Realizing the Truth Ch. 03

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The rest of the weekend, I stayed at home and either cried or beat the hell out of my boxing equipment. Nicki called me a few time trying to get me to hang out with her, but everytime I thought about her, I thought of Bianca leaning in front of my door after our date. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her why I didn’t want to be around her so I just stopped taking her calls. I’d gotten a few calls and text messages from Bianca, but I never read or answered them. Then around 3:00 on Sunday everything shifted. I got a call after checking the caller i.d. I automatically answered. It was Valerie asking me to come by her house because they released her from the hospital. I immediately rushed over.

Pulling up in front of her house, I sat afraid that I might have to be around Bianca, but I went inside anyway. Her mom looked down the hall from the kitchen and motioned for me to go over to her.

“Hello, Mrs. Montegomery.” I said when I was standing in front of her.

“Hello, S.J., dear. It’s very good to see you again.” She replied.

“You as well, Mrs. Montegomery. I was very glad to get a call from her.” I said after taking the cup of orange juice she handed me.

“I was glad she called one of you. She’s just been in her room in kind of a frenzy trying remember things from Friday. I’ve been kind of worried, I won’t keep you from her any longer, just try and get her to relax. I’ll bring you girls some food in a little while.” She said, obviously trying to keep busy.

“I’ll do my best. Thanks for the juice and some food would be great.” I said and began walking towards the stairs.

Just as I started to turn and begin my journey up, the front door opened. I turned thinking it might be Vale’s dad and was caught breathless as Bianca walked in. She froze as she saw me. I didn’t want to be here anymore, but it was for Valerie so I just turned and began up the stairs.

“S.J.! Wait!” Bianca called behind me, trying her best to keep her voice down.

I stopped halfway up the stairs, but I didn’t turn or speak.

“We really need to talk and I think it should be before we go up to Valerie.” She kind of whispered like she was speaking as much to herself as to me.

I still didn’t answer. I just shook my head and continued up the stairs, walking into Valerie’s room, the last thing I heard her say was please.

“Hey, V.” I said as I walked in.

“S.J.!” She seemed really happy to see me. She rushed over and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head the way I always do. I pulled back, only slightly and said, “How are you, sweetheart?” Before she could answer, Bianca walked into the room and said, “Hey, hunny.”

Valerie looked around my arm and smiled at Bianca and said, “Hey. Come over here and join in the love.” I did not like the idea of being close to Bianca again, especially not in a hug, but I didn’t have to get away before I felt Bianca’s arms around my waist. Valerie laughed and said, “Oh yeah! S.J. sandwich. Just like the old days.” I laughed and kissed her head again, before saying, “Yep, sweetheart, just like the old days, but I was working out before I came over so I’m just gonna go to the restroom really quick.” With that I detached myself from the both of them and walked into the bathroom in her room.

Behind the door, I could here them talking, but I was so close to tears, I didn’t care about what. I turned on the faucet and splashed water in my face before looking at myself in the mirror. “Keep it together. The only reason you’re here is for Valerie. Don’t be rude, but there is no reason to have any direct conversations with HER. She broke your heart and there is nothing you have to say to her. Nothing.” I told myself, wipping my face, I opened the door to see Valerie leaning against it. She looked at me and said, “Who were you talking to, S.J.?”

“Huh? Oh! No one, sweetheart. Just was thinking out loud.” I replied and put my arm around her shoulder.

“Alright. So … Who broke your heart?” She asked just as we sat down on her bed.

I realized that I was unbearably close to Bianca so I got up and sat at Vale’s desk in the corner before I answered, “Sweetheart, I came over to be with you and talk to you about whatever you wanted, but I can’t talk about that. So can we just not?”

She was looking directly into my eyes and just nodded. I smiled before a knock came on the door.

It was Vale’s mom.

“Hey, ladies. Pizza has arrived.” She said as she sat the two boxes on end of Vale’s bed and handed each of us a plate. “I’ll be right back with your sodas.” She said before she walked out. Only Vale made a move for the pizza. Her mom came back and handed each of us our favorite bottle of soda. After saying our thanks, she left.

I opened my soda and downed half of it in the first gulp. Valerie laughed and said, “Wow. Should’ve told mom you were so thirsty, she would’ve brought you two.”

I looked at her and laughed before saying, “It’s okay. I’ll go get another when I’m done if I want it.” She nodded sex izle and began eating the pizza. She nudged the box towards me and I took a few slices, then did the same to Bianca.

We all sat in silence eating until my phone rang. I answered without looking at the caller i.d. It was Nicki. I turned away from the girls and talked to her. “Hey, baby.” She asked why I hadn’t been answering her calls. “I’m sorry. I’ve been training all weekend. Just trying to keep in shape in case I get a match. I was going to call you once I got home.” She asked where I was. “I’m at Valerie’s.” Nicki knew it was the same girl I went to the hospital to see and said she was glad I was spending time with her. “Yeah, I’m glad I get the chance to. I’ll call you back later. We have to talk about something, but it can’t be right now.” She didn’t answer at first and then said it was fine. Just call when I got the chance. I told her I would and we said our good-byes. I turned back to the girls and Valerie had a smile on her face, while Bianca looked close to tears. I looked down.

“So … Nicki? New girlfriend you neglected to tell us about?” Valerie asked.

“I don’t want to hear about a new girlfriend. You know she isn’t going to stay with her long.” Bianca snapped.

My head popped up, my eyes wide in disbelief that she’d said that and I shook my head a few times. A tear escaped my eye. Bianca saw it and her mouth opened like she wanted to say something, but it was Valerie who spoke, “S.J.? What’s wrong, hun?”

I wiped the tear away and said, “Nothing. Everything was fine. I just don’t want to talk about my love life, okay?”

She nodded again and said, “Sure. That’s okay. Hey! Can we go get a few things for prom next week? It’s almost here!”

“Of course we can.” Bianca and I spoke at the same time. I seemed to shrink. I didn’t say much after that unless Valerie spoke to me directly.

Her and Bianca talked about how it was good she still wanted to go even after everything happened. Valerie told us that she even had a date with Martha, the cute blonde she’d been crushing on all year, but never spoke to. By 8:30, I was exhausted and wanted to get home.

“Hey, V. It was really good seeing you and I’m glad that everything is going okay, but we have school in the a.m. and I need to catch some sleep if I’m gonna be there on time.” I said to her.

She laughed and said, “Yeah. I know. I just miss you guys. I didn’t realize it was so late. I guess I should be taking my butt to sleep too.”

Bianca and I both laughed, but it was Bianca who spoke, “Yeah. You do, knowing you, you’ll still be late. Always ignoring your alarm. What’s the point of setting it if you aren’t gonna wake up when it tells you?”

Valerie laughed again, “So I can know just how late I am, when I finally get up.”

I laughed hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. She was truly a weird one, but I loved her like a baby sister. I walked over and hugged her tight before I said, “Well, try and be there before third period, sleepy head and I’ll meet you at lunch.”

“It’s a deal.” She said as she pulled away to hug Bianca.

I gathered up all the trash to take downstairs when my hand brushed Bianca’s, I immediately moved away. I grabbed the rest of the trash, said good night to both of them and then moved to the door. I was halfway down when I realized Bianca was right behind me. I turned towards the kitchen and she stayed at the bottom of the steps. After throwing the stuff away, I walked back towards the door to see her still standing there. I opened the door for her but she just looked at me. I shook my head at walked out. Again, she was right behind me. I turned and abruptly bumped into her. I jumped back and looked at her before I said, “What the hell? What do you want, Bianca? You’re starting to feel like a damn stalker!”

She didn’t say anything. Just looked at me.

“Fine!” I said and walked the rest of the way to my car. I opened the door and was about to climb in when she finally said, “Can you give me a ride home please?”

I looked at her. Bianca lived half an hour away from Valerie and that was a long time to be alone in the car with her. Too long for how I was feeling right now, but I couldn’t just leave her there. Who knew when her dad would come get her.

So I reluctantly agreed. She smiled and said thank you before getting into the the car. I said nothing as we drove away from the Montegomery house.



I was so glad she agreed to take me home. I told my dad not to worry about picking me up because I was sure S.J. would bring me. She hadn’t spoken to me since she argeed and I was beginning to worry that I had permanently screwed up any chance I had of being with her after everything I said to her Friday.

When she dropped me off at home and drove off leaving me standing there with that freaking pizza box, I almost just threw it away, but I figured I’d drown my sadness in a amazing pizza. In my room, I was truly alt yazılı porno shocked when I opened the box and read what it spelled out. Will you go to prom with me instead? I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe that S.J., star of the school basketball team, and the most gorgeous women I’d ever laid eyes on was even going to ask me to go to prom with her. I closed the lid and grabbed my cell phone. I called Quel and told her that I couldn’t go to prom with her. She whinned asking why not, but I didn’t answer her. I just said that she’d have to find someone else.

Now I was sitting in the car with a woman I was completely in love with and who I knew not only because she’d told me, but showed me that she loved me. I just kept remembering Friday. All the horrible things I’d said and assumed about her. My best friend. I knew she wasn’t the player everyone thought she was, but as soon as my heart was involved, I’d turned into everyone else. I couldn’t blame her if she never wanted to be with me again, I’d hurt her by not trusting her like I knew she deserved. S.J. had always been the one person to protect me even if it meant her getting hurt and I’d turned on her. She wasn’t the one afraid of her feelings. I was and I had no clue how to fix it.

I looked over at her. She was looking straight ahead just driving. Changing the radio station if they played something she didn’t want to listen to or started talking to much. I knew this woman in and out. How could I have been so cruel? How am I going to fix this? Apologize! Something within me screamed.

“Um … S.J.?” I started.

She looked at me briefly and said, “Yeah?”

“Can we go to your house instead? I would really

like to talk to you and it has to be tonight.” I said looking down at my hands.

“Whatever you want to say, Bianca, you can say it now. We still have like 15 minutes before we get to your house. So just say what you want to say.” She said.

“Um … Well, first I wanted to say that I’m really sorry for how I treated you on Friday. All the things I said to you … It was really mean of me and I know that it was wrong of me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Bianca. Like I said then, it was probably a bad idea for us to be together the way we were, despite my feelings for you. I’ll get over them and you. It’ll just take time and I have nothing but time, so just don’t worry about it.”

“No! I mean, I don’t want you to get over them. I don’t want you to get over me. Yes, what I said to you was very wrong, but the way I feel about you isn’t. I was afraid of them, of being with you, but I’m not afraid anymore, S.J. I promise. I’m ready to be with you.”

She looked over at me and shook her head, then said, “You read the pizza? You didn’t just throw it away like I figured you would.”

“Yes. I read it. I almost did just throw it away, but it wasn’t the pizza’s fault so I figured I might as well eat it. When I opened it. I read it and cried because I was so wrong about everything. I think I knew I was wrong, but even as I said all of it, I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Like I said, don’t worry about it, Bianca. You’re going to prom with Quel. I’ll just go alone or take Nicki or something. It’s fine. I don’t really care anymore.”

“I will worry about it, because I’m not taking Quel anymore and you damn sure aren’t taking Nicki. Not while I can breathe.”

“That’s not really your choice, Bianca. You aren’t my girlfriend. I can do what I want, when I want, with whom ever the hell I want.”

“I want to be thought. I want to be your girlfriend. And I’m asking you right now. Will you be my girlfriend, S.J.? Please?”

She didn’t say anything. She just drove. I looked down thinking I’d blown my only chance of being with her because I’d been too scared. I looked out the window when I realized she wasn’t going to my house. A few minutes later, we pulled into her driveway. She parked her car and looked at me.

“You better be damn sure you know what you’re asking me, Bianca, because I don’t play around with my heart and you already broke it once. I take a second chance with you and you hurt me, we’ll never be the same. Not friends, not anything. So you better be damn sure.”

I was shocked that S.J. was actually afraid of this. I mean, sure all girls fear getting their hearts broken, but I always figured S.J. had done the breaking. She was just there staring at me and I was sure that I wanted this, her, us, more than I wanted to go to Julliard next year.

“Yes, S.J. I’m sure. I want to be with you.”

That was all she seemed to need and she leaned forward and kissed me. It shocked me just how much I could miss her kiss after just two days and I knew no one would ever mean as much to me.



We sat there in my car kissing for I don’t know how long, but I couldn’t contain the desire I had for her. I broke the kiss long enough to tell her that I wanted to take this inside. We were both out of the car at altyazılı sex izle the same time. I opened the door and we were fused even before the front door finished closing. Making the short trip to the couch, I picked her up so that her legs were wrapped around me. My hands seemed to be everywhere at once as she moaned into my mouth. My mouth traveled to her neck as I started pulling her shirt off. She did the same to me. It was then she stopped me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked out of breath.

“Nothing. This is exactly what I want. I … I’m just curious about something.” Bianca said as she caressed my cheek.

“About what? Just ask me, baby. You’re my girlfriend now. There isn’t anything you can’t know or have.” I said as my hands massaged her breasts.

She moaned and then laughed. Her hands covered mine and then she said, “You gotta stop that and let me talk or I’ll forget.”

I stopped moving them, but I didn’t move them off her magnificent breasts.

“Thank you. Well, you answered one thing just now. The only other things I want to know is if you touch Nicki like this and if I get to touch you like this.” She said as she looked deep into my eyes.

“I did not touch Nicki like this. I didn’t really touch Nicki except to help her out of my car. I saw her that one time and I just talked to her since that night really today. If you want to touch me like this, then you can. Like I said there isn’t anything you can’t have. That includes me. Can I continue now?” I asked.

She laughed and said, “Yes, but in your bedroom.”

With that I picked her up, her legs still around my waist and walked to the elevator. I rarely used this thing, but it was going to come in handy right now. After pushing the button to take me to my wing and floor, I put her back against the wall and sucked one of her breasts into my mouth. My tongue teasing her little gumdrop. That was as far as I got before the doors opened and I walked her to my bedroom. Laying her down, I took off the rest of her clothes, then my own. The desire to have her was out of control and I ignored the rest of the foreplay and set my sights to what I really wanted. My mouth closed around her little cock like clit sticking out of the hood of her glistening labia. She moaned and began to thrust her hips up. My fingers invaded her wetness and began an intense pace. “Yes! Oh my god! S.J.!” Bianca moaned out. She was so wet that I was able to add a third finger to her pussy. I felt her walls instantly grab onto them. “More! S.J.! More! Oooooooooh!” She was thrusting her body down to meet my fingers and I slid a fourth one into her. Amazed at how her pussy stretched to accept what she was begging for. She clearly wanted more faster than I was giving it to her because she reached down and tucked my thumb into my hand and began to push it into her pussy. I caught on to what she wanted and made my hand into a fist. Twisting it and sliding it further into her, I felt her body begin to tense up. “S.J.! Oh my god! It feels so good. Faster, baby! Harder! Please! Ugh!” She was speaking faster than I’d ever heard her, but I honored her requests and moved my fist faster and harder into her. All the while my tongue moving all over the available areas of her pussy. “Baby! Ooooooh! Fuck me, baby! S.J., baby! Fuck me!” I did just that, I fucked her harder and faster with my fist. My other hand moved up to keep her steady and my mouth moved to her anus. My tongue rimming her tight hole. That seemed to set her off. Her whole body tensed and she screamed. “YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Baby!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaah! I love you! Baby, I love you!!!!!!”

Once again, she squirted this time my mouth didn’t capture her sweet nectar, but my entire face did. She just kept squirting until she actually passed out.

I moved back up her body, my fist still trapped inside her pussy. She began to regain consiousness and I smiled at her.

“Hey, beautiful.” I said to her.

She smiled back at me and said, “Hey yourself, gorgeous. That was amazing.”

I laughed and said, “It must have been. You passed out and um, kept my arm. I didn’t want to pull it out while you were out in case it hurt you.”

Bianca looked down and saw what I meant. She blushed and said, “Oh. Sorry. That was sweet of you.”

We both smiled. I began pulling my hand out and she pushed until it came out with a light pop.

I leaned down and kissed her. She pulled away and said, “Yes.”

I looked at her and said, “Yeah, you said that already, babygirl.”

Bianca laughed and said, “No, silly. Well, yes, I did, but I meant yes, I’d go to prom with you instead.”

I was kind of shocked, but happy and I kissed her, but then stopped and said, “Wait! Aren’t you taking Quel? I can’t just take you.”

“No. I already told her that I couldn’t take her. So yes, you can and you will be taking me to prom.” She replied and kissed me for a long time before snuggling into my arms.

She fell asleep first and I was fine with it. I had learned a long time ago how much I love watching her sleep and I followed her into sleep soon after that.

I’d gotten not only the girl of my dreams, but I got my best friend back. School tomorrow was going to be interesting. As was explaining all of this to Valerie, but it would be fine because we had each other.

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