Reese and David: Proposal Time Ch. 01

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(This is the final installment of the ‘Tuition Time’ and ‘Reese and David’ series, a two-parter. I hope you enjoy the culminating adventure between Reese, a sexy mature woman who teaches 3rd grade and David, a tall hard-bodied young many recently graduated from college.)


The sudden buzzing distracted me from grading papers. I glanced across the desk and saw my cell phone light up and move as it vibrated. I smiled, as I knew exactly who it was and what the text message might likely say. My heart skipped a beat at the thought. There was also a fluttering in my stomach and not surprisingly I could feel a slight dampness gather between my thighs. My cell buzzed again…

I knew it was my lover, my David!

During the past weeks at school I had found my emotions in a state of confusion. I had grown nervous about this relationship between David and me. Now, I wasn’t in doubt about David’s love for me or mine for him, but I was uncertain of how serious a relationship I could expect from this truly handsome young, very young man. I was forty-two, not an old maid by any means, but still, nearly twice his age. I had gone over that same thought a hundred times since our first night together at Jenna’s lingerie party and all the nights and days since as we’d enjoyed each other’s company in and out of bed. I still had not fully reconciled our true relationship in my mind.

But in my heart I felt it was all good.

Over the few months since that first night I’d found myself thinking about David in all sorts of sexual ways, literally all the time. Once, I was at the school office copier when suddenly I felt intoxicated by nothing more than my lover’s scent I realized had made its way onto my blouse from him kissing me that morning. The smell of his cologne brought David to mind…and body. Fully flushed, I caught myself leaning on the side of the machine and staring off into space picturing his naked body, that is, until my principal came walking by and said ‘Hello’. I nearly jumped onto the copier she startled me so from my hot daydream.

I may not have had a full-blown orgasm standing there, but I did walk away feeling the cool waft of the air conditioning blow up my skirt, meeting a very warm, very wet place between my thighs…

So there I sat on Friday afternoon needing to finish my work. I also needed my lover.

Priorities Reese!

I put my head back down and graded a few more of my young pupil’s spelling tests.

I really did try, but my curiosity, along with my lust and love won out. I put my red grading pencil down and picked up my cell.

‘Left school?’ was the first text from David.

The second, ‘Babe? You There?’

I smiled, although they weren’t the sexy texts I figured they would be, but at least he was thinking about me. I worked my thumbs on the keypad of the new phone my lover had gotten me. Incidentally, I had not been much of a texting person before David came along, but I had picked up on it fairly well.

‘Not yet why?’ I typed in my reply.

I put the phone down, took off my glasses and rubbed my nose as I waited for his.

It didn’t take but a few seconds. My phone buzzed again and I put my glasses back on.

‘Too bad was going to sext with you!’

I smiled and laughed out loud before catching myself with my free hand over my mouth. I looked toward my open classroom door hoping no one heard that out in the hallway. Then my thumbs went to work again, of course in my excitement I had to back up a couple of times until I got it typed out right…

‘Sorry maybe later kisses’

Seconds later…


I smiled, closed my phone and went back to marking the third grader’s papers.

Finally about 3:30 I was done and packed, ready to go home. As I gathered my lesson plan book and purse, my cell buzzed with another message. I laid my things back on the desk and opened it.

‘Im horny!’

The smile was back on my face. My thumbs went back to work…


‘Real bad now’



‘Naughty boy’

I couldn’t believe I was having this exchange from school.

‘Think u should touch urself 4 me’

Reading those words sent a renewed warm tingle through my body. He really was a very bad, very horny young man.

‘Youre crazy’

‘I am So do it!’




Then there was a long pause as I waited for some smart come back. Unconsciously, I found my one hand in my lap and those fingernails were teasing the warm skin of my inner thigh, just beyond the hem of my skirt.

The next buzz surprised me and I shook in my chair. My hand quickly grabbed for the phone.

‘What r u doin’


‘I bet’


‘Hand check!’

I bit my lower lip. How did he know my hand had been in my lap? Maybe because it often was if his hand wasn’t already there!

‘Ok caught me’





‘Touch ur self’

I looked toward my classroom door again. Maybe no kayseri escort one would decide to walk in for the next few moments. I couldn’t help myself and my legs spread, causing my skirt to bunch up around the tops of my thighs. I slid my butt forward to the edge of my chair and fingered the already damp crotch of my panties; instantly new shivers shattered my body. I bit my lip to keep from moaning out loud.

Buzz. ‘So?’

I tried to respond one-handed but couldn’t get the letters straight, so I reluctantly put both thumbs on the keyboard, letting my cunty stew in the juices I’d built up so far.

‘Doing it’

Down went the phone and down went the hand between my legs again.

Buzz. ‘Mmm, ur making me so hard!!!’

I love it when he tells me how hard I make him.

My fingers teased my slit through my underwear. I was so wet. But the ache inside me I knew could only be fulfilled by David. I wanted more, I needed more!

Buzz. ‘Rub your clitty’

I smiled and blushed. I was already rubbing it. Now I pushed the little red bud from side to side, up and down, using two fingers. My other hand had travelled up my body and I squeezed my breast tightly through my blouse. My breathing came faster as my bottom moved involuntarily against my chair.

Buzz. ‘Push a finger into urself push it in hard n deep’

I slipped a finger around the leg opening and crooked it between my sex lips…as I did what he said, my eyes closed. My head fell back and a soft moan escaped my lips. The sensations were too much as I imagined it was his finger inside me with his tongue following over my clitty. I was so detached in fantasy as I imagined he was there kneeling between my desk and me, his hot tongue on my clitty.


The sound of my cell broke the sexy trance. I lifted my head up and picked up my cell with one hand and was able to type this time…

‘Wet for u wsh tongue in me’

I sat the phone down this time so I could still see the small screen and waited for his response. I also added another finger into the tight wetness between my legs. I curled them both up slightly, rubbing my fingertips along the subtle ridges inside my body. Shuddering and sighing, my hips thrust against my fingers.

Buzz. ‘Mmm, I would suck up all those sweet juices’

My fingers moved in and out more quickly, my thumb tracing tight circles around my clitty. I felt my chest heaving as if I’d been at the gym on the treadmill sprinting. The thought of his tongue being down there instead of my fingers, drove me crazy.

Buzz. ‘Getting close?’

Buzz. ‘Imagine me under desk, tongue inside u, biting ur clit’

I had to bite my lip hard to keep from moaning louder at just his sexy words. My whole body quivered as my thighs clenched around my hand. I couldn’t take it anymore. I furiously rubbed my clitty and stuck two fingers of my other hand into my mouth to muffle my moans and groans. My juices seeped over my other fingers as my hips jerked up and back. I gasped for breath with the intense sensations, the waves of pleasure reaching all the way down to my toes, making them curl inside my high heels.

Buzz. I opened my eyes as I continued to pant like crazy.

‘You ok?’

I licked my lips and picked up my phone again. Forgetting the fingers of my one hand was slick with my love juices I had a hard time slipping on the keys and holding the phone steady. After a couple of tries I got the words right…

‘Good cum U going to lick me clean?’

Buzz. “Soon, my love, I promise’

‘I can’t wait going to be amazing’

‘C ya’


I took a couple deep breaths, grabbed a tissue to wipe my phone off before I closed it up, then tossed it in my purse and picked up my books. Closing up my classroom I walked straight out to the parking lot. The whole time I know a broad smile was on my face and if I had said anything to anyone on the way I surely don’t remember it. I do remember getting in my little red Honda and having an uneventful, but impatient drive home.

Of course, I don’t know why I was being so darn impatient as my lover wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours. He was still at work. Yes, the naughty man had sexted with me from work. But I made it home safely even with all the daydreaming of getting a good licking and hopefully a good hard something else.

I laughed out loud as I traipsed up the walk.

As I aimed the key to the door I looked up and saw a card was taped to the lock.

“What the…?” I looked around somewhat concerned as I hesitantly pulled the card down and opened it. I could tell immediately it was written by David, in his wonderfully messy male handwriting.

‘I’m waiting for you. I’m in the living room. Come find me.

All my love, always and forever,


First I smiled and then my heart started racing anew.

I went on in the house, dropped my books and purse on the table in the foyer and kicked off my heels.

“I’m home dear!” I called out to my young lover as kıbrıs escort I went on down the hall expecting to find David waiting there, more than likely naked, with his big hard cock eagerly waiting for me. So I had hoped anyway. Instead, when I came around the corner I found the room empty. I heard music though, rather soft but it was there. I looked across the room toward his stereo and saw another envelope was taped to the glass front of the cabinet.

My heart fluttered again as I walked over and removed it.

This card read…’Oh, you missed me. Sorry. Look in the kitchen. I went to get a bite. I love you!’

Both his cards in hand I practically skipped across the room bare foot and into the kitchen.

My smile dropped. No naked lover.

No David at all, but there on the table was a small gift bag. Again I looked around, for some reason thinking I was surely being watched. Inside the bag was a photograph of the two of us in a beautiful heart-shaped silver frame. And another card. This one said…’Getting warmer…but maybe you should cool off a bit before you get overheated. Go to the fridge. Oh, by the way I love you!’

I giggled and went to the refrigerator, opened the door and there on the middle shelf was a silver bucket with a bottle of champagne inside…and another card leaning up against it.

I picked up the folded card…’I thought maybe we should have a little bubbly ready, just in case. Just in case we have a need to celebrate. Bring the champagne, I have the glasses. I’m waiting for you in the bedroom. Where else?’

I smiled and said out loud, “Where else indeed?”

Wow! A celebration I thought. David must have gotten a promotion already!

I picked up the cold bucket and carried it and the cards down the hall toward the bedrooms. On the way I found another surprise. There on the hall table was a beautiful bouquet of red roses, in perfect full bloom surrounded by a spray of baby’s breath. And of course what else? Another note lay there…’My, my, you are too slow. Hurry, before I lose my nerve!’

I swear my heart was beating out of my chest at that point. I picked up the flowers, and with those, the ice bucket with champagne and all the cards in hand I made my way to the bedroom.

I turned into the doorway. There he was, finally!

Somewhat disappointedly though after all that build up he wasn’t naked and eagerly waiting for me with a big, hard surprise.

“Hello Ree.” He greeted me sitting there on my hope chest at the end of the bed, still dressed in his slacks and button down shirt from work. “I see you have the champagne. As I promised I have the glasses.” He held up two tall fluted glasses in front of him.

“I see you do.” I walked on into the room, laid the flowers and cards on the bedspread and turned to put the ice bucket on my vanity. Before I could turn back around David was behind me with his hands on my shoulders. I leaned my head over and put my cheek to one. “So Mr. Romantic, what is the special occasion?”

David tuned me around and looked me in the eye. “Do I need a reason to romance my lady?”

“No, but…” and before I could say another word his hand’s cupped my face, his thumbs caressing my cheeks.

In a soft voice he said, “I am so in love with you, my lady.”

I smiled and reached for his face. “I love you, too, my sweet man.” Then still feeling the unquenched need from earlier I started to unbutton my white blouse, but only two of them were undone when…

“Wait!” He held my hands still.

“What?” My eyes widened he had startled me so.

He paused and stared down at my mostly open blouse.

“So, you do like this then?”

“Yes, I do. But…”

“I always try to dress conservatively for school and my young students.” I began to undo the next button. “But for you…”

His hands came up again, stopping me from undressing.

“You may try but it sure doesn’t hide those nice little round breasts of yours and that tight butt.” His one hand slid down around my hip and caressed my backside. “You were always the center of comments from the guys back at Mason Junior High when we talked about the ‘hot’ teachers. I once overheard several guys talking about how they would give anything to see you naked.”

“You’re just making that up!”

“Jeez, no, really there wasn’t a boy in that school who didn’t fantasize about you.”

I blushed. I was embarrassed now for knowing I’d been ogled by more than David all those years.

“Would you like your beautiful, professional looking girlfriend to give you an amazing blowjob then?”

“Maybe, in a minute, but first…”

“Why David Smalley, this is a first!” I took a step back and posed with my hands on my hips. “I have never known you to turn down a perfectly good blowjob.”

Without another word, David reached into his pocket, pulled out something I could not see and got down on one knee. My heart was pounding harder than ever and all time seemed to move in slow motion as he looked up at me and held out a little black velvet konya escort box. He opened it…

“Reese, will you please do me the honor of being my wife?”

“David!” I nearly choked on his name.

“Reese, will you marry me?”

Tears began to immediately flow down my cheeks and for some reason the only words that came to mind and out of my mouth were, “I can’t. We can’t.”

He knelt there before me, still looking up into my watery eyes, but now his head was cocked to the side and there was a frown on his face. “I don’t understand. How can you say no?”

My hand went to my mouth and I felt my lips quivering.

David stood and walked past me until he sat down on the hope chest again, his head hanging down looking at the floor, the now closed little box in his palm. “It’s the age thing. It still bothers you, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” I honestly said, head looking toward him but my body still turned away, “a little.”

“Tell me what you want. What do you really, really want from me, for us?”

“David, I…” I was suddenly so confused. I wanted him. I wanted this man. I wanted to be with him, yes the rest of my life. But…

“Ree, I want more. I want us to be married, be a real couple, not just for a few months, a year, but forever.” He finally looked back up into my eyes again. “Just tell me. What do you want?”

I turned my head back and put my face in my palms. The tears fully came. I felt the love I knew I had for this man, but there was also a hurt I felt being so impassioned by this vibrant loving young man, yes ‘young man’ that I could not logically reconcile.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

David stood and immediately started by me for the door. Only a step away he stopped and looked over his shoulder this time. “I want you Ree, I really want you. But I can’t just live with you for a short while. I need to know there is more. I need to know you really are my life, my whole life.”

Through my parted fingers I could see the hurt in his face. He looked down, shook his head and walked on out of the bedroom.

My face and hands were wet. My lips were not the only thing shaking by then, my whole body shook, from the inside out. I was torn, my emotions and my heart told me one thing, my head tried to tell me another. The reasonable Reese tried to struggle with the romantic. In those few seconds I realized I had been too logical and too head strong to let anyone into my life other than my family and lovers over the years. David was not just my lover, he was my best friend; he was everything in my life.

My heart surged and I felt my lower lip stiffen. I knew what I had to do.

I ran out the door. “David! Stop! Come back!”

I made it to the living room and stopped in my tracks. There he stood looking at me, his eyes red and thin wet lines running down his cheeks.

“I want you, David.” I said, between sobs. “Just you! Forever.” I ran to him and he took me up in his arms.

He squeezed me as tightly as he ever had. “And I want you, Ree.” He sniffled and cleared his throat. “I want you to feel the passion I have for you. All I ever will want is for you to take my heart and keep it with you always.”

I hugged him back and pressed my cheek into his chest. “David, all I want is you. I will take your heart if you take mine and be gentle with it.” I squeezed my arms around his taut, muscular torso. I could feel he was quaking as much as I was. Then the words from my head came out again before my heart could stop them. “As long as you don’t worry about me growing old faster than you.”

My lover stroked my hair and then taking my cheeks in his hands again, looked down at me, his eyes and his face as serious as I’d ever seen him. “All I know is you are the woman I want to marry. I’ll take you as are and as you will be. There is nothing and no one in my life I’ve ever wanted more.”

I looked up into his beautiful gray eyes. “Are we really going to do this?”

“Yes.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out that little velvet box. He took the ring and knelt before me once more. “Reese Matthews, will please make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”

I bit my lower lip at first before letting a smile grow across them both.

“Yes, yes I will marry you.” I put my hands on his shoulders. “But if you don’t stop asking me, I just might change my mind.”

We both chuckled and shed more tears for the next several minutes but the diamond was on my finger.

We got back to the bedroom and toasted with the champagne after I’d come out of my conservative blouse and skirt. He had had his shirt and pants nearly torn off him I needed him so badly.

We celebrated blissfully in bed for the next few hours.

The nearly unbearable ecstasy I felt practically overwhelmed my heart!

* * * * *

I had told Violet, my younger sister, about David asking me to marry him the very night he proposed. I had slinked out of bed as David slept, still naked and sated from our evening’s tryst. I called my sister on her cell from my bathroom. At first she thought sure something terrible had happened as late as I had called, but the minute I told her the news she shrieked. I could hear her tell her husband, Mike, to ‘roll over and go back to sleep, I’ll tell you all about it in the morning’.

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