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Subject: ‘Redd’ & the Wolf. (17) This is a fictional story that follows the ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale. It’s an alternate idea for the story. The main character is not a girl but a Ginger kid named ‘Redd’. Still sent to visit his grandma. He is sent by his single father to take grandma her food and medz. There is some wolf fun in this story too. So there is some animal sex in this story. So of this bothers you, please move on. The rest follows the original tale.. Somewhat.. Hope you like this sexy version…. ‘Redd’ & the Wolf. (17) … Redd lay there in the floor of his grandmother’s house. He had just been assaulted by the wolfen beast that he had found in her house. This creature that had been stalking the woods for some time. But keeping away from men. The beast had attacked him both physically and sexually. Getting its pleasure on his young ripe hole before deciding to kill Redd. He lay there on the floor awaiting the strike that would end him.but that did not happen. For as the beast was ready to kill him, he himself was attacked by someone. And when redd looked up to see who had struck the beast. It was him. Vander the woodsman. He sighed and started to cry. “I had a feeling that you may need me again” the man stated “So I followed you here” “And when I heard the cries. I knew that you were in trouble.” The woodsman grabbed the wolfen and dragged him out of the house. Redd just kay there in the ankara rus escort floor still sobbing at his near death experience. But as he did he heard and felt his butt hole open and spit out some cum. He reached down again to his swollen ass hole. Feeling the very tender lips of his hole with his fingers. Yes they were aching and swollen from the brutal assault of the wolfen. But as his fingers pulled some of the cum from his drooling ass and he pulled ot to his face, he pondered whether the woodsman was going to kill the wolfen. “Probably” he said to himself Then he smelled the seed from.his fingers. It was strong and pungent. But the scent seemed to trigger his loins and he felt his dick twitch. It was a reaction to desire. He knew this. Redd realized that even though the beast attached and raped him that he somehow deep inside had loved it. He had loved the pain and pleasure that this beast and his massive rod had given him. And he wanted that again. The pain caused by the beasts dominance. “No. Noo!” He then shouted “No Vander. Noo!” He scrambled to his feet and then pulled up his pants. Then he ran out to stop Vander. Quickly flying through the house and out the door. “No Vander. Noo!” He shouted again. He saw Vander over near the wood block. The big man had grabbed an axe and was indeed about to do in the beast. Raising his big mighty hand to strike. But Vander çankaya escort saw the boy rushing towards him. Shouting at him to stop. Vander reached him as he held out his hand to the boy. But Redd pulled at his arm, still begging him nit to kill the beast “He was going to kill you boy” the man declared “No. He was not” Redd chirped back “The beast just took what he wished” “That was all” Vander looked at the boy as if he was mad. How could he protect this ‘thing’ that was about to kill him. Was he blinded by the fear if the animal. Or was it something all together different. But as the two disagreed there about the demise of the wolfen. The beast himself opened his eyes. And seeing there bout of discussion before him kept them from seeing he was awake. The beast quickly got up and took off. “Noo. Stop!” Vander cried out The wolfen looked to see redd smiling at him as he escaped. And he smiled back as he ran off into the forest. The boy he had just taken sexually had stopped the big woodsman. And he knew it was because if the assault on his body. The boy liked it. And he knew it. “I will be back then boy” he said to himself Redd sighed as he saw the beast fade into the forest. Vander had run after him a few yards before giving up to the fleeter animal. Cursing the beasts escape. He came back and scolded Redd for allowing the animal to get away. Telling him again that ankara escort this beast would have killed him. And it probably killed his grandmother. But Redd at that moment could not be bothered with such things. He was hungry for sex again. He needed to feel a big rod inside him again.that wolf and his massive thing had him hungrier than ever. And as the big handsome woodsman was there with him. He would have it with this man he came up to Vander and stroked the bug mans arm. Thanking him for his rescue. “He is but an animal” he said to the man. “Let him go sir” “But you are a man Vander” “And once again my hero and savior” The woodsman then reminded Redd again that the beast probably killed his grandmother. The woman was missing after all. But it appeared the Redd didn’t care about her st that moment. It was after all someone he saw rarely. “She probably just fled” he said to Vander “For there is no blood” “Come sir Vander” “Come inside” And that was when Redd took his hand and reached down to the big mans crotch. Reaching down and grabbing at it. Rubbing at it with his hand. “I want this again my hero” he said with a smile Vander looked at him and smiled. The groping of his crotch did excite him. “You are a needy one now aren’t you” he said “A near death experience and you become very very needy” Redd but his lip as he gazed at the big man. Hand still squeezing at the mans crotch. A crotch that was starting to respond to his groping. “Take me sir” Redd said again “Take me Vander” “I want to feel this big thing in me again” Vander dropped the axe and then followed Redd into the house. He was going to take him again. Just like the boy wanted… To be continued

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