of her well shaved pie and smooth ass. It was quite a lot which may have had been added to by the finger that I had lodged in the ass of its master. Some of it dripped onto to my face which I wiped off and rubbed on Veronica’ asshole since I was finally shooting my love load to back of her throat.

All of this took a second to recover from but not so long given this extraordinarily lustful action that was now engaged. I was to my feet and saw that Julie was now having an orgasm on her back as a dick was being driven into her and a pussy was grinding on her face. As the cumshot was unloaded on her stomach and was quickly tongued up by Suzan I was already nearly hard.

I thought that Julie may be spent but she engaged me in a kiss and then rolled to her hands and knees and expressed her desire to have me fuck her gorgeous butt. I was more than ready and had my face on her anus in a second as I prepared her ass the men had their two dicks in her face and were getting a double blow.

Veronica and Suzan were rubbing their bodies and boobs all over her as I pushed my cock into her tight yet very welcoming ass. I stroked it well and she came just as one of her dickcilcles covered her face in cum.

After seeing that I pulled out a minute later to empty my balls on her back which was successful at first but my dick was quickly engulfed in Veronicas mouth as she finished her second drink of the night. We all lay spent for a few minutes stroking and petting and giving each other some cool down as we licked and petted each other.

After that it was time to go, for Julie and I were completely tired and still had a lot to talk about; which we did as we fucked for a long while in our bed at home that night.

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