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Recovery, Adult Friends, 1/1I hadn’t seen Stan for over 20 years, which is why wedidn’t immediately recognize each other while in lineat the supermarket. When I heard his voice as headdressed the cashier, I realized that it must be him.”Hey, remember me, I’m Jack?” I asked as he took hischange. He turned his head and his eyes lit up.”I’m glad to run into you,” he replied. “I’ll wait upwhile you’re getting checked out, and then we’lltalk.” Once outside, as I had bought nothingperishable, I followed his suggestion to accompany himto his house, which was only a mile away. That summerevening it was still light when I pulled into hisdriveway behind him. I helped him carry his bags intothe kitchen, where he put away their contents.He was my height, six feet, and had brown hair as Idid. His eyes were blue, in contrast to my brown ones.Stan and I had grown up on adjacent streets, had goneto the same schools, and we’d been very close asteens, having experimented sexually as many teens do.We’d lost contact when he turned 18 and joined the airforce. He’d retired after 20 years in the service andseveral years ago had moved back and opened up a smallprinting business. I’d been working for the localnewspaper since I’d graduated college.”You married?” he asked as he placed a couple ofbottles of beer on the kitchen table.”Yes, and divorced,” I replied. “How about you?””Same here, Jack. I got married a couple of yearsafter I joined the service. She was air force too, andwe thought it would work out, but it didn’t. She gotinvolved with a sergeant on the rebound from adivorce, and she left me for him.””I guess the relationship wasn’t as solid as you’dthought,” I said. “Same thing happened to me.””Any k**s?” Stan asked.”Fortunately not,” I answered. “Lucky for them. k**salways get the worst of it when a marriage breaks up.How about you?””No, we didn’t have any k**s either. The main reasonwas that Sharon was too interested in having a goodtime to take care of any k**s or assume anyresponsibility. Anything else significant happen inyour life?” We had a lot of catching up to do, as wewere now in our 40s.”Yes, there is one thing that might interest you…” Ibegan. “You remember how we both hated it that we’dbeen circumcised?” As k**s we’d compared pricks, andwe’d seen those of other boys in the locker room, andwe’d always been chagrined that we were missingsomething luckier boys still had.”Yes, I remember vividly. I still hate it,” hereplied.”Well, about 15 years ago I took the plunge. I hadplastic surgery to put a new hood on my prick. It costme about eight thou and involved a long recovery, butI think it was worth it.” At this point Stan stood andsaid:”Let’s go outside. I’ve got a high fence around myyard. Nobody can see in, and the sun’s too low for usto get sunburned. We can get bare-assed if you wantto. Anyway, I’ve got something to show you too.” Heturned and I followed him. We stripped and sat inchaises longues on his patio, sipping our beers.”I guess that’s what you wanted to show me,” I said,pointing at his penis. He had smoothly tapering skinfrom the base to the end, where it formed a thickpucker. “What did you do?””I did the same as you, but without the surgery,” Hesaid. “I used skin stretching.””When I went for the plastic surgery I thought it wasthe only way. I hadn’t heard about stretching. That’swhat you did, right?” He nodded.”What sort of skin graft did you get for the newforeskin?” Stan asked. “Your cock looks like it has adark band at the end.””That’s a graft from my scrotum,” I answered. “Thedoctor cut loose a ring of shaft skin and inverted itover the head for the inner lining. Then he usedscrotal tissue for the outside skin.””It looks kinda tight,” Stan said. “Does it go back?””Try it and see,” I invited him. I wondered if he’dbecome shy about touching another penis since I’d lastseen him. He shifted slightly and I felt his warmfingers around the end of my prick, testing thetightness of the new hood. My penis was still soft andhe had to get a firmer grip on it to stabilize it sothat he could push back the new foreskin. I felt thepressure of his fingers as he gently pushed my hoodback toward the base of my prick, exposing the frontdome of my helmet.”Yeah, your skin slides all right,” he said. “It’stighter than mine, and a lot thicker. Does that feelgood?””It feels great, Stan,” I said as I fingered hisprick. He hadn’t mentioned any girlfriend or otherattachment, and I suspected that Stan was asunattached as I was. This meant that he’d welcome somesex play right now. After all, he was the one who’dsuggested getting naked.”I can feel your cock swelling,” he said as he pushedmy new foreskin back farther until it was poised onthe crest of my corona. “You’ve still got that flaringrim,” he added.”Your prick’s starting to swell too,” I said as Ifelt it stir between my fingers. I wasn’t pushing hisforeskin back, but squeezing his glans between myfingers to produce the bulbo-cavernal reflex. I knewthat each squeeze made the root of his prick throb andcontract.”With that extra skin, both our cocks are a littlebulkier,” Stan commented. “I like the addedthickness.””I do too,” I said. “I think we’re still both atabout six inches in length.””Six inches hard, and without the skin forward,” Stancorrected. “I know that we’re both a little longerwithout hard-ons, because of the extra skin.” He wasright, as both our new hoods extended beyond the glanswhen we were limp, adding an extra half-inch. Evenhard, we had slightly more foreskin than glans.There were some differences between our pricks aswell. Erect, Stan’s shaft was flattish, and theurethra made a barely distinguishable bulgeunderneath. My shaft was more triangular, narrower anddeeper than his, the prominent urethral bulge clearlyvisible. Stan’s tip was also flatter than mine, andthe corona not as high. Stan’s prick had a slightdownward curve, while mine was arrow-straight. Theorifice at the end of his glans was a long slit. Minewasn’t quite as long but it pouted with erection, thelips assuming a teardrop shape. Stan’s prick secreteda lot of lubricant, while mine did not.”Looks like the doctor didn’t give you a newgee-string,” Stan said as he held my foreskin tightlyback and studied the underside of my glans.”No, and I didn’t ask him to,” I responded. “I didn’twant any more cutting than necessary on my prick. Iknew the gee-string was gone for good, along with itsnerve endings, and even if he stitched in a fake one,it wouldn’t be as sensitive as the original.””What about your new skin?” Stan asked. “Is that assensitive as the original?””I don’t think so,” I replied. “Of course, I don’treally know how sensitive my original one was, sinceit was cut when I was born. The graft doesn’t havemuch sensitivity, since grafting it meant cutting thenerves. The nerve pathways didn’t regenerate much, andall I can feel in the new foreskin is pain if I pinchit too hard.””What about the tip?” he continued. “Mine got reallysensitive after I had it covered. Did yours?””Oh, yes,” I said. “Once it was covered, thesensitivity increased a lot. The surface got shiny anddarker purple.””I remember,” Stan said. “Our tips were pink before.They were also dry and leathery.””I don’t have to tighten up to come these days,” Isaid. Years ago, my prick was so insensitive I had totighten my crotch muscles as I stroked to bring onorgasm.”I don’t have to do that either now that my tip’smore sensitive,” Stan said. “I remember how we bothhad to tighten up when we jerked off.””It feels better for me now,” I added. “I juststroke, stay relaxed, and let the orgasm come to me.”We were both now stroking each others’ pricks, slowlyand sensually, knowing that the sensation of foreskinsliding over lubricated tips would bring us offwithout effort.”I think we’d better go inside now,” Stan said. “Myneighbors have their windows open, and you know howvocal we get when we shoot our loads.” We stood andpicked tuzla escort up our clothes and then Stan led the way intothe bedroom.We sat facing each other on the bed, gently strokingour pricks. Stan’s foreskin was definitely looser thanmine, and rolled back easily from the swollen head. Ipushed it down to the base of his shaft, puttingtension on his frenulum.”That makes the head dip down,” I observed. Stan’sglans was definitely dipping towards his scrotum as Ikept his frenulum tightly stretched.”Oh, yeah,” Stan gasped. “That pulling on mygee-string feels so good.””I can imagine,” I said. “It puts tension on thenerve endings. I get a hot sensation too, even withouthaving a gee-string. The tension affects the nerves inthe skin.””Like this?” Stan asked as he wrapped his fingerstightly around my shaft behind the helmet and pushedback hard, dragging my shaft skin against my stomach.”Oh, that looks nice,” Stan continued. “The skin’sall the way back and that purple rim of yours reallystands out against the neck of your cock.””It feels nice too,” I whispered. “I always enjoyedfeeling your fingers wrapped around my prick.”Impulsively I leaned forward and kissed him on thelips. We held the kiss for over a minute, inhalingeach others’ breaths in that intimate moment.”This feels nicer than when we used to do each otherin the old days,” he said. “Our cocks are moresensitive now.””I know, Stan. We’re both using a lighter touchbecause of that. Before we used to have to squeeze andpump hard to make each other come. Now I think we’lljust have to stroke lightly.” Now Stan was justbumping my flaring corona with the ring of bunchedskin behind it, and I was doing the same to him.”This stroke’s just right, Jack. We don’t have topump hard. We’re both rim-sensitive, so this is goingto do it for us.””I can see it’s doing it for you, Stan. Your ballsare getting tighter.” His scrotum, looser than mine,was drawing upward against his body.”You’re getting excited too,” he said. “Your tip’sgetting dark purple now, and I think the rim’s swolleneven more.””You’re really lubing now,” I observed. “It’s runningdown onto my fingers and I’m going to lose my grip onyour foreskin. I’ll probably end up giving you directaction on the head.” Stan’s glans was fully freed fromthe hood that I was holding back tightly, and as longas I retained my grip on the foreskin I was able tobump his corona on the up-stroke and put tension onhis frenulum on the down-stroke. Each time I pulleddown the front of his glans dipped and another drop ofclear viscous fluid oozed from its orifice.”If you touch the head directly you’ll make me popright away but that’s all right,” he said. We knewfrom experience that having our orgasms one after theother was preferable to simultaneous climaxes becausewe could watch and feel the other’s throbs and hearhis grunts. If we came together our consciousnesswould be submerged and we’d be aware only of our ownorgasms.”Okay, then, you go first,” I said. “I’ll just getthis pillow and put it between us to catch the cream.”Stan leaned forward slightly as I stroked his bunchedskin to stimulate him, and his breathing deepened. Isaw his face flush as the clear ooze from his tipflowed between his prick and my tightly encirclingfingers, breaking the friction. My fingers slid freelyover his hot throbbing glans and I gave it a slighttwist to enhance the sensations in his corona. Stan’sbody jerked and I felt a responsive throb in hisprick.”HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” he grunted as the sensations tookhold and drew him into their vortex. His jaw clenchedand his stomach tightened as he poised on the brink oforgasm, and now I squeezed his glans and rotated myfist around it to trigger his storm.A powerful throb filled my fist as he grunted loudly,and an instant later I saw a thick white jet eruptfrom his tip. It felt hot as it landed on my fingersand I knew it must have seared his urethra on its wayup to the tip. Stan cried out loudly in joyful agonyas his prick spurted jet after jet, and I saw hisentire body shudder as it strained with thecontractions of his orgasm. I smelled the familiarchlorine odor of Stan’s semen as I felt his hot hardprick throb again between my encircling fingers.I stopped stroking Stan’s penis, because I knew frommy own experience that the head became super-sensitiveduring orgasm. As circumcised teen-agers, we’d beenable to stroke our pricks all the way through untilwe’d stopped spurting, but with our regainedsensitivity, continued friction would cause distress.Stan’s prick was now just dribbling, making large wetspots on the pillow, and I felt his tense body beginto relax as he slumped against me. His breathingslowed, and I knew he was slipping into the afterglow.Like me, Stan needed a couple of minutes to recharge,but would soon be back to finish me off. I grabbed aKleenex from the box on the bedside table and beganwiping his prick very gently, as his super-sensitivitywould continue for a couple of minutes. His prick wassoftening in my hand as I blotted the long slit in histip, squeezing the length of the shaft to force outthe last drops.I eased his foreskin up over the shrinking glans andwiped the outside with another tissue. He’d secreted alot of lubricant, some of which had run down into hispubic hair, and I blotted this as best I could.”That was nice, really nice,” I heard him whisper asI finished wiping his penis. “I never thought I’d runinto you again, and never imagined it could be thisgood.” Stan kissed me on the mouth, and we clungtogether for a minute before I felt his fingers wraparound my prick.”Just lie back now,” he urged. “It’s your turn now,and I’m going to make you feel really good.” Hisstrong fingers resumed pumping my foreskin, pushing itup to bump against my flaring rim, and then drawing itdown to bare the neck of my shaft and stretch thetissues, giving me an extra thrill.”We’ve both made a good recovery from ourcircumcisions, and we’re more sensitive now. You gaveme a really hot thrill while you were stroking me, andI’m going to do the same for you.” Stan kept pumpingmy turgid flesh as he spoke, increasing my excitementas I surrendered to his touch.”You’re really going now,” he continued. “I’m justbumping that flaring rim, not riding over it. Thatrim’s really expanded now, and the whole helmet’sturned darker too. It’s so swollen the skin is shiny.”As he spoke and continued producing little shocksagainst the base of my helmet, I felt my consciousnessbegin to fade. My mind increasing focused on thedelicious sensations in my prick instead of theoutside world, and I gradually withdrew into myself asmy arousal mounted.”Your balls were already tight against your body,” hecommented as he cupped them with the fingers of hisother hand. “That’s because they used some of the skinto build you a new foreskin, right?” I noddedaffirmatively, my eyes locked with his as he peereddown at me.”When you were bumping my rim,” he said. “I got anice tickle right there. Are you getting it too?”Again I nodded, and Stan stepped up the pace slightly.The tickle intensified. It built up and spread allover my helmet, bathing it in sensations. Now my eyesclosed.”Right about now you should be feeling the tingle,”he said. He was right. The tickling feeling graduallychanged to a hot tingle that enveloped my glans, and Iknew that the powerful contractions of orgasm wereonly seconds away. My breathing was labored, and Ibegan to moan loudly as the sensations intensified.”Your cock’s harder than I’ve ever felt it,” he saidto me as he continued to stroke it. My stomach musclestightened, my legs began trembling, and I felt myselfslipping over the edge. Now I felt as if I were beinglifted on a huge wave as my body responded forcefullyand the heavy pounding of orgasm began deep inside me.”HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” I grunted as the sensationsovertook me and I felt the first hot torrent pouringinto the root of my prick. It felt like maltepe escort hot lava as itsurged up my tube and slammed through the lips of myslit. I writhed on the bed as another contractiongripped me, and I moaned in agonized joy as the jetseared my urethra on its way up and out of my prick. Igrunted again as another spasm hit me, and I felt thesurge of semen distending my urethra, flowing upward.Now Stan’s fingers stopped stroking me, and just keptmy foreskin drawn back tautly, to avoidover-stimulating me. The tension in my prick-skinmaintained the momentum of my orgasm, and severalweaker jets erupted from my throbbing helmet beforethe flow settled down to an ooze. I felt myselfrelaxing as the hurricane of sensations left my body.As I returned to full consciousness from my daze, Ibecame aware that Stan was delicately wiping my helmetwith a tissue, working around and behind it, and thenpushing the protective flesh up over it.Stan lay down beside me and we hugged silently formany minutes. I reflected that we’d been lucky to runinto each other after many years. I didn’t have manyfriends, and as Stan was as introverted as I, mostlikely he didn’t have many either.”Well, I guess I’d better be getting home,” I said.”I have to work tomorrow and so do you.” I got up andStan offered me a wet washcloth to wipe myself, andthen watched me get dressed.”Come on over tomorrow after work,” he said. “Are youfree?””I sure am,” I responded. “I’ll be here at 5:30, ifit’s convenient for you.””That’ll be just fine,” he said. “I’ll havesandwiches ready.””Sandwiches will be fine for a hot summer evening,” Isaid. I kissed him lightly on the lips and left. Nextevening I rang his bell, and when he opened the door Isaw that he was already naked. He stood behind thedoor as I entered and closed it behind me. Followinghis unspoken invitation I stripped off my clothesbefore following him into the kitchen. The tiles werecold against the soles of my feet, but I didn’t mindbecause I was so happy to be in his company again. Aplate of assorted sandwiches was on the table and hebrought out two bottles of beer from the fridge.”I’m glad you’re here,” he began.”We’re a lot alike,” I added.”You had a surprise for me last night,” he said. “NowI’ve got something to tell you.””What’s that?” I asked.You know how much we both resented getting cut asbabies,” he continued. “Well, some years ago I tookcare of the doctor who did it to me.””How do you mean?” I asked, a suspicion forming in mymind.”Well, I knew who he was because of his signature onmy birth certificate. Did you know I was born righthere in town at General Hospital?””I didn’t, but I can see how that would make it easyto track him down unless he’d moved out of state.””This doctor was still here, and he still practicedat General Hospital. One evening I waited for him inthe parking lot. Locating his car was easy because alldoctors had assigned spaces with their names on them.I had a piece of rebar and a small sledge with me, andwhen he came out I hit him from behind and stunnedhim. I got him right in the neck and when he was downI tied up his wrists with duct tape and put a pieceacross his mouth and another over his eyes.””Shit! What did you do, kill him?” I asked, because asimilar impulse had come over me once, long ago.”No, but I smashed his fingers with the sledge, sothat he’d never clip another k**.” Stan explained, agrin coming over his face. “I made sure I smashedevery finger, and for good measure I broke his wriststoo. He recovered, but can you imagine him trying totake a piss or wipe his ass with both wrists and allfingers broken?” Stan was laughing loudly now, veryamused by the mental picture of the hapless doctor. Ijoined in, as I agreed that it was very funny.”Did you think about the risk of getting caught?” Iasked.”There was always a risk of someone coming by rightat that moment, but back then there were no securitycameras covering the parking lot, so there was nochance of getting caught on tape. Also, since I’dtaped his eyes, he never saw who did it to him. Oneother thing I did was take his wallet, to confuse thepicture. The cops might have thought it was aparticularly vicious robbery. That way, there’d be noarrow pointing to the real motive.”`Well, I can’t say I’m sorry you did it, Stan. Thatbastard certainly deserved what he got. I just hope hewas never able to practice medicine again.””I heard that after he recovered, which took months,he gave up his practice and started teaching at amedical school,” Stan said. “How about you? You everwant to get back at the doctor who clipped you?””Well, I’ve got to tell you that the thought crossedmy mind more than once, but I never did do anything. Inever got the chance. You see, although I knew who itwas who clipped me, before I could do anything thematter was out of my hands.””How do you mean?” he asked”One night this doctor went to a dance at his countryclub. He was a pretty heavy drinker, I’d heard, andthat night he got pretty sloshed. Driving home, he ranhead-on into a bus and both he and his wife got killedat the scene. That was that.””Well, I can’t say I’m very sorry to hear that,although his wife was an innocent person, I guess,”Stan said.”You’re right,” I said. “I know damn well his wifewas innocent, and didn’t deserve to die, but I don’tfeel a bit guilty about that. Fuck no!””Really?” Stan asked.”Of course not,” I replied. “Who shoved the drinksinto his hand that night? Who was driving his damncar? He was! Fuck him! He did it all to himself!” Theintensity of my emotional outburst would have shockedStan if he hadn’t been of like mind.”I hope you went and pissed on his grave,” Stan said.”Oh, no, that would have been only a symbolicgesture. It wouldn’t have accomplished anything. Itwouldn’t even have made me feel better,” I said.”Oh, well, at least that’s two circumcisers out ofthe picture,” Stan reflected.”Maybe more than two,” I said. “I’ve heard rumors ofthis sort of thing happening before. We’re not theonly two guys in this country who were circumcisedwithout our consent. I’m sure we’re not the only twowho were pissed off about it.””I’ve never heard of it happening, but it wouldn’tsurprise me, the way you put it,” Stan told me.”I don’t have anything definite,” I said, “but one ofthese days I’ll do an Internet search to find out ifany doctors have been killed under mysteriouscircumstances. I’ve already done a search using theword `circumcision’ and the phrase `doctor killed’ butturned up nothing.” As we’d finished eating, Stan gotup to remove the plates from the table, and I saw thathis heavy-ended prick was swinging in a veryattractive way. As he put the plates into the sink, Imoved beside him and grasped the end of his nippledforeskin. He turned and grasped mine, and for a momentwe looked into each others’ eyes as our pricks beganengorging rapidly.Wordlessly he led me into the bedroom and sat me downon the bed. He began massaging my foreskin up and downin long strokes, building my excitement rapidly. Ipumped his prick for a few long strokes toreciprocate, until something occurred to me.”Ever come inside your foreskin?” I asked.”Sure, I do it all the time,” he replied.”No, I mean when you pinch the end shut and the creamstays trapped and spreads all around your head,” Iexplained. “It’s like when I pee in the shower and Ipinch the end shut and watch my foreskin balloon.””I’ve done that in the shower,” he answered. “I’veseen other uncut guys do it, but I never did thatwhile whacking off.””Okay, suppose you let me do it to you. It just mightbe a new sensation for you.” As I spoke I pulled hisforeskin all the way forward to encapsulate his glansand began working my thumb over the ridge through theforeskin while my index finger pressed into thetriangular groove under the head.”Ooooohhhh, that feels good,” he murmured.”Just relax. You can hold on to my prick if you want,but don’t try to make me come yet. I want kartal escort toconcentrate on making you come first.” Stan continuedto hold my prick but stopped stroking it.”Okay, Jack. I know I’ll make you come after youfinish me off.” I applied more pressure with my thumbas I swept it across his corona, feeling the rimharden through the skin.”Your balls are drawing up,” I commented.”This is really turning me on,” he said as he laydown on the bed.”That’s the idea, Stan. I want to feel your prickthrob when you let go. Just concentrate on yoursensations now and let me bring you to orgasm.””Man, it’s really building up,” he murmured. “The wayyou’re stroking the rim…””That’s it, Stan, just let it happen. Your balls aretight now, and I can feel how hard the head is underyour foreskin.””Oh, yeah,” he whispered. “You’re really doing it tome.” I knew he was getting close because I saw hisstomach muscles tighten and his face flush.”Now I’m going to pinch the end of your foreskin withmy left thumb and finger,” I explained. “You’realready dribbling a little lube out of it, and I wantto catch the explosion inside it when you start tocream. That way you’ll feel the hot juice all aroundthe head.””Oh, yeah, do me…” Stan trailed off in an almostagonized voice. I applied more pressure stroking hiscorona and stroked it more quickly. I knew he wasprimed for release, and needed it badly. Now Stanbegan to grunt with each stroke, and I saw his legsbegin to tremble. His entire body tightened up withexcitement.”HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” he grunted explosively as I feltthe first powerful throb in his prick. His rigid prickthrobbed again and now I saw his foreskin begin todistend with the volume of liquid filling it. I feltanother throb between my fingers as his hood balloonedout, and I knew that the hot cream was running aroundthe bulging glans inside.Stan continued to grunt, lost in the sensations ofhis orgasm, as his throbbing prick pumped out morejuice and his foreskin ballooned to an almostimpossible size. I kept working on his swollen tipthrough the skin, confident that the thick creammasked the sensations and prevented over-stimulation.Stan had raised his head to watch his throbbing prickand distended foreskin, his jaw open and his eyesglazed.Stan’s throbs weakened, and the intensity of hisgrunts softened as his orgasm worked itself out. Nowhe was merely gasping, and I felt the last residualthrobs in his glans as his orgasm expired and his bodybegan to relax. I held the tip of his foreskin pinchedtightly to prevent leakage and waited for him toreturn to full consciousness.About a minute later he propped himself up on hiselbows and I reached for some Kleenexes. Once I hadthe wad of tissues under his prick I relaxed thepressure on his foreskin orifice. We both smelled thecharacteristic chlorine odor as we watched the thickcream ooze from the fleshy pucker as his foreskinshrunk from its ballooned shape.”That was so hot,” he said. “All that hot creamaround the head, and your fingers working on my rim…”He trailed off. I knew precisely how it felt becauseI’d done it to myself and had it done to me as well.Now I squeezed his prick to milk the last drops fromunder his foreskin and from his urethra, pressing afinger along the underside of his shaft to force theresidue forward. Stan sighed in delight as I milkedhis prick, and when I had dabbed every drop from thepucker at the end of his foreskin he sat up looking atme.”Thanks, buddy,” he said. “Now it’s your turn. Liedown the way I did and I’ll give you the ride of yourlife.” I followed his instruction and lay on my backas Stan again grasped the thick fleshy pucker of myforeskin, which even with an erection projected beyondthe end of my glans. Using the thumb and forefinger ofhis other hand he began massaging my corona throughthe skin, while the index finger probed the undersideof my helmet.”That feels good,” I said, as my prick responded tohis touch by getting even harder.”Man, you’ve got a really high flaring rim,” hecommented. “Even though your skin’s thicker than mine,I can really feel it.” He punctuated his comment by afew rapid flicks over my corona, snapping the skinover the many nerve endings to produce a responsivethrob deep in the root of my prick.”I felt your dick jerk just now,” he continued. “Yourhelmet also feels harder through the skin.””I’ve been hard longer than you have,” I said. “I washard while doing you, and watching and feeling yourcome got me really excited.” Stan paused in his thumbflicking and gave my helmet several fast squeezesthrough my long thick foreskin, again producing throbsdeep inside me.”I want to make you shoot inside your skin,” he said.”I’m going to keep the end pinched tight so none ofyour juice escapes. I want to see if your skinballoons out like mine.””I know it does,” I replied. “I’ve done that pissingin the shower.””When you did it to me just now, the juice stretchingmy skin also stretched the nerve endings inside it.That was a real thrill,” he said.”I know it was,” I told him. “I knew you’d reallyenjoy that.” Stan’s relentless flicking over my rimwas producing a tickle, which gradually spread allover my glans. I began breathing heavily from theexcitement and the anticipation.”I know this is getting to you,” he said. “Yourbreathing’s changed, and I can see your stomachmuscles getting tighter.””Any second now,” I muttered. “You’re really gettingme near the edge.” Now I felt the tickling in myhelmet turning into a hot tingle, and I knew that Iwas poised on the brink. My breathing was labored now,and my entire body tensed involuntarily although I wastrying to remain relaxed to prolong the deliciousfeeling of anticipation. My swollen helmet ached forrelief.”Just a second more…” Stan coached me, as I feltthe surge of excitement swell to its crescendo and Ibegan grunting hard.”HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” I bellowed as the volcano erupteddeep inside me, sending its liquid lava burning up mytube. I felt the hot liquid spreading over the frontdome of my helmet and this triggered another hot spasmthat left me gasping as the second torrent poured outof my gaping orifice and all around my glans.I cried out in agonized ecstasy as the third gusherupted from my helmet, trapped and swirling allaround my glans, filling the groove behind my coronaand making my foreskin distend. My eyes were closed,so I didn’t see my foreskin ballooning, but I felt thedelicious stretching sensation, especially in the neckof my prick right behind the rim.Another explosion wracked my insides and I felt thepulse in my urethra as the hot liquid forced its wayforward. I cried out again as I tumbled in thefree-fall of my orgasm, feeling the liquid fire engulfmy straining, swollen glans. I felt a somewhat weakerthrob, and then another, exhausting me as I drained mytanks. Stan was still massaging my corona but thedistended hood prevented much friction from gettingthrough, and I felt no distress.Now I was feeling the final weak spasms as I pumpedthe residue up my penis to ooze from my gapingorifice. I was helpless, drained, satiated, andcontent as I slipped into the delicious daze thatfollowed. It took me a couple of minutes to recoverand then I opened my eyes and propped myself on oneelbow.”Now watch how much cream you shot,” Stan was sayingas he held a large wad of tissue under the end of myprick. His fingers released the pressure on the end ofmy foreskin and I saw a gush of my thick cream pouronto the tissues. The heavy odor of chlorine filledthe air as the viscous liquid soaked in and spread ina large wet spot. Now Stan was squeezing my helmet andforeskin to extract more semen, and dabbing at thethick pucker of my foreskin.”I’ll get the rest out of your dick,” he said as heran a finger up the long bulge on the underside of myshaft, squeezing the last drops from my prick. Hedabbed at the pucker and finished by leaning down andkissing it.”Stay here with me tonight,” he urged as he lay downbeside me. “We both have to work tomorrow but we canget up early so that you can get over to your place tochange.” I thought this was a fabulous idea, and Ihugged him tightly to me before we fell asleep.The end

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