Rekindling Ch. 05

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Sunlight seeped around the curtains, but Hunter had been awake for several hours. He knew there was something he was missing. Something Ty had hoped to experience on their no-holds barred weekend, but he couldn’t think of anything. He’d been turning the thought over and over in his mind.

He gleaned through anything and everything they’d told each other over the years, but especially over the last few weeks. Obviously this was a secret desire Ty didn’t share readily. He traced through their intimate moments, shared disasters and times of wonder. Still nothing.

This trip was Ty’s idea. He’d been concerned they weren’t getting enough time together. Hunter had been reluctant in agreeing, but now knew it was a stroke of brilliance. As he thought about their time in Vegas, he remembered the trip to the porn shop with a chuckle. Definitely something they’d never have done at home.

Hunter sat upright in bed. He knew. Looking at his sleeping husband, he let out a chuckle. So, that’s your fantasy, huh? Sounds fun to me. Hunter crawled from between the sheets, trying not to disturb Ty. His pants were sliding up his thighs when a gravelly voice came from the middle of the pile of bedding.

“Where ya goin’?”

“I have a couple of errands. Go back to sleep. I won’t be long.”

“Hmm, ‘k. Be careful.”

Hunter walked over and kissed his cheek, then headed for the door with a smirk on his face.

Hunter came back from his outing and eased into the bedroom, finding Ty still asleep. He settled his purchases beside the bed with only the faintest of metallic sounds. He stripped, his hard cock a clear indicator of his excitement, and then wiggled into his spot beside Ty. Hunter let him sleep for a few moments, loving how innocent and relaxed his husband looked. But after a few minutes, unable to resist, he slid his hands over Ty’s deliciously rough face.

Ty’s eyes fluttered open, and he greeted Hunter with a yawn, and then a smile. “Where have you been? Sneaking out at the crack of dawn like that.”

“I figured it out.”

Ty stretched again, his back popping. “Figured out what, babe? ‘Member I just woke up.”

“Your sex fantasy.”

Ty grinned and propped himself on one elbow. “And what did you decide I wanted?”

Hunter plunged his hand into the bag and pulled out a nest of leather, steel and nylon. Ty knitted his eyebrows together.

“It’s to tie you up. The guy at the store said it would be the best one for the suite. The straps go under the mattress.”

“Tie me up?”

“Yes, tie you up. You kept wandering to the bondage stuff at the store yesterday. I’m right aren’t I.”

Ty rolled to his back and flipped the sheet off his body. His cock sprung from between his legs, already stiff and eager. “What do you think?”

“Damn it!”


Hunter stuck his hand back into the bag and pulled out a stainless steel circle. Ty snorted as he fondled himself. “A cock ring?”

“Yes, but there’s no way it’s going on now.”

Ty waved his swollen dick at Hunter. “Nope, that thing won’t fit junior.”

Hunter smiled and grabbed Ty’s wrist. “Yeah, but these will fit.” He carefully buckled on one of the leather cuffs. Hunter pressed his lips hard against Ty’s and enjoyed the heat of his man’s mouth. They popped apart, both eager for fun, and quickly repeated the process with Ty’s other wrist and ankles. Hunter crawled back to Ty and gave him another kiss. sarışın porno

“How’s everything? Anything too tight?”

Ty held up his wrists and shook them. “Nope, it all seems good to me.” He cupped Hunter’s face between his hands. “Babe, we don’t have to do this. If you don’t want to…”

Hunter grinned, took Ty’s hand and pressed it against his crotch. “What do you think?”

Ty squeezed, finding Hunter’s cock hard as steel. “Ok, but I-“

“Hush, Ty. This is making me damn horny. Now, lay down on your stomach.”

Ty rolled face down and watched as Hunter secured him to the bed. Once the final buckle was in place, Ty relaxed and started grinding himself against the mattress. Hunter reached out and ran his hands over Ty’s helpless naked body. Soon he was writhing under the touch. Hunter smiled and slapped Ty across the ass.

“Oh God,” groaned Ty.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me…” Hunter leaned over and grabbed the last item from his bag of tricks, a leather riding crop. He smiled and showed it to Ty, who let out another moan and pushed himself harder against the bed. Hunter leaned closer and snapped the crop across Ty’s ass cheek. “How do you like my last toy?” Hunter trailed the leather loop over Ty’s neck and down his muscular back.

Ty shook, thrusting against the bed, Hunter could see the flush of red crawl up his neck. “Shit, that’s mind blowing.”

Hunter answered his words with three solid hits across Ty’s ass, leaving faint stripes. He used his finger to trace each line, the heat of each mark infusing him. When another shudder moved through Ty, Hunter leaned down and whispered in his ear. “You okay, babe? I don’t want to do anything you don’t like.”

Ty shook his head, swallowing several times before he could speak. “God, no. It’s so good. I’m so hard my cock hurts. I never thought… Do it, babe.”

Hunter traced the leather across Ty’s butt cheek and grinned. “No problem. I can make both of us feel good.”

He began lightly snapping the quirt across Ty’s muscular ass. Soon his cheeks were pink, Ty was straining against the restraints and crying out with each lash from the stiff whip. Hunter drew the crop down Ty’s cleft, teasing the tip against his tightly coiled balls, then snapped the loop across his butt, getting a yelp in reward. But before the echo of his yell died, a deep rumbling groan rolled from his lips. Hunter ran the leather over Ty as he pulled against the restraints with each lash. Hunter slashed down again, leaving a final red mark across both cheeks and dropped the crop on the floor.

Hunter crawled across the bed and knelt in front of Ty. He grinned lustfully and rubbed his dripping cock across Ty’s face, smearing clear honey over the scruffy cheeks. Leaning down they kissed, the taste of their flavors merging. Hunter gave a questioning glance and was awarded an almost imperceptible nod. With that, Hunter grabbed his cock and pressed the tip against Ty’s lips.

“Suck me, get me all hot and wet so I can fuck you until you shoot all over the place.”

Wordlessly, Ty opened his mouth and turned his head toward Hunter. He stuffed his cock into Ty’s hot mouth and thrust in halfway without stopping. Hunter began rocking back and forth as he enjoyed the heat of his lover’s mouth. He lost track of time as his lust crested and drove him further. His body buzzed with sexual tension, nearing his finale, Hunter stopped sert porno and pulled slowly backward until he popped from Ty’s mouth. Slapping his cock against Ty’s cheek, he smiled at the lustful face below him.

Hunter leaned down and whispered, “I’m going to fuck your tight ass until you wake everybody on this floor. How do you like that?”

Ty let out a moan and began to squirm. Hunter wriggled to the edge of the bed, leaned over to paw through their growing collection of sex toys and grabbed the lube. He crawled back between Ty’s legs, enjoying the sight of his meaty ass, and it’s deep red stripes. He pried the cheeks apart and squirted a line of gel against Ty’s pulsing opening.

Hunter pushed his finger through the lube and shoved it deep inside. The heat of Ty’s ass was scorching. Unable to remember the last time Ty bottomed, he worked slowly to prepare him for the pounding Hunter wanted to deliver. As Ty relaxed, Hunter added more gel and slipped in two fingers. Ty thrashed under him, pulling hard against the restraints and let out progressively louder moans as Hunter opened him. Once he repeated the process for a third finger, Hunter decided Ty was ready.

Coating his aching cock with lube, Hunter pressed against Ty’s opening and pushed inside. Encased in delicious heat, Hunter slid forward, the curve of his cock riding along the inside of Ty’s gut. As he neared bottom, he raked against a knot, digging into Ty’s prostate, and causing him to go from mild moans to a hungry scream.

Hunter froze and then asked, “You okay?”

“Okay?” Ty was panting hard. “You about made me nut, and you ask if I’m okay. Oh, hell yes I’m okay.”

Hunter pulled back, rubbing the spot again and Ty let out a muffled scream. He pulled out slowly and slapped Ty’s ass cheek, letting him relax until Hunter plunged inside again. The sounds of his pleasure flooded the room. Hunter lay across Ty and pinned him against the bed. He leaned down and whispered into his ear. “What’d you think, coach? You like getting all tied up and fucked?”

“Ah shit, it’s amazing. You’re amazing. That dick of yours hits my prostate every time.”

“I aim to please.”

Ty snickered. “Nice.”

Hunter held Ty and snapped his hips forward. “Thanks. Now hang on, ’cause I plan to fuck you until your nuts explode.”

Hunter rammed himself into Ty over and over, his climax boiling forward. His hot, beefy man, helpless under him while Hunter played pitcher brought Hunter’s blood to the temperature of molten lava. The heat of Ty’s red butt added another layer to a complex mix of pleasure.

The familiar tingling began in Hunter’s groin, signaling the beginning of a mind-altering orgasm. His length stiffened. Each time he plunged inside he rammed himself against Ty’s hot spot. The cries of both men echoed through the room as they plunged toward a dual climax. Hunter was engulfed in bliss, his body frozen in rapture as the first jet raced from him. Unwilling and unable to control his body, he thrashed as if he’d touched a live power line as wave after wave of euphoria caught him unprepared for the power of his climax. Ty’s opening turned slick and delicious as it filled with Hunter’s seed. The endorphin-fueled plunge continued as Hunter roiled in the ecstasy of his body squeezing out the last drop. He collapsed across Ty’s broad back, gasping for air.

As he drifted back to himself, he realized he was sex hattı porno still holding a moaning and lightly struggling Ty in a tight grip. Both their bodies dripped sweat and it mixed with the scent of their lovemaking in a masculine fragrance. He let his hands loosen then slip apart as he kissed the back of Ty’s powerful neck and thrust his hips a final time, sending his softening cock inside his man. “God, that was amazing.”

“Come on, Hunter! I’m horny and so close. I wanna get off.”

Hunter grinned. There was one last fantasy for the weekend.

He slid lower until his face was at Ty’s butt. He spread Ty’s cheeks and met the sight of his well-used ass, and the thin trickle of white leaking from it. He pressed himself forward and ran his tongue over the distended flesh.

“Oh, fuck! I can’t believe you’re doing it.”

Hunter grinned, the last inhibition between he and Ty slipped away. He dove hard into Ty’s butt, licking and tonguing him as the result of their passion leaked from his big body. Ty bucked upward, begging and whimpering as Hunter’s tongue pierced him again and again. Ty arched his butt upward as far as his restraints would allow, begging for more.

Hunter reached between Ty’s legs, found his rock hard member, and began stroking it. Soon he was milking Ty’s dick in time with the rhythm of his tongue flicking into his butt. Ty let out a series of increasingly loud grunts and his cock convulsed in Hunter’s hand. His body tensed as the first ribbon of cum squirted across the bed. Quick volleys followed as a network of jizz stripes pumped from his well-used body. Ty’s finale continued for several moments as he trembled with release, and then crumbled, gasping, against the bed.

Hunter touched Ty, feelings of love and amazement washing over him. How did I ever get this lucky?

He crawled across Ty, unfastened his wrists, and then kissed him gently. “You’re so hot, and I’m so lucky. Why did I argue with you about this trip?” Hunter let out a soft chuckle. Ty twisted to the limits his ankle straps would allow and pulled Hunter into a warm embrace. “Cause you’re a great dad, and didn’t want to be away from the twins.”

Hunter nuzzled against Ty. “Well, now I know dad’s need a break too.”

Ty kissed him gently and nipped at his lip. “We better shower. Our flight leaves in a few hours.”

Hunter released Ty then looked around at the results of their weekend. “Oh, Ty. We have to clean up.”

He began laughing. “No way. That’s why you go to a hotel for this kind of stuff.” He kissed Hunter again. “Don’t worry. I’ll leave a big tip.”

They settled their luggage in the elevator as the door closed. Hunter leaned against Ty, knowing they were again wonderfully connected. The weekend had been an amazing idea. He now understood they needed time together too. Taking care of their relationship made them better parents. As his thoughts drifted, he became aware of the other couple in the elevator.

“What a disaster. This was a terrible weekend,” she said.

“Well I tried. You didn’t seem interested at all.”

“You dragged me on this trip. Left the kids with your mother. And all you wanted to do was—, well, you know.”

“I thought some ‘you know’ was the reason for the trip.”

“Well. If that’s what you thought you should have been with that couple next door. They didn’t do anything else all weekend. Disgusting.”

“Yeah. Right, disgusting…”

He and Ty waited until the couple left the elevator. The doors shut with a quiet hiss, and Ty let out a snort. Hunter couldn’t catch the chortle that escaped from between his teeth. Soon they were draped over each other in hysterical laughter as they rocketed to the next stop.

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